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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • SFT

    Rant: Sick kiddo. My guy has a stomach bug…this was his first non-baby throw up. Sweet Jesus, I wasn’t prepared!
    Note to self: Never use the vacuum to clean throw up from the floor!!!
    Rant: Have to buy a new vacuum!

    • Oh no – that’s no fun! I don’t think you can ever be prepared for toddler throw-up. Did it land on you? I swear, every time my daughter has gotten pukey, I get thrown up on at least once. Let me know if you need tips for dehydration/re-introducing food. We’ve been through it a few times before and have gotten good advice from our pediatrician’s nurse line.
      Yuck on the vacuum too. Bummer 🙁 Is it possible to clean it somehow?

      • SFT

        Yes…I definitely need tips on keeping him hydrated. Right now, he only wants to eat crackers (baby yums) and will drink a little bit of diluted juice. We are thinking of getting him some pedialite soon. But I will take any tips you have.
        And as for the vacuum, it was all chunky, so i just used the hose and thought I could just empty the container. Never thought about the smell getting into the hose and filters. Face palm. It’s my own teachable moment!

        • Blithe

          Popsicles? Or slushies? Sometimes when kids get tired of drinking pedialyte and juice, they’ll eat frozen pops or slushies — which you can make yourself if you want to control what’s in them. Hope you’re all feeling much better soon!
          Your teachable moment with the vacuum cleaner reminded me of one of mine: As a teenager forced to vacuum, I heard a horrible slurp/chunk. Using an unbent hanger to try to retrieve the sucked up sock is a Very Bad Idea. There’s still at least one Sew and Vac shop left — on the shopping strip on Connecticut Avenue in Cleveland Park. You might want to call them for recommendations before chucking your vacuum.

          • Oh, slushies. I was sick all the time as a kid (mostly strep throat) and I think this is where my Slurpee addiction started. I still have them at least once a week…

        • Oh yuck on the vacuum. Teachable moment indeed. Though I still wonder if there’s something else you could vacuum to help? It may be hopeless, though.
          Is he keeping the diluted juice down ok? If so, you may not need this advice. But if he’s having trouble keeping things down, then a tablespoon of water or pedialyte (or the diluted juice) every 5 minutes or so–or an ounce every 15 minutes might help. My daughter definitely drank too much water at once after vomiting last time she got sick, and nearly immediately vomited again. So going slow is important.
          I imagine for now, don’t worry about what he’s eating–keeping hydrated is more important. Crackers of some kind sound perfectly reasonable. My daughter often gets diarrhea after going through a vomiting spell, so we offer bananas & apples & bread products to help her stomach recover a bit. But that’s only necessary for about a day, and then returning to normal diet (at least in what you offer) is supposed to be better so they can get protein needed for gaining strength/recovering better. I think we’ve given her scrambled eggs in that recovery phase since it’s high in protein but also reasonably easy to digest.
          Hope your little guy is feeling better soon! And I totally hear you on the effects of stress and sleep deprivation. I hope you’re able to recover soon too 🙂

        • Cold drinks stay down better than room-temp drinks. So chill that gatorade well. Popsicles are good, but they lack the salt.
          I never let my kids use straws when they were little. Too many tipped-over drinks, for one, but mostly, because when they were sick, it was a special treat to be allowed to use a straw, and thus much easier to get fluids in them.

          • SFT

            My guy is only 16 months so we are still using sippy cups, but I will definitely keep this in my back pocket for later!

      • when I was a kid, when I got sick my mother would make jello and let me drink it. You don’t let it set, just drink it cold. it’s slightly heavy, and sits so nicely in a troubled tum. Also, canned peaches with the heavy syrup.

    • “Note to self: Never use the vacuum to clean throw up from the floor!!!”
      I . . . I . . . I don’t know what to say.
      You forgot: “Rave: At least I didn’t electrocute myself!”

    • A shop vac *might* be better for that kind of cleanup job, but you would still have to clean the machine when you’re done. I’ve considered buying one (something ike $59 at Costco) but I would probably only use it to clean out the ashes and leftover lump charcoal from my grill.

      • Shop vacs are also useful if you’ve ever had any kind of flooding-related issue. We have a small one from target that was pretty inexpensive & has worked quite well for our intermittent needs.
        On the cleaning of puke, though, I think old towels or shammies might be best. Then you can rinse, douse in oxy clean, and throw into the washing machine. Or skip step two & just add oxy clean powder to the machine. Oxy clean is excellent for things like poop, puke, blood, and other bodily yuck.

        • Blithe

          Yup, or for those of us who are squeemish, lots of paper towels, possibly aided by kitty litter and newspaper — then the whole mess goes in the trash. Plus Resolve.

    • There is a nasty stomach flu going around! I had it, and so many others I know in the last couple weeks. Ugh.

    • Not judging – just curious as to why you thought vacuuming up (wet) vomit in a regular vacuum was a good idea? Seriously – not judging – there just seems to be a lack of basic housekeeping information passed on these days. My visiting niece didn’t know what a spatula was. She used a cheese grater to flip pancakes.

  • Does anyone have any information on whether DC ever explored charging non-DC residents to enter the city? I imagine the revenue (that would likely be paid in large part by the federal government) could fix a lot of the terrible streets in DC. Driving and riding a bike around the city is like doing an obstacle course with the pot holes, construction, and terribly timed lights. And why can’t construction crews fix a street in DC without making it worse?

    • I know the idea of charging transit agencies that bring riders in from, say, Prince William County or Loudoun County gets brought up every once in a while….even though charging transit agencies that are already lowering SOV use doesn’t make any sense, though.

      Charging drivers coming into DC is always going to be a no-go, though. Recall what happened when DC suggested closing the 3rd Street tunnel completely during part of the construction of the road deck. Maryland and Virginia politicians threw a fit.

    • Yes. The DC Circuit, led by the now Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, considered and sharply rejected a commuter tax on both statutory and Constitutional grounds.

      • Yeah, I think it was because it infringes on the right to travel freely. Plus, it would be a terrible thing for lower-income people who work in the city, but can’t afford rent here so live outside the city.

        • canadianexile

          Such a tax would need the approval of Congress. I’m sure they’d be delighted to sign off on it, right after they finish approving our marijuana referendum.

    • That will happen on the same day every DC resident gets a free unicorn to ride to and from work.

    • I am fairly sure that would be a violation of the Privileges and Immunities Clause of the Constitution the freedom to freely travel and engage in commerce across state lines. I would imagine that it applies to DC despite not being a State.

      • But you can have a toll on a bridge, no? The bridges from NJ into NYC all have tolls, for example.

        • Right. The difference is those bridges are privately owned (or are owned by an authority/entity separate from the general public). And the idea is that you are being charged for taking a particular route in that case (just like a toll road), but could always take another route. Whereas a tax to come into the city would impose an unavoidable fee which interferes with travelling freely.

    • Mug of Glop

      I assume you mean a congestion charge for bringing a non-resident car into the city, or for bringing a car downtown from outlying neighborhoods, rather than a blanket tax on entry. But yes, that idea gets floated every now and then on the District Council but then, as far as I’ve been able to read, goes absolutely nowhere for a few pretty obvious political reasons.

    • I’ve lived places with non-resident taxes, like $10 the first paycheck you get in a place you don’t live but work in….while very little, might be more in line with what you’re talking about.

    • Blithe

      I wrote a long diatribe before I went back and re-read : “that would likely be paid in large part by the federal government”, since I agree with PH about any charges that would impact people who work in DC but can’t (can no longer) afford to live in DC. I think DC takes a hit because so much of the property here is tax exempt; because we lack a larger state to kick in funds; and because so many of the people who benefit from the DC infrastructure include people who aren’t tax paying residents, including people who work here, students, and tourists.
      I’d love it if the Feds kicked in more, acknowledging that having a functioning Federal City benefits everyone. I also think that it would be great if every dime of Federal income taxes paid by DC residents could be directed back to the city — ’cause of that “no representation” thing. I know this wouldn’t fly, but since the federal city belongs to all of us, maybe $2 from every federal tax return should be earmarked for DC. (Yeah, gotta go feed my unicorn now…)

    • I don’t see how a city entrance tax “would likely be paid in large part by the federal government” — it would be paid by individual private citizens entering the District.
      The federal government does subsidize public transportation for federal employees, but as far as I’m aware, it doesn’t subsidize car commuting costs.

      • epric002

        they actually subsidize more per person for car commuting (via parking) than for public transportation- which is shameful imo. “The maximum mass transit benefit, available to all American employees, dropped from $245 to $130 per month on Jan. 1, after a provision of the fiscal cliff deal expired. Meanwhile, the monthly parking benefit actually increased by $5 to $250 for 2014. Republicans blocked the EXPIRE Act when it was brought to the Senate floor in May.” from govexec dot com.

        • Parking benefit? Who actually gets this? When I worked at a facility in the ‘burbs, we had to pay for parking (because it wasn’t a GSA-owned building), and I never heard anything about any sort of parking subsidy.

          • epric002

            i dunno, i take metro :). i just think it’s crappy that they decreased the mass transit benefit while increasing the parking benefit.

          • Free parking is sometimes offered. My first agency, the US Marshals Service, offered free parking or transit benefits to employees at HQ. I thought it was kinda crazy since it was literally on top of a metro station (and was not a GSA building either). My current agency provides free parking to GS-15s and higher at HQ. Each district office at my current agency determines its own parking benefits. I think all except those in NYC provide a few parking spots to top leadership.

          • Epric002 — Agreed.
            I know most agencies use their limited number of parking spots for SESers (people in the Senior Executive Service), and I assumed those parking spots were free… but I’m still confused as to how this $250/month “parking benefit” works.
            As far as I’m aware, federal employees in D.C. don’t have the option to, say, sign up for monthly parking in a garage and get $250/month of that expense reimbursed. So I guess what I’m wondering is: How does this parking benefit get used, and by whom?

          • This is separate from free parking, and it’s a benefit that is available to anyone. An employee can have $250 pre-tax dollars deducted per month to pay for parking, but only $130 pretax dollars for transit. And epric is right, it is shameful.

          • I see. So people aren’t getting $250/month toward parking; they just have the option to take $250 out of their paychecks pre-tax rather than post-tax.
            That doesn’t sound the same as the transit benefit — at least the one I’m familiar with. With the transit benefit, the federal government provides up to $125 (or maybe now $130?) per month to subsidize employees’ transit costs. In my current agency, that money goes to a special credit card that’s provided just for the transit benefit, and you use that credit card to top up your SmarTrip card (or to buy a MARC pass or whatever).

          • Perhaps there’s also a transit benefit that parallels the parking benefit — so that if your monthly transit costs exceed $125, you can cover the rest with pre-tax dollars?

        • Just to clarify, this means fed agencies have the option to provide parking to their employees. They are not required to do so. In addition, unlike transportation benefits, the employee does not get $ in any shape or form (whereas with transit benefits, you get them loaded onto a card).

      • Blithe

        textdoc, I don’t know how this would work either. My initial diatribe was responding to the idea of an “entrance tax”, as I imagined long lines of people, many of whom grew up here, who work here, being forced to pony up tolls and surcharges for the privilege. I then read further to the part where the OP imagined that the revenue “would likely be paid in large part by the federal government”. So my vague assumption was something like looking at the stats of people who work here and play here who aren’t residents, and calculate some number to pay the city for the wear and tear on essential services and infrastructure, including the use of tax exempt resources like hospitals and colleges and other non-profits that benefit non-residents.
        – Economics is so NOT my field, textdoc, so I’m just reacting to and running with the ideas that the OP put out there. 🙂

    • “Does anyone have any information on whether DC ever explored charging non-DC residents to enter the city?”

      Did you stop to think what that would do to the prices of food and other consumer goods? The District is utterly dependent on imports to survive.

      • Actually, that’s not true. DC government is primarily funded by Income and Property tax just like any other jurisdiction. Sales tax is part of the pie (about 20%) but we are not utterly dependent on it. Most state’s take in around 35% of tax revenue from sales tax so we are really below average in depending on “imports” especially when you consider a large part of those taxes are also born by tourists and not regular commuters.

  • Rave: Being asked to do private lessons with someone to help her get ready for an upcoming tournament. One day I’ll be able to charge people, but for now, it’s still nice having someone feel I’m good enough to teach them something.
    Rave: Date night and dancing.
    Rave: Still being able to manage 3 gym visits this week.
    Rant: VA drivers! Every time I’m on the hwy there is someone driving at or below the speed limit in the left lane. That’s so dangerous!
    Humidifier: I need one. Who do you recommend that’s economical but good.

    • We like the crane humidifiers–only $25 or so, I think, and they come in fun shapes.

    • I got Air-O-Swiss® Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier – works well, but I have to put a towel under it since it kicks out so much water (also, my carpet occasionally feels damp in the morning if I run it all night).

    • canadianexile

      I like the one recommended here a lot – it works well, is quiet on the low setting, and supposedly has antimicrobial protection of some sort.


      I got it on amazon for $50 but the price has gone up (dry winter air…).

    • I have the Crane Warm Mist humidifier and have used it for two years. Perfect size for a studio or a bedroom. It’s $47 on Amazon.

      However when i searched Amazon for “crane humidifier” I discovered I can get one that looks like a pig, so I think I actually might have made the wrong choice with my original purchase.

    • saf

      We are in the process of replacing a dead humidifier and did a lot of research. We’re getting this one. The husband got REALLY tired of cleaning previous humidifiers, so ease of cleaning was important to us.


    • Blithe

      I’ve got a cool mist humidifier by Vicks (actually made by another company though) that I got a few years ago at Rodman’s. It’s definitely economical but good — but not nearly as cute as one of the Crane’s. What’s great about it is that it’s easy to clean, and has an insert thingy that prevents scale build-up. It also doesn’t create a lot of the white dust that many of the cool mist humidifiers do.

    • Love my crane humidifier!

  • Rave: Warm weather this weekend – going to start my backyard rehab project this weekend! So, collective internet wisdom, is there a hidden place where I can get slightly used/cheap patio furniture? Maybe a hotel resale place? Craigslist has been a bust so far.
    Rant: Abandoned house in view of our backyard. Looks like a fire got it after it was bought for $1.1M in late 2012 (!) and it’s just been collecting rainwater since. Owned by some vague [insert address here] LLC. Makes no sense why it wouldn’t be fixed up by now.

    • Cinnamonster

      Would the Habitat for Humanity Restore have anything? They have a huge assortment of furniture-y goodness. It’s in Silver Spring, I think.

    • jim_ed

      its not used, but Christmas Tree Shops often times carries dirt cheap patio furniture. The closest one is either Woodbridge or Waldorf, though. Worth a trip, especially if you need to stock up on super cheap decorative goods, gardening stuff, or dishwares.
      Also, post the name of the shady LLC, we might be able to figure out who controls it, which may help. And check the tax records to make sure its being taxed at the blighted tax rate, which is much higher than the normal residential property rate.

      • Hm. It’s listed as vacant and getting taxed accordingly. The LLC is 2417 1st St NW LLC and the owner lives in a mansion out in Great Falls, it appears. It’s a beautiful property and it’s sad to see it sit vacant.

        • Ugh, internets reveal he’s a VP at Boeing. And he’s letting the property just sit vacant. So frustrating.

          • That developer has done a number of renovations in Bloomingdale. They’re always getting stop work orders. There’s one on Adams right now that is just sitting there with tyvek wrap on it (well the wind has started to blow it off) barely started.

            I don’t know what their deal is, they finance all these projects (based on the deed images site), so they have to be burning through a ton of cash paying interest on them. Seems like not doing shoddy work that gets you stop work orders would be cheaper than all the extra interest.

    • Pablo Raw

      Maybe Community Forklift?

  • rant: broke a plate yesterday out of clumsiness. It was a cute small side dish serving plate I bought only a week ago too, so that felt pretty bad.
    rant: dull knives. I bought these top chef branded knives from amazon in college, and although I occasionally use a steel, so they aren’t totally blunt, they have dulled quite a bit. Wondering if taking them to DC Sharp will be worth the money, versus just investing in a new chef’s knife.
    rave: surprised how well these knives have held up over the years.

    • I just bought a $6 pull-through knife sharpener from Hill’s Kitchen and it’s made a huge difference. Maybe a good stop-gap measure on the way to new knives?

    • Me, I think knives are a worthy investment. I don’t have a lot of kitchen gadgetry, and I almost never use the food processor and mixer I do have.
      For my money: Good knives, professionally sharpened every other year or so; two or three Microplanes (for different uses); and a good remote meat thermometer.

    • The hardware store in Mt. Pleasant sharpens kitchen knives. I bring my whole set to them periodically. Sur La Table does too, but they’re more expensive.

      It may also be worth investing in an electric knife sharpener. The noise is horrible, but it’ll pay for itself in one round of sharpening.

    • Don’t underestimate the difference a really good chef’s knife can make; chopping vegetables could go from a chore to something (I personally find) enjoyable, and thus make cooking at home less of a bother. Macy’s often has sales on Wusthof or Henckels, both of which are great brands and, IMO, a kitchen game changer.

    • Buy an electric sharpener. My cheap crappy knives cut like professional cutlery thanks to the sharpener.

    • saf

      DC Sharp is expensive. Go to your local hardware store, as they are generally much cheaper.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: The weather, 79 degrees. Not really looking forward to later when it will be
    Rant: 94 degrees
    Rave: Food. All the food.
    Rant: Yesterday, I was quickly reminded of why I hate driving here and why I never ever want to drive anywhere.
    Rave: Quesillos, cacao, nacatamales; Lord have Mercy.

    • Pablo, are you Nicaraguan? Nacatamales are my favorite food ever. Quesillllllllllllo too. Are you in the motherland? Jealous. I hope you are there to take pictures of Fuego y Agua!

      • Pablo Raw

        A proud one! made out of a mix volcanic ash and lake water, descendant of the powerful Aztecs. Currently editing volcano photos 🙂

      • Pablo Raw

        How do you know about nacatamales? it is supposed to be our secret sacred food!

        • I like to pretend I am part Nicaraguense. I lived there for a few years. I will find you at the next HH and talk about amazing food, Sandanistas, and el Gran Canal.

          • Pablo Raw

            OMG on a bus yesterday I saw “Dios Bendiga el Canal”… From what you are saying, that conversation sounds more like a special meeting 😉 we should program something in addition to the HH. Not that I’m passionate when talking about Nicaragua or something.

    • Blithe

      Wow! Sounds wonderful: even your first Rant!

  • Rant: Had a whole bottle of wine to myself at dinner last night. Wine hangover headache. Owwww.
    Rave: White Ford Bronco tonight!
    Silly/whiny rant: BF is tall and tends to stand toward the back at shows so as not to block other people. I’m short-ish and can’t see anything if I stand that far back but I want to see the show with him. Sad face.

  • Rave: kiddo didn’t wake me up until nearly 7! There was some yelling, so I don’t know how long she had been up. Maybe that’s why my cat was pawing at my face? I think she actually woke me up before I heard my daughter.
    Rant: wife woke me up with a middle of the night bathroom run–but at least I fell back asleep pretty easily from that. I was worried I wouldn’t because of worrying about getting woken up again shortly thereafter by a screaming toddler.
    Rave: got out of the house super early this morning!
    Rave: the man walking in front of me in the metro station. He heard the train start to approach the station & broke out in a run. This is a rave becase he had a hat with ear flaps on & the flaps started bouncing like dog ears. It was a funny sight.
    Rave: my daughter does & says adorable things & I finally had a chance to document some of the recent ones in a blog past last night. One of these days, I need to actually let people know this blog exists 🙂 Until then, it at least serves as an easy way to document memories.

  • Anyone else having trouble with Pandora this week? Mine freezes within one or two songs of starting up. It continues to play, but I can’t do anything with the screen, and the phone keeps telling me that Pandora is not responding, and do I want to quit. If I choose “wait”, it keeps playing.
    I’ve un/re-installed. Older android phone.

    • I have this problem on the roku as well, and thought it might be the internet connection? But I’ve had this problem on my computer at work for ages, whereas my phone picks it up just fine in the office. It really is annoying.

    • Oh, and it started about the time it automatically installed an update.

  • Aglets

    rant: Gross people. Being gross. In my vicinity. gross.

    rave: so happy it’s friday. i might end up working both saturday and sunday this weekend, but it will be for my stuff. and that makes me happy.

  • Rant: Nasty cold weather yesterday and this morning.

    Rave: Pho for dinner last night.

    Rave: Two really good shows this weekend – Phil Wiggins and the Chesapeake Sheiks cd release party tomorrow at the Publick Playhouse and The NIgthawks Sunday at New Deal Cafe.

    • saf

      I love Phil Wiggins. I didn’t know he was still playing. Last time I saw him was when he was still playing with John Cephas.

      • He’s done various projects since John passed (in 2009), including playing with Corey Harris and local bluesman Rick Franklin. The band has been together for a year or two (I know they played the Bluebird Blues Festival in the last couple of years) and this is their first cd.

  • Rant: Still trying to get our utility issue worked out. I am curious if people know the answer to this, but if a basement unit and row house unit are rented out separately, do they need to be metered separately.

    • Do you want the answer to be “yes”? If it is, it will probably cost the landlord thousands of dollars to get the electrical systems separated, meaning a likely increase in your rent once the initial lease period ends. In addition, it will probably involve tearing up and then patching and painting the walls, which is not exactly convenient for you while you’re living there.
      As people pointed out last time you raised this issue — http://www.popville.com/2015/01/random-reader-rant-andor-revel-1238/#comment-901456 — you have no way of knowing that the basement tenants are in fact using more electricity than you, and even if they are, there’s a good possibility that they’re using LESS electricity in the summer.
      Have you brought this up with the landlord? He/she really ought to have estimated the yearly electricity cost, divided it by 12, and just included it in the rent… but I don’t think you’re going to get the resolution you want here, i.e., a reduction in your electricity bill and thus an overall reduction in your expenses.

    • I don’t think it is a requirement that they are metered separately. We finished our basement apartment a few years ago (got permits, were inspected by DCRA, have a Certificate of Occupancy) and it is not separately metered from the house above.

    • I believe separate metering is required if the landlord is living in the main part of the house & only renting out the basement. I’m not sure what the rules are if both units are rented out. I agree with textdoc that you should discuss with your landlord. If you want information to back up your conversation, talk to the DC tenant resource folks. But keep in mind what textdoc’s first point is–separating the electrical systems will be both expensive and invasive, and will likely have a short-term quality of life impact & a long-term rent impact.

    • hammers

      How much is your electric bill? Can you really not afford it? If so you may need to consider moving somewhere more within your means. You seem to view splitting the electric bill as chairity, when really it is part of the contract you signed when you agreed to live somewhere.

      • I agree with hammers. I am very careful looking for apartments because I would never want a unit that’s not metered separately unless the utilities were included in the rent. If it’s bothering you this much, I really think it’s something that should have been thought about ahead of time, and perhaps moving somewhere more affordable is your best option.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I lived in a basement apartment that didn’t have separate electricity and the landlord had it set up so the upstairs people paid the whole bill. So you’ve got it better than them.

  • Rave: Metromaniacs at the Shakespeare Theatre Company was hilarious – such a fun show and the actors were awesome.
    Rave/Rant: My ticket was a perfect price for an evening of theater (20 bucks!) too bad the husband is over 35 and it was 85 dollars for the show! Family gave us gift certificate for Christmas so it wasn’t too bad but really, that’s expensive.
    Rant: Still waiting on the job front with no motivation to keep searching. Stuck in no-man’s land with one organization (multiple interviews, they’ve checked references) and a second round interview next week for a different organization.
    Rave: Gifting our friend’s 2 year old her first bike tomorrow! Got her a skuut and cannot wait to see her grow with it! Gotta start the biking early :-D.

    • $85 if you’re 35 or older, $20 if you’re under 35? That seems odd.

    • You remind me of a belated theater-related Rave/Rant:
      Rave: Friend nominated for TWO Helen/Hayes awards.
      Rave: the bifurcation of the Helen Hayes Award into the Helen Awards and the Hayes Awards to mollify larger theater companies who were miffed that smaller productions were getting too much recognition. It’s grade inflation for theater awards.

  • Rave: stumbled on new burger place in clarendon last night after work called citizen burger bar. turns out it was their opening night. it was SOOO good. will definitely go back. i live in DC but work in arlington – very happy to have this as a new HH spot.
    Rant: enjoyed a little too much delicious beer at this new spot and now i’m battling the woozies at work.
    RAVE: it’s FRIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • palisades

      I believe the first Citizen Burger was in Charlottesville. That shit is dank.

      • yes – i learned that last night. same owner of one in charlottesville (and some other restaurants there, too). i have no idea what dank means. i’m an old lady. the google tells me it’s either something super cool or something moist and smelly. i’m guessing it’s a super cool way to say super cool.

        • And here I was thinking that “dank” had to be autocorrect for something, because you wouldn’t compliment a burger (or burger joint) by saying it was moist or smelly.
          What was that other ridiculous word that people were trying to make happen?

        • I think “dank” as a compliment is a weed reference. As in, good weeds smells dank. I knew a guy whose last name was this and he was pretty proud of it.

      • palisades

        hahahha you guys are adorable. Yes, the original slang refers to the reefer. But now it just refers to anything that’s awesome.

        • You’re the adorable one! I haven’t heard this word, used in that way, in at least 15 years. I totally forgot about it!

          • SFT

            I was going to say the same thing. I haven’t used dank as a synonym for awesome since college. Guess it’s on the comeback!

        • thank you, palisades! such a kind soul for not judging your elders/un-hip PoPville strangers.

    • justinbc

      Menu looks good (for anyone curious: http://citizenburgerbar.com/clarendon/menu/). I’ll have to go in for one of those foie gras burgers, just because. I like that you can choose the beef too, since I prefer the flavor of grain fed to grass fed.

      • SFT

        Beyond the fact that making foie gras is one of the cruelest things that we do to animals, why would anyone ever want to eat an overgrown, diseased liver!?! I think this is one of the most disgusting (in EVERY sense of the word!!!) foods in the world. Full stop.

        • justinbc

          You should do some more reading on the subject:
          It tastes delicious, that’s why people eat it. By the way, are you British? Just curious, I almost never see American born citizens use the phrase “full stop”.

          • SFT

            Nope, not British, just a regular ol’ American who says things like ‘full stop’ and ‘huzzah’ in everyday conversation 🙂
            I just read your article and still don’t feel any differently about foie. They still force-feed the ducks by shoving tubes down their throats… “So while the ducks are technically force-fed, there is a level of built-in anatomical control so that the ducks can’t take in any more food than they can physically handle” There is nothing humane about that. I haven’t been a vegetarian in 10 years, but things like this take me a step closer every day.

          • Is humane really the standard to use, though? After all, this is an animal slaughtered for its meat (all of it, not just the liver). One (not me) could make an argument that killing an animal for its meat is by definition “not humane.” I think “not cruel” is a more appropriate standard. And based on that article, foie gras farming is “not cruel.” In fact, it’s a lot less cruel than run-of-the-mill factory farming. If you eat any sort of meat from the grocery store, it’s a good bet that your meal was treated more cruelly – or if you prefer, less humanely – than a foie gras duck.

          • SFT

            I absolutely agree with your point about factory farming. There are so many reasons, beyond cruelty, to not eat animals that have been raised on factory farms (steroids, antibiotics, pollution, etc). And lots of reasons to just not eat meat in general. But this article focused on one single farm, who knew that cameras were coming to document their standards and processes. From what I can gather, the foie gras industry as a whole is pretty cruel. Just because a single farm is taking steps to treat their animals better (force fed with plastic tubes instead of metal), it doesn’t exempt an entire industry.

          • epric002

            semantics aside, i’m with sft. i’m not vegetarian either (haven’t been for many years) but there are 2 animals products i absolutely won’t eat, ever, and those are foie gras and veal. full disclosure, i make every effort to buy organic/free range/humanely raised animal products, when i do buy them.

          • justinbc

            dcd basically summed up exactly my thoughts on the subject. It’s one of the least cruelly produced products available to meat eaters, anyone obsessing over a tube in the throat 1) doesn’t understand animal physiology, and/or 2) is blithely ignorant to how the rest of their food is produced. In an age where you can readily get this information on almost anything you consume there’s no excuse to hold on to outdated misconceptions.

          • I know that there’s little likelihood of anyone changing his or her mind about this, but I am genuinely curious about one point, epric. You say you won’t ever, ever, under any circumstances eat foie gras. But you make “every effort to buy organic/free range/humanely raised animal products.” The obvious implication there is sometimes you DON’T buy “organic/free range/humanely raised animal products.” But foie gras production is far less cruel than factory farming – yet it you don’t; have the same absolute prohibition on factory farmed meat. I’m curious how you reconcile these positions.

          • SFT

            Just because something is ‘less cruel’ doesn’t make it acceptable. I understand that “acceptable” is subjective, so I’ll just leave it at this. Foie Gras is unacceptable for me and I wish it was unacceptable for everyone.

          • epric002

            i don’t agree that foie gras is “less cruel” than factory farming. for me it’s also a lot easier to categorically avoid 2 (luxury, imo) single-ingredient foods, whose production methods i categorically disagree with, than it is to ferret out the exact animal husbandry/raising standards/living conditions/etc. for every other item i purchase. though, again, i make every effort *not* to buy factory farm consumables (i include dairy and eggs), sometimes i just need a damn egg and if the grocery is out of organic/free range eggs, i will probably buy the smallest package possible of conventional eggs.

          • “Just because something is ‘less cruel’ doesn’t make it acceptable.”
            That’s absolutely true. But what I’m trying to understand is how something that is “more cruel” (factory farming) can sometimes be acceptable, while something that is “less cruel” (foie gras) is always unacceptable.

          • “i don’t agree that foie gras is “less cruel” than factory farming.:
            I’m curious as to why. Did you read the article Justin posted? Is it only the feeding tube?

          • SFT

            The veal industry exists largely because of the dairy industry. A heifer has to have a calf to produce milk, that calf is taken from the mom almost immediately after birth and turned into veal. I’ll skip the details, but I think the dairy industry is probably one of the most cruel, organic or not. I guess my point is that what we do to animals in the name of food is pretty horrific. I’m so close to going vegan!

          • epric002

            we can post articles back and forth on this (and veal, organic farming, vegetarianism, etc.) all day long. i am comfortable with the ethics of my food consumption, and i’m not going to start eating foie gras or veal. period. i’m also not ever going to be vegan.

          • That’s an interesting article, and I recognize that no one is changing his or her mind on this. I will say, however, that the article didn’t address the question of what is “worse,” factory farming or foie gras, which was the question posed. In fact, nothing in it was anywhere near as bad as the accounts of factory farming I’ve read. Now, I might be suffering from confirmation bias – but so might you.
            Your point is well taken, however, that it is far easier to avoid two (indisputably) luxury food items than it is to avoid factory farmed meat, which is ubiquitous in American society. That’s undoubtedly why efforts to curtail it have been largely unsuccessful, except at the margins. Americans can deplore something and recognize that it should be changed, but when avoiding it is inconvenient, or costs more – well, we like cheap, convenient stuff, including meat. See also: Walmart.

        • Because it is also one of the five or six most delicious things in the world.

      • thanks, justinbc! fyi – we had the citizen burger, housemade vegan burger (ah – yes! at a burger bar but it’s what i wanted last night!), fries (as a self-proclaimed fry-snob i highly recommend them), fried pickles (salivating now…), beet salad and brewskis galore all-around. friend will be getting foie gras deliciousness next time around. sounds a bit like a fancy version of KBC’s chicken little. yum.

  • Rant and rave: Was shortlisted for a dream PhD program and had a fly-out earlier this week. The program is better than I had anticipated and the interviews went well, but there are only 3 slots. I want it so bad, I can’t concentrate on anything else. Any tips for distracting myself and not getting too invested? Also – I had 10 separate interviews – am I supposed to thank them all individually?

    • I don’t have any input but just know I’m going through something similar -Dream job, interviews with 10 different people, presentations and writing exercises – waiting to hear something all this week. I’v been trying hard to keep expectation low but have been so distracted and demotivated all week.
      Anyways, best of luck. Sounds like you’re psyched! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. And yes, I’d say thank you notes to everyone, out of respect for their time and support.

    • I would. It shows thoughtfulness – even just a short 3-5 line thank you email could put you over the top.

    • Distraction? Sure: http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Animals/WebCams/giant-panda.cfm

      Also, pandas treat all doctoral programs identically.

    • Mug of Glop

      It’s probably a good idea shoot a quick note thanking them and saying you enjoyed discussing [topic] with them. In my experience, professors usually like their egos stroked like that a little bit. Good luck!

      When I was applying for PhD programs, I used alcohol to quell the anxiety during the wait. It’s good practice for when you’ll need that same alcohol in five or so years to quell the rage and/or depression.

  • Rave: The Metro operator this morning who said things like, “All aboard the yellow line!” And, “Have a great weekend, and may it be filled with peace, love, joy and happiness.” Little things like that can really make my morning.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I really like that guy. I love to get him in the morning because he starts my day on a happy note.

    • I think he’s also the one who says it’s an honor and a privilege to serve the riders, and not to let anyone — and he means anyone — take away your joy. Love him.

    • Is this the same guy who tells you what time it is (“It’s only 8:53… be careful, take your time, you’re not late yet…”)
      My favorite was “Next station, Judiciary Square. If you’re reporting for jury duty, thank you for your service! If you’re on trial… best of luck to you. Judiciary Square is next…”
      I hope he’s still around. I haven’t heard him in probably three years, maybe more, and I wondered if he retired, or got in trouble and had to stop being fun or something.

    • epric002

      i want to ride on this guy’s train. (why does that sound dirty? i don’t mean it that way!)

    • Cinnamonster

      I love cheerful train operators! I’ve had a few really nice Metro ones (and one time, one of the operators had the most calming voice ever, which was probably strange for me to notice, but I was frazzled on that day’s commute and it helped)!

      When I lived in Massachusetts, there was a Red Line (Boston) conductor who I often got at rush hour. He would say things in a funny, exaggerated posh British accent – “TOFTS University, pip pip!”

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Working at home, thank all that is holy.
    Rave: Making good progress on what seemed earlier like an insurmountable amount of work.
    Rant: I normally lose the will to live in winter, but lately it seems worse than usual. Spring can not come soon enough.

  • Rave: Sleep No More tickets acquired.
    Rave: love my teammates
    Rant: I feel like I can’t keep up with work, housework, social plans, etc.
    Question: what’s your favorite NYC cocktail bar?

  • Quotia Zelda

    Additional Rave: Fountain pens. They make me happy. 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: customer did not get back to me yesterday with answers to important questions on a RUSH job, so I interpreted the info myself. Customer tells me today its wrong, so now I have to redo 2 hours of work. grrr
    Rave: Ayyám-i-Há gifts from Sweden for my parents.
    Rave: I’m so excited for Sweden. Got tips on what to get on my Swedish pizza today.

    • Sorry to read that you feel your time wasn’t valued. How can you express that to the customer while still validating their business?

      And, yay for excitement!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I can’t b/c I’m a contractor thus subhuman.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Also, the guy was really nice about it and apologized for getting back to me late. I’m mostly just irritated that we don’t have a better process for these things so our time isn’t wasted. And since I’m a contractor I have no say in the process.

  • emvee

    Rant: Went to the doctor yesterday to see what was up with the month of reoccurring headaches. Diagnosis: Stress. Prescription: meditation and therapy. I would have much preferred something sinus related that can be resolved with a pill.
    Rave: Finally considering going back to school! Looking into MA programs for writing and getting excited just looking at course descriptions.
    Rave: Pete’s Apizza in CH.

  • Rant: Terrible day at work – management won’t communicate and making decisions with no input – perpetuating mistakes despite my trying to fix them again and again
    Rave: Know how the federal budget works and how to move money around a huge complex federal agency is a lame skill – but one that gets respect
    Rave: Came home to a cold martini…it doesn’t get much better!

    • At 10:39AM? 😉 I’m jealous! Completely feel your pain, though. Sounds exactly like my office right now.

      • This was yesterday – though I could go for a 1 or 2 martini lunch…got to stay hydrated and on good behavior before Saturday training run.

  • Rant: Terrible headaches all week. And I know that I am giving them to myself because I grind my teeth and hate wearing my night guard.
    Rave: I have a night guard. Now I just have to re-acclimate to wearing it.
    Rant: Barely made it to spin class this am.This is what happens when I hit snooze twice.
    Rave: Work is suddenly, unexpectedly busy. I will take it.

    • Did you get your night guard at the dentist or one of the CVS ones? If the latter, are they comfortable? I grind my teeth too and often wake up with a headache and sore jaw so I should really do something about it…

      • binpetworth

        Not artemis, but I just got a specialty night guard from the dentist for the same problem. It was a little weird getting used to it, but damn! Cured my jaw and headache pain instantly so now I want to wear it every night.

        • When I talked to my dentist about it he said it’d be about $600 to get one fitted so I’ve been hesitant…but it sounds like it might be worth it? Hmmm.

          • epric002

            definitely try the cheap kind first. i have a dentist made one that i hate- i spit it out in my sleep each night. another dentist wants to charge me like $500 to make a different kind of custom one but i’m reluctant too since i know that i spit out the other one. related rant- my dental insurance won’t cover night guards.

          • Also, even if you insurance doesn’t cover it, I think you can use FSA funds to pay for it (from the dentist, not from CVS).

        • SKT, maybe you can try a CVS one (or similar) first and then decide whether you want to invest in the $600 kind?
          My dentist told me that I should be using a nightguard. I have a drugstore one, but I need to stop dragging my feet and follow the setup instructions about boiling it, letting it set, etc., etc.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’ve tried both the drug store and specialty dentist made and the one from the dentist is far superior. Like the drug store one is complete garbage. My dental insurance covered most of the cost for my guard, so it was an easy decision to make. I’m so glad I did.

          • I’ve tried both and the drugstore ones can often cause additional problems. The one from a dentist will be fitted to your particular bite so will be much more comfortable and not likely to cause issues resulting from being misaligned. They seem expensive, but they last a fairly long time – the one I am currently using is >5 years old and is just fine, and I GRIND my teeth.

          • Hmm, good to know. Thanks for the info!

          • I have had bad nightguard experiences in the past and was relucant to spend $$$$ on one from the dentist, so I bought a nightguard from a dental lab on amazon – they send you a kit with putty and a plastic holder that you use to make an impression. The impression was pretty easy and only took a few minutes. You send back the putty form, then they make you the same kind of custom guard and send it back along with the plaster of your teeth (in case you want to order extras later). They have a couple of different kinds, I bought the “heavy duty” one and it was only around $150. It seems to be nearly identical to the one my dentist showed me as an example of the $500 kind. I only wear it so I can stop cracking my teeth, so I can’t speak to any headache-reducing capabilities. NAYY.

          • Thanks, decapod! I might try this!

      • I got mine from the dentist, and it cost about $500. If you can get your dentist to code the procedure as a result of you have TMJ (as opposed to just grinding your teeth), most insurance companies will then cover the cost.

        It is *worth* it once you get over the weirdness of wearing it. I have inflammation in my lower gums from grinding and I give myself wicked headaches, so worth the money to address those issues. That said, like binpetworth, the adjustment period is challenging.

        • hispanicandproud

          It’s worth getting used to! I used to grind like crazy and now I just wear my retainer at night and it seems to help out a lot. It’s a great habit to learn to wear it.

        • I have one from my dentist – really think it’s worth it to get one that is fitted for your mouth

    • Thanks for the info, y’all! I guess a trip to the dentist for a night guard is in order.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    My friends – please don’t respond to douchebag trolls – it just screws up the threading when I inevitably delete it. Thanks.

  • Rave: My one year old is finally walking. It is pretty amazing to watch her toddle around in circles. I realize that only her father and I (plus grandparents) really care about this, but it is still pretty cool.
    Rant: Other teams waiting until the last minute to finish things you need for big projects. All of my stuff is ready to go, but I keep having to wait for them to straighten themselves out and complete a very simple task. Plus we put in the request for these items in November.
    Rave: Have to buy a new car because our SUV is officially on its last legs. I am sad because I love this car, but I am excited about the prospect of a new one with cool new features.

  • Hey Popville! My boyfriend and I made the mistake of waiting until now to even think about making Valentine’s Day dinner reservations. None of the options on Open Table are that appealing to us (and the ones that are have since been taken in the last hour!). Our focus has turned now to another option: a “romantic” Valentine’s Day brunch. Does anyone know of any special Valentine’s Day brunches going on around DC, or have any suggestions for special locations? Thanks!

  • Rant/question: pulled up to the gas station this morning beside a guy who’d left his engine running and was in the process of filling his gas tank. The #1 rule at any gas station is to turn your car off, right? I pointed this out and he told me to “shut up, bitch,” which made me think not turning your car off is more common than I thought. I turn mine off every time; what’s the consensus on this?

  • Rave: Had a nice time with the friend from my hometown who stayed at my house Tuesday night through this morning.
    Rave: The friend’s visit spurred me to do some major house-tidying beforehand.
    Rant: Feeling groggy. Even when I get the recommended amount of sleep, it seems like I’m always having crazy dreams and when I wake up, I don’t feel rested.
    Rave: Remembered more than an hour after arriving at the office that I had a cold soda in my backpack (though perhaps not quite so cold now).

  • Rant: getting the fade treatment from a person I’ve been hanging out with for a month or so. Seems out of nowhere, which makes it all the more frustrating.

    Rave: Get to leave work early at least.

    • I’m sorry. There were two big discussions this week on the fade. Maybe some of that advice will help you or at least help you to know you’re not alone. Good luck!

      Rave: Thank you Popville. I took your advice (which was honest but kind). I did not email the new guy who went silent and while it sucks, I know it was the right thing. Moving on.

      • Thanks for the support. After a lot of not so great dates it felt different and thought the feeling was mutual. I guess it’s nothing a strong drink and going on some more dates won’t cure. Like other people said during the week though, it’d be nice if people were upfront instead of just ghosting away. At least it’s Friday.

        • I hear you. Have you asked what’s going on? After a month of dating, it’s not unreasonable to expect an explanation of some sort. I get that it’s uncomfortable, but it’s really not that hard to send an email or text telling someone you’ve had fun together, but you realized you’re just not a good fit. It’s so much kinder that way.

  • Rave: field trip to the planetarium
    Rave: I get to eat lunch at a normal time
    Rant: 45 minutes on the bus with 21 of my favorite 8 and 9 year olds

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Latin trivia night with Peace Corps friends was super fun last night. Even if we got shushed all night! Shhhhhh…
    Rave: Enjoying one of my final Fridays off with a long run this afternoon. A few more degrees and I’ll be out the door.
    Rave: Just sorted all my race bibs that I had stashed in a pile of rubble. What an expensive free hobby.
    Rave: Pacers 5K run with the ones I love this Sunday! So blessed to have such great and loyal friends.

  • Rant – Was told by our trainer that May is a reactive dog and would be a good candidate for doggie Prozac 🙁 This just confirms what we suspected about her, but we didn’t think it was that bad that she needed to be put on meds. The shelter said she was cool with other dogs, but she clearly has leash reactivity issues. It makes her life (and our life) hard because we live in a dog-friendly building in a dog-friendly neighborhood, there are dogs everywhere! During walks she stresses out to the point where we are not able to communicate with her, she won’t even take treats. We are just overwhelmed with her right now. I hope we are able to help her have a happier, less stressful life.
    Rave – She’s making progress with the rest of her clicker training.

    • special_k

      I know a lot of people who’ve been hesitant to use Prozac with their dog or cat and all have been so glad that they did. It really helped them and their pets and it doesn’t have to be permanent. I hope it works out well for May!

      • You’re right. I just spoke to her vet about it and we agreed that was a good option for her, so we’re gonna do it. Hopefully the combination of meds and training will make a difference!

    • epric002

      i’m sorry. i know how frustrating a dog-reactive dog can be. ours was TERRIBLE after we first adopted her (full on freak outs when seeing a dog blocks away- barking, lunging, flinging herself on the ground, it was like a toddler tantrum!), even though she had previously lived with other dogs and was fine with them at the adoption event. she may not have acted like this at all while in the shelter/foster care. dog personalities can really change once they are in “their” home. don’t give up on training. who is your trainer? it’s a lot of work but we’ve made a ton of progress with ours. what does your vet think RE prozac for your dog?

      • May seems fine with other dogs when she’s playing off leash, she played with dogs in the play pen at the shelter, but seeing them on leash she just freezes then starts lunging and whining. Like she has no control over herself, she just acts like a fool. We just spoke to the vet who agreed that Prozac was a good idea so we’re gonna do it. We’re in a bully breed manners class at Spot On training with Jackie, who’s been really helpful. We were working on leash skills using a decoy stuffed dog as a distraction and May froze and could not focus when she saw that dog and Jackie immediately put the dog away and described how when dogs get in a reactive state they can’t learn, and their stress hormones go off the charts and they can’t calm down. So we’re going to get on her meds for a few weeks then start reactive dog training with her and hope something works out.

        • epric002

          well i’m certainly not a trainer, but it sounds like there is hope! is she reactive while on leash around other dogs that she knows/likes/plays with? is she reactive when being walked by other people like a dog walker? (ours is rarely reactive for our dog walker) have you increased the value of the treats? ours isn’t interested in normal treats when she’s being reactive but will focus for chicken, meatballs, hot dog pieces, etc. is she able to focus if you intercede, with REALLY yummy treats, before she sees the dog? i.e., you see a dog a block away, may hasn’t seen it yet, you immediately start treating/distracting/praising so that she is being rewarded AS she sees the dog. good luck with everything!

        • I have a very reactive dog who does the same thing when she sees other dogs. One of the keys is understanding their exposure threshold – a dog might bother her at 20 feet away, but not be as much of a problem at 50 feet away (or whatever). If you can find that threshold and work with her before she hits it, you’ll gradually be able to expose her to other dogs on leash without her checking out completely. Epric’s advice is also great.

          Great books about the topic – Fiesy Fido by Patricia McConnell and Behavior Adjustment Training.

          • epric002

            +1 to identifying the threshold and working to improve from there. ours used to freak when a dog was so far away my husband and i didn’t even see it until she was freaking out and we started looking around for a dog. now, usually, she can be across the street from another dog and be ok. and by ok, i mean her mohawk may be up and she might do a little grumbling/hopping. you may also be able to identify if certain types of dog (breed, size, sex, color, ear shape, age) aggravate her more than others (ours has a special distaste for tiny dogs and female dogs). and lastly, the type of approach can matter too. ours is fine following another dog (at a distance), but really dislikes head-on encounters. we learned to always look around a corner before proceeding with her. i haven’t read any of patricia mcconnell’s books but they are recommended very frequently.

          • Thank you guys so much for the support and advice! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one out there with a stressed out reactive dog.

          • epric002

            you can do it! you are definitely not the only one out there. look for people who cross the street with their dog, and who wear treat pouches (yes, we know we look like idiots, but they’re so convenient)- they probably have a reactive dog too 🙂

          • LOL I totally rock the treat pouch!

    • My last dog was leash/reactive/agressive. It’s all about anticipation. Look for dogs approaching – tell/warn her then treat immediately – put her to heel – treat again when the other dog passes.

  • Rave: FRIDAY!
    Rave: School happy hour! (hopefully we reach critical mass… this is a new thing for us!)
    Rant: Strapless bras. I need to invest in body tape – although this bra was supposed to have magical sticking power!
    Rave: Boy was sooo sweet last night – he knows how to make any kind of day better.
    Rave: Thanks to the educational tax credit, I get all of my federal taxes back!
    Rant: DC need the same so I get that money back – oh well.
    Rant: Boss is in a mood. Hopefully he leaves early!

    • Strapless bras are the worst.

      • They are. I’m just sitting at my desk and it’s slid down.

        • lol, this just reminded me of the time in HS my friend was wearing a tube top and strapless bra. We were out eating dinner and I looked up and she didn’t even notice she’d had a very big and noticeable wardrobe malfunction. Sigh.

          • I have a haltertop wrap sundress I LOVE (I look so skinny in it!), but I can’t wear it anymore since a jerkface I was dating looked at me and said “you’re wearing THAT out?” because it showed so much cleavage – so I understand her pain. Maybe I should run it by boy and see what he thinks, or a tailor to fix certain, ehm, potential issue spots.

          • Ally

            It may not even be a real problem that requires tailoring (maybe ask your friends to see what they think?). Some of my exes were so paranoid about people hitting on me that they pretty much wanted me in nun attire. If you feel comfortable in it, wear it.

          • Definitely wear it if you feel good in it! 🙂

          • You can also try wearing a camisole underneath. I have a cleavage-showing halter dress that I can make work-appropriate by wearing a camisole in a complimentary color.

        • I have that problem even with bras that have straps. My shoulders are really narrow so the straps just slide off and suddenly the bra is around my waist. I would love to find a solution besides the racerback bras which only work with certain tops.

          • epric002

            start checking out bra bloggers. there are definitely brands/styles known for working or not working on narrow shoulders. not knowing your size range, i can’t recommend any specifically, but a quick google of bra size X for narrow shoulders should do the trick. bratabase also has great info on how bras fit. good luck!

          • epric002

            PS- not sure if you’re serious about it ending up around your waist, but if it is, your band is too big!

          • I have really narrow shoulders too and a fitting at Coup de Foudre did wonders! The woman knew exactly what type of bra I needed in order to keep the straps on my shoulders.

          • I don’t think my band is too big. I usually wear a 32 (30 if I can find it) and it’s nice and snug. I have one with a 28 inch band and it’s uncomfortably tight (and still slips down). I have a very hourglassy shape, so my torso tapers a lot from the chest to the waist. I think that’s why the bras want to travel down there.
            I used to think I was a C cup, but the last few bras I’ve bought were too small in the cup. Hard to believe I’d be a D though! I’m not THAT big.

          • epric002

            you must be really hourglassy if a 28 is too snug yet somehow slides down! and a D cup really, truly isn’t that big- all it means is that your bust is ~4″ bigger than your ribcage. american sizes are so messed up that we think that anything bigger than a D must be artificially enhanced, when in reality a ton of women are D+. no one would EVER describe me as full-busted, but every bra that fits me is a DD or larger.

          • C – I feel you. Definitely have the hourglass thing going for me, too. But it’s like I have a secret hourglass, only noticeable in belted dresses, A-lines, and bikinis. Or when I’m wearing a strapless bra, haha.

      • emvee

        Seconded. I’ve found I often consciously choose dresses that aren’t strapless to avoid having to wear them.

        • The dress I’m in isn’t strapless, but it has a low back and wide neck, so I need something that won’t show (this is all covered by a blazer for work – but I was hoping to take the blazer off for happy hour).

      • skj84

        I doublestick tape mine up. Just to be on the safe side.

    • That is disappointing, but not at all surprising. I have never been able to find a strapless bra that wasn’t more trouble than it was worth.

    • epric002

      it sounds like your band is too big? go get fitted at trousseau- they will even custom alter one for you. they did that for me and it’s the only one that stays put.

      • I know. I need to go in. I was hoping the (relatively) cheaper Victoria’s Secret that I bought in my apparent size would work.

        • epric002

          VS is the devil. every once in a while when i’m feeling obnoxious i’ll pop in and ask if they carry my size. i get a lot of quizzical looks. they have no idea what they’re doing size-wise.

    • I’ve heard of people with low-back dresses getting a cheap bra (even underwire) sewn into the front of the dress at a tailor, so they don’t have to worry about it falling/moving because it’s attached. You could try it!

  • Rave: nice get together last night with a group of former work colleagues. We get together monthly, more or less, and I’m always so happy to see them.
    Rave: good lab results after my surgery. There was always a small chance that my surgery could create new problems while solving other ones and it looks like I completely avoided that. Big relief.
    Rant: so sleepy after the late get-together and early morning doctor visit. And somehow I manage to sleep less on weekends, so I might need to fit in a nap or something tomorrow. Back on the hard caffeine today.
    Rave: getting trained on exciting things at work makes me more engaged with it and excited about a lot of potential opportunities. Lots to be positive about this week even though I’d love to take a long snooze.

  • How could I forget this rave? CAPS! Great game last night–quick response to the Senator’s goal, followed by another right after. Then holding the one-goal lead for the rest of the game despite a number of penalties. Great tight game! Bring it on again tonight!

  • Rant: This week can’t end fast enough. Boss’ boss has gone of the rails, and we’re just along for the ride. My office and another office are in a death spiral where almost nothing is “right” and morale is suffering accordingly among the teams. Some very talented and experienced individuals who do exceptional work are perilously close to pulling a Peter Gibbons, because the pain comes no matter what level of effort they exert. I used to love this job, but getting out of bed this week was very, very difficult. If only we could figure out a way to reset communications and expectations, life would be so much better.
    Rave: At least there’ll be some good running weather this weekend. Even if I run my feet bloody, at least it will mean I’m out of my office for a bit.

  • Rant: asked for two days off – either 2/19 and 2/20 or 3/5 and 3/6. Boss said no.
    Rant/rave: the only coworker left in my office got another job. So it will just be me with two micromanagers above me. I’m happy for her, since she was stuck doing mostly secretarial work since our admin assistant left. Since late September, we’ve lost 80% of our staff. I’m the lone 20% left.
    Rave: it’s Friday at least.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Joey Alexander. His music is wonderful — and he’s just getting started! I’m glad that I live on the same planet at the same time as Joey Alexander. Wow!
    Rave: Black cake! A friend made me a black cake for Christmas and I’ve stored most of it in the freezer. Wrapped in aluminum foil and tucked in a ziploc bag. (I’m SO trying not to think about one of IDGI’s recent posts as I type this. )
    Rave: What I feared might be a fade from a friend — is really just another lurching flaky bump. I’m cool with that — as long as I know what’s up.
    Query: Does anybody know of a hotel/other pool, preferably with a sauna where I can go and pay by the day? I need a staycation treat — badly.
    Rave: It’s the weekend! And it’s going to be almost warm!

    • If you can get to Virginia, go to SpaWorld for the day.

    • Ally

      They rarely have saunas, but I’m a big fan of solo stay-cations at the Kimpton hotels in DC. They’re usually quirky (which I like), affordable, and have last-minute reservations. I’ve stayed at one of their non-DC ones in Alexandria (can’t remember the name, but it would be on the Kimpton site) and it’s geared toward a spa-like experience. So, that might be an option. Wherever you end up, enjoy your time off 🙂

      • I stayed at the Hotel Monaco in Alexandria for a nice staycation and had a great time. I think on Friday evenings, area actors swing by for karaoke, so you get a professional showtunes revue for free!

        • Ally

          That’s awesome! Plus, my pregnant/non-drinking self temporarily forgot the best part about the Kimptons. Nearly all of them (in DC anyway), have a complimentary wine hour in the early evening. The never hurts when you’re starting your stay-cation!

      • Blithe

        Thank you all for the suggestions! I’m thinking that the Hotel Monaco’s are the ones that let you check out a goldfish for your stay. That would be a relaxing plus!

    • I Dont Get It

      Has my family ruined wrapped treats for everyone now?

      • Emmaleigh504

        only ones that are stored in the freezer.

      • I was out for part of the week and apparently I missed this. What did your family do, IDGI?

        • See these two links:
          IDGI’s father’s wife (I guess technically IDGI’s stepmother) had two rats, Lucy and Ethel. Around Thanksgiving, Ethel died.
          For some reason, Mrs. IDGI Sr. thought that Lucy and Ethel would need to be buried at the same time in order to go to heaven together. So she wrapped Ethel’s body in aluminum foil and put her in the freezer.
          Lucy died this week, but because Mr. and Mrs. IDGI Sr. were about to head off on a cruise, apparently Lucy has also been wrapped in foil and put in the freezer.

        • I Dont Get It

          From yesterday:

          “I regret to announce that after a short illness, the euthanization of Lucy the Rat of Senior Citizen Land FL and Southwestern Indiana. She was preceded in death by her sister rat Ethel whom she has already joined in the freezer until the funeral because her adoptive parents, IDGI SR and Crazy Wife leave for a cruise on Friday. She is also survived by 2 dog brothers and 4 declawed cats. In lieu of flowers please donate aluminum foil, Ziploc® bags or gift cards to the Golden Corral.”

  • Rave 1: G&G sunday, thanks for organizing! I will bring my seeds to trade.
    Rave 2: work is slowing finally, so caught up here a little and a thanks to all for the dating/letting go advice this week, I needed that to soothe a rejection.
    Rave 3: it’s going to be warm this weekend! Going to take the bike out for a good long ride.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: just checking my photos of volcanos taken from the plane. I’m happy.
    Rant: mosquito
    Rave: just killed the mosquito. Disregard previous rant.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Federal return hit today.
    Rave: Diamond now paid off.

  • Rant: Multiple friends have lost their jobs lately, and it’s having an effect on my spending. ‘Cause I won’t let them pay for their own movie tickets or dinners out, and I won’t let them sit home and feel isolated and depressed. Any tips for stuff I can do to keep their spirits up that won’t leave me in the red? Museums and stuff are nice, but we’re mostly getting together in the evenings. And I know they’re going stir crazy staying home.

    • What about inviting them to your place for dinner and/or drinks and or a movie rental? You could even send them home with leftovers if you make something like lasagna or a casserole that is affordable and makes big portions.
      One the weather is nicer, I think it will get a lot easier. You could always do long walks, picnics, hikes, etc.

    • Nights in – buy a bottle of wine and make dinner to share. I used to do this with my friends when we were all interns/students/starting out on LOW entry-level jobs.

    • Just because someone lost a job doesn’t mean they can’t go out ever. Assuming these are relatively recent (not being unemployed for a long while), I don’t see why they can’t cover a drink or 2. Happy hour is generally cheaper than dinner or a movie. Maybe you can help out by covering the tip. Or do a Netflix night with homemade food.

    • Host. Buy box wine.
      Cheap, effective, and in the morning, they won’t know whether they are depressed from being unemployed or being hungover.

      • emvee

        I don’t care how much folks judge me, don’t knock the bota box until you try it! I’ve helped many a friend with a homemade meal and a bota box.

        • I will give Bota a shot. I really liked the Blue+Yellow Torrontes a few years back. That stuff was fantastic and came in $8 liter cartons. Perfect accompaniment for an afternoon hike with cheese and crackers.

        • Ally

          Yeah, I will sheepishly throw in a +1 for the Bota Box as well. Eco friendly and tasty.

        • emvee

          If you put it in a decanter, no one ever has to know!

    • Perhaps have them over and you can cook dinner together? That’s more cost effective and gives them the opportunity to contribute something (their labor).

    • I agree with Anon Spock, but at the same time, coming from a pretty low-income upbringing where I sometimes really couldn’t afford to do things, I think you’re an amazing person for not letting them sit at home! I would love to have a friend like you.

      • I grew up very poor and was off work for a good while, so I get it, but if it’s so many ppl and so often that it affects their finances, its a problem. Going out for movies is expensive! Redbox is $1. You can certainly help someone get over a layoff without bankrolling the entire group of unemployed ppl. Are there other friends who could pool money for an outing?

        • Yes, I agree! Movies is too much in my opinion, I wouldn’t expect that. But coffee or a drink is nice. There are one or two times I really could have used a friend that would have done that. I think it really would have lifted my spirits.

      • Appreciate the responses…. I guess I was looking for evening things to do OUT. One friend has been unemployed for three months now, and we’ve been getting together at once a week or to cook and drink cheap wine and watch netflix at my place, or hers. Looking for a little variety, something fun that would stave off the boredom/ depression/ panic of unemployment.
        Two other friends have a spouse who’s working, so we can do mostly evenings in, with occasional indulgences. But I still subsidize, because I remember how scary it was when I was in those shoes.

        • How about Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center? You can see or hear different performances, and it is free.

  • I Dont Get It

    Confession: My Christmas tree is still up! Insert judgment below. There it is, standing in the front window, mocking me every time I go in or out. My excuse is I was sick most of January as was annoyingly documented here. Really I was sick, remember?
    Rave: I baked another Oriental sweet potato last night and sprinkled feta cheese on it. Yum!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I know at least one other person that still has a tree up. What’s your estimated tree removal time? Her’s is St Patrick’s Day.

      • I Dont Get It

        I’m always tardy (hey it’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?) but normally it’s gone somewhere between my birthday and the Super Bowl. My goal now is to have it down by Valentine’s Day. Maybe I should shut my curtains so people don’t see it from the street?

        • Emmaleigh504

          I think y’all should have a competition to see who keeps it up longest. You, Ally, and my pal Lisalog. My money was on Lisalog, but I think it’s on Ally now.

          • The competition is on! I’m thinking of putting Valentine’s Day decorations on mine.

          • Emmaleigh504

            There’s this house on St Chuck in New Orleans that had a tree up year round on their front sun porch. The decorated it for every major holiday and some minor ones. I loved it. They did it for years, but then either died or moved b/c one day it disappeared.

      • I didn’t take my Christmas tree down until the weekend of January 24-25.
        It wasn’t visible from outside the house, though. I did take my wreath down promptly on January 6.

    • Ally

      My tree is up too. It’s even worse that I hadn’t remembered that until reading your post.

  • epric002

    rave: got 7 hours of sleep last night thanks to husband staying in puppy room.
    rave: puppy did the backyard stairs all by himself this morning! down & up!
    rant: colleague was kind of a dick to me in a meeting today. i asked when we were going to get the departmental memo telling us to do X. (whenever we do X, we always get a departmental memo). he asked me where the requirement was to do a memo for X. dude. i didn’t make this up, you’ve done a memo for X annually- people (our bosses) expect it. especially since you didn’t even bother sending out the interagency’s memo for X.

  • Not a rant or rave, but does anyone have recs for good Indian delivery in the Logan Circle area? I’m new to Indian food (and kind of new to the area). Yelp has some suggestions, but PoPville probably has better 🙂

  • Rave: Broad City this week. The casting of Ilana’s parents was brilliant. I didn’t really need to know what “pegging” is, but I still found it funny and I learned something new.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Feeling a bit better today
    Rave: I stopped by the house this morning to check on progress. Things are moving along nicely, and I managed to salvage some old wood that was otherwise going to the dump for a fun project I have in mind.
    Rave: It’s FRIDAY 🙂
    Rant: The potential roommate that I was most excited about cancelled last night. I found someone to take my spot in April, but not my friends spot in March. I’m not stressed yet, but I wish I had something in place! If anyone loves doggies and works on the blue/orange/silver lines and is looking please touch base with Dan and I can email you!
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Ally

    Rave: My fiance’s wedding band (which I saved up for for months) just arrived, and it’s even nicer and more beautiful than it looked online. This is much better than my usual online shopping experience, which could best be summed up with “objects in mirror are far smaller than they appear.” (Once ordered what I thought was a copper cookware set from France and, instead, measuring cups arrived.

    Rant: Brrr!

  • Rant: Boss is not acting as an advocate for me. Don’t people realize that this is the kind of thing that makes people look for new jobs?

    • I probably shouldn’t feel quite so down about this, but I do. 🙁 It seems to be an indication of things to come, and it does not bode well.

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