Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Shaw

926 O St NW

This rental is located at 926 O Street, NW. The listing says:

“WOW! Brand new renovation in this historic 926 O St NW beauty. The building now houses 4 STUNNING modern designed 500-650 sf one bedroom apartments. This one available is on the 1st floor and offers 8 Windows, Tall Ceilings, Exposed Brick, Hardwood Floors, Modern Lighting, Ceramic Baths, Stainless Appliances,Central heat & A/C, Washer/Dryer & Shared patio space.

What a superb location at 9th and O, just 1/2 block from the brand new Market at O featuring Giant Food’s Flagship store. Enjoy coffee at Azi’s. Walk to Metro (3 blocks). Eat at Seasonal Pantry, Table, Sundevich & More. 2 blocks to Logan Circle and the host of Night spots, restaurants, and shops. Walk to Wholefoods. Easy commute to anywhere in DC!”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1995/mo.

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  • Maybe the pictures are taken poorly, but 1) For 2k, it looks either like a very strange layout or just outright small and 2) is that like a 3/4 oven?

  • Seems at tad overpriced, IMHO. $1700 seems more reasonable for a modest 1 bedroom non basement in Shaw.

  • I’ve been curious about this place–it seems like a cheap flip from the outside, although the address thing is kindof clever.

    It’s hardly “stunning” even for a small place–at least it’s above ground. The stove is a 24 inch–it’s small (30 inch wide is the norm) but seems smaller because the it’s near a full sized dishwasher (small ranges aren’t cheap–people usually go for a small dishwasher instead). There’s nothing historic about the place except it’s old–a plain, unornamented house with no period elements inside–nothing wrong with that, just be honest what it is. It looks like it might be a studio/efficiency, except they do claim to have separate bedroom. Eight windows on the 1st floor = no privacy, probably a big burden in summer on the a/c–I don’t see any shades.

    They might get that rent, but it would be a better deal with a parking space and if they bought some cheap Levelors.

    • they also might have taken the pictures before they put up window treatments in an attempt to get it posted

      • If they’re trying to rent out several units, they should have staged at least one of them. Off hand, I don’t recall seeing anything on the windows–I walk past here several time a week.

  • 500 Sq Ft for $2k, awesome.

  • Eh, not a good deal because it doesn’t include utilites. However, the location is fantastic. We have a larger 1 bedroom we rent out – including parking, but not utilities – for considerably more (granted, the overall place we rent out is nicer/larger/more storage).

    Note to investors with small properties – maximize storage and install a good vanity!! Enough with the pedestal or non-vanity sinks. Blech.

  • Oh good, we’re at $2K for 1BRs in Shaw. I was worried that I’d one day be able to afford to live there.

    • You can get a bigger 1 bedroom (they call it a jr. or studio but over 500 sq feet) at the Jefferson Marketplace for less than this. Much nicer, full service bldg with a pool. Why would anyone pay the same for this? The kitchen isn’t particularly usable unless you put in more money for an island and the bathroom is blah with zero storage. I’d take a rooftop pool over a semi-private cement pad out back.

  • It’s having a hard time renting because it’s a bit pricey and it’s next door to a construction site. The red brick building with the black shutters to the right of the photo above is going to get demolished this spring, and a new building is going in flush with this one.
    I could manage living right next door to hammering at 6:30am for a year, and I could handle paying this much a month, but I could not handle paying this much to suffer through a neighbor’s construction for the whole year. Now, at $1,500 a month, I’d snap it up in a heartbeat, and just invest in earplugs and a sound machine.

    • Interesting about the place next door–they were cleaning up the yard the other day–I hadn’t seen anything going on there for a long time.

  • maxwell smart

    The kitchen has no storage or counter space and I get the feeling that it’s basically along the wall of the living room – adding a bar would have been a huge improvement for storage and made it seem like it’s own space. The exposed brick would have been nicer unpainted and been more of a selling point, IMO, rather then painted white.

  • $2k a month for 500 sq feet and that kitchen? Outrageous. Should be closer to $1,700.

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