“Secret” Sushi Belly Tower Returns to DC Feb. 27th


Anyone go last time? That description of the Sushi Belly Tower was:

“Founded by Michael Stember, Sushi Belly Tower presents nontraditional, underground full-kit food experiences—creating and serving the best version of all things. Stember cultivated his passion while at Stanford training for the Olympic Games, (he eventually ran in the Sydney Olympics) so the food he designs is a careful combination of fuel and art.

A Sushi Belly Tower dinner serves anywhere from 40 to 75 guests in cocktail-style interactive dinner feasts featuring a live band. Our popular sushi dinners includes 10 to 20 courses of sashimi, root vegetables, fresh herbs with multiple salts and oils and an unlimited open bar throughout the event. We showcase a live food design experience, plating each course directly in front of our guests. For us, an interactive feast includes an accessible, transparent process of food, art, music, and drink.

Tickets cost $175 plus applicable sales tax. Our pricing reflects the quality of our ingredients: grass-fed lamb, ultra-premium sashimi-grade fish, fresh herbs, rare oils, Wagyu beef flown in from Japan, and our top-shelf custom cocktail program.”

703 Edgewood Street, NE

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  • “Wagyu beef flown in from Japan”

    That’s quite the carbon footprint there…

  • I went! Seriously the freshest fish I have had since traveling to Japan and getting it at the Tsajiki market. And as for the Wagyu beef…it’s sourced from Japan…but I highly doubt it is flown over just for this. Probably ordered from a purveyor who orders it in bulk.

  • Down in the South Pacific one can eat fresh ahi tuna, straight from the ocean, barely a few hours out of the water, and for a fraction of what you pay in Japan, U.S.

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