Thank God – Rock Creek Park Potholes getting Filled!!

Photo by PoPville flickr user Lauren Parnell Marino

“Rock Creek Park maintenance crews will be filling potholes on Beach Drive and Piney Branch Parkway today between 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

United States Park Police will make intermittent closures of Piney Branch Parkway and localized closures of Beach Drive to allow crews to work safely and accommodate equipment.”

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  • Quit teasing us with that photo!

  • Huzzah; but really the whole road needs to be resurfaced.

  • Great Day for it? Not sure filling them when it is 19 degrees is the wisest. When it warms up the asphalt will expand and crack/possibly ruin the patch.

  • west_egg

    A complete resurfacing of those roads is desperately needed — hopefully they set aside time & resources to do that once the weather improves.

  • Yeah… we have heard that before. What you mean is “they will throw down some tar laden asphalt on the ground and cars will compact it to fill the holes”. There is a major difference between repaving and filling in potholes in Rock Creek. The best you can hope for are those pathetic 2 foot wide by 15 foot long asphalt patches with horrible seams. Maybe cars will be satisfied, but for the cyclists and rollerbladers of the park… their attempts at maintenance although appreciated are laughable at best.

  • My kingdom for new and smoothly paved RCP roads! That is all.

  • …now to refill the holes that riddle most other streets in town. Our roads haven’t been this bad in a long time, thanks to Gray and Cheh. Hopefully Bowser and Djormso will follow the feds’ lead.

  • I’m taking full credit for this! Yesterday I reported a bunch of potholes there with the 311 app :o)

  • I come home via Piney Branch. Judging by the condition of the road this evening, they have many days worth of work to go. It’s still in miserable shape on both sides. And I completely agree that all of the roads need to be completely resurfaced. Patching just makes for bigger holes after the next storm.

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