Love ’em or Hate ’em – Another Old School Bar Closing

3295 M Street, NW via Rhino Bar’s facebook

The race between Capitol Hill and Georgetown for who can close the most old bars continues with Rhino Bar in Georgetown. Georgetowner broke the news yesterday:

“The legendary Rhino Bar and Pumphouse, popular with Georgetown University students, will close Feb. 28.”

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  • Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ll miss this bar. Great memories of watching the Sox win the World Series, and lots of other Boston sports games. Shame it’s going.

  • palisades

    I made the mistake of going to Rhino when I first moved to DC because I didn’t know better. The worst crowd I’ve ever encountered. 4 years of frat/apartment/bar parties at JMU couldn’t even prepare me for it.

  • I’m surprised that the closing of Rhino is covered, but the closing of Phase 1, the oldest lesbian bar on the east coast (suddenly and with no notice to the bar’s employees) has not yet been posted.

  • Good. Now I will no longer have to see their annoying “Boston Red Sox” banner ever again. News flash – we ain’t in Boston.

  • It only opened in 1998 (Pop quiz time! What was the name of the bar that preceded it?). I don’t think that qualifies as old school. The bar itself hasn’t even reached drinking age! Legendary? That depends on your definition. I suppose it was legendary for being one of the most awful bars in DC for an extended period of time.

    • 17 years is old age for any bar in this town. Most don’t last five.

    • Good old Winstons!

      • Winston’s – “All you Could Drink Sundays…” for $10 I think

      • Winston’s!!!! That place was the last stop on a well worn path of bars on that end of M ST (which included Sports Fans, Fettoosh….and I know I’m forgetting someplace). Then around the corner to Third Edition and Champions….maybe even Anastasia (with a fake ID!). Never really crossed Wisconsin to The Guards, Old Glory and the other St. Elmo’s Firey-types of haunts. Ohhhh but for the days of yore!!

  • Sad only because it was a nice place to watch the eagles games. Somewhere else will have to pick up the slack on Sundays.

    • You guys keep it classy at Stoney’s; apparently- which keeps me away every Sunday. Nothing like a bunch of mid-Atlantic Moutbreathers screaming: “Break HIS F*&CKING NECK” among other pleasantries at a Television, in a packed bar; to really sweeten a beautiful Fall day. I reserve that behavior for my couch, in my locked apartment, like a normal deranged sports fan.

  • Aglets

    what else is closing on the hill?

    • I think he’s referring that have closed in the last 1-3 years…hawk n dove, 18th amendment, pour house, lil pub, if you wanna go way back, finn maccool’s. The only dives left are Tune Inn, Cap Lounge, and Ugly Mug

  • It’s closing because the Landlord is tripling the rent at the end of their lease (which is happening to places all over town). Very quickly this is becoming a Landlords Market in DC – not tenants anymore. As a bar owner – who knows this particular owner – it’s actually sad. Whether you like Rhino’s or not, no amount of $4 Miller Lite’s will offset a tripling of the rent. Unless enough bars close or properties stay vacant long enough there are only going to be more and more $2500 Studio Apartments and Cocktail Places selling $14 Gin and Tonics. Especially in high traffic neighborhoods like Georgetown and Capitol Hill.

    • Even rich neighborhoods can become gentrified.

      • +1 There will always be someone with more money.

        • Funny but I’d almost argue it’s the exact opposite of Gentrification in Georgetown. If anything they are trying to be more inclusive of the masses. Look at all the Mom & Pop/Locally owned business’s being replaced by chains like Pinstripes, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, etc… What’s next a Metro Stop??

          • I think that’s true of a lot of the more established neighborhoods. Dupont’s a good example. Adams Morgan’s gone downhill too.

    • While not a fan of this place, I really hate to see rents reach a level where only national chains can compete. Same dynamic that pushed out our hardware store in Glover Park, to be replaced by a Rite Aid (literally directly across the street from a 24 hour CVS).

  • oh noes, 5c wings!!!

  • The worst part is that all those students will now end up ruining some other bar!

  • Sad to see them go! Granted I have not been in probably 10 years, but when I think of visits to DC during college, this is the bar I remember spending much of my time. It was always a good time.

  • tonyr

    The one and only time I went there some police biker club was holding a benefit for the cop in Arlington (Alexandria?) who was shot by a taxi driver. I bought a raffle ticket and won $450. Good times.

  • Where are all of the Ohio Staters going to go to watch the games?

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