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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: my office not closing even though MoCo public schools/fed/dc govt/dc public schools/metro bus service all closed.

    Rave: working from home in sweatpants with my dog sitting next to me on the couch is pretty dope.

  • Rave: Snow day. I’d even put money on a delay tomorrow.
    Rant: Bad weather really messes with my lesson plans.
    Rave: Looking forward to lunch and possibly sledding today
    Rave: Found a great deal on a Fitbit – paid $75 for the Charge on Craigslist, yay!
    ?: One of my neighbors shoveled the sidewalk in front of my house around 8:00 a.m. Not sure if I should feel thankful or upset/embarrassed about it. We may be the group house that has let weeds grow, but we shovel our sidewalks, damn it.
    ?: One man with a shovel rang my next door neighbor’s bell. She offered him $20 and he finished more quickly than she had expected him to. When he told her someone else had done the sidewalk previously, she said she wasn’t going to pay $20 for that, just $10. He accepted (as if he had a choice), but let out quite the string of expletives after.

    • I wouldn’t feel bad about the sidewalk. Someone was probably trying to get theirs done before leaving for work, and figured they might as well do yours while they were at it. This snow was really easy to shovel (not frozen to the sidewalk for once!) so it would have only taken them a minute or two.

    • Yep, I often shovel half my block. I feel like once I go through all the drama of the boots, scarf, gloves, jacket, etc. I might as well spend more than the 2 minutes it takes to do the 6 feet in front of my house.

      • Thanks – I just felt like they did it because we’re the one group house on the block and they didn’t expect us to. Good to know they were likely just being nice!

      • Exactly! I think getting yourself out there is half the battle, so you might as well spare the neighbors from having to do the same.

    • Accountering

      $20 seems a bit ridiculous. Per house and walk, it was like 5 minutes of work. I shoveled my rental, as well as my two closest neighbors. Took me probably 10 minutes.

  • epric002

    rave: working from home today.
    rave: snow.
    rave: carryout indian & champagne with neighbors last night.
    rave: 3 day work week.
    rant: dogs are sissies when it’s snowing.

  • skj84

    Rave: Snow day! Well work from home day. Sitting in my PJ’s to make sales calls.

    Rant: I still have to go to rehearsal tonight. I need to be out of the house no later than 5 to get there on time. Not thrilled.

    Rant 2: I left my AC Adapter for my laptop at work and didn’t realize it until I got home. They let us out early yesterday and in my haste to leave I unplugged my computer but forgot to stick the cord into my bag. This lead to a mad dash to Staples in the middle of the storm to buy a new one. Which cost me $60. Sigh.

  • Rave: Neighbor who shoveled my sidewalk, other neighbors who shoveled, and even the nearby church is in the process of clearing sidewalks.
    Rave: Curried chickpea soup tastes better the second day
    Rant: Eye allergy? in just one eye? First step is to try antihistamine, MD offered prescription eye drops if that doesn’t work. Hope I’m not developing allergies to my dog — there is very little pollen in the air these days.

  • Rant: The delicious pasta e fagioli we made yesterday, which caused me to be so painfully bloated that I couldn’t sleep last night. Then there was a high-pitched noise that was bothering me while I attempted to sleep. My girlfriend said she didn’t hear anything, so I tried to ignore it, but this morning I discovered that the hot water was running full blast in the bathroom sink. Neither the faucet nor the valve under the sink would shut it off, so we had to shut off the main water supply. I wish at least one of us was a Fed, so we could stay home and get it fixed today.
    Raves: I’m happy that we finally got some decent snow this winter!

    • Oh, and a question for the ladies: The zipper on my jeans broke about a month ago, and I’m starting to miss wearing jeans now, so I’m trying to find a replacement. Not having much luck though. My old jeans were Zara but they don’t have anything similar at the moment. I’m looking for petite sizing with a mid rise and straight leg. The straight leg is particularly hard to find; it’s mostly just skinnies and bootcut everywhere. Any leads would be appreciated!

      • Might be worth it to get em fixed? Nordstrom does a lot of tailoring; not sure how much it costs, though.

      • I like Levi’s–they also do in-store fittings so you get the right size/cut. I also dig Ann Taylor’s modern fit (in between straight leg and skinnies).

      • I have the best luck with Lucky Brand, which I frequently find at Marshalls/TJMaxx for way less than at the Lucky Brand store.

      • Blithe

        Check on line at Lands End. I’m sure that they have petite sizes, and they definitely have mid-rise straight leg jeans. They also have an excellent return policy – so if you ever break another zipper they will exchange or refund your purchase.

      • Loft has a decent selection of straight legged jeans. I also like the relaxed skinny.

      • J Crew Factory Matchstick jeans are my fave. Straight leg. Short inseam available. Just he right amount of stretch, and they are cheap if you can catch a sale. Google a coupon code if you don’t get the emails!

  • Farragut

    RAVE: Great weekend at a cabin with Allison in Shenandoah!
    RANT: I’m required to come to work, but because I wasn’t sure about the Metro for today, I had to take the last minute offer of a hotel room closer to my work. I managed about 3 hours of sleep, and then I had to walk 1.5 miles in the snow to get to work by 6am. I’m so tired… Can’t wait to go home.

  • Rave: snow day (which really means work from home day for me, but still good)

    Rant: my reflux is acting up. Doc tried switching meds, but it isn’t working. Last time it was this bad, I had some nasty side effects, so she wants me to go back to a gastroenterologist. Unfortunately, mine retired and doc referred me to a new one outside the beltway in VA. I’d prefer a doc in DC or at least closer- anyone have any good recs?

    • I see Dr. Chandler with the GW Medical Faculty Associates. I had a number of issues related to acid reflux and he was wonderful!

  • Raves All Around:
    Fat Tuesday
    Snow Day
    Job Offer

  • Rave: Snow day!
    Rant: My apartment building has no hot water. For the third time this week (and they also didn’t have heat once in the past week). Arrrrrgh.
    Rave: I survived an emotionally rough weekend.
    Rant: Has anyone else noticed that the temperature forecast for Thursday is in the negatives?! I am so done with the cold, I want spring…

  • Rave: Snow day!
    Rant: I was planning to troll Emilie on Instagram later today, but the snow might mess up my plans.
    Rave: plans to go sledding this afternoon!
    Raves: I like my new haircut, pulled pork is about to go in crock pot, hot chocolate, lots of stuff.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: had to start work earlier than normal b/c it’s a snow day.
    Rant: hate working from home without work computer.
    Rave: able to telework on snow days so I don’t have to use up PTO!

  • RAVE: Snow!
    RANT: It’s colder here than it was in the Swiss Alps. REALLY? *insert Tina Fey face of incredulity*
    RAVE: I actually went into the office. No one is here and I’m getting a ton of stuff done.
    RANT: Got to the office by taking a Car2Go ride-of-death. Not a smart idea.
    RANT: got up at 5am to write emails. And I thought I had successfully beat back the jetlag 😡
    RANT: living out of a suitcase for the next few days.
    RAVE: back to Europe on Friday night! 😀

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: it’s sunny and 82 here, hard to think that tonight I’ll be
    Rant: in 19 feeling like 13.

  • Popvillers: Can anyone recommend a CELTA or accredited TEFL course in the DMV? I did a search and came across Lado Institute and The Language House. Thanks.

  • Bear

    Rave: Snow day!
    Rant: I still have to work. Two major deliverables due by Monday, and they won’t wait for snow.
    Rave: I got engaged in Amsterdam!

    • Congrats to you! Amsterdam is very romantic and would be a fun place to get engaged 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      Woo hoo! exciting!

    • Congratulations! That’s so wonderful – I hope you had a relaxing trip after the craziness of being in the field!

    • Hooray! Does anyone else wish there were an “Engagements of Popville” feature, sort of like the ring stories in the Stone Fox Bride Instagram, but more PoPville-like? I want to hear all the stories! (And maybe share mine.)

    • Bear

      Thanks everyone! It was very romantic and we’re both super excited. Not terribly excited about wedding planning though…any tips from the crowd on keeping my sanity through this? And where to start?

      • Emmaleigh504

        elope 😉

        • +10 don’t fall victim to the wedding industrial complex. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive or opulent. Do what you and your fiancé want, not what other people say you should do/have to do. Best wishes!

      • Plan it start-to-finish in three months. I’m not joking. Making decisions over the course of 10-14 months is what drives people crazy. Only in America do people plan weddings so damn far in advance.

        • Bear

          Yeah, neither of us wants to drag this out. We might shoot for early summer, but I have a very busy spring with work and travel so early fall might be more feasible. Eloping is tempting but I do want my family and a few close friends there at a minimum!

          • Without knowing you or your situation, my 2 cents is that smaller is often better. My favorite weddings have been -well- under a hundred people and my most favorite wedding was just immediate family — about 15 people. (It helped that this family is awesome and hilarious and so was the wedding.) With small weddings, you can really focus on details and spend memorable time with your guests. You can also do a lot more on any given budget that way. We had 60 people at ours and there’s still a part of me that wishes we had gone even smaller 🙂

          • Tell the caterers you’re planning an 80th birthday party for your grandfather – not a wedding. Seriously – just have a party.

      • I’d say a few things that worked for us: planned and completed in 6 months (3 months is tough as anyone who is involved in the wedding hasn’t been able to budget PTO, money, time, etc. to join in the celebration), involving any family/friends who offered (Uncle and cousin were videographer and photographer, Aunt did floral arrangements -not professionals by all means but kind, thoughtful, easy to work with, and FREE!) but not DIYing a ton, and finding a balance between flexible and decisive – sometimes trying NOT to be a bridezilla turns into being more difficult due to lack of decision making, etc.
        There will be some drama or faux-pas or obnoxiousness entitled person but don’t let it ruin the day or the months leading up to it, or even your relationship with that person cause weddings are just one day in a whole life of moments – and some people act crazy or don’t understand. Forgive and move on (one of our best friends refused to come to our wedding and to be in our wedding party because we couldn’t invite children – she is to this day one of the biggest supporters of us as a couple though).
        Best of luck and enjoy!

  • Andie302

    Rave: Snow day
    Rave: First time uploading to the popville flickr pool after spending some time on the Mall last night
    Rave: Banana nut pancakes for breakfast
    Rave: I swear I am going to clean today.
    Rave: Great long weekend!

  • Rant: Rear ended last night almost home.
    Rave: I was only driving 10mph when it happened, and the guy was very apologetic.
    Rave: Off today and able to get my car in the shop.
    Rave: Lunch with a friend.
    Rave: Hope to have fixed windows by the time I’m off.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Snow day, of course.
    Query: Okay, now that we’ve had our snow day, can we have spring already?

  • Feel a little left out – unemployment means there are no snow days. The job search grind continues, and continues….
    Morning TV: listening to the women of The View explaining climate change/global warming. Oooph. (Though it makes it easier to turn back to job hunting.)

  • Rant – telework killed the snow day.
    Rave – working from home = daylight, better coffee, wearing sweats, music on – it’s the little things
    Rave – despite neither of us “liking” Valentine’s Day/really planning to acknowledge it – still had a lovely one with the boy – including the sweetest card I could have asked for.

  • Rave: Even though I’m working today, it’s one of the more interesting work days I’ve had this year.
    Rave: It’s a short week!
    Rave: PoPville HH tomorrow night at Lost & Found bar in Shaw. It’s gonna be cold, but this will be a fiiiine way to warm up!
    Rant: Not home right now with my husband and puppy. When I left the house this morning, the dog was spooning the husband. Little dog was the big spoon. (So I guess that’s a rave?)

  • Rave: Tiny dog loves the running around in the snow…
    Rant: Until his paws freeze. It is the most pathetic thing. I can’t find boots that stay on his tiny feet.
    Rave: Snow day of course! Teleworking is much better than leaving the house.

  • Rave: Snow day!
    Rant: I’m not _required_ to telework on a snow day… but I got the impression that if I didn’t, I’d be regarded as Not A Team Player.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Annoyed! Just checked email and even though we follow the Feds my boss told me for the first time ever if you have the ability to telecommute you should be working. Dialing into a meeting now…

  • Rant: Condo above us had a pipe bust monday, took down our bedroom drywall and downstairs drywall. Our place is a complete mess.
    Rave: my husband and I were home yesterday
    Rant: I’m hearing phantom water gushing and worried about another pipe bust with this cold weather

    • Yikes! Is this in a large building, a converted rowhouse, or something in between?

      • 7 unit building, went through 2 units to get to ours. My first real time dealing with insurance and I’m paranoid about the fight that is to come – based on other people and their experiences.

        • I actually had a good experience with insurance people (Travellers) after a sewer back up flood of basement rental apt. It seemed like most people were helpful, professional and really did want to just make it right.

    • Emmaleigh504

      ugh, what a nightmare!

  • Rave: Event to go to tonight.
    Rant: It’s on H Street NE. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a big deal… but I’m worried that if I drive, I’ll have a hard time finding a non-snowbound parking space when I come home. Looks like I can also get there via Metro + bus, but not particularly quickly (and I think they’ll still be running on reduced service).
    This would probably be a good time for Uber, except I don’t have a smartphone. Or Car2Go, except I don’t have a membership.

  • Additional rave: Some nice person shoveled my sidewalk and even my front stairs! Thank you, unknown nice person!

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