Shooting at 2:45pm on Saturday in SW

From @DCPoliceDept:

“Shooting_1446 hrs_1300 block of 1st Street, SW_LOF 2 B/M teens, 1 Blue Helly Hansen Jkt & grn shoes”


“Shooting at 1446 hrs in the 1300 block of 1st Street, SW_Lookout for 2 B/M 13-16 years old, (1) Blue Helly Hansen Jacket & green foam posit…”

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  • FYI (I guess for MPD?) it’s foamposite. And I’m glad those hideous shoes are good for something. They’ll probably track this idiot down in a few hours. Not a great idea to where your bright green 1500$ sneaks to shoot someone.

  • This is really getting out of hand in the neighborhood. 3 shootings in a little more than a month. Something needs to be done about this and there needs to be a public outcry. I live in the newest building in the area, and until the DEC 24th shooting, I never really thought twice about walking around. This has now changed. I still love the neighborhood, and I knew where I was moving, but there needs to be a neighborhood outcry here to take our neighborhood back. Wishful thinking I know…

    • brookland_rez

      The public housing in that area has always been problematic. These days it’s isolated to that one complex there. All of SE around the stadium used to be filled with projects, strip clubs, and crime. That never stopped me from going to one of the big clubs Nation, to catch a good punk show. Shootings happen everywhere. If a targeted shooting now and then scares you, then I don’t think much of anywhere in DC is right for you, perhaps Palisades.

    • Yeah, I don’t think this is anything new. I lived on Carrollsburg Place in 2007-2008 and it was rough back then. Gunshots every night, dudes with guns loitering on our stoop, crackheads bending our window bars to break into our house. Most of the people in the neighborhood were wonderful, but there were a handful of troublemakers that made it unlivable for me.

  • Anyone willing to actually dig in on the year over year stats for shootings in these areas? I’m just curious if this is getting worse this year or I was just blissfully ignorant last year. Helly Hansen is not having a good year in the District.

    • This is from the MPD: First number is 2/6/2013 to 2/6/2014 second is 02/06/2014 to 02/06/2015

      Homicide 22 8 decrease
      Sex Abuse 44 29 decrease
      Robbery Excluding Gun 349 308 decrease
      Robbery With Gun 138 126 decrease
      Assault Dangerous Weapon No Gun 192 171 decrease
      Assault Dangerous Weapon Gun 68 72 increase
      Total Violent Crime 813 714

      So shootings are up by 4 in the past 12 months

      The past 3 shootings have pretty much happened within 50 yrds of each other.

      • Yup, shootings in SW are up. It was quiet there for years, something has changed.

      • I think those numbers might be for a wider area (22 homicides?). here’s 1000 feet from the intersection of 1st & n sw, the past year vs. the year before that:

        Homicide 1 2 increase
        Sex Abuse 2 0 decrease
        Robbery Excluding Gun 7 9 increase
        Robbery With Gun 2 3 increase
        Assault Dangerous Weapon (ADW) Excluding Gun 11 7 decrease
        Assault Dangerous Weapon (ADW) Gun 7 11 increase
        Total Violent Crime 30 32 increase
        Burglary 7 5 decrease
        Theft 36 24 decrease
        Theft F/Auto 8 15 increase
        Stolen Auto 5 16 increase
        Arson 0 0 no change
        Total Property Crime 56 60 increase
        Total Crime 86 92 increase

        So yes, crime is up, mostly related to guns (homicide, ADW gun) and cars (theft from/of them). MPD has said there is gang activity between folks from greenleaf and folks from syphax (so freaking STUPID). It’s worth going to the PSA 105 meetings to hear more about what the police are trying to do to stop it–they have increased patrols, moved the light tower around, but if you’re dumb/reckless enough to shoot people in broad daylight and the victim & witnesses don’t cooperate with police afterwards, even the best cops aren’t going to be able to shut it down. I will say that if you look at the crime map for SW, violent crime is very clustered. Most people can easily avoid it when traveling to the metro, safeway, arena stage, ballpark, and other destinations. But that’s small comfort if you live on a block where people are getting shot.

        • Thanks for those #’s. I took mine from all of the Ward that the shootings have been occuring. Great points about people not helping the MPD. Nothing will change if there are scared people who wont help investigations.

        • brookland_rez

          Is there any plan to shut those projects down for “redevelopment”? We can only hope.

          • And where do you expect the people who live there to go? I work with most of the children who live in those projects and they have lived there all their lives. So have their parents. And the actions of a few individuals does not represent the whole.

          • brookland_rez

            I hear there’s plenty of affordable housing in PG county. Look I know the majority in communities like that are hard working people. But we have to be realistic. The government shouldn’t be in the business of multi-generational welfare. The system should encourage people to get out of poverty, not trap them in it. That’s where the failure is.

          • How does NYC (and Bos and several other peer cities) manage to have so many projects and yet also have a much lower violent rime rate? Does DC have a lot more pub housing on a per capita basis?

            I know DC’s poverty rate isnt any higher than NYCs, so the crime gap can’t just be explained away with the normal retort about poverty.

          • I’m sure without meaning to, J hit upon one of the major problems. If you’ve ever been to the public comment part of a DCHA board meeting, nearly all of the residents’ comments start with some version of “I’ve been a resident of XX project for XX years and so were my parents [and often grandparents].” That was never the intent of public housing. As brookland_rez points out, the system has failed. Reasonable people can disagree about why it has failed, but I can’t see much honest, rigorous debate about the fact that it has.

          • I thought the initial goal of public housing was simply to provide housing for working people. All that has come about in later years in housing projects was never part of the original implementation.

  • Because they dont have such a soft on juvenile gang stance and a dysfunctional agency called DYRS?? DC has a large number of youth crew members that have enjoyed protection for decades? Just note how many gun related crimes seem to be committed by people under 20 year after year? It’s a community thing?

  • not sure if people know this, but if you live in public housing and are arrested (not even convicted, just arrested) the housing authority can evict your entire household. A public housing lease can be terminated if your guest commits a crime, too.

    Interestingly, a lot of crime committed in SW is by people coming in from Maryland or other parts of DC. Relocating people doesn’t stop their ties to the community.

    • The operative word being “can” In practice do they outside of extreme cases?

      • They try (seriously, they do), but in DC tenants are entitled to jury trials in eviction cases (that’s not true everywhere) and the trials in which criminal conduct is the issue essentially become mini criminal trials in which DCHA’s lawyer has to re-prove the criminal case all over again — often without cooperation from MPD and definitely without the resources of the US attorney’s office. And often you have jurors who just won’t evict the grandmother when she just knows that her grandson wasn’t doing anything wrong, and he’s constantly harassed by the the police, and she doesn’t have anywhere else to go, and the DCHA manager always had it out for her, and….. you get the picture.

        • Sounds like it’s good then that the “Grandmother” has that recourse.

          • Yeah, it’s great when juries don’t follow the law. Especially for the neighbors of public housing residents who harbor criminals. You know, the people who accept taxpayer help in exchange for following the rules and actually hold up their end of the bargain. For them, it’s just wonderful.

          • Yeah, it never seemed fair to me that the grandmother could be evicted. If someone commits a crime, arrest them, and imprison them upon finding guilt. But depriving their entire family of housing always seemed unnecessarily cruel to me.

  • according to the MPD 1D listserv today, 2 people were arrested for the shooting and the victim, who was hit in the foot, has been treated and released. There’s an ANC meeting tonight (7pm, 1100 4th St SW, 2nd floor) so folks can go to that or the PSA 105 meeting to get more info and ask about the possibility of community impact statements (not sure how those work if the accused are juveniles but the police should be able to connect folks with prosecutors).

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