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    • All wheeled vehicles should be banned within city limits. If you can’t walk to where you need to be, you should move to the suburbs.

      • DC has always been car friendly. No need to be a jerk about it now that they are pushing bike friendliness as well. The city is not made only for city dwelling pedestrians and bikers and there are still plenty of car owners in the city.

        These people just need to learn how to park.

  • Appears the tow guys are doing a great job. Turn up the pain until the knucklehead car people figure it out.

  • If only they were this vigilant about cars that park in bike lanes….

  • It’s clear who the big winners are with this trolly, the DC Tow Crain team. They must be racking up some serious overtime pay.

  • No! The morons who designed it should have put the tracks in the center of the street like very other street car system in the u.s.. Common sense!
    Jamming cars between the sidewalk and a street car and snow was a great idea. I can’t wait until two buses pass each other while two streetcars pass at the same time!

    • Or this driver could’ve not parked in a way that would block the streetcar…Common sense!

      • Anyone who thought that DC (or Maryland for that matter) residents would suddenly start parking like considerate, or sane, human beings when this thing started running clearly has no familiarity with the region.

      • Man I really hope your job doesn’t involve you making any kind of public policy. Should people behave responsibly, ethically, and rationally at all times? Yes! For purposes of designing… well, anything… is it safe to assume that they WILL?

    • The only solution that will actually work is to eliminate the parking spaces entirely. While center tracks would have been optimal, right now the only thing that makes sense is to fill in the spaces and widen the sidewalk. Won’t entirely stop the idiots who stop in the tracks anyway but it would be nice to eliminate this problem so the thing can actually open.

    • You are wrong … Portland’s streetcar system is designed exactly the same way – the streetcar tracks share the right lane with traffic, and cars are permitted to park between the sidewalks and streetcars … although to be fair I believe there may be a little more clearance. However, if people there parked as poorly as some of the morons on H Street, there would still be problems.

  • I”m sorry, but despite the streetcar’s issues I have no sense of sympathy for these drivers. Even if they’re new to town, the fact that there are TRAIN TRACKS running a few feet from your parked car isn’t enough motivation to do a proper parking job? Snow? Boohoo… park somewhere else if you can’t park there safely.

  • I think somehow they need to paint that parking line a color other than white. White lines aren’t as much of a warning as red or yellow, and they disappear under the salt and snow. I’d think they could remove the marble curbs, too, to create a few more inches for parking. Maybe there is some other small design fix that would help.

    • How would removing the curb do anything? The parking lane is already wide enough for most vehicles. Sure you can’t park a box truck there, but those shouldn’t be using up street parking. I’m sick of DDOT making all of these concessions to appease drivers tbh. They should have just removed the parking lane all together on H.

  • is there a line showing the outer edge of the the streetcar so you know that if your car if over this line you are indeed blocking the streetcar? tracks are one thing, knowing how wide the streetcar is is another.

    • If the car isn’t parked ridiculously far from the curb, there shouldn’t be any problems.

    • I believe there is in some spots but not others. It might help to paint it yellow and add signs saying that your car will be towed if any part of it exceeds that line. Even with the ice and snow they had a ton of space.

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