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  • Time for club Ibiza to go.

    No tolerance for this sort of criminal behavior that is becoming so commonplace. Time for this administration to put actual plans forth to address the problem.

  • Maybe they were frustrated by Dave Thomas circle

  • Does anyone have an update on when this club is actually going to go away? Yes, they went into bankruptcy protection a year or two ago, but lots of businesses do that and still stay in business.

  • Ibiza has a complicated ownership structure and multiple levels of leases. So while many of the (> dozen!) owners want to sell, it’s very complicated and it’s taking time to go through it all. I’m hopeful that they won’t be around much longer, but unlike what Anon wrote at 10:33 there are no imminent plans for development on that site.

    Immediately adjacent, however, JBG is getting ready to break ground on a new movie theater, apartments, and office building. They, like other nearby developers and residents, would very much like to see the club close. Ibiza is losing money, and as they’re only open a few hours a week it’s easy to see why.

    Of course, if the city were to shut them down like they’ve done with other clubs that have had such a long criminal history, the whole process of closing & selling would be much simpler!

  • Close Ibiza already!

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