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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • hammers

    Rave: Clean bill of health from the exterminator, who didn’t find any signs of bed bugs.
    Rave: Had my first delicious piece of Honeydew in years in my fruit cup this morning. Just as I was wondering why on earth I loved it as a kid.
    My rants probably wouldnt interest anyone heh

    • hammers

      Oh yeah I remembered one–I’m thinking about writing a letter to Express concerning the terrible addition of those perfume samples/advertisements to the paper yesterday. Everywhere I went yesterday was completely littered with them–the trains, the stations, the sidewalks– and I don’t think it was a responsbile choice. No way those are going to be recycled. I took a picture showing how they all had fallen out of the paper and were clumped on the ground, but any suggestions on what else to put in the letter?

  • Rant: HVAC died on me – the motor is sticking to the point it won’t move.
    Rave: Insurance is covering the repairs, so just waiting on the part!
    Rave: Boy gets back in 2 days so I can just keep warm at his place for the weekend.
    Rant: Friend on a ledge and isn’t doing well. She’s taking the right steps (seeing a therapist, going to get on meds), but doesn’t have any close friends where she is and I’m the closest geographically (and maybe emotionally). Wish I had time to go visit her and give her a hug…
    Rant: I need a vacation. Work + Homework + Home repairs + drama + worrying about friends = not enough time in the day.

    • hammers

      you’re a good friend, even if you cant physically be there for her. Have you thought about writing her a letter? She might really appreciate having kind words that she can come back to in dark places.

    • emvee

      Send her flowers!

    • Could you offer to have her come visit you? ANd then you can distract her or spend time with her? I just went through this with a close friend and it’s hard. But loving on them and being a sounding board can help – at least I hoped it helped on my end.

      • She was supposed to come up last week, but got in a fight with a friend she was also trying to visit, and it sent her over the edge, to the point where she stood in her kitchen with a knife (!!!!). She’s since reached out to get help. I don’t know the other friend (although I know where he works – at a restaurant in my neighborhood), but I’m tempted to tell him how fragile she is right now… I think I can find time some weekend in March, but she also is a server and makes the most money on weekends, so I don’t want her to feel like she has to give up a night of significant pay for me…

        • Oh that’s tough. I definitely reached out to my friend’s good friends/family to notify them gently of the extent. I felt like I was tattling but I also think so many people only get a part of the whole picture and can try to help/support more if they know just how bad or important it is. Good luck! Be aware though – not everyone is as willing to help/be available as you are. I ran into huge issues with my friend’s family…

          • I figured. I think her mom knows what’s going on (she’s a nurse, so I suggested keeping her in the loop could be helpful with meds), and her dad has been out of the picture but trying to re-enter, hasn’t taken no for an answer (I suggested letting him know that she’s in a bad place, needs time/space to sort things out, and will get in touch when everything’s settled). As for friends, I think a lot of our friends from college have drifted. I certainly didn’t keep in touch with many people… but maybe it’s time I see if any of the numbers of her old roommates work…

  • Rave: Glen Hansard concert last night! thanks to whomever mentioned it here, I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. Birthday week has started!
    Rave 2: a late thanks to the G&G group, looking forward to setting up the seeds this weekend.

  • Rave: Getting all the sleep.
    Rant: Because I’m slacking on the gym.
    Rave: Being able to dress casually at work.
    Rant: Expensive, tasteless chai from le pain quotidien.
    Rave/rant: Drooling over the powerball…boy wouldn’t that change my life.
    Wwyd: I’m paying off student loans, condo, and mom’s house; give mom a chunk of $$; Call my realtor; Buy us both teslas; Invest

    • quit, pay off mortgages, give family money, put a huge amount in a trust for my child, donate a large chunk to charity. Tesla’s are a great way to use the money! My husband would probably go that route first!

      • Yeah, my first stop would also be a Tesla store.

      • I figured quit was implied, but yes, quit is number 1. I’d just stop showing up actually. 🙂
        There are flashier cars, but I’m all for being environmentally conscious. I’d rather buy up some nice real estate than own a Bugatti.

    • I would probably head straight to Neiman Marcus and fulfill all of my shoe dreams.. Then I would pay off my parents’ house, pay for law school, cover my boyfriend’s MBA, adopt a greyhound (now I can afford vet bills for multiple dogs), and move to a bigger place.

      • You’d still go to law school if you won the big prize?
        Other than volunteering, I’d never look at anything work related again.

        • Yeah, I would miss the routine of work otherwise and I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer. Though I would probably take more career risks if I had the financial stability.

          • I’d miss it to some extent, but I’d let martial arts and volunteering fill the void. I’d also be busy managing my properties. If I’m still bored, take a trip.

        • I wouldn’t quit my job completely, I’d just cut back my hours and take more time off, or so consulting in my field. I’d miss it too much and get frustrated not being a part of it.

        • I would try to get a job at a plant store, a running store, or a knitting store. Maybe be a yoga teacher. Regardless, still have employment (although only part-time), but something truly enjoyable.

        • SFT

          I think I’d go to culinary school. I’ve always wanted to go!!!

    • Andie302

      I would immediately be ordering some very fancy things for the new place. I used to dream of buying my friend a car because she was constantly complaining about hers. Luckily she remedied that situation. I would love to pay off student loan debt and mortgages for friends and family. I would also start planning an awesome trip!

      • I’m probably in the minority that I’d do very little for friends and family. I have a few close friends/family I’d help out. My friend wants to open a bar; I’d help with that, but most of my family can’t be bothered to say hello; although I’m sure they’d come out if they knew I won.

        • Andie302

          Oh that would be one of my favorite parts – figuring out what I could do that would help friends/family the most. I don’t mean my second cousin or anything – but my immediately family for sure. I have a great group of close friends that live all over the country but that I see several times a year and consider as close as family.

          I forgot…I would pave my parents driveway as a surprise. It’s 800 feet long so they can’t justify the expense, but that’s something I’ve heard my mom mention several times over the years.

          And I would definitely be shopping for new places to buy! Here, near the ocean, in the mountains, and who knows where else!

          • I’d be more apt to help my 2nd cousin than immediate family. I feel better rewarding someone going through a tough spot through no fault of their own than someone who’s pissed away their financial stability. I’m a cynic, so don’t mind me.

        • if you tell anyone that you won you would ruin your and their lives. i would stay quiet and help folks in subtle ways.

          • +1 That would be my plan.

          • I Dont Get It

            I think in DC you can stay anon but some states require your name be made available.

          • Does anyone know why that is the case? For creditors, maybe?

          • +1. I would do everything in my power to remain anonymous. I would tell my immediate family, give them each a one-time gift with no strings attached and request that we not mention it again.

            Then I would make changes in my own life very slowly.

          • I Dont Get It

            I think some states require the owner to come forward for transparency sake, otherwise how do you know the lottery didn’t cheat and rig the drawing so the lottery gets all the money?

    • You’d buy your realtor a Tesla?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’d call in rich to work, buy out the Dior store, then call my wealth management adviser. Then I’d start collecting houses and apartments in all my favorite places.

    • I Dont Get It

      Although I wouldn’t mind discreetly winning a couple of million to pad my retirement account, I wouldn’t want to win 485 million. Friends, relatives, strangers and nut cases would be coming out of the woodwork and whatever I do for them would never be enough. I would also imagine it would harm the marriages of family members. Yes I’m being a downer here but the stories of lottery winners do not always have a happy ending.

      • I agree, and I guess bodyguard should go on the list. On the never enough, that’s why I wouldn’t do anything for most of them. How would it harm marriages?
        Usually they go broke because they don’t do cash option and spend way more than they’re bringing in annually. I think a few were killed but not sure if someone got money out of that deal.

      • SFT

        Look at it this way, with taxes taking half of your money immediately, and then the all cash option only offers about half, you’d only be walking away with about $120million. Feel better 😉

    • I’d keep working, buy a car and parking spot, up the rent I pay my parents, remodel my bathroom, get a dog, invest/save, buy my brother a gift, go on vacation with my 5 closest friends (all paid). Oh, and definitely keep going to school. But maybe see if I can go back to part time at work (I don’t believe in not earning income…)

      • Earn income the buffett way: via investments.
        I’m shocked so many people would still work/school.

        • skj84

          I would work a job I love. Or go back to school for a degree I want. Just to keep my brain from going idle.

        • I wouldn’t quit immediately. I’m interested to know what it would be like to come to work knowing that I don’t need to be here. I think I would be a lot less anxious and my emails would be way less formal. It might be fun.
          I think I would miss the routine and I’m invested in this place. I would also want to be working while thinking about what comes next. I’d use all my vacation for sure, though.

        • I’d also keep working. I enjoy my job. I’d definitely take more/better vacations though & absolutely flesh out the college fund. Probably also do some more home renovations–definitely the kitchen, but maybe also a bathroom or two. And replace all the aging HVAC stuff.

        • I’m interested in fixing economic disparities (my degree is going to be a MS in Applied Econ). I think (and I might be outing my self… oh well) I’d like to work with hard-hit regions like my home state and find a way to stabilize their local economies should big industry pull out. So really, I’d probably earn much less if I was already a millionaire and I’d just start like a consulting firm/non-profit/low-cost business so I wouldn’t affect local budgets too much if they hire me.

        • Ally

          I don’t know that I’d continue working, but I’d definitely need to do some volunteer work or something or I think I’d go stir crazy.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I would take my time to volunteer so I’m still doing something. Let someone who needs to earn income have that job.

      • You would still live at home with your parents?

        • They were sick of me paying rent and not earning equity, so they bought an investment place down here and I take care of it/pay rent/have a (small) interest in it. I think I’m basically their retirement fund in physical form. (Please note: wasn’t something I accepted easily, they kind of forced it on me.)

    • Travel the world, buy a house (here and in places I like to visit often,) buy a car, pay off my sister’s house and set up college funds for my nieces and nephew.

    • SFT

      Fulfill my childhood fantasy of swimming around my money vault filled with gold coins like Scrooge McDuck. After that I would give our nanny our house, buy a fun new house for myself, flats in Paris and Sydney, help our families, buy a tour bus and go on tour, start an animal rescue, adopt some babies, hire a staff, breathe easy!

    • Quotia Zelda

      First, I’d put aside a chunk to live on, set up trusts for the kids, and give our immediate family members each some $. Then, I would move back to New Orleans. (actually, that might be #1) I do love houses, so I’d buy a house in NOLA and a family retreat in Mississippi. I might also have to buy Mr. Zelda a place on Nantucket to bribe him into moving to NOLA.
      With the rest, I’d set up a foundation. I work in grantmaking now, so it would not be too far off from my job, except that I would set the funding priorities.
      I would be such an awesome philanthropist.

    • skj84

      Agreed on the powerball. I bought a ticket. I love to fantasize about what I would do with that money. Pay off my debts, my parents mortgage and set my family up for life. And living in MD means I could claim anonymously! Of course I’d have to figure out who I would trust enough to tell my secret. My immediate family would be cool, but I think my cousins would rat me out. And what about my brother’s in laws? Lol. Stressing over imaginary money.

    • Buy a barn in the middle of Rock Creek Park and have horses there for everyone to ride and love on – start a program for free lessons for city citizens. Travel and enable my family and friends to travel with me. And put money away for retirement. Work but only a stuff I’m interested in and with no need to bust my ass for vacation or sick days.

    • Quit my job, pay off my student loans, pay off my parent’s mortgage, set up college funds for my godkids, buy all the shoes, buy a few properties (I want a beach house, a city apartment, and a country house in the middle of nowhere), travel, volunteer. I would need to win like 5 Powerballs to do this.

    • I’d quit my job and look for something that I actually like to do, maybe just part time; give some dough to my parents (their house is already paid off); pay off my best friend’s law school debt; TRAVEL; buy a little house somewhere; get another dog; buy some of the books and crap that I’ve been wanting; invest; and give the rest to various charities and organizations (animal rescue and welfare groups, the historical society in my hometown, the community theaters in my hometown, etc.).

    • I would pay off all my debt, set up trusts to pay for college expenses for all my nieces and nephews, buy a house, give notice at work, and buy airplane tickets for the European honeymoon that my partner and I never got to take.

    • I confess I’d start immediately shopping for the chateau in the sough of France and interviewing for the all-naked household staff (except kitchen staff). The girlfriend gets to hire the butler, just to be fair. Also, I’d have her quite her job which makes her crazy. Maybe buy some bespoke shoes. Charities can wait until I develop a giving strategy. While sitting by the pool in Provence.

    • Forget buying a car. Sell the current car, put a garden in the parking space, and hire a driver.

    • Pay off my parents’ debts and help them fix up the house and give them a chunk so they don’t have to scrimp as much, maybe buy a place myself where I don’t need to have roommates, get a cat or two, go back to Japan/travel in general, invest.
      Sigh. It’s nice to dream.

      • I’d do the house with an English basement and live in the basement. Benefit of having roommates without having to actually see them.

    • I’d get my boobs put back where they used to be.
      And a Tesla.

  • Rave: Had a dream that the apartment complex I’ve always wanted to live in and am on the waitlist for affordable housing at contacted me with an apartment! Is this a sign?!
    Rant: Why can’t dreams come true sooner?! I’ll wait patiently… and hope that they contact me before I get another raise and don’t qualify for a studio anymore.
    Rave: It’s Wednesday! Half way to the weekend. Phew!

    • Pablo Raw

      I left you a message a while ago about that, I may have a lead for you; e-mail me if interested. raw dot pablo at gmail. I may not be able to write back quick because of internet here.

  • Rant: pretty bad UberX driver last night – ran threw yellow lights too quickly, during rush hour with tons of pedestrians around. And didn’t know how to get from point A to point B – but that’s not the first time I’ve had to give an Uber driver directions.
    Rave: I reviewed the driver, and Uber write me immediately and gave me a credit
    Rave: Fitbit! It’s really making me try to get more steps in
    Rant: busy at work…so it’s hard to do that.

    • Cinnamonster

      I have had to give UberX drivers directions several times to places I haven’t been to before too – rahh!

      • the annoying this is that I live on a number street and DC is a grid! Why are you driving in DC if you don’t know directions? (I know, cabs do…but I’ve had enough of the drama with cabs and credit cards)

      • I was a little frustrated with that at first with UberX, as previously I had only used their black cars, which in my experience are always very professionally driven and know exactly how to navigate. I’ve come to totally accept that the UberX drivers are very different. As long as a driver is prompt, polite and has a clean car, I have no problem doing some navigation, especially in the age of smart phones.

        • Exactly how I feel. I’ll take the clean car and polite driver over the more-expensive potentially-nasty DC taxi, thanks. Even if it means giving directions. I know my way around. *wink*

          • Same here. I’ve never had an Uber driver make sexist remarks or try to rape me like the DC cab drivers have. I don’t mind giving directions to avoid that crap.

      • palisades

        Why don’t people realize this is what comes with being driven by an uberX driver? The whole point of uberX is that anyone can become a driver. You’re paying such a low price because they’re inexperienced. If you don’t want this to happen then get black car or whatever.

        • I care because they have the destination ahead of time – they can briefly look before they pick you up. Problem. Solved. I never go anywhere I don’t know without looking it up first – relying on GPS is very unsafe.

          • You also have the destination and the same mapping tools that the driver does. If you want that to be on the driver, then you pay a little extra (i.e. not UberX). If you want a discount (i.e. UberX) then you do your own navigating. Seems like a reasonable deal to me.

          • Ally

            I’ve had an uber x driver whip out TWO separate GPSs and still managed to get myself and me lost. This one decided to wait to pull off until we had gotten into the sketchiest area possible — literally in the middle of a major police event with guns drawn. But, I knew what I was getting with Uber X, calmly said to him “I don’t recommend stopping here,” and texted my fiance that, if I didn’t make it, that I loved him 😉 I wish I were exaggerating.

          • Ally

            get himself and me*

        • +1 plus Uber allows you to input your destination into their app so the driver has GPS directions to follow.

          • again, following GPS when you have no idea where you are – esp going fast – is not safe. You should look at the route in advance and, in DC, it’s not that difficult to remember.

          • I generally know where I’m going in DC, so I have no problem giving directions to UberX drivers (it’s cheaper/safer than a cab anyway) but the GPS is helpful to them. If I don’t know the exact route to where I’m going, I’ll input it into the Uber app and keep my GoogleMaps handy to still give verbal directions. Again, the safety I feel and the money I save using UberX (and I’ve had bad uber rides, don’t get me wrong, but their customer service response is second to none) outweighs the convenience of a cab driver for me. If you don’t like the UberX experience, it might be worth it to switch back to cabs or Uber Black.

        • Cinnamonster

          This is true, palisades – it is a grain of salt I try to take with every UberX ride. And I certainly appreciate the price! But I’ve had UberX drivers struggle with navigation to the point of not driving safely – they turn the wrong way down one-way streets, they don’t read signs, or they take turns sharply in Rock Creek Park because they’re looking at their phone. This has only happened to me once or twice, and the vast majority of UberX drivers have been as you described – they get you there efficiently, cheaply, and politely.

          • palisades

            I definitely agree with that sentiment. It’s a hard balance between having no clue where to go and trying to follow a GPS on a tiny phone screen. This is where google glass would come in handy 🙂

        • palisades

          @jindc – I guess I don’t follow your argument. You don’t like that they don’t know where they’re going, but want them to be able to briefly look at their GPS before picking you up and just know where to go without having to look at it again?
          I give my drivers the benefit of the doubt. My first order of business is to pull out my phone and turn on google maps. I then direct them if they start straying from the correct route.
          Like I said, uberX drivers have ZERO experience. It comes with the territory, and I’ve found that 95% of the time, they don’t mind if you tell them to take a certain road opposed to a different one.

          • your last paragraph is exactly why I will not use their X product. I’m not jumping into a car with someone with zero experience just to save a few bucks.

    • I had an UberX driver over the weekend who drove down the wrong side of the road and was just generally a terrible driver… I’m pretty sure he was drunk or high. I definitely reported him but I probably should have just asked to get out!

    • I’m used to giving them directions. I only get bothered by the ones who can’t put their phone down for five minutes and just drive. I had one indignantly inform me that he wasn’t TEXTING, he was watching a video, thank you very much. Because that’s so much better to do behind the wheel.

      • Last year I had a cab driver (can’t remember if it was an Uber or regular cab) watch the State of the Union on his phone as he was driving me home. He turned off the radio and turned on the video. I thought that was a very DC thing to do.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Got almost 6 hours of sleep last night and only woke up 3 times.
    Rant: not sure if I like using my Shine to track exactly how much sleep I’m not getting.
    Rant: Stress at work,
    Rave: should be gone after this week, so sleep will be better.
    Rave: almost time for SWEDEN!

  • Cinnamonster

    Rantish, but hopefully a future Rave with your help: I’ve been so bad at reading books lately! I can’t focus long enough to get through them. Usually my go-to guilty pleasure genre of YA (okay, it’s not even guilty, because the books are great) gets me through any rut. Any book recommendations, PoPville? What are you reading right now?

    Rave: Tea. Mmmm. My workplace is pretty chilly and I am sooo grateful for hot tea! Any tea lovers around here? Also, has anyone ever tried the fandom/signature blends from Adagio? I’ve always wanted to try the Harry Potter or Dragon Age blends. 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      My fave YA authors: Stephen Blackmoore and Scott Westerfeld. I’m currently reading a Biography on Alice Roosevelt, but it’s kind of boring (and she was so interesting!), so I don’t recommend it. Before the biography I was reading Kristina Ohlsson’s crime novels. They are very good. Lots of interesting recurring characters.

      • Cinnamonster

        I like Scott Westerfeld! I read the whole Uglies series, which I enjoyed a lot, and I just picked up Afterworlds and Leviathan. Which series is your favorite? And I’ve never heard of Kristina Ohlsson – I am so intrigued!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Of the series, I like the Peeps best. My favorite book is a stand alone: So Yesterday.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Oh and Kristina Ohlsson is a Swedish author 🙂 I’m obsessed. The difference in how the police work the crimes in her books compared to American crime novels is interesting. But the recurring characters are the best part. They have pretty rich stories that come out slowly, just enough to get you hooked.

          • Cinnamonster

            That sounds really great. I love character-heavy stories. It’s part of the reason I was so obsessed with Tamora Pierce books way back in the day 😛 I haven’t really read any crime novels before – do you think Ohlsson’s books are a good place to start?

          • Emmaleigh504

            I think they are a good place to start. They are very easy reading, and while the crimes are pretty horrific, they are presented in such a matter of fact way that it’s not creepy or gross. (They don’t give me nightmares 😉 )

    • Have you read the Divergent series? I also recommend Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.

      • Cinnamonster

        I adore both of those recommendations! Soo good. Eleanor & Park is just incredible, especially. And I loved Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl too. 😀

        • Oh good! I have Fangirl sitting on my kitchen counter and I plan to start it next week. I’m currently reading A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, which is fantastic but not YA.

          • Cinnamonster

            Ooh, that title sounds veeery intriguing! A Constellation of Vital Phenomena – I would love to know more once you’re done reading it! And you’ll love Fangirl. She’s writing another book in that universe right now, so it’s a good time to read it!

          • I have a Constellation of Vital Phenomena on hold at the library now – looking forward to a quiet evening soon when I can spend a few hours reading.

    • Andie302

      I just finished The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty and enjoyed it. It was a quick read and kept my attention. I also enjoyed Yes Please by Amy Poehler. I liked that I could imagine her voice speaking what was written.

      • Cinnamonster

        God, Yes Please was so so good. 🙂 I could hear her voice too as I read it (which makes me think I should really get the audiobook from the library to compare)! Thank you for The Husband’s Secret recommendation!

      • I loved the Husband’s Secret! I went on to read her other books and they were all really good and entertaining. They make great travel reads, easy to read but not too full of “fluff” if that makes sense.

    • King Dork and King Dork Approximately, by Frank Portman are considered YA, but he definitely writes for an older audience. Both are very funny and worth reading.

    • It’s not YA, but YA is usually my guilty go-to so maybe you’ll like my suggestion too: One for the Money, by Janet Evanovich – I get a kick out of her family dynamics. There’s 21 in the series so far, so maybe it’ll help you get in the habit of reading again?

    • I just finished The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells and LOVED it. It was the first book in awhile that I was completely sucked into (I read Cheryl Strayed’s Wild right before it) and didn’t want to put down. Highly recommend!

    • You’re speaking my language – tea and books! As for books – I’ve loved Jeannette Walls books – she’s an incredible author. Some others to get into are mystery novels – Dorothy Sayers is wonderful, as is Josephine Tey and PD James. I’ve been reading up Elizabeth Gilbert’s more serious novels (Signature of All Things) as well as reading some Latin AMerican authors like Alejandro Zambra and Julio Cortazar. Enjoy!
      As for tea – although expensive, Kusmi has awesome teas and beautiful packaging. I’ll have to look into Adagio.
      Happy reading!

      • Cinnamonster

        I’ve seen Kusmi teas before. Those boxes are gorgeous, and I collect tea tins (ostensibly to get them refilled, but mostly because they’re pretty). Need to remember that! Any favorite blends from Kusmi?

        Thanks so much for all of these great recommendations, by the way. I haven’t heard of any of these and can’t wait to get into them! Adding them to my list now!

        • My favorite are the vanilla black and the caramel black as well as jasmine green. Just really high quality and they ship within the US (if you can make it to one of their stores in NY or London they’re gorgeous and so so helpful!). Enjoy 😀

    • PS We had talked about this before but… Any interest in a PoPville Book club? I could set up an e-mail account and everyone can e-mail who is interested – perhaps we could meet once a month out and chat about some book selected here?

    • Definitely not YA, but I’m in the middle of The Narrow Road to the Deep North (a Man Booker prize winner), and it is really good. Some parts of it are difficult, but it is so well-written.

    • The last book I read and really liked was Wild by Cheryl Strayed. For YA, I liked the Mindjack and Memento Nora series.

      • Really? I finished Wild and was irritated about 40 pages in by the author’s self-perspective. Too self-serving/”I’m so attractive”/”I’m so damaged”–I couldn’t wait to give that book back to the library!

        • Yes, I did. I may have been predisposed to like it because I loved her writing in the Dear Sugar column, but there were a lot of things that I liked about Wild. I liked that she didn’t sugarcoat what was going on with her at the time or try to present herself in a more positive light. She presented her actions honestly and owned her mistakes. I liked that her solution to her mom’s death and the breakup of her marriage was a focus on getting her own head right, not jumping into another relationship (though I agree there was a lot of checking out the guys she came across on the trail. But given that the hike happened shortly after her breakup, it made sense that she was preoccupied with it.) I liked that she was straightforward about how unprepared she was for the trip and how much the success of her journey was dependent on people she met showing her the right way to do things. I liked that it was a story about a woman having an adventure alone that was not overly focused on the possibility of rape (though it did come up, mostly from other hikers.) I thought it was a good read and I finished it quickly. I know that some people disagree with that.

    • My favorite YA authors are Tamora Pierce (my all-time fave, looove her), Diana Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series is wonderful, umm~ I liked the idea of the Percy Jackson series and the mythology, although I personally had a hard time getting into the writing. The Artemis Fowl series is fun.

      • Cinnamonster

        TAMORA PIERCE, adore adore adore. Do you like Tortall or the Circle of Magic series more? And Diana Wynne Jones is my all-time fave! Oh my god, Howl’s Moving Castle and the Dark Lord of Derkholm and Deep Secret ahhhhhhh. <3

        I also couldn't get into Percy Jackson right away, but I work in a school and the kids love those books so much, so one of these days I'll take a copy out and plow through the series.

        I've actually never read Terry Pratchett – I tried to get into Discworld, but it was during this same reading rut and I got overwhelmed with all the options of books to read, haha. I've never heard of Tiffany Aching. Maybe I will start there! Thanks. 🙂

        • Tortall is definitely my favorite, although I like the Circle of Magic series as well. 🙂 Her characters are just so wonderful. I love all of ’em.
          Yeah that’s a good place to start! It’s about a young girl learning to be a witch. Or, for his adult Discoworld series books, I always recommend either Guards! Guards! (earlier book, introduces some of the best characters, satirical take on fantasy) or Small Gods (a mostly standalone book, about organized religion and belief).

        • If you liked Tamora Pierce, check out Mercedes Lackey – also fantasy-heavy, is an epic series of books with mini series of books (like 3 books) within the epic series.

          • Yes, she was another childhood favorite! Now her black-and-white “good versus evil” sort of drives me nuts, but they’re still fun comfort reads. I have not heard of Sarah J. Maas, I’ll check her out!

      • I adore Tamora Pierce as well. I’m really enjoying the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas as well. If you like Tamora Pierce, you’d probably like Sarah J. Maas too.

    • re: tea- upton tea dot com!! they have sample sizes of everything so you can try out a little bit for like $1-2 and they always throw in a free sample when you order. flat rate $4.99 shipping but that seems to be mostly standard for online tea places.

      if you’re ever in richmond i like rostov’s- they have a cinnamon black tea that is SO GOOD

    • This thread is so timely! I’ve read a few books recently that were ok but not great and I’m looking to replenish my reading list.
      I’ve probably recommended these before but I really liked The Secret Keeper, Orphan Train, The Light Between Oceans and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (& Hollow City, the second book in this series).
      The Martian was interesting but more technical than I needed at the time (but it was easy to skip these parts). And it’s not about an alien but about an astronaut that gets left for dead on Mars. But he’s not dead (yet).

      • Emmaleigh504

        Have you read the Magicians yet? I’m curious to see what you think.

        • Cinnamonster

          I recently read The Magicians! Mixed feelings, but I enjoyed it overall. It felt like a very loving homage to Harry Potter and, especially, Narnia. I know there’s a whole series now – I’m curious to know how it continues!

          • maxwell smart

            That was essentially my reaction – like it was basically PG-13 Harry Potter meets Narnia that overall made me appreciate the source material more.

          • Emmaleigh504

            The author wanted to write Narnia type books aimed at adults. I think he did a pretty good job except I hate all the characters.

        • The Magicians was ok – the first part of the book I enjoyed more than the last third. I’m not inclined to read the other two books although I might come back to them later.
          And I’d also recommend Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series, fun reading especially for fans of literature. The first three books (The Eyre Affair, Lost in a Good Book, The Well of Lost Plots) are great. I haven’t read all the rest yet

          • Emmaleigh504

            I finished the 2nd one a few months ago. I remember thinking I had to get teh 3rd one STAT. But now I can’t remember why. I’ll get around to it eventually. I like watching the story unfold even if I want to smack everyone upside the head.

    • My last three novels are YA, but well received by adult readers too. “The Devil’s Paintbox” – “Son of Fortune” – and “Shackleton’s Stowaway.” All published by Knopf.

    • Blithe

      Robin McKinley. I didn’t discover her books until I was an adult — and I’m a total fan. “The Blue Sword” and “The Hero and the Crown” are two of my favorites, along with “Deerskin” which was written for a more adult market.
      – I’m also a tea lover. I really wish that DC had a Teavolve. Or maybe we do, and I just haven’t found it yet.

    • maxwell smart

      Although not a YA recommendation: I pretty much always recommend Haruki Murakami to just about anyone. The Wind Up Bird Chronicle is amazing, however A Wild Sheep Chase or After Dark or shorter reads and might be a good place to start. I find his prose to be so well-written that I blaze through the books -After Dark I polished off in a 4 hour flight.

  • emvee

    Rant: When the weather isn’t so horrific, there’s a group of high school aged kids that hang out on my stoop pretty regularly. They’ll usually disperse when I ask them not to hang out on my stoop and be loud, so I only have some beef with them (the fact that they keep returning). I learned last night that one of them got stabbed on Monday night by another one of the stoop kids.

    My neighbors are encouraging me to be more vigilant, call the cops when they’re on my stoop instead of asking them to move, not putting up with any of it. They believe that, right now, kids are taking sides, and may be out for retaliation once the weather warms up, and my stoop is already a well-known preferred location of theirs.

    I don’t want to call the cops because they’ve always moved when I’ve asked them to. A fair amount of what I do for a living revolves around the juvenile justice system, and it just seems like it’s screwing them over. For some of them, they’ll get put into a detention facility for sitting on my stoop (if it’s a second offense, breaking curfew, etc), which is BS. However, I’m also now at a point where I’m fearing for my own safety. I plan on talking to my landlord about it, and seeing what we can do regarding lease terms if something else like this comes up, but it doesn’t solve my current issue. These kids have been, on the whole, pretty good. They’ve done nothing to me, and there’s the real possibility that this is just neighborhood gossip that’s gotten out of hand.

    tl;dr – do I call the cops if I see these kids on my stoop again?

    • one thing you might want to do is talk to your PSA and ask for foot patrols around the times the kids start hanging out there. That might discourage them and if not, you can increase your response….

      • emvee

        Yeah, we do get a lot of drive-by police presence, but I’ve only ever seen the cops leave their cars for arrests. Maybe a foot patrols are the best option at the moment.

        • Also ask if the police know them, or have a decent relationship with the neighborhood, and can suggest other options for the kids?

          • Blithe

            Erms, I think that the idea of requesting foot patrols is a good one — particularly as you have safety concerns. I truly appreciate your concern for the kids. Your post has brought up what should be a community concern — what resources are there for teenagers who want to be out of the house and hang out with their friends? Are there community recreation centers in your neighborhood with activities that would interest older teens?

    • Accountering

      Meh, if they are breaking curfew, and it is a second offense, perhaps they should be speaking with the police. I understand your work with juvenile justice, but this has devolved into kids getting stabbed. I would move the problem elsewhere. This is your stoop, not theirs.
      I would call the cops and get them moved.

      • DC still has a curfew?

        • emvee

          Yep, DC has a curfew.

          Accountering, I guess my issue is that their stoop sitting hasn’t devolved into kids getting stabbed. Nothing they’ve done to me or by me has devolved into it. I’m partial to jindc’s foot patrol suggestion for a lot of reasons, a main one being a lot of kids won’t get taken into custody because I didn’t want them sitting somewhere. Also, then I can avoid the label of “Neighbor Lady Who Calls the Cops.”

          • Accountering

            This is reasonable, and has you at least taking some action. What happens if the foot patrols don’t happen though, or if they stop after a month and you have kids hanging on your stoop again in a month? To me, you mentioned you are at a point of fearing for your own safety, that means it is time for action.

      • Blithe

        Accountering, “moving” the problem is, to my way of thinking, a pretty limited response to what I view as a community concern as well as a problem for emvee. I’m curious — did you grow up in a city that had a curfew? Where did you spend time as a teenager? I’m curious because you seem very willing to treat what I view as pretty normal teenage behavior as something that warrants police intervention. . I’m not saying that I think that emvee — or anyone should be inconvenienced or feel threatened by having a bunch of kids hanging out on their property. I do feel, though, that communities include all kinds of people — including teenagers; that it’s the developmental task of teenagers to be peer focused, and that if communities don’t include appropriate places and options for those peer activities to develop in healthy ways, then it isn’t surprising, at least to me, when they act and act out in unhealthy ways — to the detriment of the community as a whole.

        • Accountering

          I started to include that I feel DC should do an even better job providing activities and things for young people to do, that stops them from hanging out on stoops. Further, I would happily have my tax dollars (and perhaps even more of my tax dollars) go towards these ends.
          With that said, I am not okay with a group of teenagers simply hanging out on my stoop. That is a recipe for problems, and while I agree that this is an issue DC needs to deal with holistically – in the real world, I don’t want those problems to happen in front of my house.

          • Accountering

            To expand further – I fully support more activities and things for young people to do. I understand that they are being raised in much more difficult situations than my upper middle class upbringing exposed me too. All of that said, I am not willing to take on negative side-effects as a result of the first two sentences.

          • Blithe

            Do you have any ideas about what kinds of activities and facilities might work? I ask this as someone who was a teenager — and a girl — a long long time ago. Most of the teenagers, especially the boys, that I’ve talked to would like to do something that includes meaningful-too- them job training. I get a sense that they’d like mentoring, and would like to learn things like auto-repair, music industry related skills…. and that there’s relatively little out there for the kids that aren’t involved in sports programs.
            – I’m thinking that this could be a good use for my Powerball winnings! And seriously, something that the city needs to invest in.

    • Put a stereo in the window and blast classical music. That should drive them away.

      • This would drive me away for sure. I always have to close my door when the guy in the office across from mine turns on classical music.

    • I understand (I guess) your reluctance to involve the police, although I wouldn’t feel that way, but I don’t, get, “I plan on talking to my landlord about it, and seeing what we can do regarding lease terms if something else like this comes up.” What do you expect the landlord to do? It seems odd that you, the person there, are reluctant to take the natural next steps, but you want something in your lease that addresses the issue? That doesn’t make sense to me.

      • +1, I was confused about that too. I see this as the tenant’s problem, not the landlord’s. If the building is not secure then I can see getting the landlord involved, but as it is I can’t think of what it has to do with the landlord.
        And yes, call the cops.

      • emvee

        Involving my landlord is more because he’s a very attentive landlord, and I’m not sure he realizes what’s going on around his property. I don’t expect my lease to fix the problem, by any means. I signed my lease sort of rushed (moved here for work from a different city, my old lease was ending in two weeks and I needed somewhere to live), so I couldn’t do the due diligence on the area I would’ve liked to do. Yes, the onus is on me. But I also don’t think the landlord is entirely aware of the state things have gotten to, and if I’m feeling like my safety is at risk then I want to see if he’d let me out early with fewer repercussions. It’s at least worth a shot. (Hoo boy, guys, I’m becoming that renter you all hate and mock!)

        • “if I’m feeling like my safety is at risk then I want to see if he’d let me out early with fewer repercussions.”
          If you feel like your safety is at risk, call the cops. Period.

        • Nothing wrong with keeping the landlord informed about what’s going on around the property; and there’s nothing wrong with asking him if you can move out early (though he might say no). The way you phrased it made it quite unclear what exactly you had in mind.

    • I agree with calling the cops at this point. Several years ago I worked with incarcerated youth in LA, so I have a soft spot in my heart for kids who just ended up in bad situations, or had particularly bad police encounters, etc. But your safety — and your neighbors safety — comes first at this point. I would also make sure the police keep your call anonymous.

      • +1. You’ve been pretty generous so far in basically allowing them to use your stoop rather than clearly telling them, “Sorry, guys, but this is my stoop, not yours, and please don’t use this as your hang-out space.” They’ve been told to move, but not “Move and don’t come back,” and that’s probably created an expectation that it’s OK for them to hang out there until you tell them to move.
        Perhaps you should call pretending to be a neighbor, and tell them that these kids who don’t live there are hanging out on the front porch at [address].

        • I appreciate that you don’t want to get them in trouble. And they’re city kids, so they maybe don’t have a ton of places that are safe (and cheap/free) to just hang out at. But it is your stoop and it’s a bit much for them to expect to hang out there regularly. If you are genuinely afraid for your safety, then it is time to escalate your complaint. Maybe just place a 311 call to ask for some guidance on how to handle it before actually calling the police to disperse them.

          • 911 is for all police calls, emergency and otherwise. 311 is for city services.
            If you want guidance, try calling the officers for your PSA (Police Service Area).

          • emvee

            I’ll definitely be calling the PSA, asking for foot patrols, and monitoring the situation from there. I appreciate everyone’s help on this. I just want to feel safer in my place without having to get some potentially innocent kids detained to do so. Your suggestions are all super helpful.

      • And don’t call when it’ll be obvious it was you, e.g. right after an encounter with them.

  • epric002

    rant: metro was slow as molasses and very crowded this morning.
    rave: peirogi night at domku tonight!
    neither rant nor rave: got my first mm lafleur box last night. really liked the styles, but nothing fit quite right. emailed them to ask how i go about requesting specific styles/colors, b/c the styles they’re recommending based on a fit survey are not ones that typically work for me. anyone else tried mm lafleur?

  • Rant: Audi A6 (and others) LED headlamps. At a stoplight this morning facing one of those beasts and they hurt my eyes.
    Rant: Maybe it’s my eyes.

  • Rave: Got my resume updated and circulated in some places where it’s being looked at. It went up on Monday and I already got two calls from recruiters.

    Rant: One was for a position that wasn’t a good match and the most recent one looks like another contract job (which I’m trying to get out of). But this is still a good sign.

  • Rave: I found out this morning that one of our volunteers at work (we have hundreds who weigh in on science and whatnot) has been carrying around a letter I wrote and showing it to lots of people because he’s so proud of it. So yeah, I ghost wrote it for the CEO, but I’m still thrilled because this guy is great and he deserves the recognition.
    Rave: Auto Tech, they’re great. They don’t yet know why my gas tank leaks a bit when I fill it, but they’re on the case.
    Rave: my dishwasher was leaking because my friend put something too big in it and the top arm couldn’t spin. No plumber need for now.
    Rave: wrote my awesome friends Valentine’s Day cards because I love them.
    Rave: lunch with my friend who’s in town, she left me a sweet note and a copy of Kinship and she did my dishes.
    Rants: I don’t know what those are today. This mood is awesome.

  • Rant follow up: It looks like close to 1/3 of the legally parked cars on my block (including me) received $50 tickets for invalid inspection stickers. The issue: the license plate on the DC inspection stickers didn’t mach the car. Well, duh! If you bring a car in from out of state, the first thing you have to get is the inspection prior to going to the DMV! The DC tags won’t match the sticker until the first DC re-inspection. Contest filed. It was all the same ticket writer, too, who is now wasting a bunch of the city’s time and money as my neighbors and I contest these dumb tickets. Other than making myself feel better, is it worth lodging a complaint?

    • Accountering

      I think you should do more than just contest. This is ridiculous, and a message to your CM and the At-Large CM’s is in order. Unless your CM is/was Bowser or her annointed son Brandon Todd, at which point you are simply wasting your time.

  • Rave: Going to a preview of Frank Ruta and Aggie Chin’s new restaurant at the Capella Hotel tonight – cannot wait!
    Rant: Daughter played favorites last night and I got the short end of the stick. I know it’s a phase and she’s a kid and I shouldn’t take it personally but dang, that hurt.

  • Need some advice from PoPville, as I imagine a lot of you have been through this:

    I’m planning on going back to grad school, starting in January 2016. I met with admissions reps at my top choice this weekend and they encouraged me to apply as early as possible. With that in mind, I’m trying to get stuff together, and plan to ask for a recommendation from my current supervisor.

    I plan on working for most of this year, so I don’t want my boss to freak out when I tell him this month or next that I’m planning on leaving – I can’t really predict how he’ll react. I keep thinking of the worst case scenario where he says that by choosing to go to school (in a completely different field, mind you), I’m already checked out, and I get let go in the next few months.

    Do you guys have any advice on the best way to handle this conversation?

    • Accountering

      One of my employees is currently applying to grad school and is planning on working through the entire program. I am ecstatic, as it means she will stay for the next few years, and she is a rockstar. If you are planning on staying for a while, your boss shouldn’t freak out too bad!

    • I would just not look too far into the future. Perhaps you could explain to your supervisor that you are planning to stay through this year (at least!), and that your plans are still very fluid, but that you’d be grateful if he would write you a letter of recommendation, and reassure him that you’ll keep him posted.

    • Do you need to ask your current supervisor for a recommendation, or could you ask a former supervisor for one? If it has to be current, do you have to specify to him that you’re planning on starting grad school in January 2016? Typically references don’t write in their letters that “X would be a great fit for the January 2016 start date.” Finally, I know you said the degree is in a completely different field, but would it be possible to scrape together a list of skills you’ll learn from the degree (things like time management – really general skills/tools) that could help you in your current position? He might be less inclined to consider letting you go if you’re able to draw a parallel from your job to the degree, even though it’s a separate field.

    • I don’t know your boss but you may be giving him a lot less credit than he deserves. I had the same fear when I was in the same situation and it turned out my boss was very pleased for me though sad to lose me.
      But why are you telling your boss that you’re leaving this month or next? I don’t think he needs to know, nor are you required to tell him 9 months in advance. You haven’t even applied to grad school yet, why are you worried about giving your notice?

      • I second this. Your boss doesn’t need to know you are planning to leave. No need to tell him, just say you are applying to grad school and ask for the recommendation.

      • He’s a bit unpredictable, and I guess I’m just trying to think through how he might react.

        I currently work in economic and IT research, and I’m planning on going to nursing school — I’m looking for a big career change. Several programs ask for recommendations from my current supervisor. I know he’d give me a good one, but given the big shift in career areas, I’m worried he’ll think I’m not going to be invested.

        Also, he’ll definitely know I’m leaving, because all the programs are outside DC. Seems like I’m creating a bigger deal out of this in my head than it will be, though.

    • What field are you planning to go to grad school in, and what field do you work in?
      When I went to grad school in English, I didn’t even bother getting recs from either of the jobs I had between undergrad and grad school, just from my English professors from undergrad.

      • I currently work in economic and IT research, and I’m planning on going to nursing school — I’m looking for a big career change. Several programs ask for recommendations from my current supervisor. I know he’d give me a good one, but given the big shift in career areas, I’m worried he’ll think I’m not going to be invested.

        • That posted too soon…I will certainly be invested for the next year. While this isn’t what I want to be doing long term, I’m trying to save as much as I can, so having a steady paycheck is top priority!

    • Is there any reason to think the worst case scenerio would actually happen? You’re doing this super early in advance, so I don’t think it should be an issue. When I asked my supervisor to write a rec, he was happy to do so, and appreciated knowing more than 2 weeks in advance when an employee would be leaving. It allowed him to not rush the hiring process and gave me time to train my replacement. Win-win situation.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Signed up for a belly dancing class for the spring.
    Rave: I totally plan to buy a big kitschy heart-shaped box of chocolates and eat them all myself. No sharing!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I spent all day yesterday and probably will spend most of today entering Ys and Ns into a spreadsheet. Wow, six years of undergrad for this!
    Rave: I know y’all only watch classy stuff from Netflix or HBO but I am currrently enjoying ABC’s “Fresh off the Boat.” It’s Cute. Yeah I said CUTE!

    • Accountering

      Formula’s? There has to be a better way yeah?

    • I really like Fresh off the Boat. The idea of the child of immigrant parents using 90s rap music to find his place in the world is inspired. Of course, being the only network show with Asian lead characters, it’s being criticized for depicting stereotypes. But I don’t think every TV or movie character has to be an exemplar of whatever race, ethnicity or gender he or she is part of.

      • Scrillin

        It’s about Eddie Huang; it’s semi-autobiographical. He’s the narrator, too.

      • I Dont Get It

        I think they have been very careful to avoid stereotypes.

      • A number of my coworkers are Asian American and have been pretty excited about the show. They actually sent an email around this morning asking who’s seen it. They were saying that it’s obviously got some flaws, but they’re just so excited to have a tv show with Asian lead characters and a lot of it is really relatable. They’ve been telling the rest of us to watch it so it does okay in ratings and at least has a chance. Unfortunately I was working late last night, need to give it a try!
        (Also, I had a Japanese friend I met while studying abroad who actually taught himself English largely from rap songs and watching movies. It left him with an… interesting vocabulary and ideas.)

    • I Dont Get It

      Thanks for the suggestions but this was old fashioned grin and enter it! The good news is that it is done and everyone here is grateful that I did it for everyone!

  • laduvet

    Rave: the art show is almost here… bring on weekend of non stop events but love from friends!
    Rant: what the heck was i thinking? 5 day art show, apply to grad schools and move – all in the same 10 days! ACK!
    Rave: I feel sane.

  • Rave: Glen Hansard at the Lincoln Theater last night. He’s still puts on such a good live show and made me laugh a lot with his running commentary between songs.
    Realization: I need more live music in my life.
    Rave: Those small moments when you stop, look around you, and (even if only so briefly) fully appreciate how good your life is. I had one of those this morning. They are rare and need to be remembered.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I love those moments.

    • Aigh, typo from lack of sleep last night. That should read *He still puts.*

    • Me too. More live music please. He was awesome and his band was so charming and talented!

      • Last year my resolution was live music once a month, it was great so keeping it up this year. That show was among the best live shows I’ve ever seen, great opening show, good banter, and they just seemed to really enjoy themselves.

        • What a great resolution – for your live music finds did you stick to concerts or did you also find places with regular live music? I’d love to find a neighborhood place that has reliable good live music (without having to plan out tickets and such!).

          • I mostly went to random live stuff, JoJo’s, the folk festival at Glen Echo (highly recommend going!), a couple summer outdoor concerts. It’s definitely one of my best resolutions! A couple places in Adams Morgan regularly have jazz.

          • I really like Mondays at Bohemian Caverns, I think the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra plays every week.

        • This is a brilliant resolution.

  • Rant: My anti-vaxxer relatives and their Facebook posts. One wants to know why people who are vaccinated and vaccinate their kids are worried at all about those who are not vaccinated. Seriously??
    Rave: Cleaned and organized my office yesterday. It feels great to start the day with a neat desk and functional filing system. Now let’s see how long it lasts!
    Rant: While the office is clean, it is also freezing.

    • The irony of the anti-vaccination crowd is that it is the stunning success of childhood vaccination programs that give these folks the luxury of even considering not having their kids vaccinated. If they still lived in world (or in one of several parts of this world) where these diseases were common, they would not hesitate to have their kids vaccinated.

      • +1. And people who regard measles the same way they regard chicken pox are crazy. Hello, something that sends 28% of kids who get it to the hospital??

      • So true. The logic in this Facebook thread was so frustrating. They then decided that those of us who are pro-vaccine read too much Facebook propaganda and don’t know the facts. Ugh.

    • epric002

      apparently i’ve done enough purges/hidings in the past (RE elections, police shootings, etc.) that i no longer have any anti-vaxx fb friends. embrace the purge!!!

      • hammers

        So how many people are anti-vaccination now? Rough estimate?

        • I think even in California, it’s estimated at only 5-8%.

        • epric002

          it depends. “A survey from the Pew Research Center published last week found that 68 percent of American adults believe that vaccinations of children should be required, while 30 percent say that parents should be able to decide not to vaccinate their kids.” how many of those are actually not vaccinating is not clear. there is also a group who vaccinate, but on a delayed schedule.

      • I did a major purge after college. It’s been awhile so I think another one is due.

    • Someone on my facebook was trying to make the anti-vax arguement by saying a UPenn doctor said that the ideal child would be unvaccinated in a vaccinated world. I didn’t even start to begin on how many ways that doesn’t support the anti-vax agenda.

    • skj84

      I had a showdown with an antivax friend. I threw science at the them. They unfriended me. Oh well.

      • I Dont Get It

        Yeah the anti-vaxxers I’ve seen interviewed on TV have been stunningly uninformed including the one who told a researcher that he couldn’t prove that the decline in childhood diseases was due to vaccinations (“Diseases have a natural flow and ebb.”). I wanted to punch my TV in the throat.

        • And the most depressing part of this whole thing is that studies show that giving people factual information that *should* bring them closer to the truth, actually entrenches them further in their ignorant BS.

          • Emmaleigh504

            On NPR they were talking about how you should acknowledge their fears and offer facts slowly and kindly blah blah blah. Good thing I don’t know any anitvaxxers b/c I cannot with that. I’d can’t acknowledge someone’s dumbass fears without calling them dumbass fears. I have no patience for stupid.

          • I heard an interesting segment on CBC radio recently on public health messaging and how to communicate more effectively about the safety of vaccines/need to vaccinate. Turns out that giving scientific facts isn’t an effective tool.
            Reminds me of of the time around the invasion of Iraq – media messages that Saddam was NOT responsible for 9/11 were often (typically?) heard as Saddam WAS responsible for 9/11.

          • Textdoc it’s the first link. The segment also reminded me of how people make decisions – some are swayed by facts, others by their instinct.

          • I found the link to the actual study — http://www.dartmouth.edu/~nyhan/vaccine-misinformation.pdf . Pretty disheartening; they tried four different ways of presenting information to people. None of them increased parents’ inclination to vaccinate, and it looks as though most or all of them had the opposite effect:
            METHODS: [. . .] Parents were randomly assigned to receive one of 4 interventions: (1) information explaining the lack of evidence that MMR causes autism from the CDC; (2) textual information about the
            dangers of the diseases prevented by MMR from the Vaccine Information Statement; (3) images of children with diseases prevented by the MMR vaccine; (4) a dramatic narrative about a baby who almost died from measles from a CDC fact sheet; or to a control group.
            Results: None of the interventions increased parental intent to vaccinate a future child. Refuting claims of a MMR/autism link successfully reduced misperceptions that vaccines cause autism but nonetheless decreased intent to vaccinate among parents with the least favorable vaccine attitudes. In addition, images of sick children increased expressed belief in a vaccine/autism link and a dramatic narrative about an infant in danger increased self-reported belief in serious vaccine side effects.

      • I was so tempted to jump in but then decided that would just perpetuate the crazy comments. The relative who posted a status this morning is a self-proclaimed medical professional and was talking about the advice she gives her clients re: vaccines. So concerning.

  • Rave: Glen Hansard last night at the Lincoln Theater. What an awesome concert.
    Rave/Rant: Interview went well yesterday but not sure what the next steps are and no one in the interview room knew either. Stuck in no-man’s land again it seems.
    Rant: I’m only three hours away from my family BUT when you just want to be with them or drop off cookies or grab a beer or have a cry…three hours is still too far away.
    Rave: Friend who has massive anxiety issues is doing ok in Cali. We’ve been talking a lot and she seems to be managing – not thriving but managing and that’s positive.

  • hispanicandproud

    Super Rave: Happy for a former student of mine from back home who just won an Emmy for producing the best morning news in Nashville. As his former boss and mentor, I would stick up for him when he was bullied for being gay. Years ago he thanked me for helping him to be strong for standing up for himself. I’m so proud of him.

  • Rave: I met Textdoc last night! She’s so lovely!!
    Rave: It’s was at the “Chocolate City” discussion at the MLK public library. The conversation was really interesting and I’m so glad I went. Also, Hanna Rosin, a regular on the Slate DoubleX gabfest, was one of the organizers and introduced it!
    Rant: As usual, when it comes to discussions of gentrification, economic growth, and neighborhoods in DC, I thought the conversation stopped just as it was getting interesting. I could have handled another two hours of discussion.
    Rant: puppy had an upset tummy last night and this morning
    Rave: I’m going to give him extra cuddles at lunchtime, along with some boiled chicken and rice.

    • Oh no, poor puppy! Adding plain yogurt to my dog’s food has really helped with his digestive issues. It may be worth trying, especially if this is a more persistent issue.

      • epric002

        canned pumpkin is something else to try. both work for some dogs and not for others. also, grain-free single protein foods work really well for sensitive stomachs. you may have to try a few to see which protein works best for your puppy.

      • Thanks for the recommendations. Is it common for a puppy to suddenly react badly to the same food? I don’t think we’ve changed anything and was concerned he had a virus or something.

        • epric002

          yes. i had multiple fosters who were fine on a food and then all of a sudden they’d have diarrhea. and then after a few meals of chicken & rice would be fine on the food again for a while and then again have diarrhea. of course, he could have also eaten something gross, be stressed out, or indeed have a virus. try the chicken & rice for a few meals and then slowly transition back to your original food. if you do decide to try a new food, remember to slowly transition to the new one by doing a decrease of old food/increase of new food over about a week.

          • +1 the same thing happened to my guy. We tried quite a few foods and he seems to be doing well on the Blue Buffalo Limited Ingredient Diet food of the lamb variety + 1 T. of yogurt.

          • Thanks to you both. I have a good action plan now 🙂

          • epric002

            good luck! we have had great success with wellness simple limited ingredient food. it was recommended to me by multiple people whose dogs had the same issues. the lamb & oatmeal formula works really well for formerly foster puppy. (grouchy corgi has an iron gut and can eat ANYTHING).

          • Puppy was so sicko at lunchtime — he was super low energy and hadn’t touched his breakfast. I gave him rice with chicken broth and boiled chicken. He didn’t touch the rice but gobbled up all of the chicken and begged for more. Let’s hope it helps settle his stomach.

          • Aw I’m sorry to hear Gary is still not feeling great. My dog will take a mouthful of the chicken and rice, dump it on the rug, and then eat around the rice.

            My vet also recommended trying Pepto when I can’t get the grossness under control and it has worked wonders. You may want to ask your vet for thoughts/recommended dosage for Gary’s weight.

          • epric002

            poor puppy. is he still drinking water? he’s not immediately vomiting after eating, right?

          • I haven’t seen him drink water, but he loved the chicken broth. And he may have had water while I was here and he was home. There’s no vomiting. Just the “puppy grossness” previously discussed here.

          • epric002

            ok good. well i hope he’s feeling better soon! it can take a day or two before things start to look substantially improved in the grossness department.

          • AliceInDC, somehow I missed your reply — sorry! Pepto is a really interesting idea! I’ll ask our vet about it is the grossness isn’t under control by tomorrow morning.

          • That sounds like a good plan, Shawess. My dog is 6 lbs and I just put him up on the counter while I shove the tiny spoonful in his mouth. It’s kind of an ordeal (that sometimes ends with a pink puppy mustache) but much easier with little ones.

    • palisades

      Oh I was hoping someone went to that discussion. Any fascinating takeaways? Did it get heated at any point?

      • It was very civil even though the issues were thorny. Also, I think the moderators stopped the discussion before the temperature could really rise, for better or worse. It was cool to hear a bit more of Dan’s story, which I didn’t know — I realized that Dan does such a good job creating a community for all of us that we hardly know anything about him 🙂 Also, I want to read everything Latoya Peterson (Racialicious.com) writes. She seems really cool.
        The only bummer was that PoPville was somewhat cast as the face of white gentrification, which seems inaccurate, especially because the “evidence” for this was that comments section has some nasty jerks on it. The discussion of gentrification was fairly interesting, though. I’ll say more on that later when I have more time.

        • “The only bummer was that PoPville was somewhat cast as the face of white gentrification”
          To be honest, if you think “white gentrification” is a thing, then it basically is.

          • Always a delight to see you, Krampus! Have a wonderful day!

          • I’m being serious. I’m not saying that is my view, but I suspect to people who are not “PoPvillagers” this site probably looks very much like the face of white gentrification.

          • Krampus, right or wrong, I’ve come to simply read everything you write as contrarian because you seem to contradict people in most of the posts you write. Maybe you are just being glib? If you are agreeing, there are ways to indicate that more clearly. Phrases that start with “to be honest” seem (to me) to be contradictory, rather than expressing agreement.
            “I suspect to people who are not “PoPvillagers” this site probably looks very much like the face of white gentrification.” That came through clearly last night. But I think it’s a lot more complicated than that. Yes, many of us are white and our presence drives up property values and the cost of living. That can a legitimate problem for people who have lived in DC for decades or generations and I think many, if not most of us here would concede that and really want to do what’s right. But I think a more important question, and a more difficult question to answer, is what to actually do about that. I don’t think simply pointing fingers at all white people and blaming us for moving here is the best answer. There was a bit of that happening last night, both from the panelists and the audience members (as judged by applause and other responses).

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Thank you for articulating that Shawess!!

          • My pleasure, Dan. I would also add that PoPville regulars know that this site isn’t composed only of white people. My sense is that readers here are fairly diverse, both from a racial and economic standpoint, and that readers come from most parts of the city, with the possible exceptions of upper northwest and Ward 8. That said, we (like the rest of the city) probably could and should do more to reach out to people in Ward 8. Another one of my takeaways from last night was that Ward 8 still feels very underrepresented here.

          • I feel like you think I’m contrarian simply because I usually have a different perspective than you. I also think you read things into what I say that aren’t there – when I say “to be honest” it means I am being honest and frank. Nothing more.
            I would probably be considered a white gentrifier by many, though I sure as hell don’t see myself that way. I basically want the same things that my neighbors who have lived in Petworth for 30+ years want; sometimes I feel lucky that that is the case and that (most of) my neighbors recognize that in me. I don’t think it makes much sense to point fingers at white people blaming us for moving here, since they just might make the same choice in our position. But I get why it happens, though I think it’s sad because I think discussing things in such general intangible terms distracts from real, solvable issues.
            But to bring it back around, I don’t apologize for what I am or what I appear to be to others, but I like to keep in mind how others see things.

          • Krampus, I think it’s more than your just having a different perspective than Shawess. It seems as though you articulate your different perspective — not just to Shawess but to others too — in a way that comes across as adversarial.

          • palisades

            In a weird way, you guys seem to be saying the same thing. Take that as you will..

          • I would agree that Krampus seems adversarial. Not disagreeing because of core beliefs, per se, but rather for its own sake. I think a lot of people here have disagreements on substantive and important issues, but express those differences in opinion in constructive ways. Or at the very least respectful ones. Or express agreement clearly when there is agreement. I would be very willing, if not eager to engage in those kinds of discussions with Krampus if s/he wants to. Otherwise, i think I’m going to tune out. I have a sick dog here and work deadlines. Happy Wednesday everyone!

          • “Yes, many of us are white and our presence drives up property values and the cost of living. ”

            Unfortunately, that’s the least of anyone’s problems next to a growing social and political atmosphere of dismissiveness and contempt for blacks in general, and especially the poor ones, to the extent of criminalizing blackness in general (read the constant complaints about “loitering”, i.e. “standing around in public while black” on this blog).

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Oh please power of flight – “constant complaints” – your constant exaggerations don’t serve you well.

          • Well, I’m not sure what to say. I don’t think I’m adversarial but that doesn’t change your perception. I don’t post a lot here (relatively speaking) and when I do I usually don’t fill up on small talk. I also mostly post when I disagree with something or when I think something has not been said. Maybe that’s why you think I’m contrarian.
            Shawess, you definitely seem to take the wrong meaning from my comments. All I can say about that is take them at face value, that is how I try to write them. (Or don’t read them at all, I guess.)

          • Krampus, I’m willing to give this another go, if you are.
            “I also mostly post when I disagree with something or when I think something has not been said. Maybe that’s why you think I’m contrarian.” This may be true, yes! If you post your own rants/raves, instead of just responding to them, I think it would help me (and others) get to know you a bit better and would probably help me/us avoid these misunderstandings. I hope you feel as welcome here as anyone.

        • palisades

          Thanks for the response Shawess! Sounds like it was a success!

        • Would you mind sharing a bit more about Dan’s story? (Dan, maybe you could?) I would love to know what brought you to DC and what brought you to create this blog/how you expanded your audience past your immediate neighborhood. Thanks!

        • Prince Of Petworth

          The year was 1974, Nixon had just been kicked out of the White House and the nation was depressed. Daniel I. Silverman was born a blistery November evening on the isle of Manhattan. The District didn’t know what was coming. Short of stature but with the heart of a beagle, Silverman stormed through elementary school excelling in reading though he faced significant difficulty with penmanship. Overcoming that hurdle would not be easy and had haunted Silverman his entire life until the advent of the Commodore 64. It was at that point…to be continued!!!

        • I’m actually going to diverge from Dan here and say that last night’s discussion of “criminalizing blackness in general” was too short and is important.. It’s definitely something I’m going to be thinking about a lot more going forward.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            No actually I agree. I thought the part Latoya said where a woman pulled out pepper spray while her husband went to the car was the most powerful part of the evening.

            My problem is with power of flight who never misses an opportunity to criticize this site in an exaggerated way. The problem is most definitely real. Is it constantly complained about here? No. Semantics? Yes – but it’s terribly annoying.

          • I feel ya, Prince.

          • Yep — that anecdote (about the pepper spray) really stuck in my mind too.

          • That anecdote stood out to me too, although I think it’s interesting that the incident didn’t take place in DC, but in a very white town. Nonetheless, I think questions about DC’s (lack of) loitering laws sort of are a proxy for the bigger conversation about race, opportunity and policing in DC. And we should probably keep having those conversations even if they’re uncomfortable.
            FWIW, I was actually schooled on loitering laws by a police commander who, when I called about rowdiness at a bus stop near my house, informed me that DC police do not and cannot “move people along” here like police officers do in New York do. Public intoxication and urination are another matter, though, and there’s plenty of that going on at the same time. I think the distinction is an important one — sitting at the bus stop for 12 hours a day is no problem as long as you’re not harassing people or peeing on the sidewalk.

          • I thought the pepper-spray incident had happened in D.C., in Columbia Heights. Maybe I misunderstood?

          • The problem with loitering laws is the presumption that if you are standing someplace, you are preparing to commit a crime. CNN did a really interesting piece on policing in New York. In one incident there was a group of young men standing in front of the apartment house they lived in. Police officer rolls up and announces that if they don’t go inside the building, they will all be arrested. Cops were not there because they got complaints or an emergency call. They were just riding by and decided to exert their authority over these young men for no reason. The whole exchange was captured on video by one of the young men. And it’s so surprising why so many of these young men don’t like or trust the police? When you treat everyone like a criminal, the law abiding begin to side with the criminals.

          • Correct me if I’m wrong. I thought she said that this happened when she had a residency at Stanford, where almost everyone was white, and she was relieved to return to DC where being black was ‘normal’ (not a direct quote).

          • Anonymous 3:25, I completely agree. This is the exact problem, and it makes me glad that we don’t have those laws here.

          • Intellectually, I agree that loitering laws are often abused and counterproductive, and I’m glad we don’t have them as well. And yet . . . so often, I see groups of people hanging around public spaces engaging in anti-social behavior – littering, blocking pedestrians from passing, yelling comments at men and women alike, intimidating others – and there’s simply no way to address that behavior. (I’m thinking particularly about the pit bull crew that hangs out in warmer weather by the CVS in Columbia Heights, but there are numerous other examples in the city.)

          • The audio isn’t posted on the “District of Change” site yet, but it should be there at some point:

          • Nice link, Textdoc! Strong google-fu as usual.

  • Rave: Finally found food that doesn’t upset my dog’s stomach.
    Double rave: The food is made up of two different types of kibble and she clearly prefers one of them. So each meal, she picks out the best pieces and waits an hour or two to go back and finish the rest. It cracks me up – she would definitely fail the marshmallow test.

  • Beautiful photograph!

  • Rant: chaotic morning–unable to check popville until 11:30am!
    Rant: Still one more meeting to prepare for–must force myself to focus (and probably shouldn’t have opened PoP)
    Rave: warranty replacement phone arrived & I figured out how to get back my contacts even though my old phone won’t turn on anymore. Yay for lookout mobile security! And thanks to my roommate for recommending it to me.
    Rant: haven’t had a chance to get new phone set up so I’m still using the crappy loaner phone (but better than no phone at all!)
    Rant/Rave? waiting for test results. phone call may come during staff meeting. gah.

    • Additional rave: kiddo’s sleep *seems* to have returned to normal. I may be able to return to morning workouts! Fingers crossed 🙂

  • Rave: Got notified that I’m receiving our Secretary’s Award for work I did the past year – woo hoo
    Rant: Will be on travel when the award is presented
    Rave: Fantastic run last night, pace/times are ahead of schedule
    Rave: One of my favorite cousins is visiting this summer and are also planning a fall trip together – love having a massive Irish-Catholic family and dozens of fun cousins
    Rant: Ukraine news is so depressing – hard to read about a place I called home being ripped apart and Merkel doesn’t seem to really care.

  • Blithe

    Rant: A friend gave me a beautiful potted hydrangea on Monday. By Tuesday, ALL of the beautiful flowers were wilted. I watered it and put it in the sun – following the instructions on the tag. Now I’m wondering: too hot? Too cold? Too much water? Not enough? I feel bummed that I don’t know how to care for it properly. 🙁
    Rave: Scored a serious bargain at Nordstrom Rack. I get a kick out of the receipt that says that I saved more than I spent. This time I apparently saved well over a thousand dollars, and got my find for about 4% of its original price.
    Rave: Reading through the posts about how people would spend their lottery winnings. I think I should invest in a ticket and a few day dreams.

    • Blithe, what was your 96%-off find?

      • Blithe

        A Lafayette148new york jacket. It was about $700 and I snagged it for $29.90. Lafayette is my favorite brand for work-ish clothes, so I’m pretty happy with this bargain. I got another Lafayette jacket for a bit over a hundred dollars, so I got $1400 worth of jackets for well under $200, and now have some good interview-suitable clothes.

        • Are these suit jackets or outerwear jackets? I need to get more work stuff, but I feel like the hulk in many ladies jackets, so I try to avoid them, but feel I’m severely lacking in the suit esqe dept.

          • Blithe

            Suit jackets — but they don’t have the traditional menswear styling. Lafayette is well made for their price point, and nicely cut. But I love jackets. Do you like the Chanel type jackets (no collar, shorter length?) something like that would be un-hulk-like, although the cuts of many of them might be boxier than you would like.

          • When I said hulk, I meant I feel ready to pop out of ladies jackets because there isn’t enough shoulder room. I’ve gotten the biggest sizes offered and still have trouble. I have broad shoulders for a lady I guess. Mens jackets are too long but overall fit well. I’m trying to avoid having to tailor, but I fear I’ll ultimately have to do no matter which aisle I’m shopping.

          • Blithe

            Anon Spock, have you tried looking for jackets with removable shoulder pads — and taking the pads out? You could also do this with any shoulder pads — but that would likely require a tailor. Have you gone the personal shopper route at a Nordstroms? A personal shopper might be able to suggest some brands — and might have lower alterations charges than buying something and having it tailored separately.

          • Haven’t bought removable shoulder pads, but I’m also not buying jackets with shoulder pads and it’s more shoulder/deltoid than simply shoulder.
            I’ll definitely look into the personal shopper.

        • Blithe, your extreme bargain-finding is reminding me of a story that Donna Britt wrote for the Washington Post about scoring a dress for the 2009 inaugural ball for $4.96 (after coupons): http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/01/16/AR2009011604890.html
          As a fellow bargain-hunter, I had to LOL at this: “I felt as if I were high on clearance crack.”

          • Blithe

            Thanks textdoc! This was a fun read! Donna Britt sounds like a shopper that I could bond with. lol I have gotten that shopper’s high on occasion. It feels like the Universe saved this special bargain, just for me! Me! Me! lol

        • Well done Blithe! Finding great bargains like this makes me happy (and I can vicariously enjoy your finds)

        • Blithe

          A few more ideas: 1) If you can find a good fit in a men’s jacket, get one you love and take it to a tailor you trust. 2) if you like the look go for knitted fabrics instead of traditional men’s suiting materials, and less traditionally tailored styles, so something like eileen fisher or misook might work; or 3) taking it to a pro. I highly recommend Wendy at the Friendship Heights Saks, and I’ve had good experiences with the personal shoppers at Nordstroms. If you can find a few designers with “athletic” fit models that make clothes that you like, then you’re set. And if you can find a brand that you like, I’d be happy to look for bargains on your behalf!

    • 96% off – you are amazing!

    • Well done. I wonder if discount personal shoppers are a thing? I don’t have the patience to find the good stuff buried under the crap at discount stores, but I don’t have the budget to do otherwise. I need someone with Blithe-like instincts to sniff out non-junk items in my size, and bring them to me in the corner, where I will be sitting on my folding chair/ cane reading a romance novel.

      • Blithe

        That’s actually one of my fantasy-jobs, and I’ve done personal shopping for friends who hate to shop. If you’re serious, maybe you should tell me what sorts of good stuff you’re looking for. And what colors you hate. Maybe we could do a field trip! 🙂

        • I am serious. Give me a couple of months of for the shock of paying for kids’ summer camps to wear off (yes, in February *sigh*), and I will come back and find you!

          • Blithe

            Cool! Also, for years, I saved up for the day after Christmas sales — when, if you get up early, you’ll save an additional percent (usually 40%) off the sale price between certain hours — like 7am and noon. Clothes will often be on their second or third markdown, so a final price might be 20 – 40% of the original price. I mention this because if you don’t have the patience to do discount stores, you can survey a few department stores beforehand, then do Friendship Heights or Tyson’s Corner department stores in one fell swoop. It’s not for the faint of heart, but a few focused hours could get you some really nice deals.

  • Andie302

    Rant: I just got an email that contained this: “…the overarching concern being misperceived implications of issuing intended actions that may not come to fruition.” whaaaaaa
    Rave: Feeling better than yesterday
    Rant: but I was cranky again this morning. I am thinking this may have to do with overnight cold medicine making it much tougher for me to get going – something that’s already tough for me.
    Rave: It seems as if things are progressing properly on the renovation. Rear windows get replaced today, they are starting to build things back up (with some limited demolition left), and the trades have started. YAY!

  • Rave: Finally met Shawess!
    Rave: … at the “Is D.C. Still Chocolate City?” panel discussion at the D.C. Library, for which the Prince was one of the panelists.
    Rave: Mostly a thoughtful, nuanced discussion.
    Rant: One panelist (who wasn’t listed on the program) seemed to be espousing conspiracy theories and had an overly simplistic view of some pretty complicated issues. However, even if I think he’s off base, he probably does represent how some people think on this topic, so I suppose it’s worthwhile to take that viewpoint into account.

  • Ally

    Rave: Stoked about Souk opening up soon at Barrack’s Row/Eastern Market. And not just because they have biscuits. But, mainly because they’ll have biscuits.
    Rant: Had one of THOSE dreams about a Jonas brother last night. Yuck. Why my subconscious mind can’t come up with better objects of desire is beyond me.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: My hiking shoes broke so I had to wear flip-flops to
    Rave: Follow a family of howler monkeys in the forest! Photos were taken, baby howler monkey is the cutest. Mama howler monkey jumped from a tree to a palm tree carrying baby on her back. I didn’t take a photo but I have witnesses.

  • Question!: Any one know of women’s rights groups in VA? My friend in Richmond is looking for something she can volunteer at/be involved in.

    • VA and women’s rights don’t coexist. Try DC. 😉

    • She may want to reach out to some relevant student groups at VCU or UofR to see if they work with any state or local women’s rights orgs. I volunteered with Avalon Women’s Center in Williamsburg while I was in school and there may be some women’s centers closer to Richmond that your friend could check out.

  • Rant: We have health insurance, but my husband is asking the medical office about (and will determine whether he gets a test done based on) the out-of-pocket costs.. He won’t answer my pleas to call our *insurance* company for the answer of what it will cost him. And I don’t care what it cost, get the damn test done.

    Rant: Why the hell do I keep buying turkey meatballs… Ugh.

    Rant: Can’t remember my Kate Spade password, which (probably really a rave) is limiting me from buying something in their 75% off sale.

    Rave: Looking forward to watching a movie on Netflix/Amazon Prime tonight. Any non-documentary/not-super-serious movie recommendations? (might be too late in the day for this!)

    • epric002

      re your 1st rant- that’s just weird. why would he do that?
      re the kate spade sale- the website wouldn’t let me in! i figured that was a sign that i shouldn’t even look 🙂

      • Andie302

        Oh boy – it let me in! I’m not usually one for fancy things, but bags are an exception. I used to save up credit card rewards for YEARS to get good bags. I wore out one of the early Kate Spade black hard-sided bags. Hmmm….all the things 🙂

    • Uh oh. I wish I hadn’t seen this Kate Spade rant/rave! I’m trying to decide between two purses now… :/

    • topscallop

      Really? When I go to the site it just asks me for my email and zip code. Luckily I’m not seeing anything on the super sale that I really want! My (new as of Christmas) Kate Spade wallet is sighing in relief.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Man, I don’t need to know this about Kate Spade! (thank you!)

    • palisades

      Chef! It’s a great feel-good movie on Netflix

    • I didn’t now about the sale, but luckily none of the bags I like meet my requirement for exterior pockets. Convenience in reaching my phone, smarttrip, and keys is the only thing keeping my bag collection in check.

    • Re: Netflix movie- Timer- It isn’t perfect but will have you thinking for days afterward

      • I talked about that movie for months after I saw it. You are right that it isn’t the best, but definitely thought provoking!

    • Klown. It’s hilarious, if you’re up for subtitles. So terrible. So funny.

  • Great photo!
    Rave: friends/family coming through when my facade cracked last night.
    Rant: feeling a little ashamed today.

    • Andie302

      Glad you have the support and sorry to hear it. I’m sure that they were happy to come through for you, and I’m betting they see no reason for you to be ashamed.

    • Blithe

      Beau, Andie has already said this better than I could, but if you’re feeling ashamed today is about having your facade crack yesterday, I’d be willing to bet that your friends and family love and value the you that’s behind the facade more than you may realize. Maybe it’s good all the way around that your friends and family and you all had an opportunity to experience how much they value you for yourself. I sincerely hope that whatever you’re going through gets better soon.

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