Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont


This rental is located at 18th and T St, NW. The listing says:

“A rarely available, fantastic 1 bed/1 bath retreat in the city. This townhouse apartment is located at 18th and T in the perfect residential pocket between Dupont, Adams Morgan, and U Street, just a few blocks from the bustle of 14th Street. Walk Score is a 98. Red, yellow, and green lines are within 5 minutes. Bus lines to anywhere in the city within 2 blocks. Footsteps to Glen’s Garden Market, Bar Charley, 350 Cafe, Larry’s, Lauriol, Rebellion, and Jack Rose. 2 blocks from Cobalt and JR’s in one direction, 2 blocks from Dolcezza and McClellan’s Retreat in the other. Three grocery stores within 4 blocks. Two Capital Bikeshare stations within a block. Equally close to Jumbo Slice and Vida/Mint/yoga studios. Pet owner? City Dogs daycare/boarding/walk service is on the same block and the S Street dog park is a block away.

The apartment has lots of space, especially for this area. Features include new wood floors, beautiful exposed brick, huge outdoor back deck (about 400 sq ft), updated appliances (including washer, dryer, and dishwasher), new Central Air/Heat unit, spacious open kitchen, and loads of storage. Steps off the street with bright, full size windows and a private entrance. Attached garage is enclosed and spacious (I have no trouble parking my SUV).”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $2,250/Mo.

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  • Welp, this seems like a great spot and a very good price for the location and what you get.

  • This one:

    Similarly sized, more light, not in a basement and while higher, the rent includes utilities. No parking is the only distinction as far as I can tell.

    • I’m busy as hell, so maybe I’m out of the loop on what normal people pay for utilities, but paying $350 more for utilities included without parking seems really high.

      • Well, for someone without a car, I’d say paying $350 more, have your utilities covered and NOT be in a basement might be worth it. If you have a car and want to live in that neighborhood, maybe not. But to say a basement apartment should be on part with a non basement one does not make a lot of sense. The utilities point was simply that the difference in price isn’t even really $350, but likely something in between. Electric, gas and water would probably be at least $150/month in winter/summer. So you’re paying $200 more to not live in a basement. I know what I would do.

        • That’s fair. I’m not sure of the value for a basement vs higher level. I’ve never had to make such a choice, and the one basement I considered was amazing.

    • I am not saying that this one is priced too high (I don’t think it is), but I think the basement apartment that is the subject of the post is a better deal. Utilities (not including cable/internet) would likely be about $100/mo. So the $2600 place is still a few hundred more than the one posted, and it doesn’t have parking, which I would value at $150-250/mo given that it is attached and covered.

      • I’m near here in an apartment without parking. My monthly garage is about $250, plus whatever value you put on being able to walk right into your apartment instead of down the block ($0 on nice spring days, $10000000 on rainy winter days with groceries). I think your utilities assessment is right on – unlikely more than $100.

  • Fair market value given the size, parking and location. Decent deal.

  • I might have looked at this one many moons ago…Yes it’s a basement, but lots of square footage and a parking space, which is probably worth $250 in this area. An OK deal.

  • I looked in this area at this price point last year. It’s rare that you see basement apartments in townhouses with full front windows – it looks like it does get decent light. I’d live here over at least 90% of the 1/1s I looked at. Plus that deck is gigantic. I’ll bet it goes quickly.

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