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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • SFT

    Rant: Stomach bug. We all got it this weekend. The only thing worse than being sick, is being sick and having to take care of a sick toddler!
    Rave: My pants are a bit looser this morning 🙂

  • Ally

    Rave: My future mother-in-law found me a beautiful lace handkerchief she carried at her wedding and is lending it to me for my wedding on the 27th. It’s a joy to have in-laws who don’t make you cringe.
    Rant: Kanye. Sorry. Hate to even use his name again. But, really. Why is he still allowed to attend the Grammy’s?

  • Rave: Kind of shocked I’m calling this a rave, but the ladyfriend decided to finally be honest that she needed time to decompress from the bad breakup which happened a lot sooner than I realized. We’re keeping communication open and revisiting in a couple months.
    Rave: Really great nights sleep even with less than 6hrs, so even more sure it was the right decision.
    Rave: New roomie moving in today, and she showers at night! No bathroom waiting!
    Rant: Bus times change every day and only once did it match the schedule.
    Rave: Impossible to be late for work.
    Rave: No dates= more gym time.

    • Ally

      Hopefully she’ll come around. I was in a similar situation once it it seems like it’s always a better idea to get that baggage over and done with before starting anything new (I took a year off from dating after a really horrific breakup/relationship, and a week after that year was up, I met my fiance…baggage free. Well, mostly baggage free..heh).

      • Well, I hope it doesn’t take a year. 🙂
        Two months was very arbitrary, but it matches up with both of us being rid of some non relationship related stresses by then. I don’t mind baggage we all have it, but someone who rejects our feelings is problematic. We did share some personal info which helps to put things into perspective.

        • Ally

          My ex was particularly gruesome. With any normal breakup, she should be good to go much sooner!

          • Awww that stinks, but hey, you’re better off in the long run. My long term ex was also horrific, so I totally see why it took a while. I second guessed my decision to move on for a long while. I think she’s well into accepting that stuff happens and the ex shouldn’t be able to control her happiness anymore.

          • Ally

            Oh, I definitely upgraded, so I’m thrilled with how everything turned out. Best of luck to you both!

    • It’s good that your ladyfriend was honest this early on.
      And yes, no dates = more workout time. There’s always an upside.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Replaced my old pots with new stainless steel ones. Anyone know the rules about how to dispose of old pots that have their non-stick coating scratched off? Didn’t find anything on the recycling site for DPW.
    Rave: Beautiful weekend and longest run to date…Rock n Roll, here I come!
    Rant: Can it be any more grey out there today?

    • I’d offer the pots and pans up on Craigslist or a similar site (am I remembering FreeCycle right?) – it could be good for someone who can’t afford a full set of halfway decent ones yet…

      • SFT

        I just did the same, upgraded to a nice set of stainless pots and pans. Donated mine to Beth El House, which helps homeless families find homes and gives them furnishings, etc. Consider donating. I know that’s not your question…but I don’t know how to recycle them.

      • emvee

        I’m weird about donating teflon. I replaced mine for health concerns (all those toxins that are supposed to be released when you cook with teflon), and I didn’t really want other people exposed to that.

        • binpetworth

          Yep, that was my thinking too. All that coating is flaking off, so wouldn’t want to donate something potentially hazardous.

        • I share this concern, FWIW. If you don’t want to throw them in the trash, maybe you could take them to the Fort Totten Transfer Station? The definitions of what they consider “hazardous waste” are a bit open to interpretation, but you could definitely make the argument that they qualify. That said, if it were me, I’d probably put them in my trash. 🙂

      • hammers

        Maybe try calling a few scrapyards? Super Salvage DC says it takes cookware on its website. Alternatively you could get creative with the pans…take the handles off and spraypaint and make a tray for plants or a catchall. It could also be used for a playkitchen where it wont be heated up agian.

    • emvee

      I recently replaced my old teflon pots with some stainless steel ones, too. After some googling, I just threw the old ones in the trash, which may or may not have been the best move. Congrats on the shiny new toys!

  • Rave: Fantastic weekend! Had a blast at White Ford Bronco and my friend’s housewarming.
    Rant: Fell down the stairs at said housewarming. The kind where you fall and thunk-thunk-thunk down the rest of the staircase on your butt. Have three giant, black and purple bruises on my behind and it hurts to sit!

  • Rave: I won 12 Grammies last night!!!

  • hammers

    Whoops–Sorry Jeslett! Totally have skirt-friction happening. No slip. I could probably rig something up with toilet seat covers….
    Rant–morning metro, took me 40 minutes to get from L’enfant to Rosslyn.
    Rave–Painted yesterday 🙂
    Rant–instead of taxes

    • SFT

      Please, oh please, for the love of this forum, rig something up with toilet seat covers and take pictures 🙂

    • Don’t apologize to me, I’m more worried about your skirt hitching a ride up your tights and people seeing more than you want them too/looking like you went for a tumble in the dryer this morning without dryer sheets. And you’re really appealing to my MacGyver sensibilities right now.

  • Becks

    Rant: I missed the lovely sunset on Saturday!
    Rave: King Cake!
    Rave: Striking up random conversations with people on the Metro!
    Rant: Bad neighbors took the opportunity to enjoy some time outside this weekend. Bottles and cigarette butts decorate my front yard and random trash was thrown over the back fence. I feel like just throwing it back over the fence, but I just can’t make myself litter!
    Rave: I had a very bad head cold on Thursday and it’s in the last stages now.

  • Aglets

    Rave: DC police. Witnessed some kids on petty crime spress (phone and purse snatching) saturday night and the police were amazing. Also technology. If you don’t have ‘find my iphone’ enabled on your devices you really need to.
    rant: I think i’m being catfished.

    • Catfished, you say? Please, tell us more!

      • Aglets

        Way too good looking for me guy messaged me. and then the talk got a little racy a little fast. he’s just way out of my league. I showed his photo to a friend & she said ‘well…maybe you are getting catfished’.

        • First, no one is out of your league.
          Second, the chat feature on OkCupid is one of the most amusing things I’ve ever done. A friend and I logged on to her account and every guy who said something lewd got an overwhelmingly inappropriate response.

          • Aglets

            Um. Yeah. This guy is. I am not being self effacing when I say I am a troll and he is a movie star.
            I would not mind making out with that face for a few hours.

            He keeps using OKC as a messaging thing and i hate it b/c when you log in, all of a sudden you get 5 other gross dudes messaging you and when you don’t answer some of them get super aggressive. I’ve just started blocking people instantly.
            I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a young, attractive woman on that site if that’s the kind of attention an old, ugly woman receives.

          • What happens if you tell the aggressive creep that you’re totally DTF, and he should meet you at Town at midnight, and you’ll be the one in the tight white pants?

          • I turned off the OKC messaging thing shortly after I started using it for that reason. It was just so annoying…

          • Aglets, you could do a google image search to see if his photo was stolen. (I have watched too many episodes of MTV’s Catfish.)

        • Don’t sell yourself short! Go meet the guy if you’re interested. 🙂

        • I’m so old. What is catfishing?

          • Aglets

            it’s when someone uses fake photos and pretends to be someone/something they’re not.
            Why? I’m still not sure. Probably because they have too much time and too little esteem?

          • Sometimes catfishing is to “hook”/catch a current partner who’s cheating. But I think Aglets is currently single.

  • Rant: Dress codes. And actually, could use advice for 2 different events. One is Black Tie Optional school formal, to include networking with corporate guests, speakers, and dancing. Was told by someone loosely connected to the planning committee that it’ll likely be more of a mix – people in business formal there to network, girls in skanky cocktail there to party. I don’t do skank, but should I ditch my floor-length jersey column gown for a black formal cocktail dress, and should i have my date wear a tux? The website clearly says Black Tie Optional…
    Event 2: A morning wedding in March. No dress code listed. What is appropriate, a little dress that’s the winter equivalent of a sundress?
    Rave: Spent the weekend pulling together boy’s valentines day gift. Mint-infused whiskey, simple syrup, and a poker set for a guy’s night in. Related rave: Friends who take on these fun projects with me 🙂
    Rave: Boy is very interested in taking a trip home with me (even though I need to take it to pack up my house – my mom might be selling). At least I get to show him where I grew up!

    • skj84

      In regards to your first event I would just go with the column gown. If It’s Black Tie Optional It’s appropriate. Do you know what type of venue the second event will be held at? I think the venue could dictate the outfit.

      • I’d do that dress for the first one, but the guy should probably do a dark suit instead of his tux. The dress sounds simple enough that it wouldn’t be too much.

        The second is hard. I’m thinking a wrap dress in navy or emerald? Or a sweater dress with a pretty necklace?

    • Re: the school formal, I’m with skj84 in thinking that the column gown is the way to go. In my opinion, it’s always better to be too formal than too informal, and if there are networking opportunities, it’s especially good to put your best foot forward.
      Re: the wedding, it sounds as if pretty much anything goes! “The winter equivalent of a sundress” sounds great — maybe something with sleeves? What type of venue(s) are being used and is the party a brunch or will it take place that evening?

    • Quotia Zelda

      To me, a morning wedding is the perfect occasion for a smart little suit in a pretty color. Think church suit rather than work suit. Or a pretty day dress, perhaps a little more frivolous than something you might wear to work. Since it’s spring and morning, I would suggest not black.
      (Full disclosure: I’m old fashioned and disapprove of black at weddings)

    • The wedding will be in Philly at an event space that seems open, bright, with old pictures on the walls. Built 100 years ago, seems to be a community space/church. Wedding will not be in the church. My boyfriend thinks it’ll be pretty informal, but you know guys!

    • I went to a morning wedding last April at a country club and the dress code seemed to be all over the place. Even within the wedding party– the bridesmaids wore sundresses and the groomsmen wore tuxes with tails. I wore a long sleeved, multicolored silk tunic dress (about knee length) and nude wedges.

  • Rave: O.M.F.G. that was some second date this weekend.

  • Realization: I really need to buy a slip to wear under one of my unlined dresses. Major tight/dress static issues meant a change of clothing this morning.
    Rave: I got so much done on the home front this weekend: grocery shopped, made stock, baked a casserole, prepped dinner for tonight, and cleaned the house. It had to be done.
    Rant: It is Monday, and I feel like I could use another day of rest. So tired.
    Rave: It smelled like spring this morning. Just have to hold on for 6-8 more weeks.

  • Rave: Sat in with The Nighthwaks last night! It’s not this time I’ve done that, but it’s always a thrill to be called up to play with one of the world’s greatest Blues bands. I had a great time, saw some old friends, made some new ones and got a free cd! Plus, it was an early show, so I got home by around 8:30. I had actually planned to stay home and watch tv. Glad I decided to go out instead.

  • Rave: had an awesome Saturday filled with Irish film/mixed media (Solas Nua at the Goethe Institut) after a lovely afternoon walk through the National Arboretum.
    Rave: I spotted a bald eagle! It’s the first time I’ve seen a bald eagle in DC!
    Rave: after a rough week at work, I went shooting (photos, not guns) around the Jefferson Memorial and I love my new lens (Samyang 14mm f2.8), especially when I found out that the stars were all up in my pics, despite the city’s light pollution.

  • emvee

    Rave: Yesterday was a beautiful, albeit frigid, day for a hike in Harpers Ferry. The sunshine and warmth didn’t quite make it out there.
    Rant: Related cold-like symptoms from hiking in the cold without a hat/scarf. Pablo, neti pot, I know!

  • Rave: awesome weekend in NYC with my bocce team. So good to see my roommate who moved up there and road trip with the boys. I’m barely functioning today, but it was worth it.
    Rave: a good friend of mine from college is in town tonight and we’re checking out a new dance venue. It’ll be so great to see her and she does my dishes when she visits.
    Rant: my over sharing coworker who I’m not friends with just told me all about running in to her ex while booking her wedding venue, complete with background info on their bizarre and short lived relationship. This wasn’t even in the context of conversation, she came over to my desk to tell me this story. It took everything I had not to yell “we’re not friends” when she told me about finding a sex tape on his phone. TMI!
    Sleep No More: I went with four other people and we all had really different experiences. I really liked it and I took the follow the actors path. I even ended up catching one of them when she “fainted.” But the thing I had a hard time with is putting the whole story together when you can only be in one place at one time. Who you follow determines what part of the story you see, even though they do come together a few times. My friends were talking about rooms I didn’t even know existed because we got split up and followed different characters. I also would have liked to look around the set a lot more, but I felt like I was going to miss out if I didn’t stay with the characters.
    I really liked the bar and the band and I wanted to stick around after, but we went to the late show and my friends were done.

  • Rave: Dog walking! Gary’s on the leash now and is making friends with the whole neighborhood. I -love- people’s reactions to him. People who ordinarily wouldn’t ever make eye contact or even look in my direction are falling over themselves to say hi to Gary. It’s wonderful to have a reason to meet so many neighbors!
    Rave: The weather this weekend. The quality of the mid-day light felt just like springtime light.
    Rant: Still feeling a bit angsty about the Big Family Decision even though logic tells me I should be excited and open to change. Why am I angsty when opportunity abounds?

    • epric002

      puppies on leashes are irresistible 🙂 we handed tiny foster puppy over to his new foster parents on saturday and during the ~25ft walk to their front door no less than 3 people stopped to fawn over him 😀 i bet gary is adorable hopping about on his leash!

      • He totally hops. We think it’s the funniest thing ever.

        • The puppy bounce! Aw, I remember that. When mine was a baby, some people actually stopped their cars and yelled “cute dog!” or (my favorite) “your dog is awesome!” I don’t miss walking her 10 times a day and single-handedly supporting the paper towel industry though…

    • I bet Gary is the perfect icebreaker! That’s great that he’s helping you meet all the neighbors. 🙂
      If you’re still feeling angsty, maybe that means your gut wants to stay put? Just because change is a possibility doesn’t always mean it’s the right decision.

      • My gut definitely does want to stay put, but it wants to stay put in (some kind of falsely idealized version of) the present. I really believe that it’s important to be open to change, even if that change seems to be scary — maybe even especially because it seems scary — because that’s when really big and positive things can happen. I think my gut may be acting like kind of bastard here, telling me change is bad when it could actually be really good. It has done that before, and I wish I had stood up to it and said I should be open to change even if it’s scary. That’s the power move, right?

        • Becks

          Every big decision I have made (like moving to China, Coming back to the US, Applying to a certain job) has caused my stomach to turn upside down. I panicked. However, now when my stomach turns upside down, I take it as a sign it is what I should be doing since each nerve-wracking, upside-down, stomach churning moment turned out better than I could have ever hoped!

          • Same here! Before I moved to Brazil, where I lived for two years, I had daily panic attacks and freaked out so badly when we were taxi-ing the plane that they almost turned the plane around. I can’t say those two years were easy, but my life is so much better for the experience. I’m glad I didn’t let my bastard gut hold me back!

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m the same way with big decisions. I always think I made the wrong choice and my life will be over. But as it turns out, the 2 times I made big life altering choices that were bad (moving across country), I was able to reverse them, and I learned from those bad choices. All the other big choices there were good, still had stomach in knots. Big decisions cause stress either way.

        • Sounds like you’re contemplating leaving a place you love for a place you may love as much/or more – but that’s still a big unknown.
          One strategy I’ve used is to “try on” a decision. So decide you’re going to say yes to the change (or to stay). And see what your immediate reaction is, then how you feel about it tomorrow, and the next day (just remember you’ve decided!)
          After 2-3 days, try out the other decision. See what your immediate reaction is, how you feel about it the next day, etc
          Similar to the coin flipping that Andie suggested – here you sit with the “decision” for a few days to get more used to the idea. It may help to put some of your reactions in writing at different points while you try on the decisions.
          It seems that either decision would be a good one – and whatever decision you all make will be the right one.

          • I love this approach and think I need to spend a few days “trying on” the idea of the new city in a more serious way than I have so far. I keep “trying on” staying in DC and even though I prefer it for a lot of reasons, it also feels like I’m digging in my heels out of fear more than anything else. I should be looking at ways to get excited about the other city, too, and it really shouldn’t be as hard as I’m making it. The city is pretty amazing, all considered.

          • I have used the coin-flipping thing for decisions, and like it. But I will say that moving after a certain age is a different thing entirely. There is something to be said for developing roots and staying somewhere you like being, however amazing the new city would be. I don’t know your situation, but I will say that when I moved, 4 times between 18 and 33, it was always because I chose to, wanted to, no gut issues, I was totally on board to move already! The last move, in my 40s, for a job I needed, and couldn’t turn down, a really good offer which brought me here (where I didn’t particularly want to be, I didn’t want to move particularly, but it was a city I thought would be an acceptable place to live where I could be happy) but I was in a more amazing city, where I had more connections than I even realized after many, many years there. And what I have found is that you can’t really find instant home again when you are older – it takes more time, much more time. I think there is something to be said for staying put when your gut tells you to. I had no gut keeping me back, I needed the job, but I made the decision solely for practical, financial reasons. And there is more to life than job, career track, finances, if you can afford to stay where you like living. But if I had to do it again, despite their relocating me, with the typical generous relocation package, I’d have kept my home where it was, and worked here during the week only, until I decided that the place and the job were a good new home for me. I realized the job wasn’t in the first few weeks (despite great pay and fewer hours, there’s a cultural thing about workplaces), and years later, this city still doesn’t feel like home to me. And it isn’t because the place I left was my home when I was young – I moved there as an adult, because I wanted to. There’s a cultural thing about cities, too, and my job was a DC job, part of that – perhaps DC works for you culturally (which I find a very gov-led town) in precisely the way it doesn’t for me.

          • dcres, you’re getting right to the heart of the matter. I think the main challenge is that I’m right on the cusp of that “certain age” you refer to. I’m definitely freaked out that I wouldn’t have some the the social “infrastructure” I’ve had in place in previous moves, where I’ve known people from grad school classes, for example, but also not sure how much I should let that fear get in the way of the benefits the move could provide. I completely agree that it gets harder to set down roots with age. I’ve been here six years, and although I don’t think I’m very “DC,” I’ve definitely found my place here and that wasn’t easy. I’m not thrilled about having to do that again. But it’s only one component of the decision and maybe I should be open to the possibility that I could be more (other city) than DC.

          • Moving doesn’t have to be permanent. Can you do it for a year or two? You may decide to stay longer, or move back to DC, or move somewhere else entirely.

          • AE, this move could be (and likely will be) temporary. And they would also boost our household income by a very substantial amount. Lots of reasons for the scales to tip toward doing it.

          • If it is temporary, then you have the best of both worlds! You get to explore a new place, and then leave, maybe to return here? If you own, then keep your home here, as if prices continue to rise a lot, you may have a harder time getting back into owning something comparable again soon. That will certainly the case for me, if I end up getting a job in my old city an moving back.

          • I -hope- it’s the best of both worlds. I have a million fears about this, but logic is leaning toward the move, in any case.

          • Your fears are logical, too. Because you will miss those friends the most in the first year or two, before you start to have firm connections in the new place. So by being temporary, you get the bad (the initial loneliness without your friends around) of a temporary move, along with the good (you can explore a new place without being stuck there forever.)

          • dcres, that’s it exactly. And these two years are big ones. One of my best friends just had a baby and another two are pregnant. I don’t want to miss all of that time with the little ones, or with their mamas right when they need the support! Actually, that is probably the hardest part for me. Leaving my friends here just isn’t something I want to do. I’m trying to get used to the idea of FaceTime and Skype helping with that. And I’m also trying to argue that if we move, I’ll need to visit DC at least four times a year 🙂

    • Aglets

      OMG is gary a tiny corgi puppy? i met him sunday!

    • I hope I run into you walking Gary around Shaw soon!! Its been about 15 years since our doxie was a puppy but that was definitely the most fun time. He has dementia now and can’t got for walks anymore (major sadface) but up until a few years ago, he was still hopping around when we would go out.

      • We’ll be out and about every weekend when the weather cooperates 🙂 We love new human and dog friends, especially when they love dachshunds 🙂

    • Non-sequitur: I want a pair of age-inappropriate, decade-inappropriate, profession-inappropriate, worn-in leather combat boots. And I want them badly.

  • rave: dedicating myself to bringing lunch every day this week. Tough when shake shack is a block away. Easier when I am stocked up on my basics from Hmart.
    rant: there must have been some wonky pressure front over the weekend that gave me constant headaches.
    rave: leftover ibuprofen tablets from my shingles stint that saved the day after I ran out of my regulars.

    • Thank god I wasn’t the only one dealing with headaches this weekend – I didn’t know if I was hungover (although seemed unlikely), dealing with computer screen/tv screen issues, or what. Thanks for solving the mystery, yoyotan!

      • hammers

        I also had them, I woke up in the middle of the night witht them

        • Me too, with the headaches all weekend. I was blaming it on my new glasses, which are a quarter point weaker than the old ones. But if I blame it on the atmosphere, I won’t feel so resentful about the new prescription!

      • Massive migraine yesterday. Took my meds and tried to take a nap and even when I fell asleep I dreamed I had a migraine. I was not a happy camper.

  • Rant: The Audi A6 LED headlamps. Stopped at traffic light in the dark facing that beast and they will burn your eyes. Ouch!

  • Rave: Flyers win!!!
    Rant: I wasn’t at the game because…
    Rave: I’m in Park City!
    Rant: It’s been around 50 degrees every day here
    Rave: Conditions aren’t bad considering how warm it is
    Rant: Flying home tonight

  • epric002

    rave: rocket yoga on sunday.
    rant: soooooo sore. especially in the middle of my upper back.
    rave: sunday’s weather. took the dogs to rock creek and wore them out.
    rant: was almost run over in 2 different crosswalks this weekend (though both are on kansas ave). the first time i had to yank the puppy back so he didn’t get hit. this idiot didn’t even look up. i was in the middle of the crosswalk and he was playing with his GPS and didn’t even see/hear me less than foot from his window screaming at him as failed to stop at the stop sign and just plowed on through. a nice woman saw the whole thing and came up and asked me if i was ok. the second time i was walking back from yoga and was again in the middle of crosswalk and the guy blew through. he did at least stop and apologize- first time that’s ever happened!
    rave: dinner at tico again last night. that place is fabulous.

  • Rant – Lingering sore throat for days. I just want it to stop hurting.
    Rave – The weather and the sunsets this weekend were amazing.

  • skj84

    Rave: The weekends weather. First that amazing sunset on Saturday. I got a few pictures on my phone, but It didn’t capture the majesty of the sky. Yesterday I was able to go for a walk without a coat or gloves. I spent some time on the couch with my screen door open. I need spring to come asap.

    Rave: Saw one of my favorite local bands on Saturday. Plus I was close to home. I need to explore Bethesda more often. It’s my hood after all.

  • Rant: Boyfriend of two years is going out of town for Valentine’s Day weekend on a ski trip with the boys. I was very annoyed when he told me he was going but didn’t realize that valentine’s day would fall on the same weekend as president’s day weekend.

    Rave: Unexpected visit from old friends out of town. Was a lot of fun to catch up and they’d like to come back into town this weekend!

    • Is he at least going to make it up to you?

      • Yes, we are doing something on Thursday. But still…

        • epric002

          did he know that doing something on valentine’s day was this important to you before he booked the trip? separately- you were annoyed simply b/c he booked a skiing trip with the boys, the date not withstanding? that’s what it sounds like, but wanted to clarify.

          • We had a pretty low key valentine’s last year, he cooked a really nice dinner and I made him a cake. We also exchanged cards, mine was handmade! We didn’t go

            I don’t care about the skiing trip, we both take separate vacations with our friends. I just wish he had asked if I would be okay with him going on valentine’s day instead of just telling me he was going. It didn’t feel great. And yea he said he didn’t realize, but i still felt kinda bad.

    • Don’t let fake Hallmark Holidays set your emotional agenda. Valentines Day is a fraud!

      That being said, if he’s going to “make it up to you” a Thursday night date does not hack it. Demand a weekend in new York (or a staycation at the Ritz)!

      • “Don’t let fake Hallmark Holidays set your emotional agenda.”
        Totally 100% correct. It is very important to treat your loved one to a special occasion now and again, but there’s absolutely no reason it ought to happen on February 14th.

        • Agreed. If you must celebrate something on February 14th, make it GALentines Day. Whatever you and your friends like to do that your boyfriend doesn’t like, do that, and revel in it.

      • Agreed. I’m a lady and I have never understood Valentine’s Day. It just seems like another reason for single people to feel bad about themselves and people in couples to feel bad if it didn’t live up to their expectations. I’ve been with my SO going on five years and we’ve never made a big deal of it. It’s a good excuse to buy a nice bottle of wine and cook a nice dinner, but that’s about it. If we didn’t do anything, I wouldn’t care. Frankly, I forgot it was even happening this week until I read this post!

        • Totally agree. We usually use it as an excuse to do something fun we’ve been meaning to do and spend time together (which this year means checking out some DC breweries and trying to make seafood chowder…or having too much fun at the breweries and ordering a pizza). I’m pretty adamant about not wanting to go out to dinner that day, that’s really my only strong preference.

    • Ally

      I think I’d feel bad too. Note “break up with him” bad, but “boy he sure needs to make this one up to me” bad. Valentine’s Day is important to most people in a relationship. I wouldn’t expect him to cancel his trip, but a grand gesture here would go a long way (sending flowers on the day itself, offering to plan a 2nd date of your choice when he gets back, etc). I’ve found with mine that he’s as nice and giving as can be, but can tend to be a tad clueless unless I’m very clear about what I expect from him and when I’m upset. So, might be worth having a kind talk with him about how you’re feeling and see if you guys can find some middle ground (even if it’s not doing something on the day itself).

    • is valentines day a day most people care about?

      • I love Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend and I do $10 (or less) presents for Christmas and go all out for Valentine’s instead.

      • epric002

        i don’t. have never been in a relationship where it was a big deal. sometimes i’d go out to dinner w/whomever i was dating at the time, sometimes we did little things, sometimes nothing. husband and i do nothing (zilch, nada) for vd now, which is how we both prefer it.

      • Ally

        I think if both parties don’t care about it, that’s just fine and makes total sense. It’s an issue, though, when one person does, the other person less so, and then you hit issues. My Dad grew up in a family where they didn’t celebrate birthdays and didn’t do birthday cakes (they didn’t have much money). When he and my mother married, he didn’t know to get her a birthday cake. Which prompted her to cry because it was the first year she’s never had a birthday cake. Sometimes small things can mean a lot, depending on how you were raised. Anywho… hope these guys are able to sort it out.

  • Rant: students got an average score of 27% on this county wide test
    Rant: I shouldn’t have to care because the test is so terribly written that it can’t be a valid measure of mastery of the standards
    Rant: I’m still going to have to answer for it at this data meeting Wednesday

  • jim_ed

    Rave: The pleasant Sunday weather. It seemed like all of Petworth was outside enjoying it – washing their car, pushing a stroller, walking their dogs, etc. Perhaps it was just the unseasonably warm weather causing it, but everyone seemed especially friendly yesterday as well.
    Rave: House on our block for sale seems like it will actually sell for over $700k, which is absurd, but that equity is going to put my kid through college.
    Rant: The Walking Dead last night. Not cool, you guys.

    • SFT

      Walking Dead breaks my heart every week! When will Glen just get his beach vacation…that’s all the poor kid wants. Just a day at the beach. I would watch that episode!

    • Re: your last rant-seriously. The hits just keep on coming, especially for some characters. 🙁

    • Becks

      Arrgghhhh! I knew there was something I didn’t want to miss on TV last night! Blast it!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: really do not trust the results in required database. I keep narrowing my search but getting larger results. wtf
    Rave: new person starts work today!

  • Cinnamonster

    Rave: WALKING EVERYWHERE THIS WEEKEND! Alllllll the vitamin D! Well, as much as you can get with winter sun, anyway! Gosh, the weather was lovely.

    Rave: Walking everywhere has really made me fall for this city. I felt like a stranger for months, but now it’s really home.

    Rant(ish): Okay, feeling the burn in my calves a little bit this morning. 😉

    • Pablo Raw

      Funny, all I can think while I’m here is to get as much Vitamin D as I can to store it for the rest of the winter when I get back. Fortunately, I’m getting a lot! My skin color is already different after just a couple of days. Like my old aztec ancestors, I worship The Sun. No worries though, I won’t sacrifice anybody.

      • Cinnamonster

        That sounds absolutely GLORIOUS. Soak it up! Are you getting lots of relaxin’ time, too?

        • Pablo Raw

          By glorious you mean the aztec sacrifice part? Assuming you mean the vacation part, yes it is. I’m taking things easy, mostly spending time with my mother. I sometimes bring groups of friends with me which means lots of tourism. This time I’m by myself so less tourism and more relaxin’ :).

          • Cinnamonster

            Of course I mean the sacrifice – I’m tremendously bloodthirsty. 😉 Nah, but I’m so glad relaxin’ is happenin’! Anything else you’re particularly looking forward to while you’re on vacation?

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I am a bundle of anxiety right now.
    Rant: And I forgot to get my Xanax prescription renewed at my doctor’s appointment this morning.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Went to my first caps game ever this weekend, although they lost…game was still fun and there was three fights.
    Not Sure: I got up out of my seat and was yelling ‘kill him’ during the fights (jokingly)
    Rave: 3v3 basketball starts up today
    Rant: Very busy week and just realized this weekend is V-day so that will probably not be a good time for a first date 🙂

  • Anyone have any Turkey recommendations?
    I’m thinking of going to Istanbul, Goreme/Urgup, and Izmir/Ephesus for a total of 9 days.

    • I just booked Istanbul and Cappadocia before a boat cruise this summer. Also looking for recs! Yay, Turkey!

    • Pablo Raw

      There are a lot of places near Goreme, you can hire a taxi and they’ll take you around. While in Goreme, get up before sunset and go to the top of the main hill there to see the big balloons taking off! Istanbul, don’t forget the Basilica Cistern. Also, when you go to Hagia Sofia, check that your camera is not set to jpg, lowest quality photos. It happened to a friend.

    • I went about 7-8 years ago and loved it. I am so jealous.
      The Cappacocia area was amazing. I can’t remember exactly where we stayed, but we stayed in a cave hotel and loved it. I am terrified of heights, but did a balloon ride – it was the highlight of the trip. Seeing the geologic formations from above really showed how they were formed. We were lucky to have gone in low travel season, so most of our tours were just me and my friend. We really could not have asked for a better experience. And in most restaurants, we just asked for recommendations on what to eat and had the best dinners and lunches for really inexpensive.

      I thought that Ephesus was overrated. The Library was really gorgeous, but the rest just was blah. Definitely don’t stay too long. Ephesus itself is overrun with cruise ship passengers and the city we stayed in was just We stayed in Kusadasi, which is just a plan city – it has a market, but not much else. We were there 2.5 days and ended up spending one of the days on the Greek Island across the way (Samos, maybe).

    • I loved Turkey! Lived there for about 9 months, so I guess I’m somewhere in between a tourist and well, no, still a tourist. I studied at Bogazici University in Istanbul, which is in the North of the city, but offers some amazing views. The campus is beautiful, as is the walk down to Bebek (neigbhorhood on the water, a very ritzy neighborhood but great for people watching). Rumeli Hisari, the garrison structure, is only 3TL to enter and can be really fun to play around in for a bit. You can also take a day boat ride up to Anadolu Kavagi for some exploring/seafood/beautiful views.

      Cappadocia is great, too. Hot air ballooning seems super touristy but you should still do it (if you haven’t).

      Further South, I’d also recommend Bodrum. The town (and some of the outlying towns/villas) is beautiful. You can also take a day trip on the catamaran to Kos, or a blue cruise. All options are pretty great. I also liked Ephesus, but would only recommend spending a day there, tops.

      Also, food. Istanbuleats.com should be your guide for all things.

    • Turkey is beautiful and a lovely vacation spot! Istanbul is a definite highlight, as is Cappadocia. If you’re planning to hit Ephesus (amazing!), I wouldn’t waste my time going to Troy (just plain dirt, not exciting). I’ve heard that Gallipolli is interesting, but did not visit myself.

      I”d recommend a stop along the southern coast at Kas (pronounced “Cash”) or Antalya (or both!), though that is a bit out of your way. If you do head down south, you can stop at Pamukkale, which is otherworldly–travertine terraces and hot springs.

    • Wow, thanks, folks!

    • Have fun, Turkey was awesome! We did a few days in Istanbul, then took a bus to Goreme and stayed in a cave hotel for a couple of days. While in Istanbul we booked a 2-day tour of Cappadocia which we liked (hikes, pit stops at rock formations, the underground city, and Goreme open air museum). Then we took a bus to Olimpos and caught a Blue Cruise that ended in Fethiye. Olimpos wasn’t really worth it, but the cruise was awesome. Of the places we stopped I’d definitely go back to Kas, it was beautiful. From Fethiye it was another bus back to Istanbul and then a flight home.
      Highly highly recommend Cappadocia, it’s unlike anything else you’ll ever see. We stayed at Kelebek Hotel, in their “hostel” option inside a fairy chimney. The “hostel” bit just meant that we technically had to share a bathroom, but I didn’t see anyone else in there. It was a really lovely hotel, and staying in a fairy chimney was pretty neat. I also loved the Blue Cruise, but be sure that you know what you’re getting. Every boat is different, some being more luxurious than others. Ours was a nice, but small, boat, and most of us opted to sleep on deck instead of our cabins so it was a little like camping. It was basically a family operation, the father was the captain, his wife the cook, and his son and girlfriend the crew. Incredibly nice, laid-back, delicious food, and an all-around great way to relax after running around the country for a week.

      • Oops, also forgot: if you want an experience, check out a Turkish bath. Prices are all over the place, we went somewhere in Istanbul recommended by our hostel that was on the less expensive side. Just know what to expect, because we didn’t…

        • Ha! Thanks. I saw Anthony Bourdain get one and I will likely pass.

          • Don’t pass, it’s awesome. I went a hamam way off the beaten path on the Asian side, and thought it was really great. Also, if you’re a man, hit a barber shop and get a shave. Both experiences were out of my normal comfort-zone, but they both were really worth doing.

          • +1 on the shave. Didn’t do it in Turkey, but did it in a couple arab countries. Definitely worth doing.

  • Rant: Couldn’t get on PoPville this morning.
    Rave: Turned out there was nothing wrong with PoPville, just with my bookmark (which was still princeofpetworth dot com).
    Rant: Kittycat knocked my (fairly heavy) charging station off the nighttable this morning…
    Rant: … breaking the handle of the cute Hello Kitty lunchbox I keep her treats in.
    Rave: I think I can repair the handle with electrical tape.
    Rant: The handle is pink. My electrical tape is black.
    Query: Jeslett, you don’t happen to have any pink electrical tape, do you? (I recall you are a fan of pink.)

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I’m here, my belly is full all the time.
    Rave: Stars and volcanoes photos, I did the first one last night. More tonight.
    Rave: Going to a paradisiac island tomorrow. More volcanoes, more stars.
    Rantish: 5.2 earthquake the day after I arrived. Not really a big deal here.
    Rant: Not able to escape to another country as I wanted. Oh well.
    Rant: Family drama hitting the fan. I’m not the Messiah.
    Rave: not missing DC weather, not even the “warm” winter weather.
    Rant: Mosquitoes.

    • Great star shots, Pablo!

    • I was wondering how your trip was going – sorry the escape plan didn’t work. Hope you find other ways to escape family drama. Enjoy the good food and photo opportunities, and time with the non-dramatic parts of your family!

  • Forgotten rave: Gin and Gardening meetup last night. Thanks for organizing, MPinDC!

  • Rave: Ruff & Ready – first visit to their new(ish) location. I went looking for a bookcase but came back with 6 chairs, two lamps and a few other small things.
    Rave: Managed to fit 6 chairs into my car
    Rave: Gin & Gardening – seed swapping and sharing ideas! Excited to grow trombetta squash (tastes like artichoke).
    And: I made a Gin and Gardening google group (apparently google doesn’t like ampersands).

    • Rant – Totally forgot about Gin and Gardening! How can I get on the Google Group so I don’t forget about future meet ups?

      • Pixie I hope you can simply join the group – that was my intention in setting up the group. Please let me know if this isn’t the case.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I forgot about Gin and Gardening 🙁 Some how Sunday didn’t seem like the right day. Glad it was a good time!

    • laduvet

      love ruff n ready!

    • MPinDC, I love the “Went to store for X and came home with A, B, C, and D.” 🙂

      • I didn’t intend to get ANY chairs! But when I ask “what’s your best price?” and they end up being less than $20/each (half of listed price)…that’s how I ended up with 6 chairs! 4 have wood slat seats, 2 have wood slat backs – different styles but they’ll work, especially since they’re destined for the farm. Although, I might end up keeping the two with slat backs…
        If you go to Ruff and Ready, don’t hesitate to bargain 🙂

        • And always have a lot of cash, they’ll take at least 20% off for cash payment.
          I scored the most hilarious hand cross stitched map of DC with memorials and a panda on it, among other awesome things. It’s such a great place.

  • Rave: Invited to a co-workers birthday party as a friend, along with an assortment of random, interesting people.
    Rant: … Can’t go. I have class. [Story of my life. UGH.]
    Rave: One of my best friends got matched for residency this morning! She got her top choice! So happy for her!
    Rant: … it’s not in DC! (She interviewed here, but it wasn’t close to the top of her list.)
    Rave: Long weekend next weekend. Hoping to both get homework done and have some fun social events to go to. I need to make more good friends in the city, rather than dating, which I just don’t feel like right now.

  • palisades

    Rave: Made some amazing chicken tikka masala last night. I don’t care if it’s not authentic, it is delicious.

  • Rant: A resident of my apartment said to my dog, as she pet him this morning, “Too bad you don’t have a cuter name, [my dogs’ name said slowly and deliberately].”
    Rave: I love my dog and the name I have him.
    Neither rant nor rave, just odd: Saw a ferret being walked on a leash yesterday.

    • I saw a ferret on a leash once in Adams Morgan! Ferret didn’t look too happy though, he was sticking close to the walls along the sidewalk.
      Ferrets seem pretty fun – judging by youtube videos, they’re like elasticized cats on crack. I’ve always wanted to play with one, haha.

      • epric002

        my brothers had rescue ferrets when they were in middle school- those things were terrors. they lived in a cage in my brothers’ room and were so smart that they’d put their butts up to the side of the cage so they could poop outside of their living space. when we would let them out to play with them/give them exercise you had to tuck your pant legs in to your socks otherwise they would run up your pant legs and attack your legs. maybe if they’re properly socialized they can be good pets, but these things were awful!

      • Ferrets ARE fun, with two caveats: They are nocturnal, and they must be neutered.
        I don’t know why more people don’t neuter their ferrets… probably because they buy them at PetSmart and think of them as cage pets like gerbils, rather than “real” pets that require vet care and whatnot. But an intact ferret STINKS.

      • This was likely the same ferret. Lol @ elasticized cats on crack. My dog was quite interested in it.

    • I used to have pet ferrets and walked them on leashes….

    • This makes me so angry. What an a–hole.

    • Ugh. That’s so passive-aggressive of your neighbor. She needs to keep her interior monologue to herself!

      • Thanks textdoc and Shawess. I didn’t say anything in response but now I’m thinking of all sorts of witty retorts. But what’s the point? I can’t transform her into a non a-hole.

        • I think you’re right to say nothing — don’t let this person make you an a–hole too. Just know deep down that this person should never have said that, and is probably a bit unhinged for even thinking that. I mean, really what’s the point of second-guessing the decisions your neighbors make about their pets?? I mean, I’m not a fan of my -nieces- names and I’d never say that to their parents.

        • I would be a tiny bit tempted to do the convey-message-to-human-while-supposedly-talking-to-dog thing in return: “Ohhh, [dog’s name], too bad some of our neighbors aren’t more polite.”
          But yeah, as Shawess says — don’t stoop to that person’s level.

  • Question: Any suggestions for a good therapist/psychiatrist? Ideally one who takes Aetna. (Do they usually take insurance?) Think it’s time to talk to someone and maybe go back on antidepressants. Looking around on Zocdoc but recommendations might be good too.
    Rant: feel silly and anxious for needing this. and for feeling silly and anxious about it. I talked to someone once when i was younger and she wasn’t super helpful (depression runs in my family so generally just the meds have helped even me out, but I went off them since I was doing really well a year or two ago) so it’s just kind of intimidating.

    • I’ve been looking for a therapist as well, but who takes the federal employee BCBS plan. I’ll let you know if I hear of anyone who might take you as well. (Thought I found someone but it was a false alarm.) Good luck!

    • In the interim, your regular doctor can prescribe antidepressants for you — something to look into.

      • Yeah, that’s what I did in the past for meds – I should probably just do that. I thought it might be helpful to talk to someone as well but doesn’t seem like there’s many who take insurance (or at least mine) and I can’t really afford it otherwise. I’m way overdue for an annual checkup anyway so I should probably just find a GP and do that.

        • Have you tried calling your insurance and getting a list of therapists they work with? My problem is that I need someone with weekend hours, which is basically impossible to find, apparently.

          • Pablo Raw

            That was a big problem for me (the time), also my therapy was not helping me much so it was kind of easy to just decide to stop going.
            Apparently there is some kind of therapy in which the therapist give you some tasks or homework let’s say that helps you overcome your issues; that I would like to try at some point.
            If anybody knows a therapist with experience in treating obsession with the Neti Pot and Aztec sacrifices, please let me know.

          • Whoops! Sorry, didn’t see emvee’s post below!

    • emvee

      If you call your insurance and get a list of providers in your area, Psychology Today has a resource where you can look up providers and get a photo plus a little blurb about them, if that would be remotely helpful for you.

      • That’s good to know, thank you!

        • Your insurance’s website should probably also have a “Find A Doctor” search function that lets you narrow down to therapists/psychiatrists in your area that they cover. Might be a good option if you’re phone-averse like I am.

          • Haha yeees that’s one of my biggest issues, I’m pretty phone adverse. I get so stressed out just calling to make a hair appointment or doctor appointment, it’s crazy… So that’s good to know. 🙂

    • Dr. Pamela Finder is a good therapist and she takes insurance.

    • I really like my new therapist Diane Kern. You’d have to get out of network approval, though, but she will help you submit her invoices for reimbursement. All the therapists who were recommended me no longer directly take insurance so the process is a challenge at a time when you need it to just be easy. I hope you find someone to work with!


  • Rave: Yesterday’s perfect weather coincided nicely with my weekly long run. It is so much easier to increase mileage when my lungs aren’t struggling with the cold.
    Rant: Wonky hip acting up this morning after the long run.
    Rave: Best friend just moved from the west coast to NYC. I’m looking forward to seeing her more often and hearing about her big city adventures.
    Rant/Rave: Figuring out if I want to go to the highest ranked law school possible or the school that gave me the biggest scholarship. It’s stressful but I’m grateful to have choices.

    • When I was choosing law schools, I choose price point over where I REALLY wanted to go, but they were fairly evenly ranked. For me, it has been a good decision because I was able to pay off my loans and most of my friends haven’t. Some things to think about: (1) What part of the country do you want to live in when you finish? Some schools are really highly ranked, but it may be hard to get a job outside of the region where the school is located. Other schools are lower ranked, but within the region, it is actually easier to get a job from good State U than from amazing Ivy U. (2) What kind of law do you want to practice when you finish? If you want to go into X practice area, does one school have a better rep for that practice area over the other (regardless of the overall ranking). Does one school have more classes in that area? If you don’t know what kind of law, does one school offer more of a general education than the other? (3) What kind of firm/agency/non-profit work do you want to do? If you want to do public interest or are undecided, at least factor in how much you’ll need in loans. I have SO many friends mired in debt right now. Does one of the schools offer public interest loan repayment? (4) Other – do you have a support system in one place vs. the other and does that matter. Do you love one place and hate the other (and does that matter). Are there other things that are important to you?

      I wouldn’t make the decision solely on the money. There are a lot of intangibles here. I know I had a hard time getting out of the state where I went to school even though my law school at the time was very highly ranked. But I did because I was persistent. If you go to a school that has fewer job prospects and can’t find a job on the other side vs. a highly ranked school and do get a job, then the ability to pay back loans will obviously be affected. Good luck. I’m sure you’ll make the right choice.

      • Re: A lawyer who was in your shoes: This is all really good advice, especially the part about sussing out what kind of job prospects and support you will have. I know so many JDs who are having a tough time finding a job. The job market was so tight after her graduation that my sister did document review for about four years before she got the job she has now. (Miserable job, but the pay was amazing.) And the part about shooting for where you want to live afterwards is on point as well. My sister transferred after her first year because her school was in Chicago and most of the job prospects would be there.

        • I’d love to hear more about how your sister got off the farm. I’m about 1.5 years into it, and I’ve been pretty lucky on pay, but I need stability.

          • My condolences, I know that is a tough gig. She had done an internship at the Patent and Trademark Office during law school. Between that and some law school classmates who ended up there and advocated for her, she had enough of a foot in the door that she was an attractive candidate when the P&TO lifted their hiring freeze. So basically a combination of persistence, networking and dumb luck. Best wishes that the stars align for you similarly and soon.

          • Hopefully the insider I have in my corner can get me on to bigger and more stable things. I’m optimistic.

      • Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. It is great to hear from someone that has been through this with similar considerations.

        Luckily I’m not set on living in a particular region after school so that is less of a concern for me. I’ve been in the D.C. area for most of my life and I want to branch out a bit. The higher ranked schools do seem to have better reputations for the types of law I’m interested in. Unfortunately the difference is between top 10 schools and top 45 schools so the choices just seem very extreme right now– especially when I look at job placement data. My gut tells me to go with one of the higher ranked schools since I stayed in state/debt-free for undergrad and this has always been the “dream” but all those 0’s do freak me out.

      • As someone who went to law school, I also think this is really solid advice.

        One other note of caution: not all law school public interest repayment programs on the same. The one at my law school was highly touted as a reason to pick that school. It turns out that the program is highly underfunded. Only a very small percentage of graduate who do public interest law get funding through the repayment program.

        I personally went to the higher ranked school that offered less funding. I made that determination based on the focus on public interest work at my law school and the fact that I wanted to be in DC. I don’t regret that decision (I made so many awesome friends in law school and got a solid education), but I will agree with A Lawyer Who Has Been in Your Shoes that the debt load from law school can be crippling and does have a real impact on your options/career decisions upon graduation. Good luck.

    • I’ve heard it both ways – one way, you don’t have as much to pay for loans. The other, you walk out with better job prospects. I’d look at the career services data for both schools – it may help in the decision making process….

      • Thanks, Erms. The career services data definitely makes me want to go the higher ranked route. I’m going to attend the admitted students days for a wide range of schools as well as alumni receptions in DC. I hope that talking to people who have been through the job hunt from the different schools will give me a better sense of the situation beyond the numbers.

    • re: law school….my husband is currently only applying to 1 because it’s a top 10 and a degree from there is a pretty good investment for someone like him (99% LSATs might get him some money for going, on top of his GI Bill). That said, he is a firm believer in going to the school that puts you in the least amount of debt. Which is a good plan for any advanced education IMO in this economy

      • Thanks, jindc and best of luck to your husband. That LSAT score should serve him well on the merit scholarship front.

    • If I read you right, you are considering a top 10 school. I would say definitely go there, despite the debt. (But only if you can handle the debt – I went heavily into debt for undergrad, so I was used to it. You can probably handle it,) Your degree is worth way more from a top 10 – you will have an easier time getting hired, always. This will be true even 20+ years out, when you have solid experience in your area of expertise – especially in a down market like this one. I have not seen so many ads that require a top school, even for experienced hires with highly specific experience, ever, as I see in this market. It is tough out there if you are not a top 10 law grad. Where you go to school may determine if you have a satisfying career at all. Most of the top 10 have generous loan forgiveness programs, but do check out the details of them – even if you aren’t interested in public interest work now, as your interests may change in law school, or for a variety of other reasons (like getting good trial training, for example) you might end up there for awhile.

      If you aren’t considering a top 10 or 15, I’d say go for the debt-free degree if you go to a fairly decent school. Because the debt does determine what you can do – not only on the job, but in life. It affects being able to buy a home, have children, save for eventual retirement, etc.

      Region of practice doesn’t seem to matter for top 10 grads – they are in demand everywhere. Beyond that, most grads stay regional, so that’s where the most job connections are. When I was considering two law schools, one in the area I then lived in, and one in another city, people told me to go where I wanted to live and practice afterwards. Like you, I was indifferent to that then, so chose the school that gave me the best education. I graduated in a year of a smaller recession, and ended up going back to the city I left because there were no jobs in the city I graduated in for almost anyone (except top 10 grads, but even they had a harder time than usual.) Moving back to where I had lived and had connections was fine, but my natural network of people who went to my mostly-regional law school was then far away, and thus not much help to me in my later job searches. So, something to consider is not only the region of the school, but what regions you have connections in. But top 10 trumps all!

      • Thanks so much, dcres. This is great to hear– especially since I keep leaning towards the top 10 options. I think I could make the debt work but it is pretty intimidating to see all three years on paper at once.

        I really appreciate the support and shared experiences on this thread.

    • Re: law school
      Depending on your age, the higher ranked law school, without scholarships or grants, might not make sense financially.
      If you are going to go full time to a T-14 school and take out loans, consider that you may not be finished paying off your loans until you are well into middle age.
      Think about what kind of work you want to do after law school – if what you want to do doesn’t require a law degree, don’t waste three years + tuition + opportunity cost getting a law degree.
      Look into employment statistics for both schools – check out the Law School Transparency Project, given how some law schools were reporting their data (beware of schools (hi GW!) that create temporary jobs for unemployed students to manipulate their employment stats). Look at BLS data for projected number of attorney jobs vs. projected number of attorneys.
      With regards to the scholarship – some schools divide their incoming class into multiple sections. All or most scholarship students are then placed in one section, and, with grading on a curve, a number of those students are guaranteed to lose their scholarships. Georgetown Law does this (or at least used to).

  • Rant: It makes me sad to scroll through so many reports of shootings on PoPville.
    Rave: It makes me happy that I have a place like PoPville where I can find all of this information.
    Rant: My 14-pound dog edged me so far over to the edge of my bed last night that I have a sore neck.
    Rave: I adore my 14-pound dog anyway.
    Rave: Yesterday’s weather did oodles to lift me out of winter doldrums.

  • Rave: Heard back from a job I applied to awhile back and thought they’d already hired someone else. They’ve changed the locations and now I like one of them even better 🙂
    Rant: Mom and sister decided they want to come to town this weekend. I love them, but I had things planned I know have to move around. Just wish they could plan a bit more.

    • They didn’t tell you in advance? You have a legitimate reason why it won’t work then. Pretty sure Dear Prudence would agree on that – guests can ask, not dictate.

      • +1. If your mom is anything like my mom, she will try to browbeat you into submission. BUT you can 1) tell them no, they can’t visit, or 2) tell them that they can go ahead and visit, but you have a bunch of existing plans and you won’t see much of them.
        I was once getting all stressed out while trying to figure out how to move around some plans to accommodate a last-minute (like a day or two before) request from my mom to meet up for lunch while she was en route with her boyfriend to visit the boyfriend’s family in Pennsylvania. I was telling a good friend about the whole messed-up situation, and he gently told me, “You know, you CAN say no.”
        It was so obvious, and yet it hadn’t even occurred to me. I said no and felt so relieved.

  • Rant: Put daughter on a plane for a 6-month trip.
    Rave: No more 4AM texts from neighbors complaining about the music and no more random gatherings of sleeping (20-somehting) kids when I get home from a night at the GFs.
    Rave: Can hang around in my underwear.

  • Additional rant: Still feeling down about recent developments at work.

  • Rave: Lazy weekends are the best. Slept in, marathoned TV, got some stuff done around the house and some baking done.
    Rave: New hair! The cut is really cute and it’s finally back to the right color after a few months in bad color purgatory.
    Rant: It’s a few inches shorter than I’d prefer because my last colorist really fried my hair. 🙁

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I’m a little hung over today and it’s not from attending G&G.
    Rant: Lizzie fell down the steps again this weekend. I think we’re getting close to putting a dog gate at the bottom of the stairs. She panics and wriggles when I try to pick her up so carrying her is out of the question. Lucy meanwhile barks more and more randomly at night. Old lady dogs!!!!

  • Rant: guy I’m (casually) dating and good friend are both moving across the country this month. Really starting to dislike the transient part of DC…

  • skj84

    Rant: Totally planned to work from home today. Unfortunately my wifi wasn’t working. I had to take a shower and come into the office. This throws my whole day off. I planned to do some job searching while I was at home as well as get some housework done.

  • madamhelga

    Quick crowdthink question: any freelance photographers available to help a non-profit out in late February for ~$100? 3 hours of work involving taking near professional quality headshots at a happy hour event.

  • Rave: Ran into Dr. Jill Biden on Sunday walking her/Joe’s puppy – such a nice lady!
    Rave: IMing with my sister in the mornings always makes my day
    Rant: Her in-laws are a piece of work – feel badly for her and my Bro-in-law
    Rave: Super cool cousin is coming to town with her kiddos in June – can’t wait to hang with them and get into trouble.
    Rant: Monday came too soon

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