Reader Reports Shots Fired, Big MPD, EMS Response in North Petworth


A reader reports at 3:54pm:

“Multiple shots reported at Illinois and Farragut. Huge police and EMS response.”

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  • Thanks for posting – this is a block from my house, and I heard loud bangs – didn’t realize they were gunshots until I saw this post. Hopefully this isn’t the start of another #uptick like we saw around x-mas time.

  • My house is in the photo and I heard a few pops but it didn’t sound like gunshots (maybe because the snow muffles it a bit?). And then two sirens race down the block.

    • All the cops and fire trucks are gone, so maybe it was something else? During previous shootings nearby the cops usually stay on the scene for quite a while.

  • jim_ed

    Shots fired at Illinois and Farragut or 9th and Farragut is an evergreen post. You can set your watch to it every three months.

    • Jim, the last one actually at either of these corners was over a year ago, but I take your point since shootings are happening all over the place in the area.

      • If this is an area of consistent problems, I honestly don’t understand why the cops can’t shut it down? What more needs to happen?

        • Accountering

          There are people hanging out at the corner of 9th and Farragut dealing drugs constantly. No clue why the cops don’t shut it down… They certainly know about it. It’s not like the guys are hiding it in the least.

      • So which is it? One poster says there was an uptick around xmas time then the Baron of Brightwood says a year ago. Now if we are talking semantics (this actual block vs a block away) then I say we strip the Baron of his lordship. Shootings and gunfire in the neighborhood is not an annual event. Crap happens WAY too much and especially lately.

  • I live a couple blocks away and saw the aftermath on my way to pick up some Indian takeout yesterday. These shootings don’t bother me as much as they used to.

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