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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Applied for a job last night, and their system already green-lighted my resume to be reviewed by subject matter experts 🙂 Fingers and toes all crossed!!!

    Rant: Not getting enough sleep. Too much to do in a day.

    Rant: Lady in Dunkin Donuts this morning went up to the coffee-pourer and asked for her order before she stood in line, telling the people she cut in front of: “I’m just getting coffee.” We’re all getting coffee, you nit-wit–get to the back of the line and order from the cashier like the rest of us. Ugh. did I mention I need more sleep? Cranky cranky cranky.

  • Rant: Dingbat pedestrian who crossed against the light at Connecticut and M. That lexus (who had the right of way) that stopped for you got rear-ended by a taxi, and you just scurried away. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, you want to get to your cozy cubicle as quickly as possible. But YOU CAUSED A CAR ACCIDENT.

    • I do not stop abruptly for people and bikes going against the light. I see no reason to endanger my vehicle when you clearly don’t care about your own safety. I will slow down if practical. I know it’s heartless, but that scenario is exactly why.

      • So…do you just run over them?

        • They stop or run. I’m generally not going very fast on city streets, so they have time to avoid me. I’m not going out of my way to avoid them. I will always stop for someone disabled/elderly who gets stuck in the intersection after the light changes.
          Have I hit someone? Yes, 10 years ago after she stopped in the middle of a 6 lane road. I burned rubber stopping, and I still hit her. Had she just stepped back I would have avoided her.
          I feel the same way about me having the right of way and usually a biker is forced to stop. I’m not getting out of your way when I’m in the right.

          • Cool, well enjoy working for me for the rest of your life if you hit me.

          • The only way I’ll hit you is if you’re jaywalking. See my post below about John’s law mention. I give peds at intersections without a light a wide berth and always slow down at crosswalks just in case.

          • You don’t have a right to hit someone because they are jaywalking. You have a duty to avoid a collision. If you see a jaywalker, intentionally do not slow down, and then hit the pedestrian, your right of way won’t save you when he/she sues you.

          • George: Hey, what about this? I’m in a car accident. The motorist is uninsured, you with me?

            Jerry: Yeah.

            George: My car’s totaled. It’s all his fault and now, he has absolutely no money. There is no way that he can pay me. So the judge decrees that he becomes my butler.

            Jerry: Your butler?

            George: Right. He cooks my food, he cleans my house, he does all my shopping for me. And there you go, that’s your program.

            Jerry: What about me?

            George: Don’t worry, we’ll find something for you. (Knock of Jerry’s door)

            Jerry: (Getting the door) That’s the stupidest idea I ever heard. Sentenced to be a butler. (Elaine, Marla, and an injured Ping are at the door) Ping, what happened?

          • DC is a contributory negligence jurisdiction which means you can’t recover if you’re at fault in the accident. This means when you’re jaywalking you cannot sue me because I didn’t slow down to avoid you.
            No one would argue I have a right to hit you, but “but for” you jaywalking I’d never have hit you.
            Please be careful out there jaywalkers because not only can’t you get any $$ from me I’m going to sue for my deductible.

      • DC law gives pedestrians the right of way at all marked and unmarked intersections. It is an infraction for pedestrians to cross when the do not walk signal is lit but DC code § 50–2201.28 still requires drivers to stop and yield to them. Hitting someone can result in 30 day in jail and open you to civil action by either the pedestrian or their survivors.

        • Good to know, but at least in my experience, people are generally crossing mid block and not at an intersection or it’s a biker neither of which has the right of way.
          I’m not advocating mowing people down, obviously. 🙂

          • You’re not advocating mowing people down, but you’re celebrating your entitlement to do so.

            I lost a colleague to a pedestrian accident and I’ve lost fenders to rear end collisions both in D.C. They were not equivalent losses, let me say.

          • I’ve been hit by a car on the sidewalk. Have you ever put soap on a raw wound running from knee to ankle? Let’s hope you never have to.
            If I wanted to mow ppl down, I could do so daily, and when I hit someone I did everything short of pulling into oncoming traffic to avoid it.
            If you prefer to favor people who risk life and limb to save a few moments crossing the street, that’s your business. I’ll stay on the side of ppl simply going about their business obeying traffic laws as do.

        • It says when traffic control signals are NOT in place or operational, the driver shall give right away to peds in marked or unmarked crosswalks at intersections.
          Second if someone started crossing on a walk sign they can finish crossing to safety.

          That means that peds DON’T have right of way when they’re crossing against a light.

          Glad I looked that up for myself. It made no sense that you can cite someone for an infraction then say they have right of way. That’s just common sense.

          • Pedestrians can be as ridiculous as drivers in DC. I both drive and walk in DC a lot and both are equally as scary. That said, if you don’t have the walk sign and a car is coming WHY WOULD YOU CROSS?!?!! It’s so dangerous yet it happens to me nearly every day and I am just thankful I am always paying attention and have time to react. I actually know someone who was hit in a crosswalk in Virginia and they lost the case because there were conflicting reports as to whether they were completely IN the crosswalk. Just obey the signs please.

          • Yes! I’ve seen people look at the light which just turned green and step out. Also people waiting to cross by standing in the street esp. when there is a green turn arrow. I’ve had some very close calls in Logan circle.
            A friend of a friend suffered a broken pelvis when hit while jaywalking. That is not worth a minute of waiting.

          • The relevant text is as follows:
            “The driver of a vehicle shall stop and remain stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross the roadway within any marked crosswalk, or unmarked crosswalk at an intersection, when the pedestrian is upon the lane, or within one lane approaching the lane, on which the vehicle is traveling or onto which it is turning.”

            If the pedestrian is on the lane they have the right of way. Full stop. If protestors are standing in the middle of an intersection they are breaking the law and can be arrested but if you hit them you may still be found liable. Similarly, if a pedestrian is crossing against a signalized walk-way they can be fined but that does not superseded DC law granting them the right-of-way. In court you might be able to prove contributory negligence but you will sure waste a lost more time with legal proceedings than yielding in the first place.

            IANYL TINLA

          • john, as far as I can tell the text you cite applies when the pedestrian is 1) in a marked crosswalk or 2) in an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection. It does not grant right-of-way to pedestrians anywhere in the street.

          • Krampus: Correct. I haven’t read any cases about pedestrians suing after being hit who weren’t in an intersection. I’m sure there are examples out there though.

          • John, the only thing I can find on Google is what I referenced above which says that applies only even lights are not working or present.
            Please post a link as I’ve been unable to find your passage without also seeing the mention of a signal not being present.
            I can think of no jurisdiction that gives peds free rein to cross wherever and holds the driver accountable, but I’d love to check it out.

          • I know the law is still fairly classic ideas of jaywalking. Friend of a friend with the broken pelvis was crossing not at an intersection and he was deemed at fault and had to cover his own bills. If anyone was going to sue to recover, it would be that guy.

          • It is right from the DC code i cited: http://dccode.org/simple/sections/50-2201.28.html

            As far as i can tell your blog post wasn’t written by a lawyer in DC and he conveniently ignored comment requests asking for his citation. It could be he is confusing VA and DC regulations as VA does give drivers the right of way if the pedestrian disobeys the crossing signal.

          • John, I was unable to see that link on my computer, so thanks for posting it. If a ped is in a crosswalk, they have right of way. That’s clear. Peds don’t have right of way when they’re jaywalking outside of a crosswalk.
            Also as mentioned earlier dc has contributory negligence so even if you were fined for hitting someone in a crosswalk if they were walking against the light they might be unable to recover civilly since their own negligence (walking against the light) caused the accident. That’s up to the courts.
            They very well may have confused the 2 , and I may have seen an older version of the statute. We should all be clear now!

      • +1. I witnessed this very thing happening before (rear ending due to some clown who decided to walk out of turn in front of a moving vehicle) so now I give pedestrians warning beeps (not laying on horns, there’s a difference) but I’m not willing to get hit and/or cause an accident just because you’re inconsiderate and selfish. I’m with you, anon spock!

        • So you’d risk killing someone to avoid a fender bender… sounds logical.

          • No, they’d rather risk being killed than caring if they cause harm/death to anyone else. I don’t hit them, but I don’t make a big show about stopping either.

          • What you’re asking is that I care more about the person who is walking into oncoming traffic than they seem to care about themselves….And I’m frankly unable to do so.

          • At the end of the day a 2 ton vehicle wins any battle. You have a bigger burden it just is what it is.

          • You accept the risk when you jaywalk. It is what it is.

          • What a wonderful appreciation for humanity.

          • I appreciate humanity. That’s why I do everything right while driving even if no one is around: stopping at stop signs, etc. I’m not running on the curb or giving the elderly a fright, and I swerve around open car doors even though I know it’ll be their fault. Sorry, I shouldn’t have to go above and beyond for someone who won’t even do the basics of either waiting until the light changes or stepping out when the coast is clear.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Sometimes human beings who really do care about their own safety make innocent mistakes that could put them in the path of your car when you truly do have the right of way. The first time I tried to cross Dupont Circle at the southeast leg of Massachusetts Ave, I saw the walk sign on the far curb, and legitimately did not see the DON’T WALK sign on the median strip. I f*cked up, and that was mainly my fault, but it was an innocent mistake by an imperfect human who was trying to do the right thing but misunderstood the situation. To the oncoming drivers, I probably looked a whole lot like some entitled little sh!t who didn’t care about my own safety, when in reality, it was my first time trying to cross the circle and I was confused by its insane design (I still find it unconscionable that the timing of the lights is such that pedestrians are required to cross halfway and wait on a median strip that is about 3 feet wide). By your logic, I deserved to die and the oncoming cars should have just flattened me instead of braking and honking.

          • If I felt that way, why did I burn tire trying to stop? I failed to separate the unintentional jaywalker as I think we can all agree that is a very small minority and the basis for the original post.
            So we’re clear: anyone who knowingly jaywalks has accepted all risks of injury or death. I do not suggest anyone take my cavalier attitude toward lawbreakers. Do what works for you. I merely stated my personal choices on the matter which more often than not involves me slowing down. No I don’t slam on my brakes to avoid people in the street, and in 10yrs I’ve only hit someone when I did.
            If you’re uncomfortable with the idea that I place more value on the well being of me and my property over that of a person who has KNOWINGLY walked into oncoming traffic, then so be it. That’s not a problem that needs fixing by me.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Sorry, somebody taught me that people were more important than things when I was like 5 years old, and being a chump, I sort of bought it.

          • HaileUnlikely

            And yes, unintentional jaywalking is of course a very small proportion of the problem, but in most cases, it’s probably indistinguishable from intentional jaywalking from the vantage point of a driver. I’d rather show mercy to somebody who didn’t deserve it 999 times than kill somebody who didn’t deserve it once.

          • Well, I haven’t killed anyone yet. On city streets at normal speed of 15-30, you’re very unlikely to kill anyone even if you hit them on purpose. A 2 ton vehicle can do a surprisingly low amount of damage even at high speed.
            It’s worked for almost 10 yrs. I’ll take my chances that my no slamming on the brakes policy is probably ok.
            I’ve walked in London which is obviously very different with traffic. They have signs, but I still made sure to be very careful when crossing due to the differences. If a Londoner came here, why wouldn’t we expect the same? Get familiar with your surroundings, look around, and be careful.
            That’s basic personal responsibility, and I’m no more at fault if you’re intentional or a lost tourist.
            You expect me to go above and beyond when either scenario is avoided by the guilty party simply taking more care. That’s insane!

          • HaileUnlikely

            Becoming more familiar with one’s surroundings is necessarily not instantaneous, and by definition necessitates some exposure to the presently-unfamiliar surroundings before those surroundings become familiar. It’s not as if you can just download familiarity into your brain and immediately be proficient. If you have ever cut yourself or burned yourself or stubbed your toe despite not trying to be reckless, you have first-hand evidence that human beings f* up once in a while, despite not trying to.

          • And this examples all come with known and accepted risks. Knives may cut you, hot things may burn you, and you could stub a toe if you’re walking around barefoot. Take mma fighting. Lots of injury potential. Your opponent breaks your nose. Do you blame the opponent (under normal conditions) or say stuff happens when you get in a ring? The opponent isn’t expected to hit softly or avoid your face. Why is the driver expected to do so? I can envision no unintentional jaywalking outside of a crosswalk, can you? Then we’re only dealing with people who knew they were crossing improperly in 99% of cases. They got in the ring.

          • HaileUnlikely

            We started out talking about crossing against a light, not crossing midblock. Yes, most of the time when people cross at a light, they do it on purpose, but once in a while, they do it by mistake, too, especially at some of the more complex intersections where one could plausibly misunderstand what’s going on. Using a knife to cut vegetables or a stove to cook them is more nearly analogous to just crossing the street than it is to jaywalking.

    • “you caused a car accident”
      Are you serious? The cab driver caused the accident. You, as a driver, are responsible for not hitting the cars in front of you. If you hit them, you are at fault, whether for going to fast, or not maintaining a safe interval, or both. The pedestrian is incidental to the story. There are many reasons why someone might hit their brakes hard. But it’s SO refreshing to see the drivers entitlement mentality.

  • Rave: I just discovered that Dear Sugar has a podcast. This is going to make my morning.
    Rant: I’m so tired. The fire alarm went off in our building, and I am exhausted today.
    Rave: I have a door to my office. I may need to close it this afternoon.

  • Rave: The Colourist/Echosmith show tomorrow!
    Rave/Rant: Kishi Bashi/Guster in April but it’s in Charlottesville on a Thursday. Hmm, might be worth it.
    Rant: Annoying coworker making really loud personal calls and clipping her nails. I’ve already gotten three emails from other coworkers complaining about it and it’s not even 10am!
    Rave: Webcast for think tank event playing Cyndi Lauper songs in between speakers instead of the usual Muzak.

  • Aglets

    Rant: Neighbors who don’t pick up their dogs crap- especially in icy, slick alleys. Disaster unlocked.
    Rave: cat is feeling better!
    Rant: don’t know if i would have classified the last dude as catfishing now, but he did disappear.
    Rave: Tonight is Sleater Kinney and friday John Reis is at the Rock & Roll hotel. I’m due for some rock & roll therapy.
    Rant: still super broke because of the cat, but my SK ticket was purchased months ago so yay!

    • Glad to hear that your cat is feeling better!

      • Aglets

        Thank you! It’s such a relief. No one had any idea except a friend who has a friend who is kind of like a veteran of cat rescue and she actually gave me some really great tips.

    • To add to your first rant: As much as I dislike dog poop on the sidewalk, I understand laziness. It annoys me that it happens, but my mind can piece that scenario together. What I don’t get is people who carry the plastic bags with them, take the time and effort to pick up the poop, and then leave the plastic bags there on the sidewalk. I really don’t understand how that ever happens, but I see it all the time.

      • Unless it’s too soft to pick up, there is no excuse. I’ve given gone back out of i forgot a bag. For bag on sidewalk, no trash can before they’re ready to go inside, I guess.

  • binpetworth

    Crowdsourcing a question: I need to replace my smoke detector. However, when I went to switch off the circuit breaker, it did not correspond to the smoke detector/room. Nor did any of the other breakers for nearby appliances/rooms. Is this something I can figure out how to fix myself or am i gonna need an electrician to come in?

    • You could just kill the main power to the house while you do it. Then everything is off.

    • Pablo Raw

      It may be labor intensive, but you could go one by one and see which one is the real one.
      If your SD are correctly set and according to code, they must be interconnected (if one beeps, all the other will too) so not necessarily because the SD is in a room, it has to be in the circuit of that room.

    • Thinking out loud here but I would guess the smoke detectors have their own dedicated circuit breaker if they’re the kind that are hard-wired and will all ring together if smoke is detected anywhere in the house.

      • binpetworth

        I thought that was the case, but the circuit breaker labeled smoke detectors shuts off the others but not the one in the living room.

        • Other thinking out loud: Could the power be off but it looks like it’s on due to a battery backup power? Are you sure that detector is hard-wired like the rest of them (i.e. could it be an additional non-hard-wired one added after the fact)?
          As Bob suggested, I would at least try shutting off all the power to make sure that turns the detector off. At least then you know it’s wired to something…

    • Maybe this was reckless of me, but last time I replaced a smoke detector I didn’t try to turn off the associated circuit breaker — I just wore heavy gloves.
      Or did you have to mess with the actual wires, not just the plastic connector thingy that hangs down from the wires?

      • binpetworth

        I actually considered the glove option, but I have to replace the whole thing, so I’m gonna need to reconfigure the wires.

        • Ahh, OK.
          Is using the old plastic connector thingy with the new detector not an option? Or was the old one a battery-only one, so there’s no plastic connector thingy to work with?

          • binpetworth

            The old plastic connector is not compatible with the new detector; however, I have heard that there are such things as adapters, so I make just need to go to Home Depot and see if I can find one. If I do, then I may be able to simply use that and screw the new detector onto the round base of the old one.

    • is there a battery in the detector that kicks on when the power is shut off?

  • God, I hate DCRA. So many delays. How hard is it to approve a damn permit? Six months and counting from initial filing. It would have been easier to just build and pay the fine, if caught. I see why so many people just do that.

    • Have you tried working with the homeowners center? The other offices don’t necessary direct you there (as my wife discovered at the END of permit-acquiring hell), but they can be really helpful. Good luck!

  • Another rant: There’s an ad in the metro that makes me angry. The photo is blurry and underexposed and shows a woman who looks like Juliette Lewis if she put on lipstick while drunk. I don’t even know what it’s advertising. But the picture is bad and the woman looks loud and obnoxious, like someone who would totally ruin your meal if in the same restaurant.
    Yet another: Juliette Lewis. How does she keep getting work?? She’s the worst actress EVER. Her voice and intonation and affect make me stabby.
    Cosigning the cranky cranky cranky.

  • Rant: Stuck on the metro for an hour this morning.

  • Rave: Wonderful meal with a friend at Sakuramen last night! It was her first time eating not instant ramen and she loved it!
    Rave: Boardgame night tonight. So excited to be a nerd.
    Rave: Hump day.
    Rant: Another awful night of sleep.

  • Rant: Need a camera for this weekend, rentals are expensive this close to the date!
    Rave: Friend asked if I could be a witness to her official wedding at the courthouse, and later bridesmaid at big event. 🙂
    Rant: So much work to do, so bored by all of it. No time to devote to my freelance stuff. I need a challenge!

  • Rave: Finally found ice melt.
    Rant: After work I get to use that ice melt to try and tackle the ice on my sidewalk. Kitty litter did nothing. I will do all the 4 places that are icy, and hopefully, young ppl next door will clean up their ice.
    Rave: Whole corner of the room to myself.
    Lesbians: I have created the email: [email protected] for the purpose of getting us together. Friends, dating, whatever. I’m thinking Google group, but it’s not yet created, so shoot me an email for now. If you’re available this Sunday, March 1, for brunch please let me know.

  • Rant: So you all may think I am a horrible person for even asking this question but is there any recourse to get rid of a handicap parking spot that is not in use? We have two on our street that are rarely if ever used. If I am being totally truthful, the one farther up the street always seems empty but I only see it when I have to spin the block to find parking. That said if it isn’t being used, it is a trickle down effect. But the one that really annoys me is a few doors down from my house that belongs to my neighbor who I know for a fact does not drive and does not have a car. This spot is empty 24/7, the only time it is remotely used is when someone comes to pick him up and even then they really don’t even pull into the spot because there are plenty of open spots or they just double park in the middle of the street..
    By the way, you can all miss me with the, you should have more sympathy with someone with a handicap or the one day you could be handicapped and how would you like it…I am being real here, parking is extra tight now that we have all these new neighbors and roommates moving in which all seem to have cars. I get that I live in a city, I always have but it really annoys me when people just do things because they can (not because they need to) without regard for others. Be clear, if this spot was used even a quarter of the time, you would not hear a peep out of me but over the last couple of years, I can’t think of a time that I have seen this spot occupied.


    On another note, while riding the metro today, I got to thinking about the marijuana post yesterday. I get that it is going to be legal but I just had the thought of people walking around with two ounces out in public and giving it out to people (over 21) on the train, bus, sidewalks. I mean that will be totally legal right, it doesn’t have to be hidden or anything. People can roll up wherever they want as long as they don’t smoke it right? Or did I miss something?

  • Rant: My Boyfriend is an Asshole. Like a serious asshole
    Rave: Coffee.
    Rant: My coworker and her loud personal calls.
    Rave: My office with a door.
    Rant: So much work to do today.

  • Question for PoPville: On USAJobs, job postings frequently ask that applicants provide a resume, SF-50 (if applicable), and an optional cover letter. Is a cover letter really optional in your opinion- does it matter if you have one for each and every job on USAJobs? In the private sector, I always sent one, but the job search process on USAJobs doesn’t feel like the kind where a cover letter is necessary or matters. Thoughts?
    Are the elected officials like surrounding area congressmen and senators paying attention to how Metro is rapidly falling apart? It’s like a show right now- I keep tuning in on Unsuck DC Metro’s twitter to see just how bad it’s getting. Poor commuters.
    Rave: Roof over my head, money in the bank, good health, good family and friends.

    • Follow Mark Warner on Twitter. He’s been VERY vocal about metro recently. A few others have as well. Finally.

    • binpetworth

      I was just told by a Fed that for her agency, you should write a cover letter that virtually mimics the job ad description (of course, not fully but making it your own) to improve your chances of getting past the OPM screener. I had not done cover letters before and never got any fed job call-backs so now I’m going to do so.

      • Hmmm. Interesting. It seems like a lot of work because many times it is hard to tell if they are actually looking for a real candidate or if this is just an agency’s way of posting a job so they can promote someone from within the agency. I know all about matching keywords, including your last appraisal, etc. I was hoping that someone would say it is unnecessary and does not factor into your application since they are so obsessed with all of the other bureaucratic details (job series, resume matching description, competitive status, etc.) Thanks!

      • That doesn’t make sense. There is no OPM screener. Do you mean the automated score thing that HR does? No, a cover letter will not impact that whatsoever.

        • binpetworth

          Yeah, that automatic thing was what I was referring to. My applications (at least used to) go to an OPM address in San Francisco for several jobs, hence why I called it that. I think as textdoc and msus note below, it may make a difference in the way the automated scoring reads against keywords, of course, this may also be agency-specific. I really don’t know as I’m not a Fed and looks like I won’t be anytime soon!

        • At my agency, it’s a general HR person that does the first screening of applicants, who have no knowledge of program content. So, I would imagine a cover letter might be helpful in that situation, if it was read.

    • I’ve never done a cover letter for USAJOBS postings. Are you status or applying as an external candidate? If status, I would include your SF-50, last performance review, and SF-50 showing when you earned Permanent status. If not, I would still include any supplemental documentation, like your transcripts. I’ve been disqualified from several jobs because I was deemed ineligible due to lack of status when I thought it was clear that I had status, so I’ve taken to including everything they could possibly need in my application, upfront.

      • Thanks. I’m competitive status and permanent. Definitely agree with including appraisal, grad school transcripts, and SF-50 to make it clearer for them.

        • Include your SF-50, but I wouldn’t include your most recent performance appraisal unless the application asks for it.

    • I’ve never applied for a federal job that had a cover-letter option, but if they give you the option for one, I’d recommend that you do it and that you pack it with as many keywords from the vacancy announcement as possible.

    • Regarding USA Jobs, I like the cover letter. I don’t think HR really cares, but if you make it to the hiring official it can be helpful to put a bit more of a narrative on your resume (why you want the job, what are you looking for, goals, softer skills, etc). Without KSAs we’re using more limited information to weed through the pack.

      • You make a good point about this perhaps not mattering much to HR, but maybe making a difference when a hiring authority has it in his/her hands. Thanks.

      • Skip the cover letter, it is a waste of time for USAJobs. Make sure your resume has everything that the job description says – its the resume that’s important, not the cover letter.

    • It does not make a difference in getting “referred” or not. As for getting contacted for a job interview, it certainly can’t hurt. I’ve been involved in the hiring process a few times, and no one I know of has looked at cover letters, just resumes. I don’t know if that my office is the rule or the exception though…

      • Thanks. Yes, I’m sure everyone does it differently, but I was hoping that the general consensus was that cover letters are a waste of time on USAJobs because hiring authorities are so focused on resumes/answers to application questions/SF-50. It sounds a bit murky, so I might do cover letters for the things I really feel strongly about, and leave the rest to chance with all of the “required” documents.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Last night’s finale of Parks and Recreation was magically good.
    Rave: Take away from the show: People can still be nice, hardworking and nothing beats loyal, honest and awesome friends and home will always take you back! And America runs out of beef in the future.
    Rant: Parks and Recreation ending but happy knowing everyone was okay even Jean-Ralphio!

    • I Dont Get It

      Well they are Hoosiers so what do you expect? 😉

    • I thought it was way too sappy and sentimental, and I hate series endings where they wrap everything up so nicely (I also hated the Six Feet Under finale.)

    • I love Parks and Rec. Leslie Knope is my hero and I kinda wish we were friends in real life.

    • Cinnamonster

      Oh my gooooooosh, I am putting off watching the finale. I’m sure it was tear-jerkingly, heart-swellingly wonderful.

    • jim_ed

      The Jean-Ralphio future was by far my favorite part from the finale. It was perfect.

      • Apparently the writers were going to have a final scene where he’s buried in an unmarked grave in Tanzania, but instead they let him live.

      • hispanicandproud

        Jean-Raphio’s name was a champagne bottle in the future airplane scene.

    • I loved the finale. In particular Leslie’s very uplifting words about working in the public sector. Of course, she’s been positive all along, but sometimes it was played (well) to comic effect; in the finale she was just positive. Having spent plenty of time working in and with local government, it was nice to hear.

      HOWEVER for as much as I liked the episode, I think last week’s “Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show” was one of my favorite sitcom episodes ever.

  • Major rant-o-rific week I’m having.
    #1 I’m sicker than I’ve been since I was a child. Double ear infections, sinus infection, bronchitis, the works
    #2 Mom is also sick and on a trip visiting a friend so hasn’t been to the doctor and I’m very concerned with her other health issues that she’s going to end up hospitalized.
    #3 Garage door broke while letting the pup out yesterday. Like broke, broke. Like twisted, cranked, never gonna go back on its track, broke. It was only a matter of time and I don’t have the energy to even think about fixing it, so garage door dude is coming out today to just replace everything. Which I should have probably done in the fall.
    I do have raves though:
    #1 The puppy has one more puppy kindergarten class left and she’s doing really really well in it! We’re going to get her going on the next level of training because we hope to someday use her as a hospital therapy dog.
    #2 My boss has been great about my being sick for the past week. I’ve been able to just come in and work until I need to go rest. The team I work on is also aces. I’m very lucky.

    • I think my mom’s dog would be a great hospital therapy dog but my mom doesn’t want to commit to the training. It’s frustrating because in her retirement, they are both in desperate need of something to do. I truly think it’s the dog’s calling. If only they lived closer!

  • Belated rant: Last week I went to a private party at a soon-to-be-opened venue on H Street. The venue had no toilet paper in the ladies’ room — not even at the beginning of the night. Isn’t the first (or second) rule of hosting a party that you have to have sufficient toilet paper??

    • ewww. How could one forget to do that?

    • skj84

      I think the first rule of the is sufficient toilet paper, only paralleled with more than enough food and booze.

      • TP is more important than sufficient food. If the food runs out, you can congratulate yourself on how much they liked it.

    • was this a private party for a music related venue?

      if so, i have the same rant. no TP and no stalls yet. weird

      • In answer to your question — Yes.
        The no-stalls thing was kind of bizarre, but they did compensate for that partway through by putting a sign on the door saying “One person at a time,” and I think the large bathroom had a lock. It was the no-TP thing that I thought was totally unacceptable.

  • gotryit

    rant: My boss is micromanaging a piece of work that is past due. I can deal with one or the other, but the two don’t mix well.

  • Neither rant nor rave just want to share: currently dating a guy whose online profile said “straight” when we first starting dating then said “heteroflexibile” at one point and is “straight” again. It doesn’t bother me if he is heteroflexible because I am not opposed to same-sex relations myself (kissed a girl and really liked it; wouldn’t mind doing it again) although I would not call myself heteroflexible. I just don’t know what to think. I like him. He likes me. That’s all that should matter, right?

  • Rave: Rose’s tonight
    Rant: a series of mini panic attacks at work this morning where I fear I am asking really obvious questions but its in my nature to ask rather than to be wrong. Also a lot of work ahead.
    Rave: also getting my first 4P foods bag. Let’s see how it goes!

  • Rant: I’m pretty sure that a coworker is inflating their military service and medals but other then requesting their records (which I can’t do anonymously) I have no recourse (I mean – if you had 4 Purple Hearts you’d be a GD American Hero – why would you work at my stupid little company?). How can you say you have been deployed repeatedly in the Middle East and not know what Hummus is (Frankly- how can you live in America and not know what Hummus is?) And then I think I’m a horrible person and need to let it go…..a) cause if it’s true I’m being disrespectful and b) if he’s lying he’s got some serious issues and I should pity him.
    Rave: I have mastered home highlighting – Hairdressers ask me (in a good way) who does my color.

    • As someone who met many GIs while living in Korea, I don’t doubt he would not know what hummus is. It is quite easy to stay in your American bubble when deployed.

      That being said, if he’s always talking about his service and experiences while serving, yes, I would be skeptical. I’ve worked with around 10 vets who served in Iraq, and only once or twice have I heard them talk about it.

      • I had a former soldier on my staff for a few months; he had been stationed in my favorite overseas posting from my former life. In two years, he never ate the local food, or visited the famous sites. He didn’t even know what I was talking about when I asked if he had made it to [famous place].

    • Oooh, do tell the secrets of your at home highlighting mastery? In the 8 years i’ve lived in DC I have yet to find a decent colorist and planned trips to my Parent’s home to get highlights. I know the exact brand/coloring used, but have been so afraid to try at home except for toning.

  • Rant: Open office plans (again). I feel like the loud phone conversations are an icepick to the head.
    Rant: Sometimes I think I feel animosity coming out of my supervisor’s desk. Not much I can do about it, though. I’ll just try to stay nice and polite.
    Rave: Spent last night at the boy’s. He always makes life better.
    Rant: Still have a ton of homework to do and I’m feeling stuck…
    Rave: I can sleep in this weekend. Hopefully catching up on sleep helps!
    Rave: Bought a fitbit. My goal is to work out 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes. Maybe It’ll help with my exhaustion/moodiness?

    • Exercise will help with exhaustion and should help with the moodiness. In the wise words of Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. And happy people don’t kill their husbands.”

  • Rant: Having the kind of day where I have way too much to do and no motivation to do any of it. Generally blah and uninterested in getting this stuff done.
    Rave: Vacation starts in 2 days. Really hope winter is gone by the time I get back!
    Rave: leaving/arriving at work when it is light out really makes the day so much better!
    Unclear: went on a fine date last night. Didn’t dislike the guy but wasn’t blown away or anything. I’m not expecting to fall in love at first sight but I just feel like I’ve been underwhelmed on dates recently. Do I see someone again who I’m not sure about? How long can you really give it to figure out if there will ever be anything there? I haven’t felt that initial spark since my last relationship (ended over a year ago) and sometimes it just feels like its never going to happen again. Le sigh…

    • When I’m really unsure, I usually give it three dates. If I’m still meh by the end of date three then I figure it’s never going to happen. Also, I’ve been tricked by that initial spark because men I have that immediate connection with turn out to be @ssholes a lot of the time (but that might have more to do with the fact that I’m drawn to the charming d-bag type. lol).

      • +1. I endorse the 3 date policy

        • As someone who takes a while to determine if I like someone, 3 dates is good albeit generous for most people. If the first date is okay not terrible, go on a 2nd date. If the 2nd date is not better than the first date, then you can end it there. If the 2nd date is better, then progress to a 3rd date. If by the 3rd date there’s no connection, then end it.

          • Thanks for the advice, everyone! I agree on the 3 date policy. I used to have unrealistic expectations in regards to developing feelings for someone based on my last relationship (met in real life, things progressed quickly, etc) but I think online dating has killed those dreams. Basically, I’m trying to figure out if I’m meeting good guys and just not giving them a chance or if I’m just not meeting the right one(s).

      • +1. I was unsure about the boy at first (granted, I had some serious walls up). He didn’t give me butterflies until about a month in, but I knew he was going to be important to me after 3 dates.

        • Same here. I was really unsure at first (nothing really wrong, but I wasn’t in the “mood to date” and resisted). At the third date I knew that there was something more going on and after about a month I was totally hooked.

    • 3 date policy is a great policy!

  • Rant: Static electricity. I get up from under my blanket on the sofa and go to pet my kitty. I can almost see a spark if I touch her ear. And of course she doesn’t know about static electricity and just wonders why I’m tormenting her. Ready for the end of dry air!
    Rave: great workout yesterday that I was overdue for.

    • This weekend the Boy was so static-y you could see the sparks when the lights were out. There were probably a couple dozen sparks between him taking off his shirt and crawling into bed. It was HILARIOUS until he tried to spark me.

      • LOL. Let the sparks fly!
        I wouldn’t mind them coming from my husband. And I do think it’s neat to see when the lights out – a sort of miniature fireworks display.

        • EXACTLY! and it was so weird since I didn’t have any. I couldn’t believe how bright they were, though (we were in a snowed-in condo in the woods – like 0 ambient light).

  • epric002

    rant: migraine last night prevented me from going to yoga.
    rave: migraine cleared up with just excedrin this time, but not soon enough to get to yoga.
    rave: one medical. the lovely, darling, fabulous, wonderful kandace who took on the (one of many) fights with express scripts RE my migraine medication and won! i can continue to get my RX as needed! woohoo!
    rant: i.am.so.over.this.weather.
    random- salt & pepper grill II. love them, but does anyone else think the spiciness of their dishes totally varies? some days things are super mild, and others (last night!) they’re super spicy!!!

    • epric002

      forgotten rant: a number of women on here recommended the commando tights. HOW do you get them on?! i am wearing the “right” size per their size chart but it is a FIGHT to get them up over my a$$. i think if i go up a size then the legs will be too loose. is it just the control tights that are this tight?

    • I’ve had that experience with Salt & Pepper as well. I order the butter chicken for the kids, and ask them to make it mild. Sometimes it’s so mild it’s almost without flavor, sometimes it’s pleasantly aromatic with just a hint of heat.

    • binpetworth

      Agree with the variation in spiciness at S&P II. I love their lamb biryani, but sometimes the cloves and cardamom are almost too strong. But it’s still worth the heartburn later!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Dear writers for “Fresh Off the Boat”: No one said swole in 1995 and when I hear it now I want to punch the guy in his steroids-swollen throat.
    Rave?: Wiccan Dog Sitter told me last night he is going to a marijuana seed exchange Saturday and we are going to start growing pot plants. Who’s up for a PoP Gin and Weed Gardening Group? (J/k).

  • Rant: my friends’ landlord just raised their rent with 4 days notice. They’re in VA; does anyone know if this is legal or if there is any recourse?
    Rant: a coworker just showed up in my twitter feed. I don’t know how to respond.

  • jim_ed

    Rant: The iced-over snow has officially given the dog an anxiety complex. He refuses to walk on it and is taking multiple trips outside to get him to go the bathroom, then spends the rest of the night demanding human touch. Stupid ice.
    Rant: The Wizards are broken, and I don’t think there’s a fix coming this season.
    Rave: House on the block went under contract in two weeks. The Petworth housing bubble lives on!

    • palisades

      The game last night was painful to watch. Even it was tied up it felt like they were playing serious catch-up. Also, that PP injury to finish it off was a real bummer.

    • My dog won’t walk on ice but he loves the frozen snow. He will go snow sidewalk snow. It’s hilarious. I’m considering this the doggy version of bubble wrap.

    • My dog does the opposite, she loves walking on ice. Especially when it breaks under her nails. Though she falls sometimes and I hate to see that, as she’s had orthopedic problems and surgery in the past.

  • Rave: Finally getting over the laziness caused by the snow and cold weather. Cooked dinner for the first time in about a week last night and have some good leftovers for lunch. Slept really well last night and biked to Metro this morning with no problems. I think this is only the second time in two weeks I’ve biked.

    Rant: One of the sidewalks I have to walk on near my building is like a skating rink, and I wasn’t wearing boots this morning.

    Rave: New (old) band has our first rehearsal this weekend and it’s much closer to home than where we used to rehearse (no more Baltimore traffic or tunnel tolls every time.) Also, I’m going to see James Cotton this Friday.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Red Line, natch.
    Rant: My task list for this week is still depressingly long.
    Rant: Feeling reallllly cranky about a couple of colleagues who are completely opposed to any change at all and unrelentingly negative about it. Even when the new system achieves better results. I kind of wish they’d retire already.

  • laduvet

    Rave: I was recommended acceptance for grad school after interviewing/ taking a verbal exam with a professor
    Rant: i felt sooo incompetent afterwards – i was more deflated than excited about the news

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: planning another trip to Nicaragua, I am inviting photographer friends to join me and I need to do some planning. But all I can think of is Mondongo soup. Well, motivation has to come from somewhere!

  • Rave: Met the new dog walker yesterday and think he will do great with my dog.
    Rant: Dog is incredibly uninterested in going #2 on the ice. I walked him way longer than usual this morning with no luck and of course once we went back inside, he decided the elevator was the ideal spot. Ugh.
    Rave: Ordered a really cool running jacket from Rue La La last night. Hopefully it will inspire me to run… I’ve been terrible this week.

    • My dog won’t go on ice either but he will do frozen snow. Maybe before the next walk find a grassy/not icy area along the walk and once you’re there encourage him to go there..like stay there until he does. Maybe you don’t have any such place, but I’ve had luck just forcing my dog to park it.
      If he doesn’t have a poo word, you can train him by saying go poop every time he goes and eventually he’ll make the connection.

      • Thanks– I do need to do a better job of seeking out grassy spots. Most of the good spots in my neighborhood have giant “no dog walking” signs up but I’ll try a new route after work in hopes of avoiding another elevator mess.

        I say “go poop” every time but he seems to be ignoring it with the ice. Luckily his word association with #1 has been okay.

    • epric002

      ugh i feel you. grouchy corgi is already a picky pee-er/poop-er and this stupid frozen snow is making it SO MUCH WORSE!!! formerly foster puppy just doesn’t give a fudge. i wish he’d teach grouchy corgi his pee-ing and poop-ing ways- he is so efficient!

      • Ha! I feel this way whenever I see my parents’ Golden Retriever. She can eat anything without any problems and will go to the bathroom wherever.

  • Belated rave: When I left the house this morning, my cat was reclined in front of the heating vent like a little odalisque. 🙂

  • Rave: Great workout this morning – lots of progress in past few months and loving new gym
    Rant: Office is poorly managed and program policy change is deteriorating into an email debate – make changes to the memo folks!
    Rave: responding to like minded colleagues with gifs – its the only thing keeping me sane today

  • Rant: MetLife Dental. So I go in for a biannual checkup/cleaning and it ends up costing me $169. No x-rays or anything fancy, I even declined the fluoride rinse. What’s the point of insurance if it barely covers anything?

    • Wth? My crappy dental hmo is $20 with xrays.
      I’d shop around whether insurance or dentist that seems crazy.

      • MetLife is the only thing my employer offers so I’m stuck.
        The one thing I miss about my old employer was the insurance. Delta Dental always paid 100%.

        • I pay $120/yr for dental buying on my own. If you can afford it, buy dental only somewhere else. You’re paying 340 just for annuals. My plan hasn’t increased after many years, and it’s with bluecross.

          • Who do you get dental insurance from buying on your own? I’ve been searching for months. Delta Dental doesn’t even let a private buyer contact them through email or their robo-phone. Carefirst/bluecross is no where close to $120/yr and barely covers anything.

          • Delta Dental doesn’t sell insurance to individuals, just to groups. At least it didn’t when my dad worked for them. I doubt they’ve changed that since he retired a few years ago.

          • It’s Bluecross…
            It’s possible they don’t offer this plan anymore because I bought it pre aca, but unlike my health, dental rate has not increased.
            On my card the dental plan is: ind20dc and it’s an hmo. I bought it in August 2010

          • It’s carefirst bluechoice actually. Maybe that matters.

        • epric002

          i have delta dental and they definitely don’t cover 100%. i have the mid-level plan and even if i upgraded to the top-tier plan, the coverage will still be crappy. i think it all depends on what options your employer offers 🙁

    • Is it possible that they billed you for the whole amount without factoring in whatever the insurance is supposed to contribute?
      My regular health insurance includes some minimal dental coverage (cleanings every six months), and my copay is $35. If you’re actually paying for dental coverage, a checkup/cleaning should not be costing you $169.

      • I was wondering the same thing. I had MetLife Dental until last April and my copays were very low for cleanings.

        • Well tell me if this sounds right:
          Periodic Oral Evaluation, $74, MetLife paid $0 with $74 applied to my deductible
          Cleaning, $152, MetLife paid $115 with $26 applied to my deductible
          Topical Fluoride-Varnish (I think this is something they used in the cleaning?), $58, not covered

          • I just went through old bank statements and it looks like I actually only made payments when I had fillings done under MetLife, not the biannual checkups. I would have to check out my dental bills/policy records at home though to be sure. I may have had a more comprehensive plan or something.

            That still does seem high to me– i hope they did do something wrong in the billing so that you aren’t stuck paying that much every time you need a checkup. :-/

          • Ah, I forgot that my dentist is out of network with MetLife (as they helpfully informed me AFTER I’d already had the exam). I really like this dentist but maybe I’ll have to find a new one.

    • binpetworth

      I feel your pain. My office had Met Life dental for a year and everyone complained about it so much that they switched it to something better (and cheaper!).

      • We’re a small company of mostly older employees so our health insurance options are limited, expensive, and not very good. 🙁

        • That’s why I suggested buying at least dental on your own. You’ll get the benefit of (I believe) your youth. Maybe the date has passed for open enrollment….?
          Considering it’s expensive anyway maybe compare with the exchange to see if you can save on health insurance too. No guarantees but nothing but time to check it out.

      • We have Met Life dental at work… T_T sigh. My wisdom teeth extraction had a rather painful bill.

        • My dentist has been nagging me about that for years but I’ve been avoiding it because I’m sure it will cost a fortune!

          • Unless you’re expecting a win fall in the future, waiting only raises the costs. If they start damaging nearby teeth that’s extra money you’ll spend to fix it. Mine were $800. Best money I ever spent!

          • epric002

            a very good oral surgeon (who did in fact remove wisdom teeth from multiple siblings) once told me that all dentists think that all wisdom teeth need to be removed. i went to see him b/c every dentist i ever saw told me they must! come! out!. he told me that i couldn’t pay him to take them out unless they were bothering me. get a consult from an oral surgeon, and maybe even more than one. good luck!

          • epric002 That’s how I feel about it. Why fix what’s not broken? Can you tell me who that oral surgeon is, or are they not local?

          • epric002

            me too healthy teeth 🙂 and i’m now in my mid-thirties (EEEK!) and so far they’re still not bothering me. i also read somewhere that if you can make it to 25 w/o them bothering you, there’s a good chance they never will.
            unfortunately he was (is?) in virginia beach. i have not seen an oral surgeon in the area, so i can’t recommend any. good luck!

          • I had problems. I assumed you did too. My bad.
            Mine were really badly impacted which is why they suggested it before they started bothering me.

          • One of them is semi-impacted but the rest are normal. I’m in my mid-30s too so maybe I can get by without it! I’m kinda traumatized from having half my baby teeth pulled for orthodontics when I was little, so that’s another reason I’m reluctant to do this.

          • One potential complication of NOT removing your wisdom teeth is that it can mess up the alignment of the rest of your teeth.
            People don’t commonly get their wisdom teeth removed in the UK or Japan. Granted, their non-wisdom teeth generally aren’t straightened to begin with, but I suspect wisdom teeth are responsible for a good bit of the teeth-crookedness in both places. (The UK is infamous for crooked teeth. Japan isn’t, but should be.)

          • I think more people get their wisdom teeth removed in Japan now. I don’t know many people who haven’t gotten them out (braces, on the other hand, are still uncommon). I got mine removed in Japan and it’s terrible cause they’ll only do one at a time so you have to split it into 4 visits!

          • SKT — Ahh, good to know.
            And one-at-a-time wisdom tooth removal sounds hellish!!

          • epric002

            i think it really should be a case-by-case basis, instead of a general pronouncement that all wisdom teeth should be removed. IIRC, all 4 of mine are completely horizontally impacted with no eruption. but, according to wikipedia, “Impactions completely covered by bone and soft tissue have a low rate of clinically significant pathology”. i had a LOT of orthodontia done in elem/middle/high school, and while my bottom front teeth are now verrrry slightly misaligned, no one other than me will even notice it.

          • epric002

            oh and just found this gem too, also from wikipedia: “The prognosis for impacted wisdom teeth depends on the depth of the impaction. When they lack a communication to the mouth, the main risk is the chance of cyst or neoplasm formation which is relatively uncommon.”

    • I have MetLife dental and pay nothing for 6 month checkups/cleanings/xrays (and I do take advantage of it every 6 mos.) I must have a different plan than you, but insurance is weird…

  • Andie302

    Rave: Wonderful trip to Nassau that I can’t say enough great things about
    Rant: It feels like the world is saying “you shouldn’t have left town”…burst pipes in two houses, HVAC ducts are screwing up the layout at the Rhode Island place (and the fix is going to cost time and money no matter what we try), crazy work stuff for Accountering, grandfather in DE has pneumonia and is hospitalized. Holy smokes. Oh yeah – and lunchtime text from RI neighbor saying “I’m sure they called you, but the fire department is checking on a gas leak at your house.” Uncle, Uncle, Uncle

    • Oh man, I’m sorry about all of your rants. Hope everything gets figured out and that your grandfather recovers soon!

  • Neutral: First therapy appointment this morning. Early to tell yet if it’ll be helpful, but she seemed nice. It was kind of awkward at first though.
    Rant: I thought the insurance website said she was a psychiatrist (apparently I can’t read), but she’s actually a psychologist. So no antidepressants… Which she agreed that it sounds like I need.
    Rant: She said very few psychiatrists take insurance, she doesn’t know any herself. My GP prescribed me them in the past, but I haven’t actually been to one in a couple years (old one was in Arlington, and I moved out of there). Hopefully I can find a new one who is willing to do that. ack.
    Rant: Her schedule and mine may not match up. Darn my inflexible work schedule and weird lunch hour.
    Rant: Four hours of sleep last night after hours tossing and turning. Between that at the appointment, I’m so exhausted.

    • If it helps at all, I like Christopher McMackin for a GP. He is near Foggy Bottom. Hope you can ultimately find the help that you’re so bravely seeking out.

    • Andie302

      I had luck getting a prescription from my GP. I have Kaiser so I doubt the name would help, but fingers crossed that you can find someone.

      • Thanks! Good to know I hopefully won’t be wasting time making an appointment with a new GP. She recommended a clinic with some psychiatrists that has a sliding scale, but the location isn’t terribly convenient and the lower cost the better, probably.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Congrats on making it to the appointment! I’ve been in therapy a couple of times in my life and getting to the first appt is always the big hurdle. You’ll do fine.

    • I went to therapy for the first time years ago to help with a messy breakup. I felt so nervous and awkward at first, but it ended up being one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Good luck with everything!

    • Not sure of your gender, but an OB-GYN will also write scripts for anti-depressants.

    • Hey! If this therapist doesn’t work out for you/the times don’t work–I have a few extra names from my search if I can help 🙂

  • RANT: Got an email from the iPhone app “Glow Nurture” this morning letting me know they had just rolled out new features to support women who have had miscarriages. The email made me start crying right in the middle of work. Then I tested out the app, which greeted me by saying “You’re 35 weeks pregnant!” I am NOT 35 weeks pregnant anymore. Nice work, Glow Nurture!
    Rant: I’m sure this is just the first of many weird reminders I’m going to get soon about my former due date.
    Rant: The next few weeks are just going to suck.
    Rave?: Starting IVF in 2 weeks after trying to get pregnant for about a year and a half.

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