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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Great photo!
    Rant: Gonna try to figure out our monthly food budget after this morning’s Friday QOD. I know we spend too much. I’m a saver, she’s a spender. It’s a very touchy topic. Wish me luck.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I was pleasantly surprised that I’m a mid to low spender. I thought I was spending so. much. money. in groceries. I guess it helps that I rarely drink and like to cook, but nothing too fancy.


  • Rave: Had a great night out with former colleagues and friends.
    Rant: One former colleague is still stuck in a terrible work situation that a lot of us fled from. Wish we could help them more.
    Rave: Bought a new pannier/bike bag for work :-D. So excited as it’s good looking and professional and convenient.
    Rant: 10-15 days until it arrives.

    • Just read an interesting piece by Elizabeth Gilbert – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/11/elizabeth-gilbert-on-failure_n_6608164.html
      I’d love to hear people’s thoughts – it’s related to women but I think applies to the whole DC “what do you do” climate. Thought this part was interesting:
      “We don’t have centuries of educated, autonomous female role models to imitate here (there were no women quite like us until very recently), so nobody has given us a map. As a result, we each race forth blindly into this new maze of limitless options. And the risks are steep….”

      • Thank you so much for posting this. I just love it. It also reminds me a bit of the convo I had with SKT and Zaogao at HH, so I hope they see it too (although Zaogao is a guy so he might not care as much? although I’m not sure the argument is limited to women, really.)

        • YES! Thanks for calling my attention to this (and thank you, UDPie for posting). I desperately needed to read this today.

      • emvee

        This is spot on. I’m sharing it with all my lady friends.

      • I like the message; that’s pretty much how I roll.
        The delivery was awful. The implication that you can only chill out if you’ve already run a bank, or written five books, or have the most enchanting children. What about the rest of us, who are just dragging through hoping not to make too monumental a mistake today? Those with no achievements to in which to wrap our egos during the cold times? The author makes the mistake of comparing “women” to her over-achieving friends. She’s not talking to me, or to 92% of the women of this country.
        To use these stories to illustrate how women should “lighten up” reeks of out-of-touch privilege.

        • I can see how you feel that way. I sort of skipped over that stuff. I’ve read her book Committed and she seems pretty down to earth.

          I saw it as she was representing those pieces as emblematic of overall struggles: furthering eduction vs. life experience traveling, children vs. work, starting a new business vs. working the daily grind, work long hours vs. being with family/husband, big business vs. creativity, etc. I’ve thought through each and everyone of those tradeoffs (not artisanal bakery level but consulting vs. working for someone else) and so felt comforted that others felt this way.

        • Point taken. I didn’t read it that way, though, and I’m hardly in the 8% or so that runs a bank, wrote five books, etc I read it that no matter now accomplished you might be — even if you do run a bank, write five books, etc. — it’s easily to fall into this trap. Trying to accomplish more doesn’t necessarily make us happier and it can also make us more unhappy. So we should all let ourselves off the hook a bit. Just my 2 cents.

        • Is it just me or do Elizabeth Gilbert’s many friendships seem to lack sincerity? I think she’s one of those people that collects interesting and accomplished people to validate herself and make her life seem more colorful.

          • Blithe

            It’s not just you. I’ve only read “Eat, Pray, Love”, and although I enjoyed reading bits of it, I felt that she was self-absorbed, and her descriptions of her interactions with others made me feel that she was either taking notes for her book, or patting herself on the back for being an adventurous person. To me what was missing was genuine empathy — even for her husband. It’s like the people are props for her exploration and growth. I found myself really wanting to hear the other sides of her stories — to get other points of view.
            — I’m wondering though, if I found this to be a flaw because it was non-fiction, Perhaps I would have read a fictionalized version in a less judgmental way.

    • I’m that former colleague in my situation. Good luck to them!

  • RAVE: Actually falling asleep shortly after laying down last night. Took the cough syrup about 90 minutes in advance instead of 30–maybe that helped?
    Rave: Mile-long walk from bus stop to clinic wasn’t quite as cold as I had anticipated.
    Rant: Waiting for test results. Again.
    Rave: Today’s FQOD was very interesting. Looking forward to following it.
    Rave: It’s Friday!
    Rant: So many meetings today. Fingers crossed the nurse calls with results during one of the periods I’m not interviewing someone.

  • Popville: Has anyone taught English abroad? It has been a lifelong dream of mine but I am so nervous to actually do it.

    • I have a lot of friends who did/are currently on the JET program (teaching English in Japan), and they pretty much all loved it.

      • I taught English in Japan at a private conversation school rather than via JET (because I wanted to leave my job pronto, and JET has a once-a-year application cycle).
        It worked out OK in the end, but I would not recommend doing what I did, primarily because of the difficulty in getting housing without an employer willing to serve as “guarantor” (like a co-signer).
        It took me a good six months to get used to living in Japan; the adjustment was more difficult than I anticipated. I was there for a year, and by the time I left (to come back to the States to go to grad school), I didn’t want to go. I think it’s best if you can do it for two years.

    • I haven’t, but I have friends who have and they really enjoyed it.

    • I have four years in Beijing teaching English. I’m fairly up on the Asian English teaching scene if you want to bounce some questions off of me.

      • @TKPK Thanks. I think I am overwhelmed at the thought of stepping out of my comfort zone. Plus, I am deciding to do this now instead of having done it right after undergrad.

        • I went a couple years after graduate school I was 30 when i went. It really depends on why you go. When I was there, I worked about twenty hours a week and made a decent amount of money. I picked up a couple of tutoring gigs here and there to supplement income. I had about two and half months of traveling a year, and I went on budget trips to SE Asia and Korea. Everybody in China gets the same vacation time, so I always tried to leave the country. I mostly ate at Chinese restaurants (which is amazing and has far more variety than you would think), shopped at Chinese grocery stores (which has more variety than you would think and a lot of western products. A local dairy that was making really good yogurt after my first year), and drank Chinese beer (which is terrible, but not as terrible as baijiu).

          There are two types of places you can teach. A cram school or an actual school. You will work a lot at a cram school, rotating students, tend to pay a lot more (you’re working more hours). The actual school, anywhere from 16-30 hours a week. You’ll have regular students, who can be horrible or awesome. If this is something you are thinking of, look up Carden China in Beijing. It’s where I worked, and they are legit. My friend does the hiring for them. By the way, they are hiring for this fall.

          I went because of the free time, specifically to study Chinese (I didn’t speak a word of it). I got involved with cultural activities (martial arts) where I actually spent time with locals. A lot of the people I knew had something going on, whether they were artists, musicians, writers or whatever else. They certainly got the most out of it. There is a segment of the English teaching population that hang out with expats, get drunk all the time and only eat at ‘western’ restaurants. They burn through money super fast. Budweiser is a premium beer over there (there were a couple of breweries by the time I left, and others were popping up).

          Downsides to living there. Pollution (the worst thing about China), too many people, and traffic. There is good mass transit, but it is packed to the gills. People complaining about a crowded metro here have no clue. Stereotyping. Chinese people will do it to you, and you’ll probably do it to them before too long. There is a rising anti-foreign sentiment, but will be less of an issue in the city.

          I generally recommend that you give it a shot. Its a challenge to adapt to environments that are foreign. You’ll probably hate it there (especially early on). That will come from failures. Those challenges also help bring strong friendships. Nothing brings people together like mutual hardship. And later, when you are gone, you will miss the daily challenges, the terrible excuses, the spitting. Every once in a while, the girl and I still talk about ditching it all and going abroad again (btw, I met her while living abroad as well).

          My only recommendation would be to have an escape plan. Decide how long you are going to do it. It can always be adjusted, but try not to shorten it. Figure out what you’re going to when you come back. If you do this, you put a big hole in your resume that a lot of employers will overlook. It took me almost a half a year to find work after coming back, despite having a masters and a I tend to recommend grad school. It makes a nice transition, and a good experience for the application. It also makes for good job interview fodder that will help make interviewers remember you. A couple of friends have gotten yoga certs, experience teaching there and are planning on opening schools when they come back.

          • @TKPK Wow…thanks so much for your comprehensive reply. I really appreciate you sharing your experience and insight.

        • Anon, may I ask how old you are?
          I suspect that the more used you are to your current standard of living, the more of an adjustment it can be… but if you want to do it, you shouldn’t let that stop you. Just know in advance what you’re getting into.

          • @textdoc I am 41.

          • Anon — Hmm. Well, it will probably be more of an adjustment than if you were 23, but still doable, depending on how flexible/adventurous/etc. you are.
            I could’ve sworn that the JET Program used to have an upper age limit of 35, but I don’t see it on their website, so I guess that’s no longer the case.

    • Taught English in South Korea for a couple years after graduating from college. One of the better decisions I’ve made in my life (but did not help my job prospects here one iota).

    • I taught in Turkey. Be sure you get an actual teaching credential. I did the Cambridge CTEFLA course, which was great. it gave me actual classroom experience, wasn’t too long or too expensive. I highly recommend that you get a contract before you go. I found my job after I got there, and thus didn’t have paid housing, money for a return ticket, or any of the protections you get with a contract. I always had a worry about my work status – the school sort of held it over my head when I complained about anything. Some countries have stricter laws than others – in Turkey I could only work for the school that sponsored me. if they fired me, I had to leave the country (technically), and couldn’t (technically) pick up other work. I loved living there though! just do your homework, and you can have a great experience.

  • Rant: Metro. Have other RedLiners found that the trains are much more crowded and people are much more well, shove-y? I’m not a tiny little thing and I’ve been more pushed and jostled and shoved the past week or so than probably in the last year. I don’t know if people who would normally drive are taking the train with all the muck and ick in the streets so it’s more crowded or everyone is in their puffy coats and taking up more room but not realizing it or what, but I dread the commute so much more now.

    Rant: Cold making my asthma act up. My asthma is so mild normally but I still can’t catch my breath from just walking three blocks from Metro into my office. Guess I’ll have to start carrying my inhaler again.

    Rave: It’s Friday. That’s all I got right now.

    • Cinnamonster

      Yes, redliner here (Woodley to Takoma) and I’ve noticed it. I think your suspicion is correct – lots more drivers (and even people who would usually walk).

    • The trains are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more crowded than usual due to the crappy weather/lack of parking.
      I jumped on last night at 7pm at Farragut, where the crowds are usually light at that time. Every train was mobbed. So now imagine all those aggressive MD drivers now on the trains and that probably explains the increase in shoviness…

    • epric002

      i’m having the same breathing problems. i don’t ever carry my inhaler but as soon as i step out of the house i start coughing. guess i should start carrying it with me 🙁

    • I usually walk to work but it’s been too cold so I’ve been hopping on the metro this week. I suspect a lot of people like me are contributing to the trains being packed (sorry!).

    • Crowded is one thing, but near-stampedes are another. I was swept into a crowd getting off at gallery place the other morning and started to panic- I couldn’t move but was pretty much pushed off the train and into a swarm. People were shoving going both ways, and there was NO ROOM to move. Then trying to walk toward the exit was pretty scary too- so many people that I was forced to walk on the raised bumps the whole way. I think the more people there are only adds to already existing “me me me” mentality. It’s insane and shameful.

    • Yes, absolutely. The worst seems to be Shady Grove bound trains at Farragut North in the afternoon, right after they’ve gotten beyond full at GP and MC. I just can’t stand people who insist on shoving in and screwing with the doors when there’s another train a minute or two behind.

    • I’m a green liner, but my metro rant of the day is train drivers who ding the doors early, right after a crowded train unloads, before many people have loaded, and before they actually intend to close them. This encourages the shoving, and then the doors stay open. Arghgh!

    • YES. The Red line has been awful lately. Going home the past few days the train has been so slow, it moves stop-and-go all the way from Noma to Fort Totten. This morning trains were running every 10 minutes (why?) I was on a packed to the gills Shady Grove bound train this morning that was off loaded for no reason at Judiciary Sqare. The next train arrived, also packed to the gills, and I shoved on by the people standing behind me. I shoved them back because there was no room for me to go. Everyone was in a terrible mood. Sigh. I miss my walking commute so much.

  • Rave: Meet and greet day. Is a meet and greet different from an interview?
    Rant: Still haven’t packed my lunch and it’s my 3rd week here. I’m terrible!
    Rant: Pooch randomly getting antsy when I left. He does it only about once a month, so I guess I’m lucky.
    Rant: My nearby co-workers have stopped showing up. Boo!

  • Rant: Heater broke yesterday
    Fingers Crossed Rave: It should be fixed today.

  • epric002

    rant: non-shoveling glassbowls weren’t home last night when i went by so i still haven’t talked to them.
    rant: DC311 closing tickets related to unshoveled sidewalks without actually shoveling them.
    rant: co-pay for a single injection of xolair is $120!
    rave: they have a co-pay assistance program that will cover 80% of my portion- THANK GOODNESS!
    rant: northbound metro entrance at ga ave is still closed- whhhhhhy?
    rave: happy friday popville!

  • Cinnamonster

    Rant: Blerg. Heat isn’t on, and I work in a part of the building that hangs over a courtyard and is totally walls o’ windows, so I’m surrounded by the cold! Brrrr!!!
    Rave: …at least the view is still really nice! Snow is pretty.
    Rave: Filled out the PoPville book club survey – I’m so looking forward to it! Reading awesome books, making new friends. 🙂

  • Question: I need to get follow up blood work done and don’t want to go out to virginia to get it done at my docs office. Anywhere in the city to get bloodwork done? Work near Union station.

    Rant. Getting my car inspected. Had an appointment, but got in the wrong line. Totally my fault, but really irritating.

    • epric002

      it depends whether your insurance requires that it be done by specific providers, but there is a labcorp on k between foggy bottom & farragut.

      • LabCorp is awful. I had to go there for drug testing for my job and even with an appointment I waited 45 minutes. The staff are really really rude. I had to laugh though because the tech was just nasty to me, but whatever lady, I just handed you a cup of pee.

        • epric002

          the one on K was awful? i had to get blood drawn recently and didn’t have an appt and only had to wait about 10 mins.

        • I had a terrible experience at that LabCorp too. I was five minutes late to my drug testing so they made me reschedule, which was annoying, especially because they made me wait 20 minutes before telling me that. But mostly I was annoyed because the staff was being so rude to the Indian family ahead of me. I meant to see if I could file a complaint somewhere because they were being so obviously racist.

    • There’s a doctor building right next Washington Hospital Center that has a Lab Corp on the first floor. They do blood work.

    • I had luck with Quest Diagnostics on 19th St NW- I was there first thing in the morning, which might have helped. It’s a few blocks from Farragut North if you’re taking the Red Line to or from Union Station.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I use that Quest. Sometimes it’s packed, sometimes it’s empty, but the phlebotomists are quick and painless so I like ’em.

    • Thanks all! One of these is bound to work.

    • Was there a special line for appointments? It was chaos when I got there– some piece of critical equipment had broken because of the cold– so I just got in with anyone else and waved down the first person I saw to tell them I had an appointment. It did take a lot longer than it usually does though. Amazing that those guys can stay so jolly in these temperatures.

  • emvee

    Rave: My $3 car2go ride to work this morning. Hands down, that was the best $3 I have ever spent.
    Rave: Smartwool socks. How I ever survived winter before them, I’ll never know.
    Rant: I had my first Popville dream last night, and UDPie chastised me at the first book club meeting for getting the wrong coat for my dog. Guys. Get out of my head!

  • Rave: Great Friday Question of the Day!
    Rave: Made my flannel-lined boyfriend jeans sufficiently appropriate for casual Friday. So warm.
    Rave: I’ll still take this cold over humidity any day.
    Rant: Behind on a ton of projects at work. Hopefully I can catch up today since I don’t have many meetings.
    Rave: Started The Jinx last night. So far, so good.

  • Rave: Roomie and I were planning on having a party tomorrow night – we planned this maybe a month ago.
    Rant: Weather forecast for tomorrow is a little uncertain, so I’ll be bummed if we have to postpone. I’ve been a hermit lately with this cold weather, and I was looking forward to being social 🙁 oh well.
    Rave: It’s FRIDAY!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I don’t live in South Dakota on purpose, so why does it feel like South Dakota outside?
    Rave: vacation!
    Rave: Popville shirt PACKED!

  • Rave: Very funny photo
    Rant: Child still has a stomach bug. I really could go my whole life never being thrown up on again. Really.
    Rave: My boss is out, so my “deputy boss” type person doesn’t care if I’m a few minutes late
    Rave: Got our security deposit back so totally finished with my landlord. I’m happy his condo went under contract so fast (I think 4 days), but dude is an idiot.
    Rant: He gave our deposit back in CASH. Yeah I wasn’t like “get away from me, stranger!” on the metro this morning with a giant wad of Benjamins. I think it’s because he doesn’t have the money to pay the deposit back so he borrowed it from his real estate agent, who didn’t want to write us a check (against law/policy/whatever?). SO WEIRD.
    Rant: Don’t WANT TO KNOW my food budget. I’m so unable to deal with this aspect of our lives, post-child. How do people who work full time become organized enough to cook meals? I SUCK at it. And I love to cook.

    • No kids here, but I work a lot. When I’m cooking I do at least lunch so easy bulk things or quick things. Foreman grill chicken with a frozen veg. Foreman can heat up while in the shower, chicken cooks while I eat breakfast. Spaghetti is my go to. Salads with protein cooked the night before. Others have suggested a crockpot.

    • I’m a chronic planner. I’m not happy unless I have lists–to-do lists, grocery lists, etc. On the plus side, it helps a ton in this area. So do kiddo & other mom swim class and long weekend naps. So I often have plenty of time to get grocery shopping & cooking done. That’s a huge help. I’ve also re-discovered the crock pot & my kiddo discovered a HUGE affinity for rice. So after the hugely successful crock pot tikka masala that someone recommended here a couple of weeks ago, I’m in the market for more crock pot chicken recipes that are served with rice. SO EASY!!!!

      Depending on what it is, I’ve also started letting my daughter “help” with some cooking/baking–though that often results in lots of flour or whatever all over her, me, and the kitchen. So on the plus side, I can get something made when she’s up & about, but it does result in a mess. But I’m hoping to lay a foundation for her helping me in the kitchen as she gets bigger and more adept/less interested in playing with the ingredients 🙂

      • emvee

        That chicken tikka masala recipe was a HUGE hit at my house. I’ve bookmarked it and printed it out (just in case the site goes down).

      • epric002

        i just made a chicken and lentil tagine for the first time ever. it wasn’t in a crockpot, but there are definitely crockpot recipes for it. i served it over basmati rice and loved it- would totally make it again. (it was actually so easy that i’d probably make it the same way again- you basically throw everything in a pot and let it cook for about a half hour).

      • Yes – I’m a planner. A HUGE issue is that my husband doesn’t eat meat. I have a number of great crock pot chicken recipes, but he doesn’t eat chicken. Which means I’m either making 2 meals, or a less healthy vegetarian meal (pasta) that he’ll eat. My weight loss success was when he was deployed and I was able to control more. And on Sundays, I get very little done because I have a clingy child who isn’t old enough to help. Every ‘make ahead’ meal I can do has a lot of cheese.

        I try EVERY week to do better and then end up really pissed. I can do things like make sesame noodles to take to work, or quinoa salad for work lunches. But I hate that I feel like such a failure (unhealthy failure at that) in this area

        • getmealplans.com (described below) might work -really- well for you. Although, the new delivery service I’m testing might be up your alley. I’ll try to remember to let you know when it launches.

        • How about you making one mean and him making the other?

          • I went through a phase of “you’re on your own for your dinners”, but he’s so bad at it, he ended up with boxed mac and cheese almost every night. Which made me continue to feel like a failure.

          • I think your failure feelings are misdirected.

          • your husband not eating well is a perfectly good reason for a spouse to feel bad. it might not be “modern”, but plenty of spouses provide for the other. Thanks, though.

          • Again, I think you’re being to hard on yourself. Of course spouses provide for each other. But when one spouse has particular dietary issues and makes no effort provide for himself (much less anyone else), the other spouse shouldn’t feel like a failure because she doesn’t cater to those requirements.

          • I would feel bad too, jindc, and I don’t think feeling that way means we have to revoke our feminist cards. It might not be “modern” but to me cooking is a way that I show my care and support for the people I love.

          • +1. See the Elizabeth Gilbert story UDPie linked above 🙂

        • I know you are–which is why I mentioned I’m also super lucky to have longer weekend naps & some kid & other-parent time to work with. That helps a ton, for sure.
          But ugh, that sounds tricky. What about vegetarian chilis with lots of beans? Or chickpea meals? One of my favorite vegetarian meals isn’t a crock pot meal, but is also super easy. It’s with pasta, but the sauce is equal parts crushed tomatoes & chickpeas (made into more of a paste with a blender), sauteed on the stove with a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper. It’s a Rachel Ray recipe–she also has some good reaonsably easy recipes.
          I know your husband isn’t always super helpful around the house, etc–but would it be possible to set up some weekly dad & kid time that would allow for some grocery shopping and/or cooking?

          • yes, we do this….he gets the kid and I do shopping. It’s the best part of my week 🙂 (I’m a weirdo, I love grocery shopping). He can cook himself salmon, which he’ll eat….so I’ll buy chicken for me, salmon for him, and then rice/baked potato and a veg. But even roasting veggies (95% inactive cooking) is a failure for him (how much oil do you need to put on asparagus to roast, honey? they’re drenched!). And then I get frustrated because he sucks at it – I don’t understand completely being unable to cook. But his mom doesn’t cook either, so it’s not surprising. I always cooked growing up and love it.

          • He’s military which means he can follow directions. Be specific. Honey put 1oz of oil. (Or whatever) on the veggies. Cook veg stuff you could add meat to later. Tv dinners. Plenty of veg friendly, no less healthy options. You shouldn’t be killing yourself because he chooses to be a vegetarian.

          • epric002

            agree, if he will follow directions you might want to look in to homechef, plated, hellofresh, or blue apron. they have vegetarian meal options available and you can either cook together or swap off?

          • Oops, that +1 was to Anon Spock. I need to e-mail the Prince; ever since the newest-comments-first experiment last week, fourth-level (?) replies don’t seem to be threading properly.

          • yeah, I thought that too. Believe me. Maybe I’m not yelling at him enough? 🙂 Knife hands?

          • More yelling, more detailed instructions (write it down), lots more knife hands

          • What are “knife hands”? Like Edward Scissorhands??

          • Knife hands= a method of pointing employed by drill sergeants

        • 101cookbooks is a good blog for some vegetarian recipe inspiration.

        • Same here. My partner’s vegetarian and I’m not (but I don’t mind eating all vegetarian). We both work full time although we don’t have kids. I love cooking and being super organized so we always have healthy home cooked meals.
          Do you mind eating meatless meals if they’re healthy? It seems like you’re under the impression that vegetarian meals have to involve a lot of cheese and carbs.

          • the blog Kitchen Treaty is helpful for an inter-food family like this….but it’s still a lot of hands on work before eating for many of the meals. And most veggie meals ARE filled with carb-based proteins (they can be healthy like beans and grains). I am fine eating vegetarian, I usually have to. Once you have a child, being organized and cooking meals are not as easy as they were before a child. I love being organized and cooking too, and had healthy home cooked meals. Then I had a kid.

          • Yeah, I can see the kid throwing things into a tailspin. But also having to cook two separate meals is insane. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with grains or legumes, but if you’re really trying to avoid them you can do soups and stir fries with all veggies. Lots prep work (maybe get the husband to help with the cutting?) but they’re quick and easy after that.

          • Oh there’s nothing wrong with them…they just are carbs (in general). I was always amazed that when I was on Weight Watchers, veggie chili had so many points because of the beans.

        • saf

          Check out Joe Yonan’s book, “Eat Your Vegetables.” It’s designed for cooking for 2 people, and has LOTS of stuff where you make a few base things and use them a bunch of different ways.

    • A friend uses onceamonthmeals dot com. Full of freezeable recipes that last for a month so you can stock up on several things at once. She loves it. Maybe it could help you?

      • Along the same lines, I’ve used getmealplans.com with great success. It’s vegan, but very adaptable, and I’ve spent as little as $75/week using it for TWO PEOPLE while shopping exclusively at Whole Foods. The baseline of each day is 1,200 calories so it’s also good for those of us who are trying to be thoughtful about not eating too much.

    • I look at the circular each week for the Harris Teeter (where I do most of my shopping) and will meal plan based on what is on sale. I try to do a big cook up during the weekend (ie, making a casserole and maybe a quiche or a pot of steel cut oats for breakfast for the week and perhaps roasting a chicken which can be used in different ways — sandwiches, quesadillas one night for dinner). I also stockpile the freezer with meals from Trader Joes for those evenings when I can’t bring myself to cook, and I use the crockpot. I read food blogs when I get in cooking ruts, but also have a pretty good collection of easy, workable week day meals. I try to cook more than we’ll eat so I have leftovers for lunch (or for dinner later in the week). And I’m not above making fried rice (so fast and easy) or eggs scrambled with vegetables and calling it dinner on those nights when I’m just too tired to cook an elaborate meal. At least once a week, the non-cooking partner orders take out for us. I refuse to cook from scratch every night, usually about four evenings a week.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        I am single and wanting to cook at home on weekends. This sounds like a plan I could use. I just got out my “Not your mother’s slow cooker” cook book and want to make something huge for the weekend. I also find the recipes in the Real Simple magazine to be very helpful. You also might try Scratch DC or Plated or Home Chef for just need assembly meals.

      • I used to do the oatmeal, too – I added a little vanilla extract and some orange zest. It was great. I’d put it in muffin tins and freeze. DC needs Fresh Direct, dangit!

      • This is basically what I do.

    • Planning really is key. I also think the age of the children is important too. For me, I try to plan my meals or at least a good idea of what I would like to make, a week or at least a few days in advance. On my most organized weeks, I’ll have all the meals planned and even some prepped ahead of time. On other weeks, like this week where the schedule has been all screwed up, I at least have a plan in place by noon so I know what I or my partner need to get (she works near whole foods so it’s easy enough for her to pick stuff up), or like yesterday I’ll just tell her to get something for me to make (she doesn’t cook). We’re usually home by 6 and I cook while the kids do homework. by 6:30-6:45, dinner is done and on the table. I try to limit it to quick stuff, and if there is something that takes a while to cook I prep it ahead of time. This is especially true of my kids’ two favorites – lasagna and meatloaf (yes, meatloaf) – which can both be pre-made and take about an hour to bake. Also, there is no shame in my game, there is at least one sandwich or quesadilla night a week, and although we’ve tried to limit it, we usually get pizza once a week too. I will say that our food budget for a family of 7 ranges anywhere from $75-$150 a week, so I was kind surprised by the figures in the FQOD. But, if we rarely go out to eat to.
      My biggest advice is to cut your self some slack. Being a working mom is not easy and you’re doing the bext you can; I promise you, it does get easier. Good luck 🙂

      • Thanks….I do think age of kids is a factor (I also think parental preference matters – if my son preferred my husband, it’d be easier to break away on Sunday and cook without feeling guilty). He has no homework or anything. So he’s just there irritated that I’m doing something other than hanging with him. I did make him some things over the weekend. And then he got a stomach virus so in the trash it’ll all go….sigh…

      • “cut your self some slack. Being a working mom is not easy and you’re doing the best you can” — 100% agree with this. Growing up in my house, we had years — years — of 5-day/week frozen food, pizza, and Chinese delivery being the norm and it only left me with a few battle scars 🙂 Seriously, it sounds like something has to give here, be it time, money, “healthiness,” your relationship with your husband, or your sanity. If all of those things are not perfect simultaneously, that’s not your fault. It’s reality!

        • Emmaleigh504

          jindc, We had pancakes and pizza at least once a week b/c of parental exhaustion. Once my sister and I were old enough to make lunch ourselves, then “scrounge night” was thrown into the mix. We had to fend for ourselves with cereal or sandwiches or leftovers or whatever we could find. I had pesto past through most of 9th and 10th grades. We survived, eat our veggies voluntarily, and are healthy. Just keep at it day by day and remember your kid will be able to fend for himslef sooner than you think!
          Also my parents taught my sister and me to get our own cereal and milk pretty much as soon as we could stand, so they could sleep in weekend mornings. Sure there were messes, but they got more sleep. (I remember so well that if the milk was more than 1/2 full, mys sister had to lift it for me. This was before she was mean and the infamous toothbrush incident.)

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Forget American Idol, The Voice. The Official Unofficial PoPville Karaoke is coming.
    March 11 at Wokn’Roll in Chinatown. More details to come, stay tuned!
    IF others consider it appropriate, this could also double as the monthly Unofficial PoPville HH.
    In that case, the event will be called The, sigh….

    The Official Unofficial PoPville Karaoke plus Unofficial PoPville Happy Hour.

  • Rant: Missed the bus by 20 seconds and that walk to the metro was coooooold this morning.
    Rave: We have water and heat again! There was a water main break in Cleveland Park yesterday that had a lot of people without water, and then our building’s boiler went. Thankfully, it’s the building’s responsibility to fix that and so they did. I showered at the gym yesterday morning and then came home to finish getting ready. Brrrrr.
    Rave: Haircut today at lunch. I’m going to enjoy the hell out of that long scalp massage.

    • Cinnamonster

      Oooooh. A haircut with a fabulous scalp massage sound sooooo good right now! Where do you recommend?

      • I go to Molecule at 18th and M. It’s reasonable for DC, pricier elsewhere, but so worth it. I have coarse, curly hair and I get a consistently great haircut.

      • Can I chime in here? I had a glorious scalp massage/haircut the other day at Michael Anthony Salon. (Hunter is awesome!) I usually hate when people touch my head but it was fantastic. And seemed to be at least 5 minutes. (Maybe that’s not a long time? I dunno- I usually ask them not to do it so I have no frame of reference lol.)

    • I go (when I have money) to St Germaine (same owners as Molecule) and their shampoo assistants are awesome. As a former shampoo assistant who made a LOT of money – I know the value of a good scalp massage – they get my two thumbs up. And if you like scalp massages, Bliss spa has a back/head only massage that is AMAZING.

  • palisades

    Rave: Peking Gourmet Inn for Chinese New Year dinner with friends. Got an entire peking duck among other things. Delicious.
    Rave: Snowshoe this weekend. They’re calling for a foot of snow tomorrow. Hell. Yes.

  • Aglets

    Rant: My cat is not feeling well and I spent a ridiculous amount of $ to have Union Vet shrug their shoulders and say “welp….beats me!’.
    I am probably searching for a new vet.

    Rave: i went to Bianca Del Rio last night at the Fillmore in silver spring. That is one funny queen.

  • Rant: Trash has been collected all week from our alley due to the snow and the holiday. Does anyone know if they collect from unplowed alleys? Or do i need to call 311?

    • You mean not collected, right? How bad is it back there? They probably can do an unplowed alley if it’s safe, but not clear who makes that call.

      • Yeah , i meant not collected (no coffee at time of typing) . The alley is fine as far as a few cars have been driving through it during the week. It isn’t bad back there, but as I live in twice a week collection area, I have no more room in my trash can. I guess i’ll wait till i get home and see if they came during the day, if not then i’ll call 311.

    • I don’t think it’s an alley issue. Our trash gets picked up from the curb on our busy street (it was probably one of the first to get plowed) and it’s been sitting out there all week. I think between the holiday and the weather they’re way behind schedule.

  • skj84

    Rave: Created a doodle poll for those interested in Popville brunch in March:

    Rant: Smokers in the office who sit by me. I don’t care that they smoke. However two of them go to smoke at the same time, and come back reeking of cigarettes. Seriously the smell is strong enough to make me gag.

  • rant: My father is flying into DCA tomorrow night and the weather forecast is not good to say the least. Other than suggesting that he switch to a flight earlier in the day (which I just suggested to him, good thing he’s flying Southwest), any suggestions on how to get from the DCA to the city once he gets here? (I live in the Palisades.) I always try to avoid being out in a car in bad weather – would the roads be safe if we took a taxi? Do VA taxis charge the same snow surcharge as DC cabs? (+$15, right?)

    • Could you get him to take Metro to Foggy Bottom (I think that would be the closest Metro station, right?) and then cab it from there?

      • palisades

        Honestly that would be more trouble than it’s worth. Figuring out the metro, calling a cab and having to drive thru the city. If he took an uber straight from the airport it’s a super quick drive using GW parkway and avoiding city traffic.

        • Fair enough. I wasn’t thinking about Uber because I am the last person on earth with no smartphone. 😉

          • palisades

            Haha a smartphone is worth it just for googlemaps and uber. If those didn’t exist, I wouldn’t see the point of owning one.

          • “a smartphone is worth it just for googlemaps and uber.” I totally agree with this. A few months ago, one of the Slate podcasts had a “conundrums” episode and one of the questions posed in it was “would you a) live the rest of your life without a smartphone or its future equivalent or b) love five years of life.” I think the respondents all picked having a smartphone over the years of life and I would have to agree with them. I’ve become entirely dependent on Uber and Google Maps and am very okay with that. My life is markedly better for their presence in it.

          • T-Mobile recently changed my plan to something that has some level of data included, so it might finally be worthwhile for me to make the leap.
            As long as I’m around wi-fi, my iPod Touch basically functions like a smartphone… but yeah, it’s becoming more and more difficult not to have a smartphone.

    • From DCA, you’d take a DC taxi probably, not a VA one. By the sound of it, the morning should be ok. Snowy but not icey. That will be in the afternoon.

    • palisades

      I live in the palisades and have gone to and from DCA many times. If he can get an earlier flight, it’s an easy 10 min drive to pick him up. If not, he can get an uber. The taxis that are regulated by the airport are overpriced like CRAZY. It’s double what an uber costs for the same distance. The Uber app even recognizes which gate you’re in and sends a car depending on your location.

  • Question for the PoPletariat from a fed:
    On 2/5, I submitted a leave request to take 2/19 and 2/20 off. My supervisor called me into his office to say he could not grant the leave request. Today, I need to finalize my timesheet and I cannot do so unless I cancel the leave request or he denies the leave request. He does not want to deny it because he has to explain why he denied it. In the past, I have canceled my requests so as not to make him look bad, but I also end up with ~100 hours of use or lose leave at the end of the year. Obviously, not a great situation. Do I play chicken on this? I am leaning toward yes.

    • Ally

      That’s a tough one. Just curious — what was the reason he told you in private for why you couldn’t take the time off? Workload?

      • Workload was the reason given. I proposed an alternative of 3/5 and 3/6. That was verbally denied as well. Interestingly enough, my supervisor took last Thursday and Friday off.

        • Ally

          That stinks. If this has happened repeatedly (which is sounds like it has), it might not be a bad idea to discretely speak to HR about what your agency’s policy is on leave requests. Short term, I think at least (nicely) making him document the many, many denials is probably a good thing.

        • Yeah, don’t know your situation, but it sounds like they want you out. My advice: get a new job. I’ve never heard of denying leave. I could see it happening in extreme cases: ER nurse who needs to fill in for someone, but a regular bureaucrat of any type shouldn’t be repeatedly having leave denied. Either you are a problem for him, or he is an awful guy. Regardless, I recommend you look elsewhere- good luck!

          • Thank you. I am looking, hard. The supervisor doesn’t want me out – and has successfully stopped me from leaving to lateral positions within my agency twice before. Unless this supervisor does want me out, in which case, they have a very strange way of showing it.

          • Yeah. Sounds to me like the supervisor doesn’t want you out; he just wants to work you to the max.

          • I can go weeks without seeing him even though it’s a three person office. Me, his deputy, and him.
            I can also go weeks without having any assignments.
            Time for a cry.

          • I’ve been told I could get pulled back from a vacation before when I was a paralegal (because they didn’t want to fly the lead paralegal on the case back from an Asia vacation… even though I put in my request before said paralegal started working with the firm). It sucks, it happens, and if you can force them to either allow you to take the days at a later date or pay you for the vacation days you aren’t being allowed to take, that could at least be a short term solution until you can find something new…

        • Yes, force him to document the denial. That’s the policy. If he is going to utilize the policy against you he should have to follow it against himself too.

    • epric002

      i’m not a fed, but i don’t see why you should have to suffer because he doesn’t want to explain why he denied your leave.

    • Make him deny it. What an ass he is. When your timekeeper bugs you about your timesheet, tell him/her you can’t due to the leave request still pending.

      Rave: never have had a supervisor that was that big of a jerk.

      • Thank you – my only concern at that point is when the timekeeper says “just cancel the request so you can get paid on time!”
        I don’t really have a good response to that, because the principle of the thing will not be as important to the timekeeper.

        • Can you ask the timekeeper to ask your boss to deny the request?
          Good luck with the whole situation — your boss sounds like a jerk. If “workload” is the reason he doesn’t want to let you take time off, then he shouldn’t have a problem citing “workload” in the “Reason for denying request” (or whatever it is) field. Something fishy is going on.

    • I say play chicken. If he’s going to deny a leave request, he should not be unwilling to provide an explanation for it unless there is some nefarious reason.

    • Did he at least explain to you verbally why he can’t grant the request? Anyway, he’s a supervisor and I assume it’s part of his job to grant and deny leave requests. It’s not your responsibility to not make him look bad if he can’t perform one of his job functions. I’m all for playing nice with colleagues but at some point they’ve got to do their own job the right way.
      Full disclosure I am not a fed so I don’t know the politics of fed leave.

    • Thank you, PoPletariat!
      I will let this boil over on Monday when my timekeeper needs the timesheet. Why wait? I have a number of deadlines today and don’t want to get into a sniping match over email with my supervisor. My supervisor does not want to be caught denying a leave request by his supervisor, so this will end up in a morale-sapping battle on Monday. I CAN’T WAIT!

      • Let us know how it goes. Honestly, if this happens frequently, I’d have to do something about it whether that’s talking to HR or talking to your boss’s boss (will depend on the agency/office culture/your comfort level with your boss’s boss).

  • Ally

    Rant: Got scolded by my boss for not meeting a metric that doesn’t exist and hasn’t ever been discussed, even though the customer was very happy with the service and the turn-around time. Very hard to meet expectations when the expectations seem to come out of thin air.
    Rave: I have a job.
    Rave: Getting married next week!

  • Rant: So stink’ tired today I can barely hold my head up. Weekend, I need you.
    Ravey rant: Booked solid with great weekend plans. I should have budgeted more time for sleeping!
    Rave: I should be able to finish knitting the baby blanket this weekend. I’ve been a real slowpoke but it’s almost done now. Excited to start … the next baby blanket gift for another friend.

  • Does anyone know of any places to play BINGO in the area? —The real BINGO with cash prizes, not drag queen BINGO. Thanks

    • A friend once mentioned going to the American Legion on Capitol Hill for old school BINGO. That was a few years ago, but probably worth checking out.

    • I JUST saw a sign for bingo the other day, but it was in some depressed part of Northern VA (Springfield I think).

  • Rave: Long underwear and cashmere sweaters. This is how I survive winter.
    Rave: Girl Scout cookies arrived today! This is how I get very fat before the spring.

  • If you were going to San Francisco for two days and one night only and wanted to get a good sense of the city, where would you choose to stay? Hotels there are surprisingly affordable for some reason so budget isn’t the biggest concern. Would you stay closer to downtown or try to get an AirBNB-type rental in a neighborhood closeby?

    • Go for AirBnB. Many of the hotels are around Union Square, which is fine, but you’ll be in Tourist Central.

      • I guess my question is: is “touristy” really a bad thing if I’m actually a tourist? I kind of like touristy stuff. And I haven’t been to San Francisco since high school. Is “touristy” like Times Square in New York — not like the rest of the city at all — or does it just have a higher concentration of chain stores?

        • It’s a bit like Times Square. I guess the upside to staying there is it is easy to get to any other part of the city (relatively speaking), whereas if you stay in a neighborhood, it might be a pain getting to another one you’re interested in checking out. From downtown, you can get pretty much anywhere else on one ride in a reasonable amount of time.

          • Thanks — this was what I wanted to know. I’m less concerned about being in the center of cool stuff and more concerned about being able to get to cool stuff easily. Anything you would specifically recommend doing/seeing/eating?

          • For food, I always have to get Mexican when in the Bay Area. La Taqueria and El Farolito are the most famous burrito places, and I have to say reality matches the hype. They’re both by the 24th St Mission BART station. Get chinese, but outside Chinatown. Saigon Sandwich near Civic Center/City Hall has great banh mi.

            To see? Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge of course. Fisherman’s Wharf sucks. The De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. Maybe the Japanese tea garden in GG park too. I like SF MOMA, but if you’ve been to NY’s MOMA recently, no reason to go to the one in SF. Walk along the Bay from the Ferry Terminal to the Alcatraz ferry. Walking the other direction from the Ferry Terminal to Red’s Java House is another option.

          • Thanks for the recommendations, msus! I’m going to try to pack as much of this as possible into those 48 hours.

  • Anyone have experience with 4P foods? They are a new CSA model esque produce and meat distributor that was tabling at my apartment complex. The bag they showed from last week had a pretty large selection and I’m wondering if it would be worth trying out. I’d probably only get a bag once or twice a month max, because I”m a slow eater I guess, so their skip policy is pretty appealing. A bag is 35$ though.

  • Random: A few weeks (?) ago someone raved about a podcast they were listening to. It’s not Serial (already downloaded) and I read the recent Friday QOTD but couldn’t figure it out. Stocking up for some upcoming trips.

    • Was it Invisibilia? Even if not, I’d recommend it 🙂

      • I like Invisibilia too- but the vocal fry is getting to be a bit much. Gah!!

        • Did you listen to the This American Life Segment on vocal fry a few weeks back? Really interesting conclusions! thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/545/if-you-dont-have-anything-nice-to-say-say-it-in-all-caps

          • Hah, I need to check this out!
            I have a bad feeling that I was intending to check this out last time you posted about it and never did… makes me wonder what other interesting things I’ve meant to check out and haven’t!

          • Emmaleigh504

            That was really interesting. I was glad that Ira could hear his own vocal fry.

          • And a longer discussion of vocal fry with Alix Spiegel herself: stitcher.com/podcast/slate-magazine-daily-podcast/e/doublex-gabfest-broadscasting-edition-36873221

          • Textdoc, that whole TAL episode is really, really good. And super relevant for RRRR enthusiasts!

          • Cinnamonster

            Adding this to my to-read/to-listen-to list. Thanks Shawess 🙂

          • I did! Even in my college radio days, vocal fry would’ve gotten me yanked from the airwaves! Once you notice it, it’s very hard to ignore, which is why Invisibilia isn’t really on my must-hear list anymore.

          • I’m perfectly happy to write off “vocal fry” as one of those things people call out when they really want to criticize young women in broadcasting for being young women in broadcasting but don’t think they can do that directly. anon, does it bother you this much when Ira Glass does it?

          • Pablo Raw

            StarTalk w Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye is going to start hosting it soon. The best.

          • it bothers me when anyone does it. once in a while, fine. but almost every sentence? it grates on me. i don’t care if you’re male or female. i don’t know exactly where it comes from or why- but when you’re on the radio, i think vocal training is important so you don’t fall into these patterns. hearing “like” on the radio really gets to me too, even though i’m totally guilty of using it more than i want and try not to. but i’m also not on the radio. 😉

          • also, as a former young woman in broadcasting, i have no reason to write off young women in broadcasting. at all.

          • er, criticize them, i mean. misread your post. write-off, criticize. i don’t have a reason to do either. just don’t make my ears bleed, people! 😉

          • Emmaleigh504

            The TAL episode talks about how every generation has a verbal tick that drives older generations nuts. Vocal Fry is just the latest in a long line in not sounding authoritative, or professional enough. kids today!

          • I’m still not sure I totally understand what vocal fry is (maybe because I grew up with it) but I think I do it when I want to sound more professional or authoritative. I have a babyish voice and it makes it a bit lower and mature-sounding.

          • I’m not sure it’s a generational thing. If NPR’s website is correct and my math doesn’t suck, Alix Spiegel is older than me, or at least around my age. But I’m not trying to bash her. I think she’s a fabulous journalist- and I like the show. Just not enjoying the vocal fry that many on-air personalities/interview subjects seem to have. Invisibilia is just one example.

          • Emmaleigh504

            not generational as in millenials do it, but generational as in after a long span of time it’s no longer seen as annoying and some other vocal tick is.

          • Correction: the vocal fry segment on the Double X gabfest (Stitcher link above) is in the Chana Joffe-Walt segment. It goes into a lot more depth about the gender and race assumptions behind vocal fry complaints. They make a comparison to Mike Pesca that, if you listen to Mike Pesca, seems to be spot on.

        • Introverted — The “This American Life” segment on vocal fry includes a researcher who found that when people under 40 heard reporters using vocal fry, they thought it made the reporters sound _more_ authoritative, and when people over 40 heard the same thing, they thought it made them sound _less_ authoritative.
          Is vocal fry what Neda Ulaby (sp?) does? I’m still not sure I can reliably identify vocal fry, but Neda Ulaby always sounds very affected to me — like going up and down in pitch in a really unnatural way — and I can’t stand it.

          • Fascinating! (I’m in my 30s) I’ll have to listen to that episode.

          • Emmaleigh504

            no Neda has a whole different kind of suckage. (Vocal Fry doesn’t normally bother me.) Neda sounds like she has a wet smile when she talks. And like she’s trying not to laugh. AND she takes interesting topics and makes them more boring than watching paint dry! Neda is the worst.

          • Now that Guy Roz (sp?) is hosting the TED Radio Hour, he seems to be speaking in a slightly Neda Ulaby-ish manner. I don’t remember him doing that when he was a regular NPR correspondent.

          • Eleanor Beardsley has the worst vocal fry of anyone, anywhere. It is painful.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 for Invisibilia, Thanks for suggesting it a while back, Shawess!

      • Yes, Invisibilia, thank you! Now can you make more storage space on my phone so I can finish downloading : )

        • Emmaleigh504

          I also like BBC Witness. They are short roughly 10 mins pieces reporting on historical stuff all over the globe. It’s daily, so you can download a bunch. And they rotate reporters and hosts, so you don’t here Alan Johnston’s vocal fry every day.

  • Rant – Red line!
    Rave – My space heater. I love my space heater so much.
    Rave – Quiet few days in the office. I even had time to organize the files on my computer into folders. I can now see my desktop background picture!
    Rant – Wedding vendors that don’t respond to emails or phone calls are frustrating.

    • Testing second-level comments (first level of replies)…

    • I hate tests 😀
      Rave: flying out this afternoon. I will be missing this weekend’s snow debacle and instead enjoying snow in the pristine mountains.
      Rave: picked up the cutest gifts for the new baby of friends I am visiting in Brussels. The couple met in DC, so I got them the “Good Night Washington DC” children’s book and a 930 Club onesie (that was one of their favorite date spots).

  • Rave: Drivers seemed like they were being REALLY nice to pedestrians this morning–lots of slowing down and letting pedestrians cross, even against the light, and I didn’t really see any aggression. Maybe they all were just aware how much it sucks to be outside today and wanted people to be able to get where they were going as fast as humanly possible.

    • I noticed that, too! What a nice change…

    • emvee

      I wish I’d gotten your drivers. Instead I got a guy who came flying through an intersection without stopping to make a right turn on red, almost taking me out while I was in the crosswalk. Mittens may keep my hands warm, but it’s harder to flick people off with them.

  • Rant: it’s been one hell of a week.
    Rave: weekend.
    Rant: no plans tonight.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I know there are a few “snail mail” loving people in Popville. I will (try) to send you postcards from my trip if you gmail your address to Emmaleigh504. I love to send postcards!

    • Emilie, enjoy your trip. And just a little note on snail mail. A few years ago, I remember reading some article in the NYTimes about a family that sent postcards to themselves documenting highlights of their travels. I started doing it, and it is really fun to read over the postcards. So maybe even send yourself snail mail!

  • Rave: Eric Hilton set tonight @ LC
    Rant: apparently the building it is in will NOT be heated
    Rave: probably a show at babe city afterward or maybe that isnt until tomorrow… idk

    • I saw in the e-mail from the Laser Cat organizers that they’re clearing out the venue after each DJ’s set, which means my crafty plan of entering with my 7 p.m. ticket and sticking around for Eric Hilton’s 8:30 p.m. set is a no-go.
      However, given that the e-mail also said that — as you noted — the building it’s in won’t be heated — I am comforting myself sour-grapes style with “Well, that wouldn’t have been much fun anyway.”

    • skj84

      I had 8pm tickets originally, but waited too ling when they reissued. Going to the 10pm show which is probably going to be extra freezing. This show better be worth it! I am going to be bundled up like crazy.

      • Yeah — I too originally had the Friday-night tickets, but didn’t pounce quickly enough when they scrapped them and reissued the time-divided ones. Ugh. Why couldn’t they have just left well enough alone?

  • Rave: nice, big tax refund coming my way. I might add under cabinet lighting and replace my back splash ahead of schedule, which is good because I’m getting antsy.
    Rant: why is it so hard to find a clear glass, small, single bulb pendant light? I’m over the frosted finish on mine and want something that doesn’t disrupt my open concept Yup, I said it. I love it.
    Rave: not having to leave my house today…until spin class tonight.

  • Rant: Tired. Cranky.
    Rant: So what else is new?
    Rave: The caffeine will have to kick in eventually. Right?
    Rave: High of 42 on Sunday!

  • Rant/rave: 3rd day in a row of delays. It’s nice to sleep in but why is the universe making it so hard to do my job?
    Rave: I love snow!

  • RANT!!!: DC 911. A woman at the inspection station this morning was clearly having a hard time breathing and the DMV guys were on the phone with 911. They kept telling the operator “she can’t breathe and says she needs an ambulance, just send the ambulance.” and “You’re seriously going to ask MORE questions before you send an ambulance?” Then they’d have to ask her if she had lung problems and go back to the 911 operator with “No, like I said before, she says she has a heart condition, she can’t breathe and says she needs an ambulance, can you please just send an ambulance!” Then a guy gets on the phone and says “I’m [name], supervisor at the DMV, you guys need to get here RIGHT NOW. Seriously, you’re going to ask more questions? She says she needs an ambulance!” It was so frustrating being there and not being able to do anything for her.

    Rave: the guys at the inspection station and other customers were doing everything they they could to make her comfortable and try to get EMS to come out.

    • I think I’ve read before that the operator often puts out the call while still asking questions… so it’s possible that the ambulance was on its way and the operator was gathering more info to pass along, and not that the operator was holding off on dispatching the ambulance until he/she had all the questions answered.

  • Rant: DC government seized hundreds of bottles of wine from a restaurant on a tax lien and they’re auctioning it off on GovDeals. Unfortunately, they’re storing it in Hyattsville so only people w/interstate liquor licenses can buy it. The first lot of fifty bottles went for $100, and some of those were worth $25 on their own. So frustrating!

    • Allison

      It’s not a seizure auction, but if you like that kind of stuff check out the General Services Administration (GSA) Auctions. You can find all kinds of weird stuff at government surplus prices! I was tempted to buy my own broken down abandoned lighthouse once, just to say I had one.

  • Rant: Still disappointed with things at work.
    Rave: In a phone conference where the issue of hiring was being discussed, the very first question from one of the regional offices was “I thought hiring an additional [anon for now’s job title] was a priority. Why is that no longer happening?”

  • Brooklyn Brawler

    Rave: I have a date with a guy after work for drinks and grub

    Rant: Another date with a much YOUNGER guy lol

    Rave: Warmer weather this weekend

  • Rant: Why is the Takoma Busboys and Poets only serving dinner? I want grits and eggs.
    Rant: Why are the taking the only open green space in Takoma on Maple St behind the CVS and putting a development there so big it belongs in Bethesda. Nobody wants something that huge. They wouldn’t get away with that crap if it was in Takoma Park.
    Rant: Car doors were frozen shut this morning.
    Rave: Neighbor had an extension cord long enough to attach to a hair dryer and thawed my car door open. I love my neighbors.

  • Forgotten, late rave and PSA: I got tickets to see Stephin Merritt at 6th and I! He’s performing on Sunday, May 3rd.

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