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  • reminds me of the spite houses in NYC.

  • Surprised they were able to do that with the lot coverage limit.

  • I’m pretty sure it gets wider as you head towards the back alley since it’s a trapezoidal lot. I agree, hma, I’m surprised they could get the plans approved, but I guess the zoning on Spring must allow it.

  • Accountering

    It will look interesting, but they will be worth a TON. That pop-side will create some awesome spaces and large living rooms etc.

  • Pop-over?

  • I don’t under the 3rd story. What can that space possibly be used for?

    • It seems to follow the property line on the alley so it’s much wider at the rear. The little part that pops up I assume is the internal stairwell to access different units as well as a roof deck.

      • Hhhmm. I guess. Doesn’t look like they are popping up the original roof line being they’ve installed siding on the inside wall of 3rd story.

    • 3rd, or the small story at the top? I assume the top one is the stairway/vestibule for the roofdeck.

  • I’m not too hopeful about the material they will use to finish the addition. Looks like some vinyl on the topmost part.

    That is quite a climb to get to the front door. If the top part of the addition is not roof deck access I wonder if they installed an elevator…seems unlikely for a smaller building.

  • Was monitoring this nuttiness for a while when I lived closer, but as far as I can tell it’s been under construction a *long* time and in its current state for several months (no new progress). I’m sure the neighbors are thrilled.

  • Too bad they couldn’t have just done the side expansion without the pop-up portion. At least it’s an end unit, but still. The vinyl siding on the small portion that’s finished does not bode well for the remainder of the expansion.
    At least it’s not like the monstrosity at Luray and Warder, where someone took an existing side yard and built an addition that popped forward, back, and up, and which had no continuity with the rest of the block.

  • Interesting. Could we see some pictures of the back?

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