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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Despite the 10° weather yesterday, we were busy at work! It sure beats the hell out of no customers, but the alternative plan (getting day drunk with my boss) would’ve been pretty fun too.

    Rave: My landlord’s dog got the most ridiculous haircut EVER and it makes me laugh every time I see him.

    Rant: Didn’t have the nerve to bring anything up with the boy when we last hung out. And then he went on a business trip that coincided with Valentine’s Day. Bummer all around.

  • Rant: At work, per usual, on a minor Federal holiday.
    Rave: excellent weekend in which I got a lot done around the house- small paint project, changing a light fixture, bottled beer- and did some shopping.
    Rave: I was able to schedule a haircut at Bang with 2 days notice. Now I need to decide how much hair to chop off tonight, I’m thinking at least a few inches. I’m contemplating growing out my bangs too, but that’s a harder decision.
    Rave: SNOW
    Rant: I actually do need milk and eggs.

  • Revel: Friday’s Tinder date went surprisingly well. He’s smart, nice and we both want to see each other again.
    Rant: Stupid snow is probably going to get in the way of us seeing each other sooner rather than later.

  • Rant: Food poisoning and very tense weekend visit from parents.
    Rave: Got a job! Still doesn’t feel real – especially since it’s exactly the job I’ve been looking for and why I left the workforce to get my Masters.
    Rave: Shelter, heat, warm food and tea, in this crazy crazy weather.
    PS I promise…today I’ll get the unofficial PoPville book club info out…

  • Rant: I sent my nephew a care package for Valentine’s Day. It arrived on Friday. It’s now Monday and I haven’t heard a thing. He’s only in preschool, so I can’t expect him to call, but it hurts my feelings and kinda pisses me off that my sister and bro-in-law don’t even consider that 1. it’s good manners to say thank you, 2. maybe I’d like to know if it even arrived, 3. i think getting a gift deserves more of a thank you than a text from a parent- which I assumed I’d get but even THAT never came. I have no idea how to tell my sister that it hurts my feelings. She’s never been one to send thank you cards so I can’t be surprised. But my god- NOTHING?? We are very close, I love her to death, and we’ve never fought over anything but clothes 20 years ago. So any prickly issue is hard for me to address and the whole thing just saddens me because I try so hard to stay connected from the other side of the country and in return I get very little despite how close we are, and obviously it’s not my child so I can’t be all “You’re not teaching him very good manners, ya know” even though that’s what I want to say!
    Rave: (potential) Snow! Sure, I have to be on a metrobus tomorrow at 6am, but it’s still SNOW!

    • I am with you. I have my daughter draw a picture and sign her name to it as a thank you. I then send it off to the gift giver.

      • I’d do the same thing if I had a kid! I love that kind of stuff. Random drawings, calls, whatever. Obviously my sis and I are very different and I just have to accept it. I know they love me but it still feels kinda crappy.

    • Pablo Raw

      I’d advice to first check online to see if it was delivered (I do that with Amazon) and if it was, hopefully it was not stolen from their porch or something.

      • Yeah, it arrived Friday. I love giving gifts and this kind of thing just takes some of the fun out of it, and then having to contact her and asking if it arrived is just so tacky and feels like I’m forcing an acknowledgement. Maybe I’m being selfish, but I also think it makes a kid feel good knowing his family is thinking about him, and to me just being told “this is from so-and-so” feels less meaningful than actually talking to the person who sent it. I dunno. grumble…

        • Pablo Raw

          I’m with you, it doesn’t feel like there is appreciation for your gesture. Maybe wait a little bit, give them a little time 🙂

          • Maybe, although I’m still waiting for some acknowledgement that my Xmas gift arrived…

            I just noticed that the post office receipt says “Brighten Someone’s Mailbox.” Okay, so at least I know I did that. Gotta get over it. 😉

    • I guess it’s okay to get a miffed about not getting a thank you note, but it’s sorta weird to send gifts and expect to get something in return.

      • I don’t think it’s weird to expect the slightest amount of common courtesy from your family of all people. And I don’t think a text to at least say a gift arrived is expecting something in return. But the bigger picture is that it’s not a new thing. They don’t respond to texts, emails, they’re not on social media so there isn’t a lot of interaction unless I make the effort, and sometimes it makes me sad to always be on the giving end. And sometimes it makes me feel lonely and that they don’t give a crap. Any sort of acknowledgement would maybe make me feel like they did. And sometimes it’s hard to constantly remind myself that they DO care, they just don’t really show it when I’m not in the same zip code. That’s all.

      • LisaT

        I don’t find it weird whatsoever to expect a “thank you.” That’s common decency and manners.

      • saf

        No, no it’s not. It’s simple courtesy.

    • What if a thank you card/picture is in the mail and you haven’t received it yet?

      • one could hope, but i’ve never gotten one in four years so…

        it’s fine. apparently i’m asking for a lot. i’d say let it go but that damn song will be in my head all day. crap! too late. 😉

        • also, i would’ve waited another week to be sure before posting this as my rant. i’m not THAT impatient and demanding lol!

        • Just another heartbreaking example of the lost art of thank you note writing. My husband hates it, but I was brought up to write thank you notes, and our future kid(s) will also learn to write them. Hoping my younger sister follows suit as well.
          Also, my brother/sister in law didn’t write thank you notes for people who gave them gifts for/attended their wedding. They sure as hell cashed those checks quickly without any mention of a thank you. Disgusting!

          • Emmaleigh504

            My grown cousins write the most charming thank you notes in the world. It makes sending them presents extra fun b/c I know they will send me a nice note full of news.
            This past Xmas my sister accidentally took some of my gifts to her inlaws house, so I got them late. I still sent thank you notes right after Xmas, explaining the situation so the people who sent something didn’t feel like I ignored them. My cousin enjoyed the thank you note the mystery present.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I do not approve. A phone call, a note, a picture, something is required to acknowledge the package was received and thank you for sending it. I remember as a kid having to call grandparents and write thank you notes if it was something special like a valentines day present. That’s an extra special surprise that needs double thanking so they keep coming!

    • I once spent HOURS knitting scarves for my three nephews for Christmas in 2013 and I never heard a peep from them or their parents that they even received them. The only way I knew they got them was through a Facebook photo posted a couple months later on my sister’s page with the scarf barely peeking out of the oldest’s jacket. It made me really sad that I got no acknowledgement whatsoever. People and especially relatives seriously suck sometimes.

  • RANT: People who don’t watch their children when eating dinner out. Sadly I have seen this too often lately. I have a 3.5 year old so I am not unsympathetic to a child having a melt down but sadly that is rarely the case. A few weeks back two friend having dinner and letting their three kids run all over Red Rocks (11th ST). The servers had to work around them and the women said not one word to get the kids to sit down and behave. My husband almost feel over one of them as he took his coats off to sit down because he ran into him. Please teach your children restaurant manners no matter how young they are. The world around you will thank you for taking the time to do so and not resent your badly behaved children in the process.

    RAVE: Cold weather promotes me to bake bread…yummy honey wheat loaves coming out of the oven.
    RAVE: LOOKS LIKE SNOW ANGELS IN OUR FUTURE! My daughter will be very happy!

  • jim_ed

    Rant: At work because the private sector don’t play Presidents Day. Or Columbus, Veterans, MLK, Flag, Earth, or May Day either.
    Rave: No traffic on the way in this morning, so that was nice.
    Rave: Got rid of the car with no working heat just in time this weekend.
    Rant: Thought a good chunk of the SNL 40 was dumb, with a few brilliant moments. Which I guess makes it an authentic episode of SNL.

  • Rant: At work today because we don’t follow OPM anymore thanks to last year’s snow fiascos.
    Rave: SNOW SNOW SNOW tonight!
    Rave: Slow comment section on here so I can actually read everything and not fall behind
    Rant: Slow comment section on here and I can’t distract myself from work

  • Rave: Braised cabbage! Recent WPost food section had some recipes for braising so I tried cabbage (carrots and onions). Everyone raved about the cabbage – one person requested I double the recipe next time so there are lots of leftovers. So my rave is having others rave about my cooking 🙂
    Rave: Home, warm, well stocked refrigerator
    Rant: Need to do a much better job of weatherstripping around my doors and window. A project for warmer days!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I like snow before it gets all dirty and ice and dangerous but in this case
    Rant: I hope I can make it back home without delays!
    Rant: Today is the day that I have to face everybody about family drama. It’s basically all I have to do today.

  • justinbc

    Rave: She said yes.
    Rave: Rest of the first week of the trip has been awesome (except for one night of stomach adjustment issues and losing my FitBit).
    Rave: 2 more weeks left in Morocco and so much left to see.
    Rant/Rave: Spent way more than intended in the souks on pottery, vases, rugs, lights, leather goods, etc but I love the art of haggling and I’m pretty darn good at it!

  • Rant; We don’t follow opm, so I’m working, but we do follow it for snow days. Wtf!?! No guarantee we’ll get to make up the missed hours either.
    Rave/rant: interview tomorrow which could be rescheduled. Rescheduling isn’t so bad.
    Rave: Pablo, I gave the netipot a try. I did feel less stuffed, but
    Rant: It burned like hell, and overall, I still feel crappy.
    Rant: Should be spending today with my ladyfriend, but we’re on a break.

  • Rave: I love what I do and I’m very happy with my decision to go back to school for an law degree after working for 10 years.
    Rant: Emotional burnout is harder to manage than I expected. Reading about violent crime all day plus working with victims of violent crimes at the firm plus volunteering with sexual assault survivors at DCRCC is taking a toll. I thought the coping tools I had in place would continue to work, but I’m finding it harder to shake the dark thoughts/sadness at the end of the day.

    • I do ems-related work myself, and just reading the list of what you do is making me feel itchy. People who do this kind of work need a non work related outlet or we get burned out. I’ve been through burnout twice, and the second time it necessitated taking a year off. So please consider a totally nonrelated hobby and rationing the volunteer work.

  • Rave: Our neighbors are safety conscious and when they purchase new, high-end items, they don’t tempt potential burglars by leaving the boxes in front of their house. Instead…
    Rave: We have a good security system and photo evidence for the landlords

  • Rave: House-sitting in far suburbia (almost country) in huge comfortable house with huge comfortable dog.
    Rant: Overly complex TV/cable/audio system. Everything was great until I clicked an unknown button on one of the THREE remotes and it turned everything off and I have no idea how to get it back on.
    Rave: There’s another (huge) TV in the basement, so I will see if I can make that go.
    Rant: As pleasant as it is, I hope the snow won’t force an extension of my stay here. (Owners are flying back into BWI Tuesday evening.) I like my little apartment in the city.

  • Rave: Snow! So excited I can’t concentrate on anything.

    Rant: One pipe already frozen. And out of milk, bread, and toilet paper for real.

  • Rave: Inside kitty and I can afford a safe place to live and enough Pepco to keep us warm.
    Rant: I went to Zombie Donuts at 8:30 a.m. to bring treats to work on a freezing cold federal holiday. A big sign on the door said OPEN, but the person working inside wouldn’t let me in.

  • Rave: boss took today off, working from home, went to this gym this morning before signing online, and making slow-cooker beef tacos for dinner tonight.

    Rant: I hate when my practical self weighs more heavily than my travelbug self. The hubs and I want to go to Europe this summer, but I’m having a hard time sucking that much money from our savings account. I’d also like to go to Napa/Sonoma, but I don’t think both trips can happen in one year.

    Rant: my BIL, who lives with his wife and two kids in our PIL’s house *for free* in Maine, who can’t be bothered to pick up a shovel and help his 60-year-old father clear the driveway of the 2-3 feet of snow they’ve received in the last couple weeks (or wash dishes, buy groceries, make meals, clean, etc). ooooh they frustrate me so… entitled little sh*ts. The hubs’ parents are entirely too kind, and are being taken advantage of.

    • Won’t help with the BIL not helping, but might want to consider “Snow Wolf” wheeled snow shovel for the PIL. Its a wheeled snow shovel that provides a fulcrum point to lifting and greatly reduces exertion needed for clearing snow.
      Search for snow wolf on amazon

  • Rave: Three (maybe four) day weekend!
    Rave/rant: The kitties have been so cute this weekend I’ve felt obligated to interrupt whatever I’ve been doing to take photos. Warning, nearly 700 cute kitty photos ahead: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nevermindtheend/sets/72157636231364165/ (Not all are from this weekend, obviously.)
    Rave: Can’t wait to actually get snow!

  • Rant: Gordon’s vodka! It tastes like gasoline! I concocted a delicious punch for a V-day party, then needed to add more vodka. (We had to keep tasting it during the creation processes. . . ) I’m a fan of cheap vodka for punches, and never had a bad one before (I tried the Gordon’s because my dad used to drink Gordon’s Gin.) I dumped it in without tasting – seriously even the fumes were bad!

    Rave: The punch was still pretty good despite the gasoline/paint thinner taste.

    • jim_ed

      Get thee to Costco – $16 for a handle of perfectly serviceable (or so I’m told by Vodka drinkers) Svedka Vodka. Perfect to keep around for mixer duty. At least I think thats what we payed for it, its been so long since I needed to replace it.

      • Svedka has been my main go-to cheap vodka forever – though recently I’m into “Wodka” from D’vines – mainly because of the cool bottle, but it’s also tasty and cheap. This was just a happanstance stop at a different liquor store and a twinge of nostalgia – never again!

  • Rant: had a drunken, tear filled DTR conversation with the boy the other day. Not the outcome I had hoped for, but it’s nice to have clarity.
    Rave: posted on the tenleytown listserv looking for donations of board games for my kids to use during indoor recess. This woman i babysit for saw my post and her stepdaughter was willing to part with some board games, highlights magazines, and some books. Then she took me on a shopping spree at politics and prose. It feels like Christmas!
    Rave: a snow day tomorrow is looking very likely!

  • Rave: I am getting out of town and heading south.
    Rant: The south is in the middle of a freakin’ storm that will bring snow here and may screw up my flight out tomorrow.
    Rave: At least I’m not in Boston.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Quiet, cozy weekend at home.
    Rant: Single digit temperatures shouldn’t ever happen.

  • Where is the pothole brigade?!

  • Rant – Walking the dog in this weather sucks. She hates the cold and wants to run back inside.
    Rave – We bought the dog a little winter coat and booties and she looks adorable.
    Rave – Cozy three day weekend (maybe four day weekend? C’mon snow!) Spent most of it on the couch with my SO and our dog watching the Wire.

  • skj84

    Rant: I’m in a bad mood. Between the cold and so other issues, i’m stuck in a funk. All I want to do is sulk.

    Rave: I have a lot of good in my life and I need to focus on that.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Additional Rave: Eldest Zelda got a job!
    And a related Rave: She has to dye her hair back to brown for said job.

  • Rave: Really looking forward to dry fluffy snow in good quantities tomorrow!
    Rave: Snow photography!
    Rant: It may possibly be too cold for the camera. My last snow photography session ended with a camera randomly powering off and on because it was sub freezing. Well, we shall see!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: South Dakota weather when I don’t live in South Dakota.
    Rant: It’s warmer in Sweden right now than here.
    Rave: Starting packing for Sweden! Popville shirt in the bag!
    Rave: Franklin’s humans came to meet Donna yesterday and she adores them. She’s in good hands while I’m away.

  • Rave: some of my best friends are coming this weekend. Looking for ideas on where to take them. I live in downtown silver spring but always seem to end up in DuPont. Any suggestions? (I’m 24 if it helps)
    Rant: I despise snow.

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