Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – The Cairo in Dupont

1615 Q Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1615 Q Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Watch the sunset from this great corner One Bedroom apartment. Exposed brick in LR and BR. Brand new energy efficient windows enhance the apts natural light. Great Hardwood floors, Updated Kitchen with stainless Steel appliances. Fantastic views of DC skyline from all rooms. Tenant pays Electric. Building with 24hr Desk and a 360~ View of DC Skyline from the Roof Deck.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $2,205/Mo.

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  • This is one of my favorite buildings in the city. It has a super interesting history. The construction of the Cairo was one of the main triggers for the implementation of height restrictions in the late 19th century.

    That said, this just isn’t a good value. I like exposed brick, but there’s too much of it for my taste. It just feels kind of small and cramped. I understand that Dupont is the maybe the priciest ‘hood in the city, but I just couldn’t stomach paying that much for this apartment.

  • It’s a cool building, and definitely interesting, but it’s super old, the apartment is freaking tiny (especially that bedroom). Terrible deal; way overpriced.

  • The layout looks cramped and the square footage seems low. I would say this overpriced by $200-$300

  • A friend lives in The Cario. The apartments are beautiful but very small indeed.

  • I Dont Get It

    The deck is a great make out spot, so I’ve heard.

  • Great location and a neat building, it would be a cool place to live. However, I feel it should be priced at about $1950. For $2250 I’d opt for a new building with all the hot amenities.

  • The rooms in the Cairo are small, but the ceilings are high, and the windows big, so they don’t seem to be unliveable like other apartments with small rooms. They actually feel quite nice inside. Though I couldn’t like a place with all that exposed brick (I hate any amount of exposed brick), but it does seem to be popular with a lot of people, and if I had a one-bedroom with a bedroom that small it would be my study, and my bed would be in the living area. The main problems with units I’ve been in in this building are 1) horrible old windows, with moisture in between the panes, which problem this one has fixed with likely quite needed new windows, and 2) lousy kitchen layouts, and this one seems to be nicely renovated and laid out efficiently for a small kitchen.

    Whether I’d pay that much for that space is irrelevant – this condo building has a fairly high percentage of rentals, and a lot of similarly sized units that are rented out, so it should be fairly easy to get an idea of what similar units rent for there. I don’t know if this is high or not, but the specific rent they want is not what’s relevant – what is are the comps, and there should be plenty of rental comps for this building.

  • 2200 to live in the Cairo!? BAHAHAHAHA.

    Looks cool from the outside, but it is not cool.

  • HaileUnlikely

    There is a lot to like here, but unless it’s just the camera playing tricks on me, the bedroom is so narrow that the bed is basically wedged in and a queen bed would be such a tight fit that one would have to climb in and out from the end. Is the camera just playing tricks on me, or is it really that narrow?

  • I actually live in the exact same layout but on a higher floor. We are lucky in that it’s a little more updated, the bedroom has 4 windows instead of only 2, and the bedroom is actually wider. Not sure why this bedroom is so slim. The view is one of the points that completely sold me – It’s like living in a magical tree house overlooking the city. I also happen to love exposed brick. For 2 people we find the space to be more than enough – tons of overhead nooks because the ceilings are so high. The layout provides more space than 1 bedroom apts I’ve seen with more square footage. Obviously its 100% taste and for me it happens to be views, tall ceilings, brick, and cool history. I would much rather live in a 500 square foot apt with a view than an 800 sqft newly renovated basement apt. To each his own.

  • The Cairo was built as a residential hotel. Some units are even smaller than this one. I’ve seen kitchens that have little cabinet space and fridges that only hold a couple days food.

  • figby

    A friend of mine lived in this unit. It’s small and kind of pointless, unless you must live in the Cairo. Even with the brick, there is zero character and it’s really cramped and tight, even at a lower price (she paid $1700ish)

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