Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Park View

3422 Georgia Avenue Northwest

This rental is located at 3422 Georgia Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“BOUTIQUE BUILDING in COL. HEIGHTS NEAR Petworth METRO; featuring LIGHT FILLED, ONE BEDROOM/1BATH APARTMENT in 4 FL Elevator Bldg with all the bells and whistles, incl. Granite Counters/Wash-Dryer/Central AC/Heat and MORE. $1425/month w/1st Month FREE on a 13 Month Lease. AVAILABLE NOW. PETS CASE-BY-CASE; PARKING (Extra, if Available). Vouchers Welcome.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,425/Mo.

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  • Wow, those pictures do not make the layout very clear! Is the living room windowless? Is that the hallway outside of the apartment? Is a concrete ramp a selling point?

    • I think the concrete ramp must be the entrance to the parking garage, but yeah, it’s not as clear as it should be.

    • I paid $1400/month for a windowless junior 1 bedroom in San Francisco 14 years ago. If you’re mostly out and just need a place to crash it ain’t so bad. This is a good location, easy proximity to all you need. Personally, would hate being that close to a gas station; passes up on a flip on Farragut for that reason.

  • Hmm… I guess this must be the building with the lab services company (IIRC) at street level. I’d always wondered what was upstairs.
    I’m having trouble figuring out what that high-up interior window is for — that’s not into the bedroom, is it? If it is, this should be listed as a junior one-bedroom, not a one-bedroom.

    • The window is over the bathroom on the living room side with another identical window on the opposite (bedroom) side of the bathroom to move natural light into the living room. Actually worked pretty well when I saw the apartment two weeks ago.

      The apartment is definitely a legitimate one bedroom with plenty of closet space. It was nice enough, but we found a place around the corner for slightly more that we liked better.

    • That might be hard to visualize, so imagine…

      Large front window facing across GA in bedroom>High-up window in shared wall between bedroom/bathroom>Second High-up window directly across bathroom in shared wall between bathroom/living room>Natural light in living room.

      The ramp is for the garage, yes. The bathroom is brand new and very nice. When we went to look at it, there was also a unit on the 4th floor available with the same view and more or less the same price. That being said, each level had a different floorplan.

  • That seriously has to be the most depressing-looking building (both inside and out) in the District of Columbia…..and right next to a gas station. That is the type of place you check into when you just don’t care anymore.

    • For the price though, it is a good deal. It’s not the best unit, but there is not many one bedrooms west of the river in decent neighborhoods at this price level on the market.

  • that super cheap. very good deal.

  • west_egg

    That’s one heck of a rusty park.

  • It looks small. And that’s not a good corner. If it’s more than closet-sized, though, it’s a great deal on paper. At this point in my life, I’d sacrifice a lot for a dishwasher and an in-unit washer/dryer!

  • That’s pretty good price for a one BR especially in a new building and close to the metro, even if the building and unit are not particularly photogenic.

  • jim_ed

    fair deal. Its a great price considering the proximity to the metro, some good bars, and the bus lines that take you directly downtown. That said, it’s smack dab in the middle of the worst few blocks of Georgia Ave. There needs to be a rider attached to the lease that whoever lives here is legally banned from complaining about how sketchy that block of GA ave is – you want cheap rent, you deal with it.

  • First of all: $1425 for a one bedroom is _not_ cheap.

    That said, DC is so stupid expensive now that this actually rates as the only thing close to affordable. Too bad it’s right on top of a gas station and looks depressing as all get out.

    • Accountering

      Yes. It is cheap. Cheap is relative to the competition. The cost of a 1br in whatever midwestern town you deem to be “cheap” is completely irrelevant.

  • I’d rather look at the old rusted-out car wash that used to be here than this awful building. I have been curious about the interior. Based on the photos, I would not consider this “light filled.”

  • Emmaleigh504

    Nice that they included a picture of where to hide the body, or whatever that dark corner is.

  • I checked out this unit a couple weeks ago. It was very clean and the kitchen was new, but the view shown from the windows appears to have been taken from a unit 2 floors up that I also looked at. In this listed unit on the 2nd floor you can actually make eye contact with the people on the street. The living room is in fact windowless, and those high interior windows in the bathroom face the bedroom and the living room on opposite walls, which I thought was an interesting way of increasing the light reaching the living room. The concrete ramp leads to an affordable and secured parking garage, which is nice because the street you’re situated on is right next to some high traffic convenience stores. I ended up renting an apartment on a quieter street off of Georgia.

  • I think this was some sort of office like the drug testing lab-maybe even linked to it. The wear/dirt track of the carpet seems to confirm that. Maybe it was a contract social services satellite office. I wondered if the whole thing wasn’t a halfway house which would make the drug testing place handy.

    • I don’t think that’s dirt. That looks like brand new carpet to me. Have you ever see the marks you can leave with a vacuum cleaner on new light-colored carpet?

  • If I were looking to move, I would definitely be interested in this place. The interior isn’t bad, finishings look new, and it’s really close to metro and bars like DC Reynolds. It’s not ideal, but $1425 for an actual 1 bedroom is a good deal.

  • hammers

    I really have got to stop complaining that they raised my rent (to this price) in a lovely 1br 1ba a block from the petworth metro. Though what I wouldnt give for a washer/dryer/dishwasher

  • Wow, that is a really good deal. Washer/dryer in unit, central AC, close to the metro and the Looking Glass/ DC Reynolds, they take pets, and it’s all brand new. Looks like $1800 to me.

    • Yep, for all this place’s faults, it is really unarguably an objectively “good deal.” I think this could go for $1600-$1800 fairly easily if they wanted. Especially if they waited until more people were looking around May/June.

  • This is the awful cinder block-stucco building built by the owners of Murrys. Expect more shady construction from the same owner once they demolish the old Murry’s building 2 doors down and put up an 8-story abomination

  • Gas prices sure have dropped since this photo was taken.

  • Ugly building. Ugly view. But you’re something like three blocks from the metro, and less than a mile from 14th st. Good luck finding a deal like this anywhere else.

  • $1,400 is a deal for this place?! Wow… WOW…

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