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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • skj84

    Rave: That was fast!
    Rave: Apparently someone else had an issue with the elevator at work. The door to the stairway was propped open when I went to lunch. I’d rather walk up and down the stairs than ride in the elevator of doom.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I have newer comments now coming up at the top of the comments too. Let me know if that helps. And if I should still do am/pm please

  • hammers

    Rant: Breakfast isn’t sitting well, and despite lots of sleep I feel icky and exhausted and I *may* have nodded off at my desk before
    Wishing: I kind of wish I could have a decorator come help me with my apartment. I have pretty good instincts and I am doing a good job of making what little space I have work, but too many hours spent on deisgn websites has just convinced me my apartment could only be personified as an ugly old troll.
    Random: I’m really liking my new job but said nodding off makes me think maybe I’m just not cut out for a deskjob…I should have done the park service!

    • If you like your apartment the way you’ve decorated it, I wouldn’t stress too much about comparing it to what you see on design websites. Sometimes what looks great on a website isn’t functional in real life, or is functional only if you have the same minimal amount of possessions, etc. as the occupant does.

      • I guess what I was trying to say was maybe use the design websites as inspirations or jumping-off points, but don’t hold your apartment to impossible standards that can’t be met in real life.

        • +1. Photos of homes are always taken under impossible conditions. I’m sure the people who live there are actually hiding half their stuff in dressers and storage units 🙂

          • hammers

            I am just really self consious and my friends dont exactly help, so I never have anyone over. My one friend is just really snide and comments on my cheap couch or how it’s way to small to have people over, but it’s “good for me.” in the same way someone would insult someone’s style by saying it suits them.

          • Andie302

            Yikes – it seems pretty harsh to be invited into someone’s home and then criticize, no matter how close you are.

          • +1. I think the problem here is with that friend, not with the decor!

          • Hey neighbor, I love this stuff and my friends are pretty complimentary about my home. I can come over and not criticize if you want.

          • Oh, if it’s about layout, there are a lot of layout sites you can use to get an idea of where to put things. One I’ve used is floorplanner.

          • Those are your friends? I’d go back at them with catty comments about their fashion choices or maybe their weight.

          • hammers

            Cool! Jeslett I will definately look into that site, I think I know what I need to do it will just take time and money, and I may have to let go of a few things I really like. Maybe once I feel better about my house we can have a Popville girls night or something! And yes, I know the friend is the problem–said friend is just a pretty annoying self-righteous person who offers lots of unsolicited opinions, but for a few reasons will be sticking around in my life. I take comfort in the fact that maybe this person not liking my style is a good thing, and they aren’t doing much better!

          • Andie302

            Craigslist can be great for this. If you get something and don’t love it, you can just re-craigslist it. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It can take months/years to get something perfect, and usually for me that’s about the time I’m moving or my taste has changed!

          • Emmaleigh504

            why would you have to let go of things your really like? really liking something is the best reason to keep it!

          • hammers

            True, but not being able to make it work in the space is a struggle. I’m thinking of these big black bookcases I brought from a former space that are really neat but just don’t fit well in the new place. And my awesome chairs that just are too big and my loveseat that I don’t really need… Thats why I was thinking of professional help.

          • I guess it depends on how much the not-quite-right-for-the-current-place items are getting in your way. Like Emilie504, I tend to think that it’s a pity to get rid of something you really like. If you think you might be moving to a larger space in a few years, maybe you could put the items in storage or leave them at a parent’s house?
            I see praise for your bookcases and chairs, but not for the loveseat. 😉 Maybe that should be a candidate for getting rid of?

          • hammers

            the loveseat is adorable :-p I just didnt want to go into detail because said hater friend is an avid reader. of all the things that would probably stay.

        • It’s hard not to be envious of great home photos. I try to remember that I like my style and I’m not going to do an extreme overhaul and suddenly change to Scandinavian style or something totally different that would necessitate swapping out ALL of my stuff. So, I look at what I like about the style, all the light colors, the layering of textures, etc. and think about incorporating those themes in my current style, according to my tastes.

    • Have you looked into Homepolish? I’m considering it.

      • hammers

        hm I hadn’t heard of it before, I may consider it, that is pretty neat. if you do decide to book a consultation, please let me know how it goes! and textdoc, thanks for the solid (as always) advice…I know however htat I am not really fitting well into my space and I could definately use help with the layout. My new “minimalish” goals are helping though.

      • Homepolish sounds awesome. I need a Homepolish for how to make my house look presentable while also being a cat-owner.
        If someone gave me gruff for having a torn-up couch or a floor covered in cat toys, then he or she can be shown the door!

        • Yeah, pets can present challenges in that respect!
          I feel like I’ve lucked out in finding scratching posts that are pretty presentable. Toys are trickier — how big are they? Do they have to be in the living room?
          I think part of the rationale behind the ModernCat website — now HausPanther — was to promote sleek and modern-looking cat furniture, etc., rather than stuff that clashed with a room’s overall aesthetic.
          Is the couch a lost cause — maybe putting a slipcover on it would encourage the cats to scratch elsewhere?

          • We specifically bought an IKEA couch so we could buy a new slip-cover every few years. We have an older cat who (a) probably only has a year or two left (b) has made the couch her permanent home base and (c) will scratch the couch no matter what I do to deter her. I think I’ll wait until she’s in cat heaven before we replace this cover.

          • Squish – Sounds like a good idea.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Donna’s new favorite toy is waded up paper. On the plus side, super cheap, on the negative side, it looks like I have trash everywhere. But she loves it and I spoil her, so I’ll just hope she gets tired of them soon.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Why is it only Thursday? This week has been 5 years long..
    Rant: People who seem to forget that their project is not the only one I’m working on.
    Rave: Second very large cup of tea!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Yay bonus RRRR round since I usually forget something!

    Rave2: I won last night playing “Canadian or Not.” Who doesn’t know that Pamela Anderson is Canadian???? Apparently Wiccan Housesitter.

    Rave: Thank hyoid MPinDC for the carpet on the stairs hint and RIP Mickey Pongo. I’m sure he is greatly missed!

  • jim_ed

    Rant: Sick daughter means I’m at home today.
    Rave: Staying at home means not putting on real pants. ALL DAY.
    Rave: Going to buy tickets to see Taking Back Sunday at the 9:30 club.
    Rave: Figured out what new car we’re going to buy.
    Rant: New cars are expensive.

    • What kind of car did you decide on?

      • jim_ed

        We’re going with one of the new Jeep Cherokees. I never thought I would willingly own a Chrysler product, but we were both blown away when we went to drive one. Gets decent gas mileage, and was really well appointed inside. The price was also great compared to other similar crossovers.

        • I recently rented a Jeep Compass for a long car trip and absolutely loved it. Like you, I never really considered buying a Chrysler product, but this car tipped the scales a bit. When we buy a car, Jeeps will definitely be in the running.

  • Rant: Is it nap time yet? So very tired….

  • Rave: I’m eligible for Lasik surgery. For those of you who have had it, did you get a second opinion or just go with the first doctor you consulted with? The one I went to has a great reputation and my regular eye doctor is in their network. Not 100% if I’m going to get it, but I most likely will.

    • Where did you get your consult? Basically everyone I know in DC who has gotten Lasik has gone to TLC, and all of them have had great, easy experiences with them.

      • Accountering

        This is the spot to go. No questions, don’t look at the price – its your eyes, and they are the best! Dr. Holzman has performed over 50,000 of these, and he is the best!

      • I went to TLC in Annapolis. For some reason, my eye doctor only gave me the options of Annapolis and Rockville. They’re both about the same distance from me (maybe Rockville’s a little closer) but I’d rather deal with 50 and avoid Rockville Pike getting there.

  • Rant: Last night I cut through Farragut Square on a walk home from work in the early evening hours… and I noticed there were rats everywhere in the square! Seriously, rats hanging out on the statues, rats eating food crumbs, rats scurrying across the sidewalks. It was horrifying. I haven’t walked him from downtown in a while, but is this normal? Ugh, I get the shudders just thinking about it.

    • Very normal! That was one of my dog’s favorite stops on walks when I lived nearby.

    • skj84

      Holy crap. As someone with a rat phobia I think I would’ve run the other way in terror. Just reading your description of all the rats made my skin crawl.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’m afraid to be out after dark b/c of all the G-D rats! And the bold littler f**ers run TOWARD me! *shudder*

    • Try contacting Gerard Brown, who’s in charge of the Rat Abatement Program at the D.C. Department of Health (DOH). I’m not sure what happens when there are rat issues in federal space, but if DOH isn’t allowed to handle it themselves, they must have Park Service (?) counterparts they can refer it to.

      • Thanks textdoc- I called 311 to report it. Hopefully the city will address the problem before it gets nice out and more people are walking through the park on a daily basis.

    • Oh yeah – I learned to not cut through that park any more….

  • Rant: YAAaaaawn!
    Rant: Puppy took a giant pee on grocery bags on the kitchen floor went I went home for lunchtime. Husband reminded me that he’s color blind so they look like pee pads. Lesson learned.
    Rave: Puppy’s energy levels seem to be better. He had a hilarious battle with his shark bed / giant chew toy. Never gets old.
    Rave: Lunch time visits home mean better quality, fresher lunches. My lunch was delish and the bright spot of the day so far.

  • I think that having one RRR per day but placing the newer comments at the top is the perfect fit.

    • +1

    • I -mostly- agree with this but have a slight preference for an AM/PM version because RRRR crashes on my phone (iPhone) if there are too many total comments. Does anyone else have this problem?

      • PoPville takes so long to load on my (oldish) iPod Touch (and usually ends up crashing the browser) that I don’t even try to read it that way — it’s a desktop-only site for me.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I think tomorrow we’ll try just the regular morning rant/revel with new comments to the top. I think I can also try dividing the comments into pages after 100 so that may help with crashing if it’s happening to others too?

      • Overall, I love that you’re open to change and input from readers! This is a great blog with a wonderful community vibe and it’s all due to you.

      • I really like this new comments on top thing! And going back to one RRRRRRRR combined with new comments on top will be great!

      • Emmaleigh504

        no not pages ugh! I hate having to click more than once to get scroll to the bottom!

      • Yes to new comments on top! No to AM/PM split! NOOOO to pages! 🙂

      • Emmaleigh504

        So basically, instead of newer comments not being read b/c they are at the bottom of the page, old comments won’t be read b/c they are at the bottom of the page. Either way, comments are going to get buried.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Could all the people who prefer the newer comments on the top articulate why to Emilie please.

          • I’m a bit agnostic on the top/bottom issue, but I think an advantage to top-down is that you see new comments first when reloading the page. When there are 300-ish+ comments, it might be nice to not have to scroll down to the end just to see if anything new has been added. I think this is probably preferable for people who refresh a lot.

          • makes sense, and then those of us who typically just read once a day will probably prefer oldest at the top because it’s easier to follow the various conversations. is there a way to make clear what is the FIRST comment in each thread? like if those comments were bold or highlighted in green or something (whereas the replies would be less emphasized) it would probably make it much easier reading each thread from the bottom up and still satisfy the regular refreshing group that wants the new comments at the top.

          • (I realize the “nesting” of the replies is intended to accomplish this, but with so many comments in each RRRR it’s still pretty tricky to follow when you read from the bottom up.)

          • Emmaleigh504

            won’t change my mind 🙂

          • hammers

            I might be converting to team emilie on this one… late-posters be d*mned, you can rant tomorrow.

          • Same here. I was all for new comments on top until there were more comments than I could handle.

    • skj84

      agreed. Could RRR be be bumped up later in the day as well?

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Bumped up like later in the day? With only one I don’t think that’s a good idea – folks have been very happy with the regular 9:45/10 start time. Sorry.

        • hammers

          What about making a link to it on the homepage? Sometimes if I lose the spot and don’t know what number we are on, I have to go back a few pages to find todays…or even worse, yesterday’s! Overall, I think it’s fine either way.

          • hammers

            I also noticed that the comments in other posts are starting with the newest ones first—I think it should only be the RRRs that are set up that way (if possible). When looking at other posts, people say they agree with other commenters but I don’t know what they are agreeing to until I scroll to the bottom and work upwards. I think chronological works best on the general posts.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Unfortunately it’s all or none.

        • Like pinned to the top of the page or linked to make it easier to find? If I don’t check POPville until lunch I’m often having to scroll through/click to the second page of posts to find it. THat might be what the poster above meant?

          • Yeah, something like that would be helpful — a “pinned” link to the day’s RRRR. (Or RRRRs, if there’s a morning one and an afternoon one.)

          • Perhaps add R&R to the Green/Yellow line main categories. I know it is listed under browse by (topic) but then it takes me awhile to find it (middle column towards the bottom). And/or, can you change the font color of R&R in this menu?

          • FWIW, one easy-ish way to find it now is to click on “Topic” at the top of this box, then clock on “Rant/Revel.”

  • Rant: Failed cat introductions. Took cats to the vet for some professional advice, and the chances for a successful re-introduction are slim. According to the vet, my cat sees the new cat as “an ax murderer” and the new cat sees my cat as “public enemy #1.” The vet said that Plan B will be having to rehome one of the kitties, which breaks my heart.

    • How bad was it? MY daughter moved her two cats home and they don’t get along with my cat (who was, herself, just getting back to her home after six months with me at my girlfriend’s). They will never be buddies and there is still daily hissing and the occasional scrap, but mostly they just kind of avoid each other. On the other hand, I have a row house, so they all have room to avoid each other.

    • I’m sorry. 🙁
      I would get a second opinion though. I know friends who have combined cat households, often traumatically at first, and it has worked out, sometimes with meds. Now if you’re living in a studio apt. that might be another story.

    • Whoever came up with getting along like cats and dogs missed the mark. It’s getting along like a cat and a new cat.

    • Princess Buttercup and the Hoove aren’t getting along?
      I’m so sorry!

  • epric002

    rave: have been buying lunch every day this week at the revamped work cafeteria. they moved to a bigger space so not only are there more options, there are more healthy and vegetarian options, YAY! today i had a delicious faux chicken stewed with vegetables in a slightly sweet red sauce over brown & wild rice. it was delicious!
    double rave: got a very nice response from the owner of domku RE my experience last night. she agreed that we should have been offered a table, that they do keep tables for walk-ins, that she would address the issue with the hostess, and that they also had 13 no-shows last night. so it sounds like a combination of factors as discussed in this morning’s RRR&R.

    • 13 no shows, so rude! People can be awful. I suppose I shouldn’t be annoyed when I get one or more confirmation calls on Open Table reservations, despite a 10+ year record of always showing or cancelling at least several hours in advance.

    • saf

      Wow, 13 no-shows. That sucks.

      I’m glad Kera was able to give you a good response.

    • skj84

      I’m glad you got a resolution with the owner. And no shows suck. I don’t care if you call to cancel at the last minute, just not showing up for a reservation is rude. Holiday’s like Valentines Day and Restaurant week seem to attract the most no shows. I remember working Fourth of July one year and was turning walk in tables away in because we had overbooked on later reservations. As it turned out 75% of them never showed. No call or nothing. Aggravating. I took pleasure in no showing open table reservations since they would lose the points if they didn’t show up.

    • My friend got banned from opentable for too many no shows. I don’t know exactly how many that took, but these no-shows better watch out! 13 at one restaurant is crazy!

  • Rave: AM/PM RRR&R is a great idea. Please continue
    Rave: I have 4 day weekend coming up and today is my Friday
    Rave: About to get off work soon
    Rant: I wish this weekend’s weather would be like last weekend’s

  • Rave: Tasty Kabob. I think it’s my favorite food truck.

  • Rant: I want to get back into playing music, start a band to do psych/garage stuff, just for fun. But it’s hard to find players. Part of the problem is that I’m older (40’s) – nobody in my area (Petworth) is my age, or at least wants to play with someone my age. Any ideas where to connect with others who might want to jam?

    • Last couple of times I’ve looked to start something, I’ve found success posting in the Citypaper.
      What instrument do you play?

      • I play guitar and (sort of) bass…. maybe I’ll try CP. Craigslist seems to be sort of hit or miss.
        Good news is that I have a basement to practice, so that should be worth something!

    • Maybe craigslist? Go to some open mics and play them. Great way to meet other players. I could help you more with finding local Blues players – that’s the only scene I’m really involved with.

    • What exactly do you mean by psych/garage stuff? Any specific influences or bands you would want to cover? I have an idea in my mind what psych and garage mean but they don’t really overlap so I’m not sure what you mean by that.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: do not like this am/pm new comments at top stupidness.
    Rant: I especially hate new comments at the top. Always have.
    I’m grumpy.

  • Second week of unemployment. Spending it dog-sitting in the outer suburbs, so sort of feels like a country vacation. And can do all the resume-updating and other stuff online jut as well as I can at home, but here’s there’s a big furry dog at my side.

    AND the dog-sitting cash will pay for my ‘addicition’ – last week I gave in to temptation and bought tickets for the Dames: Dame Edna and Dame Angela Lansbury, each of whom will be appearing at the National Theater, one in March the other in April. It’s an indulgence, but got second balcony seats, which at least makes it as cheap as theater thickets are these days. But it’s Dame Edna’s farewell tour, and although Angela Lansbury is going strong (already in talks for her next play) one can never assume, especially at her age. So what if I have to go back to eating ramen at some point?

  • Rant: just found out I missed my chance to take photos in an abandoned White Flint Mall. Demolition has begun and it is now closed to visitors.

    • Cinnamonster

      Abandoned malls are so strange and sad to me in a way that a lot of other abandoned buildings aren’t. Maybe because they’re new? I’m from Frederick, MD originally, where Fredericktowne Mall closed down several years ago. It looks so spooky and there are still tiny little artifacts of life that you can see from the one store that’s open – water bottles, trash, etc.

      • I grew up outside of Frederick and the Fredericktown Mall was a huge hangout place in high school! More gloomy than a closed mall – one that only has a few stores open.

      • Pablo Raw

        I think it’s relative, I did some photography in a semi-abandoned mall in Cleveland. It was cool. They had some creepy human figures. Without faces.

  • Rave! Afternoon RRRR So I can participate today!
    Rant: Just finished my homework due tonight, whoops. Partially my fault (no motivation), partially dealing with heating issues, partially dealing with lack of internet at boy’s place.
    Rave: Friday tomorrow! And getting nails done! And first attempt at making bread!
    Rave: Getting to curl up with boy after class. Best way to end this week 🙂 plus, he’ll make sure I actually get up…
    Rave: Tickets booked to visit depressed friend in Richmond, and visit my parents up north, and boy might be coming with me up north!
    So… not so sucky week considering? Except for the heat/sleepless night/work drama?

  • here’s some feedback on the new commenting system: I typically read in the afternoons once there’s been a lot of discussion. Reading the comments from the bottom up isn’t impossible but once there are a lot of threads with nested comments it becomes really easy to lose your place — because now you scroll up from the bottom to read each comment, scroll back down to read the replies to that comment, and then scroll back up past all the threaded comments you’ve already read to get to the next comment thread. Does that make sense? I’m not sure what the best solution is but I vote against reversing the comments by time.

  • Rant: People who answer my questions with non-answers. GAHHHH.

  • Rant: Craigslist people who say they want to buy your furniture, set up a time, and don’t show!
    Rave: Fun trying to find furniture for my new pad.

  • I think maybe I prefer comments sequenced the old way (oldest to newest), but having an afternoon RRRR as well as a morning one.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Back to the civilization
    Rant: Back to the civilization
    Rave: All I want to do is edit photos.

  • Rave: Lots of gifts from my babies for V-day
    Rant: Too many stupid meetings.

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