Watermain Break on Illinois freezing around Cars, More Buses Return at 1:30 and Window Smashed at Sports Zone


A reader sends the photo above from Illinois Ave just north of Grant Circle.

In other afternoon snow news – from WMATA:

“Metro will restore more bus service as of 1:30 p.m. as road conditions continue to improve across the region.

At 1:30 p.m., Metrobus will transition from the current “severe snow plan” to a “moderate snow plan.” Under the moderate plan, many more Metrobus routes will operate; however several pre-established detours will be in effect to keep buses off of hilly terrain, narrow side streets and other problem areas.

See how buses operate under the Moderate Snow Plan.”


And in non snow news – a readers sends word that there may have been a window smashed at Sports Zone in DC USA in Columbia Heights.

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  • Ugh, frozen gutter water is the worst. At least it hasn’t reached the level where it’s up above and through the rim. I had a car stuck several years ago with frozen solid water up to the lug nuts due to fire dept activity two blocks up the street. It took a full week for it to warm up enough to even try to chip it out.

    • Oh, honey, if this ever happens again, sprinkling a thick layer of rock salt around your tires will melt enough of the ice for you to free your car.

  • The window at Sports Zone has been boarded up for a few days now. Didn’t happen last night during snow storm.

  • You’re right! I should have just hopped in my car and driven to to closest source of rock salt a couple miles away … Oh, wait. Right.

    If I had needed my car I would have made more of a effort to lug home salt by another means, but it was a convenience at the time. And just melting the ice around the tires would have done not much to get my little FWD econobox out from the surrounding sea of 4-8″ deep ice (one wheel was in a pothole which just made the situation worse). It warmed up eventually.

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