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Ed. Note: So it seems by the end of the day yesterday, the majority prefer the old commenting way (older first) and only one rant/revel. That’s what we’ll do today and I’ll revisit next week perhaps adding the PM rant/revel. Please take the poll to help me figure this out.

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • binpetworth

    Rave: According to the 4D listserv, they caught the unibrow Columbia Heights kitten thief.
    Rant: But they have not found the kittens yet…

  • Rant: Entitlement! Watching a woman basically in tears on the bus because the driver wouldn’t give her a free ride. Another rider offered her money several times before she huffed off the bus.
    Rave: The joy from seeing such a ridiculous spectacle.
    Rant: Show cancelled tomorrow.
    Rave: Forcing myself to get my diet on track. So far so good. Breakfast: protein fruit smoothie
    Rant: A slew of random illnesses back to back. Each med coming with some ridiculous restriction like no dairy in close proximity and no sun.
    Rave: Still better than dealing with an anti vax.

    • Maybe she was already distressed over something else- and a low balance smart trip was the last thing she needed. I tend to cry pretty easily, especially if I am upset or stressed about something else.

      • She didn’t seem upset for the 5 minutes we waited for the bus together. She was angry not sad, and that was why I thought it was funny. She said well I don’t have money (other than a card) & the driver didn’t react or say come on. The woman offered several times before she stormed off the bus.

        • That’s awkward. Haha. Some tourists got on my bus yesterday evening and didn’t know the paper fare cards for the subway don’t work on the bus. But I was a little irritated in the other direction because I’m pretty sure the driver just said “Come on” without telling them they could pay in cash or anything. No biggie, but it seemed a little too easy…

          • Yeah — some bus drivers are great, but some are just unnecessarily rude, unhelpful, etc.
            And those must’ve been some pretty adventurous tourists, to be taking the bus!

          • Only awkward for her. Plenty of people have never added money on a bus but to not have $2 on you just in case…anything could happen. The only other time this happened, the woman took the money and didn’t make a scene.

          • I know this may come as a shock, but poor people often don’t even have $2 for bus fare.
            ‘Cuz they’re poor.

          • Andie302

            I’m not poor and I would be totally screwed, I rarely carry cash, and if so it would most likely not be the correct denomination. It does strike me as strange (or entitled?) that the driver wouldn’t let her on. I rarely ride the bus and it seems like every time I’m on people come on without paying for the same reason as this woman (or because they don’t have any smartrip or money at all).

          • To be clear the entitlement comes from the woman not the driver. She felt entitled to the free ride evidenced by her 1. Anger & 2. Refusal to accept $2 from the other rider. I’ve snapped my card before, and I got a free ride, but I didn’t expect it. Just because some drivers are lenient you shouldn’t get on a bus and have a tantrum because you didn’t want to accept money from a kind stranger.

          • Yes, I’m aware, but the 20 something in designer clothes with a debit/credit card is probably not the poor person you’re referencing. The woman offering $$ had just gotten out of the hospital actually.

          • +1. Props to the woman offering the money!

          • HaileUnlikely

            I’ve ridden the bus without paying three times in 11 years (ignoring times when the fare box was broken). Twice were the day after I handed over my wallet at gunpoint and had no SmarTrip card, no ATM card, and no means of obtaining cash until I could get to my bank on the next business day. The other time, I legitimately goofed up and forgot my SmarTrip (left in pocket of coat I decided not to wear that day). All three times, the driver let me on, and I was very grateful for that.

          • And if the driver said, no, would you have gotten angry? Maybe. If someone freely offered you money to cover it, would you have taken it? I assume yes. That’s the issue for me. In your situation (the first), I’d totally feel getting angry would be justified, you had a rough time, but even still the problem is solved by taking the money and going on your ride. A young woman who’s just gotten off work or left happy hour, etc who says she has a card doesn’t have the right to cause a scene on the bus.

          • HaileUnlikely

            You have absolutely no idea what is going on in that person’s life. None.

    • HaileUnlikely

      It’s pretty f*cking low to cite somebody else suffering and having a breakdown as your rave.

      • Suffering??
        She had a tantrum because she didn’t get a free ride from the driver, and she refused a kind offer. Yes, I revel in adults have temper tantrums for no reason.

        • Accountering

          This person sounds like a child who needs an attitude adjustment. Busses are not free. Tough luck.

          • HaileUnlikely

            This person might be developmentally disabled. She might be mentally ill and off her meds. She might have just found out that her fiance was murdered. Or she might have just been an entitled little ___. You have no idea. Sure, having a tantrum in public is childish. Reveling in seeing it happen to somebody else is even more childish. Maybe she needs an attitude adjustment. But you very clearly do.

        • HaileUnlikely

          You are free to do so. And I am free to say that I think you have a sh!tty attitude.

          • I find it troubling that you’re so willing to go above and beyond with highly improbable alternatives to defend her rather than believe the woman simply had a tantrum which gave me a silent chuckle. I guess I’ll get the privilege to revel in that fact just the same.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I concede that any single one of the alternatives above are highly unlikely, but all in all, I think it’s a good bet that something other than just not getting a free ride was bothering the woman, thus, I am more inclined to feel sorry for her than to revel in it.

          • HaileUnlikely

            That, and, I’d rather extend someone the benefit of the doubt when they did not deserve it (as I may be doing here) than fail to extend somebody the benefit of the doubt when they do deserve it (as in my opinion you may be doing here).

          • The last time I said someone had a shitty attitude, I think my comment got deleted. Just saying. I think there’s probably better ways for this argument to play out then yelling at people several comments in a row. I’m sure Anon Spock gets it now and you’re both entitled to your opinions.

          • Emmaleigh504

            That doesn’t make any sense. Just saying what? your comment got deleted and haileunlikely’s didn’t? What does that have to do with their disagreement?

          • Forget it. The list of 5…6… 7… comments I had to read through after not checking the board for a couple hours, to me, just passed the point of a courteous, well supported argument, and turned into something just mean. But that’s just me. Perhaps it’s because I’m frankly still pretty pissed that the BagelBoy thing was ever allowed to happen. Y’all are entitled to your own opinions however you decide to voice them.

      • I have to say the schadenfreude rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it was a “you had to be there” situation, but I guess my tendency is to feel bad for someone who’s crying.

  • Rave: Dog sitting!
    Rave: Book club – will be sending out a google doc soon to talk about location, meeting time, and book choices!
    Rave: Meeting this afternoon to discuss a JOB OFFER!!!!
    Rant: Negotiations. I’m terrible at this. And I need to do well on this one. Any tips?!

    • Andie302

      Read the summary of Women Don’t Ask, and then ask πŸ™‚ Congrats! That’s so exciting! And thanks for putting the book club together!

    • You can probably Google some stats on what’s average for the industry and your experience. Shoot higher than you want, and do not sell yourself short!

    • Congrats! Take a look at Negotiate to Win. There’s a brief easy section on negotiating salary. You got this!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Congratulations on the job offer!

    • Check out the Ask A Manager website as well, she has several posts on negotiations.

    • emvee

      Congratulations on the job offer!!!

    • ++ to all your raves and good luck with the negotiation!

    • Good luck with the hob negotiations! And don’t hesitate to ask big.

      • Along with developing your negotiation strategy, I’d also suggest taking a few minutes before you walk into the meeting to stand in a “Superwoman” position (before you go into the building, or in the elevator or bathroom). Amy Cuddy has a great TED talk about how body position affects your brain and vice versa.

    • Accountering

      Ask for more money. Full stop. Often it is a VERY simple conversation, and you get an extra few % in pay. Ask!

      • Empowerment is always a good strategy, too. “I know you have the power to blah-blah-blah” but more gracefully often goes a long way.

    • hammers

      Congrats!!! Be prepared to not get a number right away, they may ask for a range you are comfortable with. I’d give them a range starting with 10% more than your minimum, up to your (within reason) dream salary, but say that you are flexible. Also it is good to point out concrete reasons you deserve more money–e.g. I have taken [x], [y], and [z] trainings, which will enable me to hit the ground running once I join your team. Also remember you can negotiate on quality of life issues like vacation days (I was able to double my vacation days this way) or possibly use employee 401k match as a negotiation tool.

    • Yay!! Congrats and good luck!

    • Depends on the sort of place it is. Some non-profit places have a set salary, or a range, with little flexibility. On private sector jobs, I’ve learned I’m offered about 30-35% less than what others are getting paid to do the job, so there is a lot of room to negotiate. Not up to the top – those seem to be reserved for men, hence women still not earning as much as men to do the same job (working twice as hard, and doing twice as good a job, often) – but I’ve managed to get some sizable increases by negotiating (and other times, even with similar salary differences, not budged them at all, even with trying.) It hasn’t hurt me to try, though. I do try hard never to be forced to give a number or range first – make them do that, as a starting point for negotiations.

    • Negotiation is all about information. Ask a lot of questions of the person you’re negotiating with, like, why they’re selling (buying), what they’ll do after they sell, etc. Personal questions are good too, because the answers may open up a window into the person’s motivation. Good luck.

  • Query: I have friends coming to visit that like swing dancing (not Lindy). They’ll be here for a weekend (Thursday through Sunday). I know the salsa venues, but not the swing dance venues. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    • http://dc.gottaswing.com/dccalendars/ Tom and Debra’s website tracks where swing events are being held.

    • skj84

      Glen Echo has a swing dance party on Saturday nights. Usually accompanied by live music. It is not metro accessible.

    • special_k

      Here are some events on Gotta Swing’s calendar:

    • The Chevy Chase Ballroom sometimes has swing dances on the weekends. I’ve seen some pretty good Blues bands play swing dances there. I think the Dulles Hilton has occasional ones too.

    • I’ve heard the Jam Cellar is good for swing/lindy hop, and it’s more accessible than Glen Echo.

    • What do you mean not lindy hop? Are they interested in East Coast or West Coast? If they’re interested in East Coast they can go to any lindy hop event. People do both, as East Coast is a component of lindy hop. If they’re looking for West Coast the answers are much different.

      • Also, do you know weekend they’re coming? Glen Echo doesn’t always have swing on Saturday nights. If they’re East Coast dancers GE would be a great place for them, there are plenty of people there who don’t swing out.
        I’m not sure if they’re interested in blues dancing, but there is a DJed dance at GE every Thursday.
        If they’re into Balboa there’s a 3rd Friday dance at GE.
        There’s Friday West Coast at Hollywood Ballroom, that’s pretty far out too.
        Even though they won’t be here for Jam Cellar, the Jam Cellar Facebook group would be a good place to ask. A lot of visitors start there.

  • Query: Good deep dish pizza recommendations in the District? I hear Pi does a nice one.

    • Buy yourself a cast iron skillet and do some searches for recipes. πŸ™‚ My favorite deep dish pizza is the one I make myself.

      • You can make it in a cast iron skillet!?!?! I just got one. I never had thought of that. I wish I never learned this information.

      • I’m not much of a cook, I wonder how tough the dough is to make

        • It’s easy. It’s just flour, water, salt and yeast. There’s tons of great recipes online for it.

          • I think Trader Joe’s sells fresh pizza dough. Just slap it in the skillet and top away.

          • You don’t have to deal with Trader Joe’s. All grocery stores have it (it’s in the deli section). I like to make my own dough (kind of a no-brainer when you have a stand mixer to do all the work) but sometimes get it from Harris Teeter when it’s on sale for $1/ball. It freezes well too.

        • I also wonder if you ned a special kind of dough to make it so fluffy and delightful. I will have some googling to do later!

          • Cooks Illustrated has a Chicago-style deep-dish recipe that is really, really good and quite easy to make. They make it in a cake pan, but I would imagine a cast iron skillet would work, too.

    • Pi does do a nice deep dish. I can’t think of another I’d recommend. Armands was good, but its been a while since I’ve been there (and many of them have closed – maybe even all in DC?), and it wasn’t really a deep dish.

    • Not at all gourmet, but Armand’s pan pizza in Capitol Hill is good for a pig out. Monday -Saturday they do a lunch buffet, which includes salad, for super cheap. And they have cheap beer all the time without happy hour.

  • Reminder: Unofficial happy hour next Wednesday the 18th at Lost & Found in Shaw, 1240 9th St NW. I won’t be able to get there until about 7:30. Can anyone commit to going early and staking out an area for the group?

  • Rant: picked today of all days to walk out of the house without my purse (my smartrip is on a lanyard and my phone in my pocket), make it all the way to gallery place after train delays, realize I’m missing my purse (and my work badge), have to go back home, pick it up, and then deal with the trains again to make it. Crikey at least no one gives me any trouble about it at work.
    Rave: Since the yen fell I’ve been importing a lot of things from Japan that I’ve missed. This week was a kyoto red bean sweet that I had there a few years ago. It sucks when the shipping is equivalent to the cost of the item (EMS…) but, worth it after the yen conversion. sometimes just gotta treat yoself

  • Rave: Boy’s back. We managed to meet up in Dupont after class and cab home together πŸ™‚
    Rant: The cold weather
    Rave: Getting my heat fixed early Monday AM!
    Rant: Can’t sleep in anymore and need to change my hair appointment πŸ™
    Rant: Have yet to get my vision insurance card, and I’ve been on my second to last pair of contacts for MONTHS (wearing my glasses most of the time, which I hate – they get in the way/dirty half the time) – I just want a clean pair of contacts!
    Rave: Feeling really good about my relationship, especially after slow fading Drama Friend. It sucks that he’s so busy (and I’m so busy) that we don’t get much quality time together, but we’re making it work.

    • +1 to the last rave
      Being busy sucks, but if you’re digging someone you will find the time. I think some people don’t get that. I’d someone can’t make time for you, they’re probably just not feeling it (excluding stuff like serious illness and finals week).

      • Ha, last night we cabbed home, I chatted with my parents on the phone while he unpacked (he just got back from a work trip), and I crawled in bed while he worked. That was us finding time (to be fair, I was up well after midnight the night before doing homework, and homework wasn’t posted yet for this week. Usually we do work together).

        • Are you happy? I’d say yes. Your issues are also temporary re: school. Just because you can’t do dinner at 6 doesn’t mean you don’t have a good thing. I’m sure it’ll get better once school is out of there.

          • Ha, it’s really between school for me and his job. But how can I complain about a hardworking, kind, caring and compassionate guy? I just feel bad he’s spending all of his free time with me! (which is why his VDay gift will be a guy’s night in a bag – mint- infused bourbon, simple syrup, and poker chips+cards).
            And being busy doesn’t mean I’m unhappy – I’m usually a busy person. I just like sitting next to him on his couch, watching tv while we do work together – it’s a great way to be together while being productive πŸ™‚

          • Why do you feel bad? He’s choosing to spend time with you over all the other things he could do instead. My ladyfriend said the same thing when I had to work 70+ hrs a week but still wanted to go out.
            Are you happy was more for it might not be perfect but it works.

          • Fair point – I guess I just feel bad that I always text him about when I’ll see him next (I’m a planner, his job doesn’t allow him to be). I worry I’m going to annoy him to death, but he seems fine with it so far!

          • I’m a planner too, but I had to chill because the girl is forgetful and busy and might not respond for a day. We had the luxury of being able to settle on a day in advance then I figured out the what later. It can be nervewrecking.

          • I’m the same way – and it always makes me nervous that I’m always the one planning everything. But like you said, so far, so good.

          • He plans things, it’s just generally last minute unless I bug him. Flights for the wedding we’re going to tomorrow? Booked less than a month ago. Condo for the ski trip we’re doing with his friends next weekend? Not booked yet. I’m trying to not stress and only nag when he says he needs to be reminded… It’s hard for a Type A who likes to know things at least a month, month and a half out about things that include planes and hotels πŸ˜› I’m learning to chill though!

          • Let’s see if this drops below…

            So I’d be going crazy if we didn’t have something booked a week out, but kudos for being so chill! As far as planning, who cares? I was the primary planner because I had more time, energy, knowledge, and if she trusts me to pick good stuff, why not? Sidenote: I plan fabulous dates!

  • Rave: writing a rock opera called “F*CK METRO”
    Rant: because of my 100 minute commute this morning. I hopped on the L2 at Military and Connecticut at 8:15 am. WMATA issued no alerts as to the disaster known as the Red Line. At Van Ness, I spent a lovely 30 minutes or so watching packed trains go by. With the next train 15 minutes away, I opted for the bus. The Van Ness station manager was running people through the gate, rather than the farecard turnstiles. I knew this would require me to talk to a station manager next time I tried to get on Metro, but I needed to get to work, so, all good. I got outside and lo and behold a bus! But, I was not allowed on because it was full. The schedule said to fear not because a L1 was on the way. NextBus corrected that untruth. No L1s on NextBus. The next L2 was 10 minutes away. I could wait. I was the first in line. I’d be good. About 10 minutes later, it was 8 minutes away. Sounds like something was amiss. I snagged a cab to Farragut West with two bus-waiters who were too cold to wait any longer for a bus that was likely full. At Farragut West, I went to ask the station manager to fix my card. No station manager. I waited. I waited some more. Trains went by. Since I had technically never “exited” the Metro system, I followed a bit too close to a guy and made it through and to work.
    Rave: this rock opera is going to be so awesome, it needs Meat Loaf.

    • Correction: WMATA apparently issued alerts, but they were not visible at 8:10 when I checked, presumably because residual delays do not, FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON, necessitate alerts.

    • Rave: guy helped a lady up who totally wiped out getting off the bus. She basically took a swan dive on to the pavement. Fortunately, her winter clothing seemed to have helped.

    • It’s for just that reason I carry an extra smart trip with a small balance in my bag. Much easier to “fix” my primary card with a manager when I’m not in a hurry. It also becomes my lender card to guests, and occasionally I use it charitably if someone’s struggling with the bus fare (like starting to feed nickles into the machine when a bunch of people are waiting to board).

      • That’s a great idea! I have a couple of extra cards for guests. Maybe I’ll keep one on me.

      • The world would be a better place if everyone thought ahead as much as you! When I lived in Boston, people would tap each other in quite often – ie someone with a stroller or grocery bags, or someone who didn’t have the cash. I miss that and love your solution – I’m going to start carrying a spare card.

      • But wouldn’t the system not let you out with that secondary card unless you’d already use it to tap in somewhere?

        • I’m pretty sure that you don’t need to tap out in Boston.

        • For exiting through a fare gate, you’re correct. But in Beau’s scenario, Beau had already physically left a station through the emergency gate, and the trip wasn’t closed out on the card. Beau then needed to reenter a station through a fare gate but couldn’t, and had to wait for a station manager. If I was in a hurry and the manager was tied up or nowhere to be found, I’d just use my second card for that next trip.

          • hammers

            When this happens to me I just use the emergency gate to get back in.

          • Ahh, OK. Somehow I didn’t read that correctly. (Usually when I have to consult a station manager, it’s because the faregate won’t let me out, rather than because it won’t let me in.)

    • GWAR should be in your rock opera.

    • I will buy tickets to your rock opera. The sets are going to be amazing– a kind of brutalist hellscape. Like the end of Don Giovanni, but with more concrete.
      But when the clumsy hipster uses his spare smarttrip card to get the prima donna through the faregates, and they run up the escalator (on the left) hand in hand, I think everyone will feel a lot better about metro.

      • Let me figure out this kickstarter thing and we can get working on the specifics.

      • Take a look at some of Synetic’s, theatre group in Arlington, work where they have Dante’s Inferno and some post industrial sets. That’s the picture I get. I also recommend Synetic for most things even though I’ve never seen the silent Shakespeare series. They can help with this Rock Opera.

    • I’ve found the simplest solution to this is to go to the handicapped entry, reach over and use my card to “exit” the station before going to a regular turnstile to enter. People look at me funny, but it’s the fastest way to resolve the issue and it seems fair to pay for the ride I took.

      • Good idea. In today’s situation, however, I had not yet taken a ride (except in a taxi from Van Ness to Farragut West).

    • Oh my God, I had the same commute. I would have stayed on the L2 into Farragut had I known better.

  • Rant: I am looking at 5 days in a row with my child. I feel like I bore him. I really need to figure out what to do (you know, the nanny doesn’t have chores…whereas if I’m home for 8 hours, I do….sigh).
    Rave: I never have to worry about my kiddo being bored Monday-Friday when his nanny ISN’T on vacation. And the other child in our share is seriously so adorable and happy, it’s great.
    Rant: I am constantly worrying that something will happen to my childcare situation
    Rave: Potential very good job offer in the works
    Rant: I don’t know if I’m ready to leave the government. Sometimes, the devil you know….

    • I also felt bored by and boring to toddlers. The sustained fun starts at 3 or 4, and by 6, you’ve got yourself a bestie.
      Couple ways to eat up five minutes a time:
      Buy a few helium balloons at the grocery store. Make a paper basket (instructions online) and attach a balloon. Fill the basket with cheerios and watch him puzzle out why the basket starts to float away when he takes a handful. Obviously this is a watched-like-a-hawk activity, as balloons are legitimately dangerous to little kids.
      Stacking cups: You stack them, but do it wrong. Act really frustrated when they fall down. Do it again. It’s Louis CK level hilarious to the under-3 set.

      • yeah he has tons of cups and all that. Part of it is that he is VERY physically active. He doesn’t sit down, really. But we got some finger paints and a tarp….so maybe I’ll do that with him and then toss him in the bath? There’s just not enough indoor play spaces here. (yes, this is my non-ice cream business venture idea)

    • Look into local Rec Centers and libraries–they often offer little-kid-focus programming. Takoma Park offers some programs–you just need to pay a non-resident fee of $10-$20. I remember seeing a Family Play Day recently (not sure if it passed already) where kids and adults could come and color, paint, play games, etc in a huge gym. I think there’s something this weekend where there’s Teddy Bear story time, too!

  • Andie302

    Rave: So excited that the recent funk I have been in may have passed
    Rave: Live acoustic last night
    Rave: We went to the house this morning before work and it’s progressing nicely. They asked us about window trim yesterday morning, we sent some pretty specific info via email, and they had one of the windows completely trimmed out for us to see if we liked it.
    Rave: It looked great!
    Insecurity: I’m not using a designer, but I trust my gut on most design choices. Hopefully this turns out fairly cohesive in the end. So far I think everything we’ve chosen will go well together, but we will have a ton of choices to make. I sometimes forget that when you walk into a house someone, at some point, thought about how many lights, their location, the switch location, the trim, the material covering every surface, and not just the furnishings.
    Rave: Friday
    Rave: Seeing BJ Novak with some book club members tonight at a Smithsonian event, fun weekend planned, and maybe a quick trip to DE on Sunday!
    No rants!

  • Rave: Nat’l Geographic’s “Food: Our Global Kitchen” exhibit with a bonus chocolate tasting in the test kitchen (including Icelandic Chocolate and vegan chocolate pudding)
    Reframing: The deep sustained cold kills mosquito larvae, and without the cold we wouldn’t have our spring blooming bulbs

  • Rave: The Americans this week! (and not just for that one scene with Keri Russel, and I dont mean the one with the tooth extraction ;). One thing I don’t get is why they were being followed. Did the CIA or FBI ID their car from some previous time? I read lots of spy books (mostly non-fiction), so I should pick up on stuff like this, but I’m feeling kinda stupid this week.

  • emvee

    Rant: This wind/cold combo and there isn’t even any good snow. Winter, I’m over you. Go home.
    Rave: Friday! You’re here!
    Rave: I’m spending my Valentine’s day climbing out in Rockville with an old friend, and then going for a romantic take-out dinner of Al Carbon arepas with the boyfriend.

    • emvee

      Best rave: RBG just released that she had too much wine before the SOTU and got a little sleepy. She, once again, effortlessly claims baller status and my desire to be her best friend.

  • skj84

    Rave: The weekend is here!

    Rant: I got really shy at the dating event I attended yesterday. No guy approached me and I was too nervous to go up to them. I’m pretty sociable, but I did not have the drive yesterday.

    • Sorry for your rant. Dating event? I think I would be too nervous too. That’s a lot of pressure since you know why everyone’s there.

      • You’d think that but I’ve done speed dating where most people where just there to hang out. So strange!

        • skj84

          Yeah. If it were a networking event, or even just a regular happy hour I would’ve been fine. But the fear of rejection freaked me out. πŸ™ I haven’t done speed dating in a while. The last time I went all the men were way older than the women who came.

          • It sucks that apparently every guy was shy too, and I’m sure they had the same fears. Maybe take a friend next time who can wingman for you and hopefully make you feel less nervous.

          • That’s what I was thinking. Bring a friend. My friends are VERY SOCIAL. They amp up my game.

          • skj84

            I had a friend I was supposed to meet, but she bailed last minute. I did run into some my male friends, but I felt like I was cock blocking if I hung out with them too much.

  • Rant: This crazy cold. I hate the cold. I hate winter. T___T Give me beaches and palm trees and being able to sit outside reading any day.
    Rant: Between the better weather and this map, clearly I should try to move out to the west coast: www. citylab. com/housing/2015/02/where-in-the-us-are-there-more-single-men-than-women/385369/
    Rant/Rave: I have such great friends in DC and don’t know many people out west, so I am very reluctant to give up my friendships here. Maybe someday.
    Rave: This is very nerdy of me, but the Majora’s Mask game for 3DS comes out today, and my copy is on its way to me (Amazon Prime, I love you). I plan to spend tomorrow playing that with some wine and ignoring what day it is. Haven’t replayed it in years, so that should be fun.

  • I’m fairly agnostic about how the rant and revel is structured because I rarely follow it. I did notice yesterday, however, that some of the other topics were reordered with the newest comments first. I think that is a bad idea. Although collective wisdom is not necessarily wise, it can be very helpful to see how the discussion has progressed before weighing in. This is much easier with the older comments up front, and it can also prevent at least some people from making points that have already been made to death. So, regardless of what happens to rant and revel, I would like to see the others remain oldest first.

    • It’s all or nothing. If he makes this one new first, the others have to follow suit. That’s probably a big reason people prefer the old way.

  • Rave: Cleared up ski school mixup, rented car, figured out about lift tickets.
    Rant: Definitely coming down with something
    Rave: No disgusting intestinal or stomach virus-type symptoms. I’m getting on that damn plane west come hell or high water

  • Rave: professional development day. No kids here today
    Rant: too many stupid trainings that don’t apply to me
    Rave: sushi and karaoke tonight!
    Rave: three day weekend
    Rant: all the roommates will be gone and I’ll be bored

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: Was having a nice conversation w one of my favorite uncles when another family member showed up and it became a screaming match. Currently hiding in my bedroom editing photos of volcanoes and monkeys.
    Rave: Baby howler monkeys

    • Pablo Raw

      MΓ‘s rave: I was able to capture (photo) howler monkeys jumping from one tree to another!

    • Wait, aren’t you already back? Do you have family locally as well?

    • Jealous you’re getting to edit – I STILL haven’t touched my photos from Hawaii/Rose Bowl Parade. Wish I had my laptop now (although is it tacky to edit photos at work? Probably. But I’m bored).
      What was that program you suggested again? I think I finally have my system running well enough that I can think about editing photos soon!

      • Pablo Raw

        Oh I forgot what I said πŸ™ but in any case, I’m currently using Aperture (discontinued); I also use The Gimp (works with both Mac and Windows). I’m going to give a try to Affinity Photo (beta).

    • Howler monkeys > howling people!

  • epric002

    rant: the cold.
    rave: i stayed decently warm with all my layers on the walk to metro. wool socks!
    rave: not many plans this weekend means getting to stay warm inside snuggled up catching up on downton abbey, girls, and the americans.
    narcissistic rave: i really nailed my hair & make up this morning!
    happy friday popville!

    • epric002

      forgotten rave: now 9 week old former foster puppy is getting adopted this afternoon by a lovely couple! i went over to his current foster’s last night and said farewell. he is such a sweet little dude.

  • Rant: Got on the train at Woodley Park, got off the train at Woodley Park, sat in Woodley Park waiting for said train to be towed away
    Revel: Was not standing on an outdoor platform like some people on the Red Line waiting for said train

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rave: got on the train at Woodley Park going the other way while people waited for the broken train to be rescued. Usually it’s the other way around.

  • Rant: a huge outlay for a mistake my mortgage company made during closing has totally screwed up finances for the month
    Rant2: should have a much larger emergency fund, but with a new infant it has been hard to build and maintain
    Rave: Friday and I’m working from home while the little guy sleeps blissfully unaware upstairs. Grateful for the small things.

    • I’d be curious to hear from others about what their emergency savings situation is, particularly people with young kids. I’m never sure if we have enough and how much we should have. We are in our early 30s, own our home, just had our first kid and have about $30k in emergency savings. Any others care to share?

      • We are in a similar situation. Early 30’s, paying mortgage on our condo, one kid on the way, and about $20k in cash reserves with more in investments that we’d prefer not to touch but will if we have to (plus about $60k combined in retirement funds we can’t touch).

        • This is fascinating to me – I’m not yet married, don’t have a kid on the way, but keep saying when I want to have kids I want to have a MASSIVE cash reserve just in case… I always wondered if I was being too much of a planner/doomsday-ist.

      • I’ve always been told my emergency fund should cover ATLEAST 6 months of normal expenses (bills, mortgage, food etc).

      • Mid 30’s, paying a mortgage on a rowhouse, one toddler and one on the way. We have probably $25-30k in an emergency fund, but have other funds that we could tap into as well. However, even if I was flush with an emergency fund, I would still get nervous in Anonmom’s situation. I just hate spending money like that.

    • Would you mind sharing the mistake your mortgage company made? I’m closing on a house next month and I’d like to know if there’s something I should be looking out for.

  • magpies

    Rant: This year I’m kind of bitter about Valentine’s Day. I have not been bitter before! I’m going to try to do a nice thing(s) for myself this weekend, like maybe brunch with a book on Sunday or Monday.
    Rave: On the heels of the depression post, my doc added a medication to my roster and decreased the amount of another and I’m staying positive and hoping it helps. I guess it’s already a positive thing that I’m classifying this as a rave.

  • SFT

    Rant: Spent my morning touring a potential preschool. Holy moly it’s overwhelming. And the waiting lists are beyond ridiculous. 3 more tours next week!
    Rave: For the first time in a few weeks we are all funk-free. I hope we get to do something fun this weekend, despite the weather!

    • I’d love to hear your take on preschools…..I’m in the middle of trying to figure out what we should do

      • SFT

        I’m still a little overwhelmed at the moment and everything is very garbled in my head. I need to sort through it all and then we can talk. Today we went to Bright Horizons, it was a large center, which felt very institutional and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. When we walked in, there were a group of 3yo’s walking in a line, they all had their hands on their heads like they were under arrest. it shocked me a little. The Director said that it helps them to learn order, how to walk in a line, etc. The kids seriously looked like they were about to get frisked by the cops! We are going to visit a church-affiliated preschool and a Montessori school too, I just want to get a sense of what’s out there.

  • Rave: Snuggly kittycat.
    Rant: It seems like I never wake up feeling rested. Anyone have recommendations for those apps you can use that track your sleep (or at least track how much you move while sleeping)?

    • I think Sleep Cycle is a good one. It also has nice graphics to indicate how deeply you sleep at different times and you can compare sleep quality on different nights according to a handful of different variables. P.S. I’m also not sleeping well so this may be incoherent babble. I think you’d like the app anyway.

      • Thanks!
        Emilie504, you use one of these apps too, right? Which one was it?

        • Emmaleigh504

          I use a fitness tracker, Shine. The people who make Shine, Misfit Wearables, also have a thing that just tracks sleep called Beddit misfit.com/products/beddit

    • I really like Sleep Cycle, too. Just make sure to put your phone in sleep mode.

  • Rant: Slept 3 1/2 hours last night because I’m so spun up about so many things. I think that if I don’t properly unwind before bed, my body tries to unwind -while- I sleep and that just doesn’t work.
    Rave: Long weekend means I may be able to catch up a bit.

  • Quotia Zelda

    RAVE: Arrived home yesterday to find a king cake waiting for me! I have the best parents ever.
    Both a rant and a rave: My friends’ and relatives’ Mardi Gras photos are wonderful, but they make me homesick.
    Not really a rave or a rant: Surprisingly busy day at work for a Friday.

  • hammers

    Hi PoP! I noticed that your survey has options for comments going oldest first and newest first, but some may not know that they are voting for comments to appear that way on all posts, not just RRR. I suggest making it more clear that voters are voting on all comments not just in this thread.

  • Rant: Things becoming a last minute emergency that don’t need to be if my boss communicated stuff to me ahead of time.
    Rant: Boss not being available to deal with such issues.
    Rave: It is Friday. I have a long weekend ahead of me filled with lots of fun friend time.
    Rave: Wool sweaters on frigid days

  • hammers

    Rant: This week has sucked–it felt like the longest week ever, I was a little sick, I keep getting pressure headaches, and my jack-off neighbor thinks dinner parties until 3 am are perfectly fine.
    Random: I think my BF likes valentines day a bit more than I do….I didn’t get him a gift, I hope that’s ok! I’ll pick up a card for him….I already told him not to get me anything. I am always so bad at picking out gifts for men anyways.
    Rave: friday yada yada

    • If you’re near target or a game shop – boy’s night in a bag has been super easy: poker chips, cards (or the like), alcohol (or stuff to make a good, manly cocktail). Plus saying something cutesy like “You seem to think of me a lot, I wanted to make sure you had some time with the guys, too!”

  • SFT

    Rant/Rave Combo: Girl Scout cookies have arrived!!!!!!!

    • skj84

      Lucky! I’m hoping the Scouts will be out tomorrow. I need my cookie fix!

      • SFT

        I didn’t order any, but they are all over my office. I’m eating Samoas right now! I have a friend who runs a brewery tour company in Seattle and they are having a girl scout cookie tour where they pair cookies and beer. Effing brilliant. I wish I was there!

  • topscallop

    Rant: it’s so cold out! What I wouldn’t give to be back in bed right now with the heat on…
    Rave: leaving for vacation tomorrow for five days!

    Rose’s Luxury was good, but I think the hype may have led me to have unrealistic expectations. I was thinking it would be more innovative and exciting than it ended up being. For example, the grilled avocado was good, but I think I could make it myself. Maybe I’ll try again when they change their menu for the spring season. The service was good though, and we got a free dish (though it was meat-based so I couldn’t eat it, and my friend thought it was too fatty)

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: cold, busy Friday
    Rave: king cake!

  • Rave I forgot (need caffeine): There are a bunch of free events at and near (?) the Frederick Douglass Historic Site on Saturday — maybe I will check out the walking tour of Historic Anacostia and/or do a tour of the Frederick Douglass house.

    • saf

      Yeah, his birthday is celebrated on 2/14. That’s a good time to be over there.

      • Unfortunately, the weather forecast is calling for rain/snow showers at the time of both of the outdoor tours (“Walking Tour: Frederick Douglass’s Washington,” from 12:30 to 1:30 pm, and “Historical Trek through Anacostia and Uniontown, 1:00 to 1:45 pm”).
        Maybe I’ll go for one of the Douglass house tours (being offered 12-4:30 p.m.) and play things by ear as far as doing anything outdoors.

  • Rant: Sister got bad news at work, no bonus or raise this year – her boss is an incompetent drunk. Sister works her buns off and deserves so much better.
    Rant: A continent and ocean away means I can’t meet up for dinner/drinks and commiserate

  • rant: im in love with a stripperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    rave: not really, I just have that song stuck in my head and wanted to share

  • Rant: woman on the metro this morning sat down behind me started eating her smelly hot breakfast sandwich.
    Revel: she put it away after I turned around and had a nice long stare at her and it.

    • If she didn’t respond to the staredown,’would you have said something?

      • I’m not sure, to be honest – it didn’t get that far and I hadn’t really thought that far ahead. I have said something in similar situations in the past, so it would definitely have crossed my mind.

  • Rant: Pup digestive issues seemed to be coming to an end until he HAD to go outside at 4am. After making a fuss, he wouldn’t go until I walked him for a bit. Walking around Columbia Heights at 4am last night was FREEZING and creepy. Hoping to avoid that again.
    Rave: Very happy and cuddly dog this morning (normal morning time). I think he needs his own Instagram because my account has become all about him.
    Rave: Looking forward to watching all of the movies for Valentine’s Day!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Had to do work for a “problem child” customer today. Now I’m just waiting for the phone call telling me to redo it all.
    Rave: afternoon meeting cancelled! my afternoon is way less busy than my morning.

  • Rave: business trip went really well and I made a ton of new overseas contacts.
    Rave: skiing in Switzerland is incredible. So much off piste and powder. Terrain was quite challenging.
    Rave: gave an informal presentation to the BOE in London today. I was at the Tate, texted my colleague at the Bank, and he asked that I stop by to do a Q&A with some other managers and staff . Rolled in there like a boss and did my thing.
    Rant: London weather sucks.
    Rave: London is super cheap compared to Switzerland. Holy crap.

    • Associated London Rave: I’m staying in Hackney Wick with a friend. Hackney Wick is completely awesome in every way. So much art, pizzerias in warehouses, canals, weirdo with beards and man-buns, funky coffee shops, and a great mix of DYI meets high design.
      Associated London Rave: I look like everyone here. I have found my people!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My day just got busy again.

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