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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Met the bf’s mom. She told him she thinks I’m “very cute and sweet” so I’m going to consider that a success.
    Rant-ish: He only gave me a couple hours warning. But it was probably for the best since I didn’t have much time to freak out about it.
    Rave: The usually super serious work contact who started an email with “Sorry, was distracted by llamas…” yesterday. 😀

    • The llama chase was awesome

      • I watched it four or five times yesterday and laughed and laughed and laughed each time. My coworkers must think I”m crazypants.

        Side note – does anyone remember the Sesame Street skit about “me and my llama, we’re going to the dentist today”? Because I’ve been singing it all day long today. Mama Red even texted me “that llama did not want to go to the dentist.” Which just made me laugh even harder.

        • What is wrong with me? I just watched the llama chase and thought it was boring. I guess after all the hype I was expecting a little more action.

          • It was a lot more exciting in real time. The whole time I was wondering what would happen next?! So many things could have happened next! And then when people brought out the lassos, it reached a whole new level.

          • Blithe

            The version I saw was speeded up and had silly music. So it was funny, and I was rooting for the llamas and their mad dash for freedom!

        • Yes, I remember it! “Me and my llama, got out of our pajamas, went to the dentist today, ay, ay ay…” #70schild

    • The llama chase was the best thing that happened to my day yesterday. And sorry, but #TeamBlueAndBlackDress

      • Also, I just saw that the -actual- dress was black and blue, but agree with Andie — there are at least two photos circulating and the photos give the dress entirely different color schemes.

        • Even this white-balanced blue/black image on the very right looks white and gold to me… just in darker lighting. wired.com/2015/02/science-one-agrees-color-dress/
          I have old people eyes. 🙁 Also this makes me not want to online shop anymore (not really).

    • Andie302

      WOOHOO for meeting the mom! #TeamIThinkThereAreTwoDifferentPicturesBecauseIHaveSeenAllFourColors

    • Pablo Raw

      #team according to the color theory, the color that we perceive is the only color that things don’t have!

    • People were talking about the dress thing today and I had NO CLUE until I went on Facebook like an hour later, haha.
      Glad meeting your bf’s mom went well!

    • Cinnamonster

      TEAM WHITE AND GOLD. Sometimes, when I scroll up to see the picture from the bottom up, I see light blue/gross brown.

    • There is no dress.

    • We just passed the picture around our office and lots of people were seeing white and gold. I saw light blue and dark gold/bronze. I am also #TeamTwoDifferentPictures, because the one I saw online was clearly white and gold, unlike the one I saw today.

    • skj84

      #Teamblackandbluedress. I’ve looked at that picture on my laptop and phone. In several different lights and browsers. Still not seeing white and gold. My friends were across the board. My sister saw black and gold weirdly enough.

  • Rant: I think our nanny now has the stomach bug 🙁 poor girl
    Rave: She’s a trooper
    Rave: renewed discussions at home about our DC-based indoor play space for kids (and it will be other things as well).
    Rant: realizing I don’t know any of the logistical requirements for doing such a thing in DC, which is prob why there’s no such thing in DC (I know someone’s working on one in Mt Vernon, but not near my spot)

  • Rant: Feeling overwhelmed by work. Between now and May, it’s going to feel like a house on fire. Just gotta get it done.
    Rave: Exercising and paying better attention to what I’m eating is paying off. I’m a stress eater and I don’t seem to have an “I’m full switch,” so it’s not the easiest thing to focus on right now, but I’m doing it. I feel good.

    • Blithe

      FWIW, I read up a bit on ayurvedic diets — and learned that several spices including mustard (an excuse for me to splurge on Pommery Moutard de Meaux!!!), and cinnamon; limiting flour, increasing fiber, avoiding sugar and using honey seem to help with “full switch” issues . Could be fun to experiment with a bit when/if you feel like focusing on such things. Congrats on making changes that feel good!

    • I have the same issues – food is my comfort, and I can eat A LOT. I did great on WW….but it’s $$$ and I don’t have the time to be as organized as I was when I did well on it (and, honestly, I did best when my husband was deployed). Sigh. It’s hard, I know. Keep at it!

      • Not a comfort eater but lazy about planning ahead. Feb. has been one big pigout. It’s tourney prep come March 1, so I’ll have lots of workouts and healthy eating ahead of me.

  • Rant: I live in a fairly large condo just outside of DC, and I don’t know if its because the Purple Line isn’t a sure thing or the negative lack of community that exists in some cliques of the building, but my neighbors seem to be jumping ship and either renting their units or selling outright. Feels like the community is unraveling. I’m worried the board isn’t being strict with the required percentage of rentals vs. owner-occupied units written in the bylaws (which could jeopardize people’s mortgages if they financed with FHAs), and that this place is going to go downhill. Yesterday was the first day I considered renting this place out and buying another because living here is getting me down, but we don’t have the capital to do that, so we’re stuck in this negative-Nancy building for the foreseeable future.

    Rave: I can’t wait for spring, and to work remotely from my balcony.

    • Andie302

      Nothing will happen to the FHA mortgages already in place. However, residents may have trouble refinancing (if they wanted an FHA loan) and more importantly sellers may have to limit the buyer pool to people that don’t need FHA loans…which can be debilitating to a condo building.

      • Thanks for clarifying–that’s helpful. There are also some other issues in the building that may prohibit buyers from closing on a resale condo here. If I knew then what I know now…

        • Like financials?’Did those get worse after you bought? That would suck.

          • I don’t want to give too much detail, but yes, things got worse.

            A possible future question for PoP’s Friday question of the day–if you live in a condo, what does your HOA fee usually go up by annually? What’s the highest increase you’ve seen?

          • binpetworth

            For squish: Your condo fees should not be going up annually. Granted, I live in a small building, but we’ve only raised the fees once in 10 years (by about $30), and have very solid reserves that can accommodate major planned and unplanned repairs. It sounds like your building has some serious issues, not least of which is having sound financial practices!

          • For me: start 150, we’re small, low amenity
            After 3 yrs 228
            After another 1.5 245; we’re also doing an assessment $100/month to get our reserves to the minimum (1yr of bills).
            Our issue was our laissez faire attitude. We weren’t budgeting properly then the number of occupants doubled. We should have increased it within the first 3 yrs. I think we’ll stay at 245 for the foreseeable future with gradual assessments to replenish reserves down the road if we have to replace something major.

            The more amenities the higher the fee. Bad budgeting makes increases seem huge, but they have to be if people arent keeping up with it.

            Having a property manager really helped get us on track, and I highly recommend it. We’re all busy ppl so having an accountant take up the slack is wonderful.

          • Our fees also cover water for everyone, and wasa has increased rates as of late, so we had to raise the fee. Had that not happened we’d still be at the 228.
            +1 For b.

  • Andie302

    Rave: It’s Friday!
    Rave: Most of the random crap that popped up while away has been taken care of.
    Rant: We may have to rip off the whole back wall of the house but
    Rave: that means we’ll end up with better insulation.
    Rave: They rebuilt part of the main staircase yesterday and I think it’s going to look really good once it’s finished,
    Rant: but I’m not convinced with the height right now that it meets code!
    Rave: We’ll find out soon enough 🙂
    Rant: I didn’t get a spot in the Speakeasy cast in April.
    Rave: I’m sure it’ll still be a great show.

  • Rant: Have been feeling off this week – topped by nausea and dizziness yesterday. Managed to make it through work and class. Definitely looking forward to sleeping in this weekend!
    Rave: Pushing through to a school formal tonight!
    Rant: Really, really wish I had the time and money to foster a dog – too many tragic stories lately, and I just want to give the dogs some love!
    Rave: Going home in a few weeks so I can curl up with my puppy – and maybe introduce the boy to my pup!
    Rave: Last weekday of February! Hopefully we hit spring weather soon 🙂

    • epric002

      do you have the time/money for short-term or foster sitting? WHS always needs those kinds of fosters too!

      • I work 40 hours a week and take evening classes/am on my school’s Student Government which has evening meetings. No extra money for a dog walker for my long hours away, and I’d only want to buy the best food for the pup… Do you know if any adoption events need someone at a registration or info table? Definitely would love to find a way to be involved.

        • epric002

          absolutely! go to washhumane dot org and click on volunteer & foster to learn about all the different kinds of opportunities (adoption events, runs with dogs, shelter volunteering, administrative work, photography, special events, etc.)
          and if you *really* want to foster, weekend foster sitting is needed on a pretty regular basis- you could sign up only for those weekends you want/are free enough to have a dog. and the long-time fosters should provide the food that the dog needs when you sit them so you’d really only be on the hook for giving weekend love, walks, attention, and playtime 🙂

          • OMG that’s awesome! Definitely need to talk to the LL (Parentals, so that will be a fun discussion) and boyfriend about weekend fostering… But how can the boyfriend say no to snuggles with both me AND a puppy? (Because really, all dogs are puppies).

        • epric002

          😀 very excited for you erms! hope it works out and you’re able to get your doggie fix doing weekend foster sitting. from what i gather, a lot of fosters have their own dogs so it can be especially hard to find fosters/foster sitters for dogs that need to be the only dog/animal in the house. keep us updated! i love hearing happy foster stories.

        • Homeward Trails also always needs volunteers for weekend adoption events. Every/any way to be involved is valuable and appreciated.

        • Homeward Trails would also LOVE to have volunteers for weekend adoption events! Exactly what you are looking for. http://www.homewardtrails.org/

  • I am just loving “The 100” on tv. maybe I’m the only one.

    • I was obsessed with it when it first came on. Then I started working full time, and couldn’t focus on TV with homework and all…

    • Cinnamonster

      I keep hearing about The 100! I need a show to fall for in my post-Parks and Rec daze. The 100 looks really awesome and immersive.

  • SFT

    Rant: Kiddo sick with 2nd stomach bug this month. It’s been brutal.
    Rave: Lots of cuddles! I held him on the couch for about 15 hours yesterday and watched cartoons.
    Rant: I hate Elmo with a passion. I think it’s the high-pitched voice and talking in the 3rd person.
    Rant: So scared for round 2 to hit me. I can’t, I just can’t!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Friday!
    Rave: Work to-do list has been whittled down dramatically.
    Rave: I believe I shall buy a waffle maker.

  • Rave: That photo
    Rant: I had terrible insomnia last night.
    Rave: But I still managed to make it to the gym this morning.
    Rave: The weekend is almost here. This week has wrecked me.

  • rant: asshole drivers blocking crosswalks and the intersection. Literally, pull their car and block the entire crosswalk leaving almost no space to cross the road / squeezing through bumpers. Every day. Same places. Why doesn’t DCPD start ticketing these fools???

    rave: House of Cards Season 3!

    rant: rented a furnished apartment, but now that the lease is up, the landlord offered to sell the furniture to me (over $1000 for old ikea furniture -yes, he wants full price) or he’s taking it in 30 days. So I have to find the money for new furniture.

    rave: whiskey is still a thing!

    • Does your lease have a provision for this situation? If not, then I’m really questioning if that’s legal. You rented a furnished apt. You can stay in month-month as long as you pay rent, etc, so how is he able to change the conditions simply because you’re no longer under the lease? Is he offering to lower rent to accommodate the fact that the place is no longer furnished?

    • If your lease is ending and you’re going month-to-month, I’m pretty sure the terms of the original lease remain in effect. So if the lease says it’s a furnished apartment then I don’t think the landlord can just unfurnish it. Doesn’t mean he won’t try, but maybe he doesn’t know or maybe he hopes you won’t call him on it.

      • +1 It’s so rare that we ever hear about good landlords when ppl try this stuff. He probably wrote it off on his taxes anyway.

      • The lease is renewing at 1 year with no change in price. However, he wants the furniture. So bizarre. I think he’s hoping I’ll pony up cash for it and he can pocket it. However, I wanted a furnished apartment because I don’t like owning and moving furniture. I lead a pretty nomadic lifestyle year to year. I explained that if I wanted to pay full retail price, I’d just go buy new stuff…

        The new lease does not include furniture, but is the exact same. Very odd. Oh well!!!!!! Anyone wanna sell some furniture??

        • I’m confused, is it a new lease or is the old one renewing? First, you don’t have to sign a new lease if the old one is expiring; you are entitled to stay on month-to-month under the conditions of the original lease, although the landlord can raise the rent (following certain guidelines). Second, you can sign a new lease if you want to, but of course the new lease need not be under the same terms as the original one. For example, in exchange for no rent increase you could give up the furnishings. But bottom line, the landlord can’t require you to sign a new lease with different terms! (Someone please correct me if I’m wrong on any of this!)

          • You’re correct for DC. You can be month-month forever except for a few situations like owner moving back in or you don’t pay rent. New lease can change, but no obligation to sign it.

          • should’ve been more clear about this in the original post.

            The landlord is moving over to a “property management group.” I actually feel fortunate that I’m not getting the boot or they aren’t raising prices. I feel like I’m getting a fair deal, but that was because it included furniture. I spoke with the management company earlier. They have been quite easy to work with so far. But they have no interest in getting involved with the furniture situation.

          • Using a property manager doesn’t change anything. They should get involved because what he’s doing is illegal, and dealing with court is a pain. You’re basically paying for the company. Instead of a rent increase to cover the fee, he took something away.

          • tattysprankles, thanks, got it. I should probably stop here since I’m not an expert, but I doubt this changes your rights as a tenant. The landlord can let someone else manage the property but that shouldn’t mean they can unilaterally change the terms of your lease. How to proceed and whether it’s a battle worth fighting, I don’t know. (For example you might be able to furnish the place with the money you’re not paying in a rent increase. Lots of good deals on Craigslist, etc.) Good luck.

          • I won’t claim expert status, but I’ve rented Ruth a manager. They took the lease as is and psyched a template going forward. Not getting a rent increase isn’t a “saving”. Plenty of places don’t raise rents annually, and my manager, for example, recommended just 3% after 2 years. Had he raised the rent you may have looked somewhere else and find a better deal that’s furnished. Is this an option? I’d fight this definitely but maybe wait until after March 1, so he can’t raise rent until May if he tries to retaliate.

        • I’m likely moving cross-country and looking to offload most of my furniture over the next 2 months (mostly 2-year old Ikea stuff). When is he taking the furniture?

        • Also, I’m assuming you’re renting in DC. Not sure if any of this applies in MD or VA…

  • Rant: Can’t eat until after 2pm unless I want to stay late which the pooch makes undesirable because
    Rave: Going in for a custom suit fitting. My body type makes it difficult to find perfect fits in either men’s or women’s, so I have high hopes. Hoping to have an easier time buying suits in the future.
    Rant: No perfect fitting suit to bring along, but that’s why I’m there.
    Rave: Usually male only tailor not offput by my being a lady.
    Rant: New work station directly under a vent blowing cold air. Brrrr!

  • Please please let it warm up a little bit so that I can start running again (I’m a wimp and don’t have access to a treadmill) and properly training for this race in April… thanks weather gods!

    • Seriously, spend a small amount of cash on some running tights, a light wind-resistant jacket, gloves and hat (and preferably don’t pay full price, scour the internet for clearances, sales, or whatever). Wear two layers of socks and long-sleeve running shirts. You’ll only be cold for about the first 20 seconds you’re outside.

    • Call me a wimp, but I’m with Traveler. I’ve got plenty of good gear, but when it’s under 30 out running just makes my lungs burn, even if the extremities are fine. I’m getting pretty sick of the treadmill, but at least it means I don’t skip out on the core strength because I’ve already made the effort to go to the gym.

      • I don’t get the “burning lungs” things, but there is something for that too – those balaclava-style face masks for running. As long as you get one that covers your mouth, the air in and out of your lungs feels not so cold. I will admit that they take a bit of getting used to, but I would much rather wear one than run on a treadmill.

    • I’ve yet to find a day that’s been too cold to run this winter. Training for Shamrock (first marathon!) and keeping at it. Treadmill isn’t an option for me. Clothing wise, I’m generally warm except for single digits and my hands. I definitely could use some warmer gloves/mits but don’t wanna spend the money until next season. (or whenever they go on sale off season)

  • Rave: James Cotton tonight and planning a vacation (gulf coast of Alabama in early May.)

    Rant: No time until probably tomorrow night to watch the new season of House of Cards.

  • Rave: Wedding tasting tomorrow and the weekend is so close!
    Rant: Job Hunt. It’s so frustrating! Applied for a job Monday, recruiting mgr emailed me Tuesday to set up a phone conversation. I scheduled for 5pm and he said great. Then at 5:01pm he emails saying so sorry, can we reschedule for tomorrow? I say of course, what works for you and then he ghosts?! I haven’t heard from him since! WTH! I even sent a follow-up email Tuesday afternoon. Are they not interested now? If not, could he please just say that?

  • rant: dc superior court clerk on the phone was incredibly unhelpful
    rave: dc superior court clerk on the web live chat was incredibly helpful!
    rave: that how to get away with murder finale. stunned!

  • Aglets

    Rave: raise came through! May celebrate by going to see John Reis at the rock & roll hotel tonight. It’s not RFTC or Nightmarchers or Hot Snakes but it will have to do.

    Rant: I do a lot of programing for the place where I work and my boss, who is a good boss, is sometimes disorganized and double-booked a situation that I’ve had worked out for months. It’s easily fixed- i think- i hope… they will have to do the fixing, but i’m still kind of pissed that happened.

  • Request: Looking for a jewelry store that can do repairs on site. Preferably in the Adams Morgan/Columbia Heights/U Street area, but I’ll travel for somewhere good– thanks!
    Rant: Reason for the request. I broke an earring. A little stone accent fell off my pearl studs and I really love them.
    Revel: It’s Friday! I’m going ice skating and hanging out with great friends this weekend!

    • Not in your area, but Shah and Shah at 1001 Conn Ave. does a really good job with repairs. Ask for Colin (the owner). It’s not a traditional storefront jeweler – it’s in an office building.

    • Andie302

      I’d be curious about jewelry repair too. One of my favorite rings is missing a tiny chip. I feel dumb when someone looks closely at it, because I’m definitelys still wearing it!

  • Rave: The dog had her first doggy daycare visit yesterday and came home and slept for over 12 hours only waking up to eat and go for walks.
    Rave: TGIF cause it’s date night
    Rant: Sprint Customer Service is the WORST and won’t remove an IPAD that I never received from my account without sending me to 5 different divisions because “they all control different pieces of the removal process”

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: back from Sweden. I’m in the post vacation depths of despair.
    Rave: Found out that Filmjölk exists here and got some. Haven’t tasted it yet to see if it’s as good.
    Rave: trying to figure out the next cool thing to look forward to, but it’s tough
    Rant: depths of despsair.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant(ish): I don’t understand why the dress thing is a thing. Maybe because I usually have to deal with colors for both architecture and photography.
    Rave: I’m happy that I don’t have a phone, but when I need to, I can even use my iPod as a phone.

    • Cinnamonster

      It shocked me at how quickly the dress thing became a thing. I feel like I scrolled past it on my Tumblr dash, and then half an hour later it consumed my FB newsfeed. I guess it plays into how easily we take our perception for granted!

    • Blithe

      #teamblueandblack – I think the dress is a thing, in part because people are so SURE about what they see. No one that I talked with said that it looks “sort of like….” a color. People either definitely saw white and gold or definitely saw blue and black — and genuinely couldn’t see or understand how anyone else could see something different. And that stands out — because most of us don’t have that experience in real life. I might see “orange red” and someone else might see “red orange” but we’re in the same range. That’s my take on it anyway. But I was too distracted by the wonderfulness of the llamas to focus on the dress much.

      • Pablo Raw

        I didn’t even see the llamas video; I tend to not look at something just because is trending. I never click on an article that has the words “what happens next…” and I have never watched Titanic. There’s a little grinch inside of me, I know!

    • It’s only a matter of time (if it hasn’t happened yet) before someone photoshops a llama wearing the dress.

    • houseintherear

      Felt the same way, as an art teacher. Color is weird, and eyes are weird. End of story.

  • laduvet

    Rave: Officially offered acceptance to my 1 st choice school – and my British passport came in the same day – serendipitous!!

    Rant: I am feeling slightly overwhelmed – making lists in my head of what i need to buy and eliminate before going overseas for who knows how long…
    Rant: Do I sell the family heirlooms (antique furniture)… do i find a renter for my unit or do i suck it up and store it?

    Rant: Most not tell work until after my April review…

    • Cinnamonster


    • I’d sublet if you could find a good fit, but this move isn’t finite, right?
      If storing is cheapish, do that but then you’ll have to find a place when you return.

      • laduvet

        programme is 13 months… but… this is the thing.. its with Sotheby’s .. so the hope is that I get to work for them or comparable in London or another major city. Maybe Smithsonian in DC will finally hire me. You can likley tell there is no concrete answer.

        • I’m much less inclined toward sublet if coming back here isn’t your definite goal even if there was uncertainty in the when. What if you do get hired there or you’re sublet flakes? Can you eat the cost? Is taking the furniture to a parents home an option? That’s free storage.

    • Yay, congrats!! How exciting 🙂

    • Do you like the antique furniture? Does anyone else in your family want it? If no and no – sell it now. I’ve been helping a friend sell off his mom’s estate – lots of antiques, but people have very specific tastes, so it can take a lot of time and effort. That same Italian Hollywood Regency coffee table on Ebay for $950.00 doesn’t mean we’re going to get a buyer at $500.00 any time soon in Alburquerque.

    • Yay! How exciting!

    • Emmaleigh504

      What a conumdrum with the heirlooms! One reason my family has any is that we are pack rats, but it I ever moved to Sweden (no plans, just fun to think about) then what would I do with the larger antiques and heirlooms? My favorite aunt is already unloading a lot of family stuff on my sister and me b/c her kids don’t want it (yay for QZ & me b/c we do!), but space is limited in my wee apartment. I mean, in the future, I could probably make room for The Chair and the Ugly Goblets and maybe one of the dead birds in a transatlantic move, but not the Game Set or General Martin’s bed. Hell, what about The Bookcase, my aunt had to build a special room for it b/c it’s so tall! The worst part is all these things have sentimental value. (Calm your tits, Quotia Zelda, this is, of course, a theoretical list of stuff I’d get when mom kicks the bucket.).
      Wonderful news about the program, even if their are tough decisions to be made.

      • Quotia Zelda

        I worry about both bookcases. Neither one of them would fit in my house.
        HANDS OFF the game set, though.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Hoping cousins don’t want the fish set so it will be an even trade 😉

        • Emmaleigh504

          Tho I should get the game set, they belong in the dining room, ESPECIALLY after I get my hands on it and add the antlers. The fish set just won’t look as good with antlers.

  • I am so sick of all my winter clothes. I’m so over wool pants, sweaters and boots. Doesn’t help that everything in the shops is all springy and cute and light and unwearable for two months. (yes, I know it’ll be on sale by the time it’s actually spring, but that’s not helping).

    • laduvet

      Jcrew factory is having an in between winter and spring sale today 🙂 cheer up!

      • Cinnamonster

        Aaaahhh! Dangerous for my payday self. I’m trying to up my wardrobe game with more grown-up lady digs. I’m lucky to work at a school that has a very comfortable and casual dresscode, but I want to step it up for future!Cinnamonster’s sake.

      • palisades

        Jcrew factory has the same sale every week. Don’t fall for it. They raise prices and then have a sale. Also their clothes are bad quality for what you pay. Factory stores are a racket

    • skj84

      Same. I saw the cutest floral print tanks in Marshall’s today. I almost bought one as a reminder that spring is coming soon.

  • Rave: Spending a weekend in a warmer city, reconnecting with old friends and getting a bit of a break from the routine. I think this is the first time I’ve left the east coast of the US in a year so it feels very overdue.
    Not sure if a rant or a rave but we’re starting to get the info we need to make the big family decision. It looks like an opportunity we have to take, but we’re going to have to make some big sacrifices to make it work. And really, I’m the one who’s going to be making most of those sacrifices. I’m trying to think of this as one of those things that comes with being an (otherwise very happily) married person, but am still struggling with it a bit. I’m hoping that the trip this weekend makes me feel better about it all or at least gives me more assurance that this isn’t a zero sum game where husband wins and I lose.

    • I hope this weekend can put you more at ease regarding Big Family Decision!

    • epric002

      i know exactly how you feel. went through a similar situation last year RE husband interviewing for a job in a city where it would have been difficult/impossible for me to continue my career, but the location was very appealing for other reasons. i hope you’re talking through this with your husband so that he understands what you might be sacrificing/a time table/way out if things don’t go well.

      • Thanks, epric002 — it sounds like you really do get it! Everything is out on the table for our discussion, including alternate and backup plans. In theory, anyway, I take my lumps now to get benefits later. And the new city should be awesome, assuming we can find decent housing on our budget. I think I could get into it if I change my attitude … but I’m feeling like having a rotten attitude right now 🙂 Maybe I should just give fewer f-cks?

        • Well, ideally the person who is not doing the sacrificing would be aware that this is a tall order for you and looking for ways to make it up to you. Maybe you could feel better about this if you could think of something that you want out of this or some concession that they could make for you?

          • He’s definitely trying to make it up to me in many, many ways. But there are some things I would just have to give up. Like living five blocks from my BFF in the new house I just took a lot of care to decorate. Even if I did try to extract a concession of some kind — and I’m not even sure what that would be — it wouldn’t change that fact. It’s just a tough situation.

        • epric002

          i think as long as you’re being fair and open w/each other you’re allowed to have a crappy attitude sometimes too. good luck!

    • Thanks, SKT! I just remembered something else I wanted to share. The other day I was at a quiet coffee shop sitting next to a group of women who I think were either yoga instructors or healer-types. They were energetically discussing their recent retreats and plans to start entrepreneurial ventures that would help people self-actualize, “manifest,” etc. To be honest, I would normally write this off as a bit silly — sorry, but it’s true. But on that day, I really thought they were providing valuable services. They seem so self fulfilled and so at peace. And I even started thinking about whether I’d want to do something similar. Either I’m cracking up or finding a calling. Maybe some of both.

      • Blithe

        Or maybe you have to “crack” in order to find and recognize your calling. Either way, this sounds pretty cool! New ventures and adventures ahead!

  • Rant: All my shoes are scuffed up/dirty from the snow/ice/salt/life. Does anyone know of a store that cleans/polishes men’s shoes pretty quickly (a few hours)? I’m thinking of something like an express dry cleaners, but for shoes.

  • Rant: Texting and Dating. I tried to start a nice text convo last night with my potential 4th date that I hoped would segue into me asking if he was still free to go out on Sunday, and I have not received a response. He agreed on Monday to go out on Sunday after I suggested going to see a show together, and I said I would figure out the details later this week. Well it’s later in the week and details have not been figure out. I am not one to triple or quadruple text, but it appears to be the only way to get the point across now. How long should I wait for him to respond before I dive into the “overtexting” category? Saturday? Sunday morning? WHY AM I OVERTHINKING THIS?!
    Rave: plans with my best friends this weekend to watch movies and brunch. just what I need.

    • Sunday morning or Saturday night if the event is selling out. One simple text to say here are the details and are we still on. More than that isn’t productive. I’ve seemingly ghosted but was in the hospital unexpectedly or lost a phone, etc. There is still plenty of time.

      • Yes. That’s what I was thinking. Saturday night would be ideal to give him time to think about it and figure out if he can make it or if he’s still into it. I’m still hoping he texts with ANYTHING before then because overtexting makes me uncomfortable. If there are days between the last texts, maybe it’s not as bad.

    • Mug of Glop

      I was pretty much about to type this exact thing! Well, you know, with various details substituted in. Problem is that too many people have too varied a degree of casualness in their texting habits and protocols. It’s hard to guess where their fine line between apparent disinterest and “whoa, back off crazy person” is. I am bad at this game.

      • For me, you should be able to go a day or two w/o making contact in the dating phase. On a whim, I didn’t respond to a text from someone. It only took 18hrs for freakout texts to start. It was a really bad sign. That woman also wanted me to believe she didn’t want anything to develop…many problems!

        • Yeah, we definitely do not communicate daily. We barely communicate if not to plan a date. I was going for the segue text into the planning, but that clearly didn’t work. I have been more straightforward in the past. Like dinner this weekend? And get a quick yes reply. This long non-response is uncharacteristic. Something’s up.

          • Something doesn’t necessarily have to be something bad for you the collective. Death in the family, injury, lots of things could have happened. I try to stay positive.

        • Mug of Glop

          The worst is when they are seemingly super-enthusiastic about future plans as a concept in one text, and then you respond with a tentative proposal, and then they’re gone. In a recent extreme case, I had a first date a month or so ago, and we made plans for a second that she had to break because of work (It’s DC – I get that), but immediately suggested an alternate time. Then the same thing happened again, and she suggested the following week (this past week), and when I gave her my availability, she had apparently vanished. Sent a pair of followup texts a few days later, and no response. Eh, such is life, I suppose…

          • That just happened to my friend but it worked out in the end. She got cancelled on twice for a 3rd date BUT the guy had his reasons. He finally reached out and they’re going their 3rd date. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out if dates will happen when someone cancels on you. The guy with whom I’m having text issues suggested really specific things we should do together after our 2nd and 3rd dates, and when I asked him about those things he conveniently had to cancel (legit stuck at work late and then questionably exhausted after a long day). I have my reasons for seriously doubting my 4th date will happen as a result.

    • There’s a hilarious Hello Ladies episode about this (HBO, Stephen Merchant)–season 1, episode 3? Hilarious.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Running injuries seem to be clearing up just in time for the marathon in two weeks! Hopefully I’ll be ready and able enough to shave two minutes off my previous time.
    Rant: The sidewalks are too icy to be completely free of hazards. But I guess it’s too late to back out now!
    Rant: The safety people decided that two tiles in my office were unsafe, so they got ripped out and are being replaced. Sitting behind caution tape is getting me a fair number of odd glances, but tiptoeing around the construction areas is kind of a headache.
    Rant: I’m starting to think my science machines are all gaslighting me into thinking that I’m incapable of doing my job to any degree of competency. Ugh, stupid extremely complex equipment and processes…

    • Emmaleigh504

      Good luck in the marathon!
      I think the caution tape sounds like a perfect photo op! Get creative!

      • Mug of Glop

        Haha, that would have been great! It’s a shame we’re a “strict” “no-photography” facility, otherwise I’d be all over that.

        And thanks! I just hope it’s not as cold as it’s been lately. I’m getting pretty nervous that we’ll still be in the depths of winter come mid-March.

  • Neither rant nor rave but asking for suggestions!

    Does the PoP community have any recommendations for dog walkers in the city? I live in NOMA/Eckington but I’m not married to the idea that the dog walker has to be in my neighborhood.

  • Blithe

    Rant: Like many, I’m seriously tired of the doldrums of winter.
    Rave: Lots of little things to help: like taking dance breaks, dribbling Kniepp Spruce & Pine oil in my bath water; having friends who let me cuddle with their pets; avoiding sugar and sipping tea with honey; and practicing habits that I want to stick. Lent came at a good time. (Yeah, I guess those wisdom-oriented ancients were on to something!) This year I gave up a fear for Lent — and it’s been a good way to grow.
    Rave: Perfectly fitting jeans — one of the little things, along with comfortable shoes, a warm jacket, and a stellar perfume that make life better. Along with the perfect lipstick of course.
    Rave: I’m still trying to change the world. I recognize that my best efforts may be very small ones. Having a great lipstick makes these uphill battles easier. Yay Armani! And Nars! And Bobbi Brown!
    Rave: Those llamas!!!!!

    • Have you tried vitamin D supplements?

      • Blithe

        Yup! And the vitamin D DOES seem to make a positive difference! Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve also been trying to brave the cold at mid-day — so I can get real sunlight as much as possible.

    • I adore you, Blithe. I also think we have many of the same cosmetics 🙂 #TeamKneippBathOil

      • Blithe

        PoPville shopping/swapping group? 🙂

        • I would love love love to have a cosmetics swap/give away. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I have a decent stock of nice products that I’ve only used a small number of times because the product just wasn’t right for me, came as a sample, etc. For example, I know someone out there could use the Oribe mousse I’ve tried twice but really, how am I going to find them?

          • Blithe

            Tell us! We Will Come! lol Sadly, I just chucked a lot of samples and stuff that just was-not-right-for-me. But really — I bet if we post stuff here, or even plan a Spring/Summer Swap day you can find someone who would either love, or at least want to try your mousse. Seriously, if this forum can find a home for un-needed pet food, cosmetics should be EASY! 🙂

          • Blithe

            Also, I once did a small swap where people brought in products that they absolutely love — so that we could sample each others favorites. A few people had empty baby food jars and old pill bottles, so we could share samples. That was fun!

          • I love the idea of making sample of favorites too. This is so fun. If you set a date and place, I bet a bunch of people would join 🙂 I know I would.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I would so be in for a cosmetics swap/sample!

          • Blithe

            Okay! I’m not much of a planner — but I’ll keep it on the back burner. Maybe for a Spring or early summer Sunday?

          • Blithe

            Or sooner — if needed to accommodate Shawess’s schedule.

          • I’ll be around a while, at least! Spring or early summer should work!

    • Emmaleigh504

      You are living my dream! “Rave: Perfectly fitting jeans — one of the little things, along with comfortable shoes, a warm jacket, and a stellar perfume that make life better. Along with the perfect lipstick of course.”

  • Rant: According the my tracking spreadsheet I’m behind schedule on my knitting project. Which is perfect because…
    Rave: I can binge on House of Cards while knitting tonight.

  • Ok, first, the dress thing. I do not believe anyone who claims to have seen black. If you look at the RGB content of the stripes, they come out as brown, orange, etc. If this is an “Orange is the New Black” viral marketing stunt, then yes, because the gold is orange-ish, then yes, there is black. But really, the pixel colors say light blue (roughly the same color that snow can appear – or hockey ice) and orange-ish/gold. When given white/gold OR blue/black dichotomy, one has to choose. And I think the people choosing blue/black are crazy wrong on the black part. At this point, I hope everyone has seen this: https://vine.co/v/O2nLxJwMW7O
    Rave: those freakin’ llamas
    Rave: new job has a lot of great people!
    Rave: new bosses allow telecommuting.
    Rant: due to party planning, I am not going to have much of a weekend. I need some time to myself.

    • FWIW, I’ve pretty much always seen blue and black (except in the images I’m convinced are doctored) BUT the black always looked muddy to me. What I see is a blue and black dress captured with a really bad camera, super washed out.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I looked at the dress for a while in confusion, then looked away and back at it and it changed color. I think it’s all to do with ghost images/colors with eyes and brains. Optical Illusion y’all!

  • Surprise Rave: Muriel! She was on Rachel Maddow last night and held up surprisingly well. She raised all of the issues re: statehood, DC sovereignty, the possibility of statehood, Andy Harris being a tool, etc. and did a fairly good job of representing our interests.
    Rant/Rave: Stayed up too late last night watching TV, which I’m paying for now. But I got a ton of work done and made a lot of progress while I was watching it.
    Rave: The Blacklist. Smarmy James Spader is so entertaining.

  • New Rant: Coworkers who use raised voices (or yell) in open offices. Really, I don’t need you yelling. Inside voices when you live in a cubical, please!

  • For those of you out there feeling melancholy, this might brighten you’re day. It’s NSFW, but after reading a few lines you may not care: markmanson.net/not-giving-a-fuck (HT awesome ex-colleague who may or may not be reading this.)

  • Not being snarky here, I legitimately want to know if this bothers anyone else. I’m no feminist, but I find it odd that people feel it’s appropriate to call women politicians by their first names. ie Hilary, Muriel, Angela, etc. You rarely hear anyone calling President Obama, Barak, President Clinton, Bill or former Mayor Gray, Vince. Why call Mayor Bowser, Muriel?

    • epric002

      well, for hilary it’s b/c just using clinton could be confusing in many contexts. but i do actually call the DC mayor “bowser”.
      so, what makes you “no feminist”???

    • While there’s probably a familiarity/respect issue there, I also wonder if part of it is that because there are fewer women, we know their first names and there aren’t multiples (I.E. there are two George Bushes, John could be McCain or Boehner or Kerry… and so on).

    • For Hilary, I think it is a conscious branding choice for the reasons epric stated. For the mayor, I generally just call her by her last name. Today I called her by her first name, but I didn’t really think it would be offensive or that we were so formal here that I needed to include honorifics every time I talk about our politicians.

    • Blithe

      Well, I think we tend to call male politicians by their last names — usually without the honorific. With female politicians I think it might depend on how familiar they feel. I consistently call all non-American female politicians by their last names. With American female politicians it depends. I think I’m more likely to either use both names or a first name when it’s a politician I like: “Elizabeth Warren”. I tend to say “Hillary” to distinguish her from “Bill”. I usually mutter “Palin” — because we’re definitely NOT on a first name basis. I dunno. You bring up an interesting point.
      — I have heard people deliberately disparaging Obama by calling him “Barry” — but since that’s not intended to be “appropriate” it’s probably a bit of a derail.

    • Did you see the Op-ed in the WaPo with a headline like “SHOW SOME RESPECT, OBAMA” about Obama calling Merkel Angela?

      • Here’s the article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/02/18/please-address-me-as-mister-i-insist/

        The Post’s online headline writer had written a much more inflammatory, click-bait worthy headline on the main page. Fortunately, that seems to be gone now.

        • Yes, I read this. It was bit of a stretch in that it was really slamming the President as if he were blatantly being disrespectful. Which I don’t believe he, or his speechwriters, would ever be. But it did bring the subject to the forefront of my mind.
          And I don’t label myself as a feminist because I am not doing anything for the movement. I made that statement because I wanted to pull the bias of my comment potentially being seen as advocacy, when they are just merely an observation of something that bothers me a bit.
          To blahblahblah…You make a good point about branding “Hilary.” I think you’re right on. But it still bothers me a bit that this is the way to brand her, even though it works. And I wasn’t talking about your post on this particular site. I was talking in general. Your post just brought it to mind. If your post were the first time I’d heard/read that, I wouldn’t have thought much of it.

        • Do we maybe tend to the most recognizable, whether first or last?
          Let’s see… Kwame. Mitt. Uncle Joe. (Does everyone call the VP Uncle Joe, or is it just my crowd?)
          As kserasera said, we have to do last names with most men, because of all the Johns and Davids and such.
          But I’ve never heard anyone, left or right, refer to Elizabeth Warren or Michele Bachman by first name alone.

    • Brightwoodess, I notice this too.
      In some cases, it seems as though female politicians “brand” themselves by their first names, and in the case of Hillary Rodham Clinton — someone with a famous spouse with the same last name — I can definitely see the rationale for differentiating oneself in that way.
      I noticed today in my Twitter e-mail (about “Things that are popular in your network,” or something like that) that the Mayor’s Office tweets as @TeamMuriel. And last time Muriel Bowser ran for Council, I think her posters, etc. emphasized her first name because one of the other candidates was Renee Bowser.
      But yeah, it seems that people/men often feel very comfortable in addressing women by their first names or referring to them by their first names in contexts where they wouldn’t necessarily do the same with men.

  • Rave: Going to see “Focus” with my cousin Felicia on Sunday. Will Smith and Margaret Robbie look H-O-T.
    Rant: Christian Mingle is NOT working for me. I feel like all I’ve talked about on my last few dates is the Keystone XL pipeline. SERENITY NOW! (Seinfeld)

  • Rant – still can’t breathe/still sick.
    Rant – Missed a weekend trip for this and flaked on a commitment with the boy because I’m sick + work is crazy.
    Rave – A co-worker just told me I look like I’ve lost weight/am skinny – so thanks week of illness for that?
    Rave – Yoga last night for the first time in ages – just doing DVDs for now until I get back into better shape but I like this series.
    Rave – not super-sad about having a weekend home with no plans to relax/catch up on things. And I’ll get to see the boy Sunday 🙂

    RAVE:I met Gary the dog in person last night at Wagtime!! HE IS SO CUTE!! Now if I could just get him to be best friends with Porkchop and Freya….

  • Life-changing rave: Just found out my $25K student loans will be paid off by my grandparent’s estate. They always felt so strongly about education, and every birthday and Christmas gift came with a check that said “for you education” on the memo line. When my Mom said she was thinking about paying the loan, I was excited but a little worried to take such a large amount of money, but after hearing where its coming from it feels right. I can’t believe I’m debt-free at 26.

    I hope this post doesn’t sound braggy, but after paying student loans for a few years and understanding that those loans were keeping me from saving for a house or graduate school, this feels like such a huge burden lifted.

  • Rant: What started the whole “team…..” trend? Seems like it pops up in conversations/comments about everything lately.
    Rave: Blue sky!

    • It comes from Twilight fans, right?

    • Paging Textdoc! If I recall correctly, it started in a discussion about PoPville speed dating, and the question came up of whether we were on #TeamFridayGirl or #TeamBagelBoy. Since then, it’s just been applied to other things because it’s a fun shorthand.

        • TeamPoundSign not TeamHashtag

          • I used to really hate seeing hashtags outside of Twitter — like, when people would post them in regular Facebook posts that weren’t originated on/crossposted to Twitter.
            Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I seem to have become mostly inured to them now.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I am so over the team friday girl team bagel boy. It was ok for a few days, but just sounds mean now.

      • Yeah, on PoPville I think it started when someone was asking people to describe themselves as (among other things) #TeamFridayGirl or #TeamBagelBoy.
        Outside of PoPville, I don’t remember hearing it until Twilight and Team Edward/Team Jacob.

    • The farthest back I remember it going was TeamJen/TeamAngelina? I’m sure it started earlier but I don’t come out from under my rock much.

      • I’m not surprised it caught on. As the Invisibilia episode on categories explained, people like having tribes to belong to.

  • skj84

    Rave: Saw my doctor today. She prescribed me an anti-depressant and gave me a list of therapists. Both helpful steps to feeling better.

    Rant: Both my iPhone chargers stopped working. Despite having the phone for less than a year. I had to buy an off brand charger before work this morning.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Emilie504 is back from Sweden.
    Rant: She’s in the depths of despair.
    Rant: I have several spare house keys but a couple are missing. Finally WDS admitted he lost one making snow angels but he “marked on the snow where it should be found when the snow melts.”

  • Rave: I really love Cadbury eggs, and it’s Cadbury egg season.

  • Rant: pink eye. Ewww, gross.
    Busy day keeping up with the kiddo & taking her to the pediatrician, so my first time on for the day.
    If you’re interested in a PoPville Totville gathering–probably at a playground–please let me know your neighborhood. I’m going to try to organize a gathering sometime in the next 4-6 weeks & want to make the first one as centrally located to interested parties as possible. Thanks!

    • Oh and rave! Went to bed early last night and actually didn’t feel tired & groggy this morning when it was time to get up. So yay for that! 🙂

  • Rave: My mom knitted me a lovely winter hat and sent it to me this week. I thought I lost it last night while I was out, but fortunately it actually fell out of my pocket at work. Whew!! I was so upset last night…
    Rave: Friday, and fun plans this weekend.
    Rant: GP can’t see me for about a week and a half to see about prescribing antidepressants. I guess it’s not *that* bad… I really should’ve been on this earlier, I was just hoping I could avoid going back on them until it kept getting worse.
    Man, February has been an awful month. Here’s hoping March is better. And warmer and sunnier.

    • Hang in there, littlen!

    • “Here’s hoping March is better. And warmer and sunnier.” YES. And I think it will be. It has to be, right?

    • SouthwestDC

      As a knitter it warms my heart to see handknit items being treasured by their recipients 🙂

      • She knitted me a beautiful pair of gloves as well. 🙂 She was upset because I was so distraught over losing it, but it was special and I felt like an idiot for losing it within a day… But at least I found it, and will be more careful now!

    • Andie302

      Fingers crossed for you that a new prescription in a week or two plus the onslaught of spring means some relief in a few short weeks!

    • Pablo Raw

      Too bad that PoPville doesn’t allow for posting cat photos or pusheen stickers, but feel free to bring your all your rants here if that helps 🙂

      • It definitely helps for me to vent here. I talk to my parents daily about it, but I keep quiet around most of my friends because I don’t want to be a downer. Being able to let loose online and semi-anonymously makes it feel like I’m not bottling it up as much! And I really appreciate the support from everyone here. And also seeing that I’m not alone with the depression/winter doldrums!

    • epric002

      can you be put on a list to be called for a cancelled appt or something? i know sometimes it can be hard to get doctors’ appts but i’d hope for something like that they could fit you in sooner. good luck!

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