Where are the Best Sledding Spots?

Photo of the SW corner of Connecticut and Calvert St, NW by Dallas Lillich

On twitter @SlimYoung202 asks

“@PoPville any word on whether @CapitolPolice allowing sledding in Capitol Hill lawn today?”

Haven’t heard about that specifically but just in case it’s a problem where are your other favorite spots around town?

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  • Ft. Totten park between Ft. Totten and Brookland

  • Calvert St. by Rock Creek Parkway

    Wesley Theological Seminary

  • That’s an awesome photo (and a brave photographer). It almost looks like bits of color superimposed onto a B&W picture.

  • Ft. Reno.

    Meridian Hill IF YOU DARE

  • Capitol Police chased me off the Capitol grounds last time I tried to sled on a federal snow day. But godspeed to you.

  • Dog Park over by AU. Enter the park on the corner of New Mexico and Nebraska and take a little walk through the woods. Don’t know what the formal name is. Look for college kids smoking weed and follow them…

  • Not sure it qualifies as one of the best, but it is to me and I’m still a little scared to go down the hill… Shepherd Elementary School.. Back when kids were gangster and would sail down that steep hill in sleds with sharp metal blades… Oh, 1979, where did you go?

  • Is there anyplace good near the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro? I bought a sledding saucer on clearance from Target a few years ago, but have never had a chance to use it.

    • Arkansas at Piney Branch. I was just there, it was good sledding. You can choose between the long, less sloping side and the higher, steeper side.

  • Mark Segraves is Tweeting that Capitol Police are chasing sledders off. Apparently it’s strictly prohibited.

  • The Capitol Police were allowing sledding until 11:30 am or so, at which time some tight-assed officer passed by and ordered that an officer be posted to chase off disappointed neighborhood kids. Any Member of Congress reportedly has the authority to contact the Sergeant-at-Arms to obtain a waiver of this loosely-enforced ban, which is what is routinely done. Apparently Delegate Norton couldn’t be reached by telephone today. Sledding on the Hill after Snowpocalyse was awesome. We watched visitors from a number of more temperate nations borrow a sled and get to enjoy a once-of-a-lifetime experience in front of the US Capitol thanks to a now former US Senator with children of his own.

  • brookland_rez

    Langdon Park off of 18th and Girard St has some good hills for those that live in the Brookland area.

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