Now hiring for ‘Purple Patch’ coming to former Tonic space in Mt. Pleasant

3155 Mt. Pleasant Street, NW

So maybe there is some progress here after all! Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Saw this sign posted this morning on the door of Tonic. The logo reads “purple patch”. Hope this means things are happening for this location again!”

Stay tuned.


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  • What a dreadful name.

  • I’m having a Blue Banana flashback. Terrible name, terrible bar.

  • I’m guessing this is a reference to the British term for a hot streak. Like, “Leo Messi is in a real purple patch at the moment, 5 goals in 4 matches.”

    Even if that’s the derivation, really dumb.

  • Purple patch? There must be a topical ointment for that.

  • That may not be the final name at all.

  • I’m just thrilled something is going in there. Mt. Pleasant seems to have a lot of trouble attracting quality tenants for that street.

  • Ok to all of you complaining about the name….Bars don succeed because of a ‘great name’. Bars don’t fail because of a ‘bad name’. There are some bars with NO name that are popular. There are bars with great names that suck. There are terrible bars with cool names. Now for the uninitiated, a ‘purple patch’ is a somewhat British term meaning “A period of excellent performance, where nearly everything seems to go right, work properly, and contrasting with a more general lower level of performance.”

    Perhaps Mt. P is in for a brutish-themed soccer pub? I could live with that no matter WHAT the name is.

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