Scuttlebutt Confirmed – De Vinos and Dahlak purchased by Jack Rose folks in Adams Morgan

18th and U Street, NW

Last week we learned that De Vinos was closing after 9 years in Adams Morgan (hopefully securing a new space nearby soon.) At that time I had also heard some scuttlebutt that the folks from Jack Rose had purchased the space. In the comments a reader mentioned that next door neighbor Dahlak was closing too. This morning the Washington Post confirms the deal:

“In a move that’s likely to spur a few glass clinks, Bill Thomas, owner of Jack Rose Dining Saloon, has purchased the properties occupied by De Vinos and Dahlak Restaurant.”

Looking forward to learning more of his plans. Stay tuned.

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  • Dahlak was pretty good Eritrean/Ethiopian, but really hard to compete with Keren across the street.

    Really hope De Vino’s finds another spot in the neighborhood.

  • RIP Dahlak! Incubator of so many great parties.

  • Here’s to hoping De Vino’s can takeover the check cashing spot across the street, can’t believe they still do enough business to cover the rent there.
    Note: Blaguard per their manager had the right to match Jack Rose’s offer and passed.

    • We use that spot to send money to our relatives back in our home country. The place that we hope closes is Tamarindo, overpriced and mediocre. Really surprised that people in this blog rave about it so much, then again lot of people love Chipotle, which I think is as bland as rice cakes. To each their own.

      • Anyone who wants to close Tamarindo is an ally in my book! That place is to Mexican/Salvadoran food what La Tagliatella is to Italian…when your business is driven selling chips and queso at 4:30am you’re doing it wrong. If only we could lose them and Pizzaria Trattoria….oh to dream!

      • There’s another one of those check cashing places just one block down U Street. There is no reason to have so many in the area.

        • They are affiliated to different transfer networks. You’d be surprised just how busy these places are. There are more immigrants and non-banking people in Adams Morgan than what your small self-selected circle of friends might suggest.

        • Blithe

          And there are multiple branches of multiple banks proliferating throughout DC and the surrounding suburbs. Different people have different needs which different business models cater to differently.

        • It would be nice if there were places that offered the money-transfer services without the exploitative practices of check-cashing, payday loans, etc.

          • Blithe

            I quite agree textdoc! Didn’t banks do that a long long time ago? I’m not being funny — I vaguely remember community banks doing a lot of things either free or for minimal cost — long before I had any need for such services.

          • There are, in fact there are hundreds of places to transfer money in DC including Safeways and Suntrust Banks.

  • Many good memories from Dahlak. I’ll have to go back before it closes. I think this was the only Eritrean restaurant in DC.

  • Thomas also sold Bourbon.

    • Just the Adams Morgan location. Still owns Glover Park. The sale of the AM location was two-years in the making and the current GM purchased it.

  • Stopped in to De Vinos over the weekend. The guy (owner?) there was so sad, makes it hard for me to feel at all good about whatever Jack Rose puts in. I guess on the plus side it is a neighborhood restaurant taking ownership instead of a chain or developer. Always meant to check out Dahlak as well, guess I lost my chance…

    • The DeVino’s folks were given the right to purchase the spot and for whatever reason, they didn’t.

      • I was expecting their mention in “Scandal” would give them a boost. I don’t drink but I like having a classy quasi upscale store on my street

    • Yeah, I stopped in there on Saturday. The place was nearly stripped clean, with very little left. The guy working at the time actually had no idea why they were closing. He was shocked when I told them it was because Jack Rose was taking over.

  • Anyone know how much longer De Vinos will be open? Previous post said end of this month or whenever inventory runs out, whichever comes first.

    • Stopped in Monday and the owner told me that was the last day. There wasn’t much inventory left, but I did manage to get a few good Belgian singles (all $3 a pop).

      He mentioned that he already has a lead on a spot around the corner (guess that meant the Pleasant Pops strip?).

  • DeVinos will open again in Adams Morgan, give it time but it will return

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