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Ed. Note: Quick admin question. I’ve been getting some feedback that later in the day the rant/revel really has become unnavigable. So what do you guys think about a morning rant/revel posted at 9:30am and an afternoon rant/revel posted at 1:30pm? Would that make sense? Too much? Happy to go with the majority on this. Just let me know what you think.

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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    • +1. This would also help avoid the problem of late-day posts not getting as much attention.

      • +1. I think it’d be worth a try — after noon or so, the bulk of the RRRR posts are replies to previous posts, and new RRRR posts are comparatively invisible. It would be interesting to see whether an afternoon RRRR encouraged more brand-new posts.

        • SFT

          + another 1. I remember the days when 100 posts was a lot. Now we seem to get to 100 in about an hour or so and it’s tough to navigate through all of the comments. Totally worth a shot!

          • Andie302

            +1 I’m always fascinated by how new comments seem to stop rolling in fairly early in the day, but threads seem to continue.

          • This is outside the scope of the question but I love how on SBNation blogs (And I’m sure, others) if you’re logged in, it shows you how many NEW comments are on a post and you can flip right to those comments – this would be so helpful to people on R/R who are posting in the threads/trying to reply to people. I recognize that would be a software/blog overhaul thing, but maybe something to keep in mind if that ever were to happen…

    • It is a challenge to follow threads and new comments when it gets to be 200 by noon.
      I like the idea of trying a morning R&R then a separate afternoon one. Then after a while ask the PoPulace for feedback on how it works.

  • Rave: Dinner last night at Rose’s Luxury with old friends in town from Africa, and President Obama was there eating dinner!
    Rant: Not feeling my job lately.
    Rant/rave: going to NYC to see Hedwig this weekend, but have not figured out what else to do during the days except a couple of museums and a vague desire to shop. Open to suggestions!

    • Wish I could just order some Secret Service guy to stand in line for me so I could go to Rose’s Luxury whenever the urge hit.

    • Your first rave: How cool -love those only in DC moments
      I am with you on the rant…

    • topscallop

      No way! I’m going tonight. What did you eat?

      • We ordered one of every small plate, the smoked trout, got the carpaccio for free, the brisket, and the pea cake (do not miss the pea cake – delicious and looks like a terrarium), a bottle + 3 glasses of wine for 4 people and came out at about $75 a piece. What a steal. The ricotta ravioli, grilled avocado, chicken, pork salad, brisket, and carrots were divine. Did not love the spicy fish broth or the lemon caper pasta.

        • Dinner was delicious! And yes I still read this when I’m away. You never do know who is lurking on here : )

        • topscallop

          Oh I have another question actually: what time did you get there and how long was the wait? We’ll just be two tonight and my dining companion is willing to get there early.

          • Get there before they open and stand in line. I live really close but don’t get out of work until 5:30, so I’ve tried a dozen times but have never been able to make it in. Once, on a brutally cold Tuesday at 6pm, we were told there were no more tables for the night but they had standing space at the bar. That was the closest we ever got. Good luck!

      • Andie302

        Also, if you or anyone you go with is vegetarian, they can adapt several of the dishes (I believe they’re indicated by a different color on the menu). Don’t miss the pork lychee salad, even if you do the veg version!

    • Cinnamonster

      Ahhh! Enjoy Hedwig!!! I really want to get tickets before Jonathan Cameron Mitchell leaves. Just got to get myself up to NYC! I really liked shopping in Greenwich Village when visiting in the past, if you need a place to shop. 🙂

    • Looks like it was “just” Michelle. It was hard to see the whole group, and the waiter said the Pres was there, but sounds like he was off running the country. http://dc.eater.com/2015/2/12/8026775/michelle-obama-dines-at-roses-luxury

  • Rant: Our household has become a sick ward. Thank god my husband has escaped the germs thus far, but it has been a rough week for the little one and I. Roseola for her (which included a scary ER visit) and a terrible cold for me.
    Rave: At least she seems to be on the mend. Me, not so much.
    Rave: Likely buying a new car this weekend!

  • I think the rant 2x a day would be good, the morning rant always gets flooded to the point where it’s defeating it’s purpose.

    Here’s mine tho –

    Rant: horrible roads everywhere in DC… Why do the pothole crews wait until spring to repair roads every year?!?
    There are sections of the road cut out near Georgia & O that have been that way forever from construction, they are bruising cars every day, the city should be more diligent about making roads smooth and safe.

    Rant: Hypocritical people… Maybe if more TV shows and musicians portrayed ethical behavior this world would be a better place, but we don’t and it’s not. There are so many people we hold in high esteem that are corrupt and self serving.

    Rave: It’s almost Friday, I have nothing planned though, my dating life is in the dumps, not because I’m un-dateable, but moreso I think because it’s hard for me to switch into that mode and open up to/trust anyone. This city has ruined me… :/

    Rant: repetitive processes at work. Tired of the repetition, tired of the incidental expenses & grocery shopping and running out of stuff and replenishing it constantly, consumerism and small talk, not enough nature and good conversation in my life, yet never enough money or space in my life to pack up and leave it all… Poor us.

    • Andie302

      Your last rant sounds like something I really struggle with. I once complained to someone that I hated the repetition of doing laundry and their response was “of course you need to do it repetively, just like eating…it’s just a part of how we live”. That was a bit of a lightbulb moment for me, even though I still hate the damn laundry. I second your rants on consumerism and small talk – I think it’s why I enjoy this forum, because one day we’ll hear about something pretty routine from someone, and the next day they’ll be venting or asking for input on life-changing stuff. I hope you feel better soon!

    • I recently took my car in because I was convinced that the steering was out of alignment. They couldn’t find anything wrong, and sure enough, when I picked it up from the shop in Virginia, the steering was just fine. When I got back to DC, I realized that what I thought was my car’s fault was really caused by the f-d up DC roads.

    • Your rants’raves sound so much like how I am feeling this week it’s eerie. Just keep swimming, things always get better! Do something different this weekend; even something small can help you break that helpless feeling of being stuck in an agonizingly repetitive life cycle.

    • Uggg I can feel your rants so much right now.
      Also i routinely get annoyed about grocery shopping – I just DID this a week ago – why do I have to do it AGAIN now? Oh, because I’m out of food. Right. Ug.

    • Thanks for the support guys…

      In reality I have nothing worth complaining about, I feel a little guilty about ranting about what so many people would kill to have which also makes me feel guilty too. Meh, life is guaranteed to get better in my retirement because I’m sure I’d be able to entertain myself in my free time but it seems very far away. I’m pretty happy otherwise, its just a phase 🙂

      • “I feel a little guilty about ranting about what so many people would kill to have which also makes me feel guilty too.” Don’t feel guilty — really don’t. Just because you have things to be thankful for doesn’t mean you have to feel happy all the time or feel bad when you’re not 100% focused on the good. And this is a space to rant! So you’re in the right place 🙂

  • epric002

    rant: last night husband and i went to domku for pierogi night. we got there a few minutes after 6, and there were literally 3 people in the dining room. the hostess asked if we had reservations and i said no. she informed me that we could only sit at the bar b/c *every* other table was reserved. i asked if she was serious and she said yes, so we went next door and had dinner at petworth citizen (which was great, btw). so when we leave petworth citizen around 7:20 we walk by domku and there are PLENTY of empty tables in the dining room. WTF?! EVERY empty table was “reserved” but somehow almost an hour and a half later they’re all still almost empty! i tell my neighbor this story later last night as we’re walking the dogs and she says the exact same thing happened to her and her fiancee last weekend when they went to domku for brunch, except they ended up sitting at the bar and watched as nowhere close to all the tables were used while they ate. i’m stumped- why would they be doing this???

    • Some restaurants fully book reservations while others leave slots for walkins…I assume domku is doing the former. I’d think 1.5 hrs is plenty of time for people to eat pierogis. Some restaurants will hold reservations for a long time, so if people are coming late or not at all it makes sense. Never a policy I agreed with because if you’re late you should lose your spot, but restaurants try to make people happy.

      • epric002

        i don’t buy this for domku. we’ve been there at least 15 times. we’ve never made reservations. other than brunch, they are almost never full. they are also not known for quick service. i suppose it’s *possible” that in an hour and 15 minutes they managed to completely fill, feed, and then almost empty the dining room, but i am doubtful.

        • I’ve never been there. It was simply my perspective as a former server who’s had to watch as tables sat empty for reservations while we’re on an hr wait. Madness!

        • I’ve been to Domku only a few times, in large part because I always got the impression that they weren’t particularly interested in actually serving their customers.

          • epric002

            that is not an uncommon sentiment. i’ve never had an issue there before other than occasionally slow service, but i will be contacting them to ask about this. there are a lot of things about domku that i like (unusual menu items, vegetarian night, pierogi night, brunch, etc.) and i would like to continue patronizing domku, but i am really put off by what happened.

          • binpetworth

            This has been my experience. However, the last time I went I was seated at the bar and had the best service I’ve ever had there, so perhaps that’s something to remember for next time when they’re supposedly filled up with reservations.

        • this was true in the past but no more. we went there around 7 last Saturday night and it was packed with a wait.

      • skj84

        Agreed. Just because a table is available doesn’t mean the table is availible. I hosted for years and it is a balance between holding tables for reservations and deciding if walk Ina can be seated. Sometimes the restaurant may look empty, but if I have ten reservations coming in the next hour, and only ten tables I’m not going to seat a walk in. Of course it sucks when customers run late, no show or cancel last minute and it looks like I’m just being a jerk. But is rather not risk making a reservation wait because we ran out of tables.

        • epric002

          i understand that. i flat out don’t believe that they somehow had reservations for the entire restaurant at 6pm on a wednesday- unless their popularity has very recently gone through the roof…

          • Then what’s the reason for them turning away your money?? They likely had reservations between 615 & 730 depending on their timing. You’ve mentioned the slow service, so they may prefer to hold the table longer because they know they can’t get a table out in under 1.5 hrs.
            Why don’t you just make a reservation? This issue seems very easy to fix.

          • epric002

            that’s why i’m asking- i can’t figure out how why this makes sense. i am seriously doubtful that they had SO MANY reservations that they were unable to seat 2 people at 6, but yet almost an hour and a half later, the dining room was not even half full. assuming that they did have reservations for the entire dining room on weds night (which seats about 50, plus they have another smaller dining room behind the bar), wouldn’t that mean that over 1/2 of the reservations between 6 and 7:15 failed to show up?
            if i decide to go back then obviously a reservation would prevent this from happening again. but since i have been numerous times before w/o ever needing a reservation i am surprised that now you apparently can’t be seated w/o one. at 6. on a wednesday.

          • What do you expect them to say? 1. They lied 2. New host misunderstood policy. 3. Exactly what they told you in person.
            I don’t feel it’s fruitful to accuse someone of lying simply because something is “hard to believe”.

        • +1000 The issue is that walkins can always say oh we’ll be quick then refuse to leave by the allotted time. I’ve seen it happen countless times.

          • skj84

            Yep! I’ve had that happen. Offer a walk in a table with the expectation that they are up by a certain time, and they stay longer. We drop the check and they decided to camp out. I get that it’s frustrating to not get a seat when there are tables open. Another reason the may not seat is due to what how many servers are on the floor. We would close sections or hold tables if we didn’t have enough servers for the day. When I worked in fine dining we would seat in a rotation. THe idea was to seat the servers every 15-20 minutes. THis would give them time to greet new tables and keep tabs on the ones they had without getting overwhelmed.

    • This happened to me at the Tabard Inn for brunch. Ate at the bar while 95% of the tables were empty the whole time.

      • Tabard inn routinely books full for brunch, so I’d expect that they’d hold tables. The place isn’t huge either.

    • We had the same experience with Crane and Turtle a couple of weeks ago – we (self, wife, teenaged daughter) were turned away from an empty resturant because of all of the “reservations” they had. We could have eaten, paid and been gone with plenty of time to spare before the phantom diners filled up the place. Turning away business like that seems very odd indeed. I was more sad for them than mad at them.

      • epric002

        i am surprised to hear that- we were told that they were reserving their counter seats exclusively for walk-ins (they have a MUCH smaller space than domku).

    • saf

      We were there last night about 6:45. Dining room was half full, and started to fill up about 7:30. It turned over once while we were there, and everyone not at the bar did have reservations. (We ate at the bar. We always eat at the bar.)

      The reservations may have been later. Pierogis don’t start until 7.

      • epric002

        thanks saf. though i didn’t realize pierogis didn’t start until 7, your observation that they didn’t start to fill up until 7:30 reaffirms my confusion for being denied at seat at 6.

        • saf

          I bet that the reservations were all for 7 and after, and that’s the problem.

        • Maybe they won’t seat you if you’re within X time period of a reservation? Say they’re allowing 2 hours for the table to turn over — then they wouldn’t seat you at 6 if there was a 7:30 reservation in place?

          • epric002

            maybe. is 2 hours a typical turnover time? seems wasteful to decline all early diners…

          • Blithe

            What I’ve done at neighborhood restaurants, particularly ones that I go to a lot, is to ask about the reservations that they expect, and offer to work within their time frame. Obviously they have to trust me to keep my word, and obviously the time frame is a lot longer when food is cooked to order, and formal tables have to be cleared and reset. It has worked though. So if I’m there at 6, they have a table reserved for 7:30, if they can bring the food relatively quickly, then I can be out by 7:15-ish.

          • skj84

            Yes. Where I worked rule of thumb was 2-4 tops were expected to turn in 1:30-2:00. Larger tables were given 2:00 to 3:00 hours. The host staff would keep tabs of each tables progress so we would have an idea of when to expect the table back. It wasn’t always a perfect system, but it usually worked well.

    • Had a horrendous customer experience about 8 years ago at Domku when they were pretty much the only game in town in Petworth. Have boycotted them ever since. I am amazed they stay in business in spite of themselves.

  • Rave: Unofficial PoPville Book club – good people interested, e-mail at popvillebookclub (@) gmail dot com. I’ll send out an e-mail tonight about setting up the first meeting and books!
    Rant: Unsolicited disagreeable information from a staff member/interviewer about a position I’m interested in. Not sure what to believe as the staff member is in charge of the position but also seemed really earnest and honest.
    Rave: DC Library. I have a great list of books to drown my unemployment sorrows in.
    Rave/Rant: Parents visiting DC! Over Valentine’s Day (which is mostly frustrating as it will severely limit any possibilities for restaurants or events that are NON Valentine’s related and super expensive). Plus it’s going to be incredibly cold.

  • Rave: Made some delicious Japanese curry last night. Nom.
    Rave: Friend’s karaoke birthday celebration tonight and then nerding out at Katsucon all weekend.
    Rant: Dog who won’t sleep in her own bed. She always starts out on the floor/her bed but makes it up to my bed sometime during the night. I don’t wake up when she gets up there so I don’t know how to correct it. Any tips?

    • If you have a door to close, put her bed in the living room or elsewhere. I think there is also a Velcro or similar strip you can put on couches to keep animals off…maybe something like that on the edges of the bed.

      • Sadly, I live in a studio. I can’t wait to have doors! : P
        I’ll look into the Velcro thing. Thanks! I wonder if they’d be uncomfortable for people..

        • Only if you’re really furry lol
          You don’t notice a dog climbing in bed, so a few bumps probably wouldn’t wake you.

    • emvee

      My dog sometimes gets really into pacing for no reason. When that happens, I break out the collapsible crate for a few nights. The crate was about $30 on amazon, and he doesn’t seem to mind it. It probably helps that I lure him in with snacks.

  • Rant: Litter, litterers, and people who can’t be bothered to pick up litter from in front of their houses.
    Rant: Lower-back pain has gotten to the point where…
    Rave: … I’ve finally made a doctor’s appointment.
    Rave: After an office-snacking FAIL yesterday, I’ve replenished my supplies.

    • Office-snacking fails are the worst. I’m glad you have stocked up!

      • Heh! I was crestfallen — I took my box of microwave popcorn out of a cupboard and found that it was EMPTY. (Usually as soon as I finish a box, I fold it up and take it home — partly to recycle it, and partly as a reminder to myself to bring in a new one.)
        Then I thought I’d have some cereal, but discovered that I had no bowls. So I was attempting to consume cereal out of a cup.

        • So sad! I’ve done the cereal-in-a-cup thing before and it messes with the whole cereal-to-milk ratio– not ideal!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Son’s birthday presents ordered!
    Rave: Possible quick trip to Louisiana scheduled for next month.
    Rant: I had another rave, but now I can’t remember.
    Wondering: Is today the day that king cake #2 will show up? We’re running out of time!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m gonna see if I can find him something in Sweden for his bday, so it will be late.
      And king cake better arrive today!

    • Blithe

      I’ve had king cakes from Whole Foods, and usually get the pecan praline ones. Is there a chance that some of you who know what king cakes should really taste like could do a taste test?

  • Rave: Almost vday which means almost Katt Williams day.
    Rave: Quick chat with the (former) ladyfriend. I miss our dates, but the occasional check-in is nice.
    Rant: Going straight to bed everyday leaves no time for packing lunch.
    Folks I need easy lunch ideas that aren’t sandwiches. I get bored easily.
    Rant/rave: Have a meet and greet instead of an interview next week. Any tips for this one? I’ve never had one before.

    • palisades

      Regarding lunch ideas: I just make large portions of food for dinner and then pack the leftovers for lunch the next day.

      • I do that, but then I need to make a new dinner sooner than I’d like. Spaghetti is my go to, but I’m sure there are more interesting dishes out there. Time to look up some recipes.

      • +1. I find this works best with pasta, casseroles (mac and cheese!), and beans and rice — anything that can easily make large portions that can be easily divided. This saves money, too 🙂

        • Money is my motivation, but I don’t go out a ton, so I feel my lunch budget is still less than some people spend on coffee or booze.

          • Since you say you get bored easily, what about large dishes like tagine or paella, that might be things you couldn’t get as easily from a take-away place? Tortilla espanola also goes a long way in our household (and is really good in sandwiches too).

          • I literally daydream about eating this and have made it twice in the last 2 months: food52.com/recipes/6513-chicken-sausage-and-red-pepper-paella

          • That paella looks delicious, Shawess! I regularly crave paella — I’m not great in the kitchen but I might give this a try! 🙂

          • SKT, it is SO SO good. I use jarred roasted red peppers, a small can of tomato paste in place of grating the tomatoes (messy!) and for the Aleppo pepper I use half cayenne and half smoked paprika. Done this way, the recipe is surprisingly unfussy and super tasty. Even the rice on its own is really flavorful.

          • Andie302

            Thank you for these adjustments! I saw the grated tomato and thought, this will never happen! I’m literally pinning the recipe with these comments so that I can remember.

    • Andie302

      You could do a couple pots of good soup and freeze them in smaller portions – even if it’s just a compliment to a sandwich.

    • Crock pot recipes are great for this too. I also like bringing a snack of fresh veggies & hummus.

      • No crock pot yet but I’ll look into it. That would help with my lack of free time at night.

        • Oh yes, definitely! And then you could make the chicken tikka masala recipe that someone suggested last week. I made it over the weekend and it was DELICIOUS! Crockpot stews are good, and you can make a pseudo crock pot chicken pot pie that is also yummy. I don’t use our crock pot nearly enough but I’m so happy when I do.

        • PDleftMtP

          Totally worth it. Cheap and easy.

    • Slow cooker recipes are great for lunches. I make a large batch of stew, soup, pulled chicken for tacos, etc. on a Sunday, and eat it over several days.

    • I do a big cook about once a month and freeze in smaller portions. I have one of those vacuum sealer, so it helps keep things fresh. Usually I make 2-3 things and it’ll last me a few weeks. That way I don’t have to eat the same leftovers every day and I don’t get bored. Often I’ll make a big pot of dried beans, then use them to make a bunch of things. I also always have frozen beans so I can just whip up easy bean recipes. Some of the things I like:
      -minestrone soup (I like the one from the Post website. I actually usually make a half batch of this every weekend and have this on hand)
      – black bean soup
      – beans and rice (I love the Guy Fieri Spicy Vegetarian Red Beans and Rice on the Food Network. freeze the unused adobo chilis)
      -Lasagna freezes well in individual servings
      – lentils (I love Red Lentil and Squash Curry Stew from Oh She Glows – if you don’t want to roast the butternut squash, I just throw in some frozen cubed butternut squash).

      • <3 Oh She Glows! And my cooking method/schedule is very similar.

      • Oh, and one of my favorite kitchen toys for bulk cooking is my pressure cooker. I can cook beans in about 30 minutes. So good. The best cookbooks are the ones by Lorna J. Sass. I live by Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure, but she also has a non-vegetarian one, which I use from time to time. The vegetarian book has an AMAZING butternut squash risotto recipe.

    • A hearty salad with grains, beans, vegetables (like quinoa/black bean/roasted red pepper/cucumber/red onion/cilantro). Also, soup. If you make a big pot of soup, freeze lunch-sized portions.

    • I bring brown rice or quinoa with grilled chicken and vegetables (usually frozen). I change up the veggies when it gets boring; TJ’s has a lot of frozen varieties to choose from.

    • Lunch/dinner ideas: fried rice is my go-to fridge cleaner meal….and depending on the rice and how many veggies and what protein you use, it can be pretty healthy. My musts are onions, fresh ginger, and fresh garlic. You can build on with anything and everything from there. Also, for lunch, every now and then I make a huge pot of soup and freeze about 2/3 of it in smaller portions. When I was running out the door one day this week w/o having packed lunch the night before, my ziploc bag of frozen soup came to the rescue!

  • palisades

    Rant: Kitty’s furballs are acting up again. It’s crazy how easy it is to stop them, but a couple weeks of laziness and they’re back again. Ordered hairball remedy food and new hairball treats since she didn’t like the other ones I got. Need to be better about combing her every day too.

  • Rave: Dan’s idea for AM & PM RRRR!

  • Rant: 11 hour workday yesterday left me wiped
    Rave: that OT $$
    Rave: fun weekend planned!
    Rant: Might mess up my ‘bring-lunch-every-day’ challenge today. Didn’t have the time or energy to pack anything other than a few clementines and a steamed potato. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Rant: killer leg and ab workout yesterday made this morning’s run tough
    Rave: Family – you don’t pick ’em so its nice to luck out and get a great one
    Rave: A little snow this morning
    Rant: I have a date with my suitcase on Saturday
    Rave: Out of the office for a week and get to work on some cool new projects with some of my favorite team memberss

  • Rant: This native New Orleanian is getting grumpy about being cold and bored here instead of living it up back home. Mardi Gras time is the hardest! I hope the Clarendon parade isn’t snowed out again this year, a little dose of the fun is better than nothing, and I enjoy seeing my fellow Louisiana friends.

    Rave: Some fun friends and I decided we absolutely will ride in a parade back home next year – I’m already excited for our plans (and saving money for it!)

  • skj84

    I like the idea of two chats.

  • Rave: Ice cream, in general.
    Rant: On a bus with an elementary school group on a field trip.
    Rant: Waking up to the guy who walks through Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant (at a minimum) singing at the top of his lungs, non-stop, most if not all mornings. His fortitude is impressive but I just want to tell him to shut up.

  • I’m looking to get out of this city after 12 years, but it seems almost impossible to get another federal job in the Midwest when most places are not hiring right now, and my specialties (public/legislative affairs, communications, writing, editing) are especially suited for DC! Need some inspiration/hope that it CAN be done. USAJOBS is discouraging and exhausting. Guessing this is a years-long search since I want to stay in the federal government and may end up having to take another DC job here just so I can join an agency that actually has Midwest jobs!!
    Life has been pretty darn good here, but it’s time to pack it up and go. It’s just stressful thinking of all that needs to be done to make that happen. Getting the job is just one thing- to move, I’d also have to buy a car, find a new place in a new city, and make sure my animals and prized possessions made it halfway across the country. It was so much easier moving here when I literally only had two suitcases.

    • Andie302

      You could contact a representative from the local VA Medical Center and see if they foresee any openings in their public/legislative affairs office. If you are planning to live near a Network (known as VISN) office, you can also try them. Good luck!

    • Where in the Midwest are you hoping to get a job? Many agencies have regional offices in Kansas City and Chicago.
      I think you’re correct that most of the positions in your field are probably going to be in HQ/D.C., though — unless you can get a job here and then convince the agency to let you the same job remotely from one of its regional offices.

      • I’m targeting my search to Minneapolis, but I’m willing to go to Chicago if necessary. I have a small network in each place (family/friends). My dream would be to work with the FBI or a U.S. Attorney’s Office. Both of those are VERY hard to get into, though, and there’s pretty much no movement right now. Unless you’re an auditor or computer science expert, the FBI in particular is not really hiring external candidates. However, this could change anytime (fingers crossed).

    • Why do you have to stay a fed? One would think if location was that important, you could leave the security blanket here.

  • Rant: Caught kiddo’s cold. At least it’s not slowing me down too badly.
    Rave: Got up for morning yoga.
    Rant: It didn’t feel awesome. But at least I gave it a go?
    Rant: Waiting for follow-up tests. Not good at waiting. Oh well.
    Rave: Three-day weekend & hopefully some time to catch up on sleep because…
    Rant: Even though kiddo is sleeping again, my body hasn’t gotten used to sleeping through and I’ve been waking up at 4am EVERY SINGLE MORNING! Boo.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: Last day at paradise island.
    Rave: Birthday is coming (to me, it’s just a day like any other) but
    Rave: Mother organizing a family party (I said it’s ok if there’s no celebration) but
    Rave: Pig will be roasted, around 60 people expected, loud.
    Rant: I’m an introvert, there’ll be no me time and nowhere to hide
    Rave: Milky way photos and volcanoes

    • Blithe

      Your raves sound wonderful! Would it make it better — or worse — if you think of the party as celebrating your Mother — since she might not remember your birth day as just a day like any other? (grin) I’ve no idea of the protocol. If you want to run and hide, could you take a break to go check on how the pig is doing?
      – Oh, and: Happy Birthday!!!!!!! (Just wanted to sneak that in there in case you don’t announce the actual day. )

  • skj84

    Rant: One of my worsts fears almost came true yesterday. I was riding in the elevator at work with my coworkers and car moves up to our floor, stops then DROPS down to the previous level. The elevator we were in has a reputation for being shaky, and we even joking about it was we rode. But it’s never dropped like that before! Thankfully the door opened when it stopped, i would’ve had a breakdown if I were trapped in a tiny elevator with three big guys.

    • That would freak me the hell out. I’d be taking the stairs for a while, if it’s an option.

    • Gah, that’s scary! When I was visiting my grandparents for New Years, my sister and I got trapped in the elevator in their apartment building for a bit – it got stuck in between floors. I was freaking out and afraid it was going to drop, and we weren’t even in it for very long. If it had actually dropped I think you would be hard-pressed to get me into an elevator again for a while afterwards…

    • That is so scary. I had a few close calls in the elevator in my old building but have been lucky to never be actually dropped or trapped.

    • SFT

      One of my favorite episodes of The Office is the one where Dwight, Jim, and Pam get stuck in an elevator, and Dwight immediately establishes a ‘pee corner’. My old office routinely had elevator issues, so each time I got on, I would think about that episode. Could you imagine being stuck in an elevator for hours and having to actually do that!!!!!

    • Allison

      Oh man, I actually have a recurring nightmare about dying in an elevator that falls all the way down. Belghehegghhhh! Jibbers.

  • Rave: It’s Thursday! The week is almost over!
    Rant: Need more coffee. Like everyone else, I’ve been trying to bring lunch but really haven’t been feeling like eating what I brought. Maybe I’ll just get something cheap in our cafeteria today.
    Unsure: No Tinder dates yet. Not a big deal because I’m pretty busy, but curious — how long do you guys usually talk with someone before a date happens? Who usually asks first? (Less concerned with guy/girl and more curious about who messages first vs. asks for the date)

    • I’d say average is a week because of scheduling, but I’ve done sooner. I think first to message should ask, but if you’re feeling it and they haven’t then go for it.

    • I have my first Tinder date tomorrow night. He messaged me first, but I asked him out. We’ve been talking for about a week now, but I asked him out pretty quickly because I don’t like lots of online chatting. I’d rather just meet and see what happens. I have no idea whether the quality of this date will be different from an OKC or Match date, but we’ll see.

      • Oh, congrats! Have fun! I don’t think I’ve had a conversation with anyone for more than four or five days before one of us fades out without asking for a date… so I guess that’s the end of those conversations. Maybe next match. Haha.

        • Thanks! I think it’s hard to keep the conversation going, which is one of the reasons why I just asked him out when I knew that I wanted to meet him. If you’re liking someone after 2 or 3 days, try asking him out. The guys I;ve asked out have always replied enthusiastically yes! And that might take care of the texting fizzle. Then I put the ball in their court for a second date. Good luck!

    • Agreed with Sunny above. I think part of the appeal with Tinder for a lot of people is that things move more quickly than OKC/Match/whatever. I’ve talked to guys for a day or two and asked them out/had them ask me out. If the conversation lasts longer than that, it tends to fizzle without a date. OKC seems to take a bit longer, but I also dislike a lot of online convo and usually will just ask a guy out if he seems interesting/fun.

      • I’ve only used okc, and I’d disagree. Maybe I’m more forward, but I’ll ask about meeting in the first or second email, and if she’s not game, I’ll move on.

      • I like taking my time on OkC. I like building rapport online first and then meeting up for a date.

        • I agree about OkC, Tinder is just kind of weird generally I think.
          Also, I was reading the Ask Polly advice column on NYMag a few minutes ago and she said something that really resonated with me: “At this particular moment in history, the online dating world is completely unhinged. I know it once worked for a lot of people, but lately I just don’t know. There’s a fickleness in play right now that doesn’t feel sustainable. Everything seems upside down and backward. I have a hot, smart guy friend who can’t get past the second date. Another friend tells me she feels like it’s this nightmare cornucopia, an embarrassment of potential partners but everyone seems Not Quite Good Enough and thinks that you’re Not Quite Good Enough, too. I often get letters that echo this sentiment.”

      • Accountering

        I agree 100%. I asked girls out on dates after like 10 messages. If your feeling it, then it is just a drink, and you can figure out in person if you like them. Wasn’t looking for a pen pal.

  • Rant: 6 week work-periods on capitol hill. I’ve been doing this for 5 years and the last 6 weeks have been unreal.
    Rave: recess next week!

  • SFT

    Rant: Did not win the lottery!
    Rave: My office pool did win $11 though, so we are reinvesting for the next big drawing!
    Perplexing: I’ve recently noticed the cars that some of my colleagues drive. Holy crap. Either I am woefully underpaid or they are living well beyond their means. Glad I love my Mini!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: “I didn’t know Asians liked Karaoke.”

    Rave: Success perms.

    Rant: Lizzie feel twice on the stairs last night–didn’t appear to be hurt but she’s becoming so skittish that any attempt to console her makes it worse. So sad! Old lady dogs!

    • loved episode 4 when the family visits. Also made me realize I totally got a success perm last year.

    • Are the stairs carpeted? My old pup had a hard time navigating my steps until I put down some carpet stair treads (from Home Depot). I used double sided carpet tape to hold them securely and they were easy to remove when I no longer needed them (RIP Micky Pongo)

      • I Dont Get It

        Good idea,I think that might help. I hate carpet on nice wood stairs though but I feel so sorry for her. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Rant: need to have a tough conversation with a friend who is just not there for me when I need her and is a big flake in general (cancelled on our plans 4 times in the past month). I have a really hard time with things like this because I don’t like upsetting people but I think it is time I told her how I feel, especially because I am always there for her and go out of my way to be a good friend. Should I broach the subject via email and then ask to chat in person or just ask to meet up with her and lay it on her? I don’t want her to feel ambushed but I need to get this weight off my chest.
    Rant: good friend leaving DC at the end of the month for a new job opportunity. so so happy for him but always sad when this happens.
    Rave: getting out of DC this weekend. need a reboot.
    Rave: even though I’m feeling down, I know I have it better than a lot better than a lot of other people. just have to remember to look on the bright side, even when its gloomy (literally and figuratively). being an adult is rough!

    • “Should I broach the subject via email and then ask to chat in person or just ask to meet up with her and lay it on her? I don’t want her to feel ambushed but I need to get this weight off my chest.”
      Somehow I think that if you give her a heads-up on the topic, she’s likely to bail (given her history of flaking out) or otherwise try to wriggle out of the confrontation. I’d probably recommend just asking to meet up with her and not bringing up the specific issue until you’re actually face to face.

    • Do it in person. But not during a fun activity like dinner at a new place you’ve been wanting to try. Make a plan to talk to her in a quiet place and with nothing else going on. Be prepared to listen as well as talk.
      Also recognize her inherent strengths and weaknesses and decide if she has anything to offer you, or if it will always be all take and no give. If the latter, you may have to move on. But give her a chance to make some changes first.
      (Just went through this with one of my closest friends, and it was uncomfortable for a while, and I had to give up on some ideas about what I want from the relationship, but we came out of it and all is well.)

      • Thanks for the advice, really well said. I think you’re right. I definitely don’t want to end the friendship but something’s got to give.

  • Rant – I’m really, really angry at everyone today
    – I’m angry at my management for being condescending (IE emailing me a list of changes on a report including changing the date because it took them five days to review, so YES, the date is wrong!), at my job in general for telling me to “watch” (limit) my hours then giving me MORE work to do in that limited time,
    – I’m angry at my BF for bailing on me the other night – I understand he got caught at work, was tired, it was a perfectly reasonable excuse – but I’m upset he didn’t tell me until he was already late (IE too late for me to go workout/do much else with my night) and because he didn’t apologize or offer alternate plans/say when I would see him next).
    – I’m angry at turning down plans for long weekend trip I wanted to go on with friends to NOLA because I have a work event that Friday I cannot get out of and things at work are tense enough that I don’t have the energy to ask for it off/fight that battle.
    – I’m angry at myself because I feel like I’m lashing out at people over things that would normally just be annoyances because I’m struggling right now and I’m tired and unhappy.

    – I guess I feel a bit better after writing that out.
    – Vietnamese food for lunch.

    • Bah, I’m so sorry all these things are happening at once! I know the feeling. Don’t be angry at yourself, you’re allowed to feel irritated and disappointed and hurt sometimes. I’m sending good vibes your way and I hope things start looking up!

      • Thanks! I’m kind of debating if I bring this up with the BF or let it go -we’ve both been under a lot of stress and when we see each other things are fine, so it’s a sour note to bring up, but it’s also kind of a pet peeve of mine so I feel like I do – gently- need to say, hey, you upset me the other night, you know?

    • I so feel you. Earlier this morning I texted “i hate everyone” to my best friend and asked her to get pho with me for dinner tonight. Pho makes everything better.

      • That’s why I was so upset the other night – I really, really didn’t want to be alone and if he had told me earlier, hey life sucks, I can’t be there I would have gone to spin class or met a friend for a drink.
        And yes, pho helps 🙂 A lot!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Pho is magical.

  • Rave: Ski trip in 2 hours!
    Rant: Have to drive through snowstorm to get there.
    Rant: Arctic front. On Sunday, it’s predicted to be a high of 5 – a HIGH. At 9:00, the prediction is -7. Don’t even want to think of what the wind chill will be.
    Rave?: Short lift lines?
    Selfish Rave: I can’t ski with 8 yo (can’t keep up, seriously), so Mrs. dcd will be obliged to ski and I can, if I choose, stay inside.
    Rave: In anticipation of more down time, replaced half-full bottle of bourbon in car with full bottle of bourbon.
    Rant that’s really a Rave: Spotty internet service on mountain. Won’t be able to get work email.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Met three people last night that could work for a March 1st move-in to replace the roommate moving out.
    Rave/rant: One admitted that she arrived super early so she backtracked one metro stop and got a drink. My other roommate was pretty sure she was drunk! I am so oblivious, and with this cold I couldn’t smell anything…so it didn’t occur to me. She was pretty entertaining! I think out of the three we’ll be able to find someone that is going to work well.
    Rant: I know that I should continue to rest, but since it doesn’t seem to be helping anyway, I really want to go out tonight (to see some live acoustic music and catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in awhile). Responsible-me knows that this will make tomorrow tough, music-loving me doesn’t give a crap.

  • Rave: Auto tech didn’t charge me to pull the remains of a charred plastic bag off my engine and to explore another issue. Love those guys.
    Rant-ish: I’ve been on Tinder for four days. I understand it no better now than I did five days ago. I’ve already run across my glassbowl ex’s profile (not most recent ex) and I’ve gotten really good at swiping left.
    Rant: parents might cancel their visit because of more snow coming to New England.

  • Rant1: First night alone without the husband… not sure how I am going to fall/stay asleep.
    Rave1: Sending him positive vibes and confidence so when he returns on we can begin planning a move. I have such a love/hate relationship with DC.. I have thought it’s about time for a while now.
    Rant2: My boss who knows nothing of the above Rave joking that I signed up for a 2-year minimum in this position and eluding to the conditions upon which we can leave. Uh, what?

  • Rave/rant: inadvertently scheduled a date on V-Day. it’s not like a first date online dating thing. it’s internet friends (social media) finally meeting up IRL. he suggested Saturday, and i have no plans during the day so why not, right?
    Rave: spending V-Day night with my also single best friend. give me all the drinks.
    Rave: planning a third date with the boy from last weekend. oh, the excitement.grows
    Rave: planning a first date with a guy from okcupid.

    I’m really enjoying dating right now. I cannot believe it.

    • All it takes is a great date to turn the whole picture around.

    • Yay for all these raves! 🙂

    • Aglets

      hah. I accidentally scheduled a ‘hang’ with a guy that i was mildly interested in on valentines day a million years ago (or really, like 12) and at one point in the evening he said “i was worried this would be more date-y but this is fun”.

      Never making that mistake again.

    • I had a first online date on VD night a few years ago….it was super awk. And I agree; I’m also liking dating these days, mostly because I’ve a had a few good ones lately!

  • Rant: Feeling physically burned out and exhausted and am not sure why, exactly. I have a lot going on in my head between the potential move and other life crap, but am not unusually busy or physically taxed. I’m probably averaging 7 hours/night of sleep but am having a lot of trouble waking up. What gives, body?
    Rant: Puppy is still a sicko, but is improving. He LOVES boiled chicken and that’s boosting his energy level. If he’s not doing better at lunchtime, I’m going to call the vet again for advice.
    Rave: Friend dinner date tonight. So excited to catch up with this friend!

    • Re your first rant. I’ve been the SAME WAY this week and I was just talking to a co-worker who said she really struggled to pull herself out of bed this morning, too! I don’t know what it is about this week….

      • It would be a big relief if this were just the weather or something. Coffee is just. not. working. I feel like I could sleep for a solid 24 hours right no, no problem, and sort of wish I could.

        • I think the weather isn’t helping – the shift from lovely Sunday to cold Monday (and the pressure shift) messed with my head big time. From there, the week has just been rough.

        • I’m a little better today but I felt the same way on Tuesday. I was so tired I felt dizzy. I actually left class early because of it.

    • Contemplating a major life change – even a positive change – can be stressful. Also worrying about your little pup. Your body probably needs more sleep, or more “unwinding” time.

    • epric002

      puppy is 3ish months now, right? and has been sick for how many days?

      • Three months old as of last Sunday and sick for two nights. We can/will start doggie day care next week, after he has his rabies shot. Cannot wait for that — the daily trips home at lunchtime are definitely contributing to the burnout!

    • Sorry to hear the pup is still not feeling great. I think I jinxed myself yesterday when I said the food I had my dog on seemed to be working… he got pretty sick last night. After 3 months of success, it’s back to boiled chicken. Ugh.

      • Aww — sorry to hear it 🙁 Out of curiosity, is there any reason (other than cost or effort) not to just feel dogs boiled chicken all the time?

        • epric002

          they do need more than just protein. there are definitely homemade dog food recipes out there, but you should talk with your vet before you switch your dog over to make sure they’re getting everything they need.

        • My pup gets half home made and half Blue Buffalo food. Home made = big pot of boiled chicken or turkey plus brown rice, lentils and vegetables, freeze in sandwich bags. Dr Michael Fox (WPost columnist) has recipes on his website (drfoxvet)

          • Check with your vet about the brown rice – mine said it isn’t good for dogs, but I don’t remember why! It wasn’t the arsenic factor (which is in all rice) because white rice is fine.

          • I read that since brown rice has more fiber it isn’t great for calming the diarrhea problem but I haven’t heard of it not being good for dogs generally. I’ll have to ask the vet next time I speak to her.

          • epric002

            this is my recollection too. for upset tummies you should use white rice b/c it easily digested, but for homemade dog foods i have definitely made them using brown rice.

          • For upset stomachs, I’d definitely go with the bland, easy to digest white rice & boiled chicken.
            But as part of a normal pet food diet, brown rice is fine (according to my vet).

          • I remember you mentioning this on one of our previous doggy grossness discussions. I think I will try it this time after the boiled-chicken-and-rice-only stage.

    • We should all be hibernating, that’s what it is. I’m not necessarily sleepy, but I so want to be in my bed, with some good books. It’s getting harder and harder each morning to get up and do the things, no matter how much rest I get.
      I’m taking my daughter to a fun vacation destination this weekend, and I should be looking forward to it, but all I can think is Ugh… have to get up early on Saturday to catch the flight.

      • Yep, it is normal this time of year, as the winter drags on – we are likely made to hibernate, or some human version thereof, in winter. Probably a touch of SAD – perhaps one of those lights will help. Odd that is seems to get worse now, in late winter, when the days are getting longer, than when the days are shortest – I think it is just cumulative, with winter going on as long as it does.

  • Rave: Last night’s preview at the Grill Room for Chef Frank Ruta’s new menu was fantastic. The space was crazy full – a lot of people showed up and there was a three-piece band – but the food was delicious. Particular standouts included the burger (as delicious as ever) and Aggie Chin’s delicious pastries. Caneles – yes please!
    Rave: Made it home just before my daughter went to sleep, so I got to give her lots of hugs and kisses

  • Rant: Zipcar only having extended cab pickup trucks, which were just a tiny bit too small for the cargo I had to haul. We tied it down tightly, so I was pretty sure it wouldn’t budge. But it was a stressful ride home.
    Rave: The Enterprise car sharing rep who pitched his service while I was parking my Zipcar in our driveway. Too funny.
    Rave: Lovely neighbors who helped me get the bulkiest piece inside.

  • Allison

    Re: commenting system. I don’t know that breaking it up into two is the answer as discussion on a single topic might go on all day. However, would it be possible on your current platform to put in collapse abilities (a la reddit) to the comments?

  • Rave: Looking forward to 86 degrees and sunny weather on Saturday – a work trip to Haiti means a brief respite from the cold. Will have time on Sunday to go around Port au Prince – any recommendations?
    Rant-ish: Scheduled a physical for 1:30 thinking I could go before lunch, get my blood work done and then have something to eat. But that didn’t happen so I’m hungry and cranky….but a temporary state

  • Blithe

    Admin Question: I agree that the length of the RRRR posts can become unwieldy and difficult to read — but what I enjoy the most about them is the posts where lots of people weigh in with information and opinions. If there are morning and afternoon editions, I’m concerned that there will be less of that, since I’d probably be less likely to even read the morning posts, let alone respond to them if I don’t get to check in until the afternoon.
    – What would be very helpful to me is some way to either note that I’ve already read a post, or to see which posts are new. I’m not techie enough to know what solutions are possible – but if the headers at the top of am posts could be a different color from the pm headers, that would make them easier to skim.

  • skj84

    Neither Rant or Rave: Is anyone going to the Three Day Rule launch party tonight? It’s a new dating service that launched in the area.

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