Whoa – Bicycle Space coming to Adams Morgan!

2424 18th Street, NW

Bicycle Space in on a tear! Now they’re taking over the sweet newly renovated former Slaviya/Cities spot on 18th Street.

From Bicycle Space:

“BicycleSPACE announces the spring opening of an unimaginably large shop in Adams Morgan, an expansion progressing in tandem with the company’s upcoming shops in Mt. Vernon Triangle and Ivy City.

The Adams Morgan shop is located at 2424 18th St NW in a 6,400-square-foot storefront. At this size, the shop is the literal definition of BicycleSPACE, now enlarged to create a more opportune environment for bicyclists.

With this much physical space, BicycleSPACE will exponentially increase its ability to serve the greater Washington, D.C. market. It will also strengthen the D.C. economy by creating 40 new jobs, bringing its total workforce to 70+ employees.

BicycleSPACE anticipates an April move into the Adams Morgan property. In May, the company expects to open its 4,100-square-foot shop at 440 K St NW. BicycleSPACE anticipates a June opening at 1512 Okie St NE in the Hecht Warehouse District of Ivy City

BicycleSPACE is poised to become the largest bicycle retailer in D.C.

Adams Morgan, 2424 18th St NW
Projected Opening: April 2015

Downtown, 440 K St NW
Projected Opening: May 2015

Ivy City, 1512 Okie St NE
Projected Opening: June 2015

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  • woohoo!!!!! may be this will really help start turning AdMo into a productive area

  • Awesome news. City Bikes in Adams Morgan is going to get crushed. They’ve had lousy service for years, but they’ve gotten away with it because they didn’t have any competition nearby.

    • I once got a lecture from one of the mechanics at City Bikes. FIrst it was about how I should be able to maintain my bike on my own. I guess he was upset he had to earn his 9 dollars an hour that day. Of course anyone can tune their own bike dude. Its a bike. But I dont have the time because I have a job that pays 10 times what you make. So when my weekend came around I dropped my bike with you on my way to meet my GF for breakfast. That way I could hop right on and go for a ride after. Saves me an hour of my weekend right. Time is money after all and whats 25 bucks when you arent a bike mechanic. But then it got better. He started to lecture about obamacare treading on him. And I was like, but dude. You are a 40 year old bike mechanic. You should probably go ahead and be stoked on obamacare.

      • yep – had similar experience there, but also they upped the service fee by almost $100 from the original estimate. I hit up City Bikes if I really need to go to a bike shop.

      • I have gotten talked down to by the mechanic there. He even dissed my friend who built my bike for me (who works at a shop in VA). WTH? It made me not want to stop in there again.

    • I like city bikes. They’ve been pretty reliable over many years for me.

  • It would be awesome if they could sell used bikes, too. Anyone know what would it take for that to happen? Is that in the DC code or is it regulatory?

  • Oh wow. This is great news for bikers but also for Admo which will have something other than a bar.

    Agree about Citybikes. I always dread going in there because of the customer service.

    • Win win for AdMo would be this place competes City Bikes out of business, and an awesome bar/restaurant takes over that sweet corner spot. Something like Big Bear, with sidewalk seating, etc etc.

  • I’m shocked that another half-baked bar/restaurant concept isn’t going to fill this space. I don’t know if a bike shop that huge can survive at that location, but the further diversification of retail on 18th is a very welcome change!

    • I think it will. I (and a lot of others) bike right down 18th on my commute from upper NW. I’d love if a local place moved into Ward 3, but this is pretty close.

  • Everyone raves about them, and I don’t understand why. I did wind up buying my bicycle Bicycle Space, but have have never gotten good service. During the purchase process, I always seemed to be a burden on them.

    I am very mechanically inclined and replaced the hub in the back to a gear hub myself. A while back I wanted a bag for my rack, and they had the one I wanted in stock. When I went to buy the bag, they happen to see I had replaced the hub in the back. They told me I voided my warranty and that all service had to be done by them to keep the warranty. I didn’t even come in for them to service the bike, I was just buying a bag!

    • The only people worse than record store employees are bike store employees.

      • That’s true, but bike store customers are usually a piece of work, too. Think they can fix it, want a tutorial that doesn’t make them feel like a dolt, can’t believe a small specialty part isn’t 45 cents, and want one bike to do everything any specialty bike can do. Plus, want high end, can’t afford high end, must poo=poo high end. Yep, that’s me.

    • That’s disappointing. So they are getting so huge by employing the tactics of seedy car dealerships? Uggh.

      • It’s been my experience that any end-user attempt at repair voids a warranty. I thought that was pretty standard.

        • I don’t know about bikes, but it’s illegal to require dealer maintenance on cars. From the FTC:
          Do I have to use the dealer for repairs and maintenance to keep my warranty in effect?
          No. An independent mechanic, a retail chain shop, or even you yourself can do routine maintenance and repairs on your vehicle. In fact, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which is enforced by the FTC, makes it illegal for manufacturers or dealers to claim that your warranty is void or to deny coverage under your warranty simply because someone other than the dealer did the work. That said, there may be certain situations where a repair may not be covered. For example, if you or your mechanic replaced a belt improperly and your engine is damaged as a result, your manufacturer or dealer may deny responsibility for fixing the engine under the warranty. However, according to the FTC, the manufacturer or dealer must be able to demonstrate that it was the improper belt replacement — rather than some other defect — that caused the damage to your engine. The warranty would still be in effect for other parts of your car.

          • Bicycle warranties are not the same as car warranties. Apples and oranges.

          • Sorry kken, but you’re incorrect. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act applies to all consumer products. Vacuums, bikes, cars – none if them can void a warranty because you don’t use their mechanics. More details at the ftc site here.

          • Whoops, I didn’t paste the link. It’s the provision on tie in sales.
            Generally, tie-in sales provisions are not allowed. Such a provision would require a purchaser of the warranted product to buy an item or service from a particular company to use with the warranted product in order to be eligible to receive a remedy under the warranty. The following are examples of prohibited tie-in sales provisions.
            In order to keep your new Plenum Brand Vacuum Cleaner warranty in effect, you must use genuine Plenum Brand Filter Bags. Failure to have scheduled maintenance performed, at your expense, by the Great American Maintenance Company, Inc., voids this warranty.

    • I’ve actually had the opposite experience from them. I had bought a bike from their shop, which they repeated multiple times to come back if there are any problems. As usually, when there was a problem, I first tried to fix it myself. When I couldn’t they had multiple mechanics look at the issue, knowing that I first worked on it and probably made it worse. They eventually were able to fix it free of charge. I’m not denying your experience with them, but I’ve definitely dealt with multiple people in their shop, and have always been happy with their willingness to help.

    • That sounds really weird. I would talk to Markos (I think that’s how you spell it). I have been going there since they opened. I have had mechanics tell me in detail how to do repairs myself, since the labor wouldn’t be worth the cost for them to do it. I’ve learned more about bike maintenance from chatting up the mechanics than a website could ever teach me. For the record I’ve bought 3 bikes from them, and never had them question any work I’ve done on the bike.

  • Really excited about this. Love their ethos and shop culture, but it’s always been a pain to get to from Ward 1. City Bikes really could use the competition, as their customer service and pricing has left something to be desired for some time.

  • maxwell smart

    Okay, so perhaps City Bikes “needs” some competition but I can’t help but think that Bicycle Space would be better served in an area that has NO bike shops. Once you clear Adams Morgan (City Bikes) or Georgetown – there is literally nothing else in NW DC until you get to Bethesda. A bike shop in Cleveland Park would be a VERY welcome addition to the neighborhood and could easily tie in to serving Rock Creek Park cyclists.

    • AGREED! There are now two shops in AdMo, two in Logan, BicycleSPACE used to be right in Shaw but now it’s more downtown. People in Shaw/LeDroit/B’dale ride bike! All the time! We are friendly!

    • Would those areas be better served from a business standpoint? The neighborhoods up along Conn and Wisc Ave are trending very up in age. They’re also not the most bike-friendliest routes with lack of lanes and the hills to contend with. I do not see nearly the amount of cyclists along those two major avenues as the rest of the city. Cleveland Park can barely sustain the restaurants it does have now without one going out of business every other month. The problem with Cleveland Park is it serves no one but Cleveland Park, which is why businesses are going thru revolving door policy on leases there. Adams Morgan would serve there, Dupont, Columbia Heights and more… all very bike-friendly areas with a ton of cyclist residents.

      • They are also opening a shop in ivy city. Bike Rack is also opening a shop in Brookland. I think there is definitely a new generation of socially conscious bike store owners in the city. They’re also smart businessman since there is a real transportation bike market now and not just the fitness bike market that has always been the most prominent bike store model.

        • Also Tenley has Hudson Trail which has a bike store. But in my experience the mechanics are teenagers going through their “roadie” I’m cooler than you phase.

      • maxwell smart

        That’s a pretty gross over-generalization. The apartments on the Connecticut corridor have a diversity of tenants and there are plenty of people commuting by bike in this area (myself included). Do I wish Connecticut was more bike friendly including having a bike lane? Sure! That would be awesome and having a bike shop in the area that provided activism and a face would really help. Also I could easily see a bike shop in Cleveland Park setting up a mobile mechanic in Rock Creek Park, which is completely under-served with nearby bike shops on the weekends to service all of the cyclists in the park. I’ve seen this is many other cities and it’s awesome.

      • maxwell smart

        There are plenty of YOUNG cyclists in the area – plus with the recent increase in Capital Bikeshare stations in NW DC, that should get more people on the road. A location along Connecticut would also provide service to cyclists in Rock Creek Park – they could even set up mobile repair stations on the weekends.

    • When I think of bikers in upper NW west of the park I think of old dudes in spandex on racing bikes. That’s not really what Bicycle Space is about. I live in Takoma DC and Takoma Bicycle is really good. It’s about a block from the state line. They are geared toward commuters and kids bikes but also have some racing bikes. The Green Commuter, which specializes in cargo and electric bikes is just a little further away. So there are good options for this area of DC.

      • Takoma is decent. That had a bike I liked but ultimately decided on a different model that another store offered.

  • This news has made my day.

  • I don’t own a bike/am not a cyclist, but I’m very pleased to see retail go in here vs. a restaurant (as I’m sure the condo owners above it are, too!)

  • @JohnP–It actually takes years of experience to be a good bicycle mechanic. Don’t discount the work they do. I agree; City Bikes’ service blows. Just because your job pays more doesn’t mean that it’s better. Chew on that while you get over yourself.

  • Definitely the most friendly, helpful mechanics in the region. Cannot say enough good things about these folks. Hope they can still fully staff their new shop over in Mount Vernon Triangle.

  • I have always had nothing but great service at City Bikes. I bought my first road bike there in 1996 and it still rides well after thousands of miles thanks to the mechanics at City Bikes.

  • Why is City Bikes so expensive? This is the question I ask myself everytime I enter there. It is a complete rip off. I have not been to bicycle space. I hope it is good. From my standpoint there is no good bike shop in the city. Revolution Cycles is the best I’ve been too, but I think it is still wanting.

  • Regal of Randolph

    Kudos to Bicycle Space for modernizing the customer experience and really understanding it’s demographic. Businesses that pay attention to what is clients wants can result take over their respective markets. Always do the right thing

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