Queen Vic: “you are so very, very lucky to be in a cell right now and not a hospital”

1206 H Street, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending from the Queen Vic’s Facebook page Saturday:

“Last night, two d-bags came into The Vic and sat at the bar. After ordering a drink they proceeded to tell our bartender how she needed to be f****d hard by them. They were given the option of either going to the upstairs bar and leaving her alone or leaving. They didn’t like either option and instead said that our other staff members should f*** her and “break her in two”. So they were kicked out. After punching two members of staff and breaking our windows, the police arrested and charged them.

So first, we would like to say THANK YOU to our members of staff and our loyal regulars who immediately came to our defense, and showed amazing self restraint (even after being punched in the face). We know exactly how this could have gone down, but you all did the right thing and we are so very grateful for that.

Secondly, thank you to the police for arriving before things got too out of hand and dealing with the situation so effectively.

And last, to the two p****s who started all of this (whose names we are not going to post), you are so very, very lucky to be in a cell right now and not a hospital. Next time, you may not be so lucky.”

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  • Good for you guys. Way to protect your employees, and good on your for showing restraint. You’re one of my favorite places on H St for all kinds of reasons, and now I have another one.

  • That is insane, how they were even given an option to stay if they went upstairs in the first place is bad, but wow, glad they were arrested

    • I wonder if the choice to go unstairs indicates that this sort of commentary from patrons is routine.

      • As a female and former bartender elsewhere, I can attest that inappropriate comments are pretty common among patrons. We mostly just chock it up to intoxication and shrug it off unless it becomes more persistent or threatening, in which case the bouncers will step in.

      • Well, bars are known for occasional verbal unpleasantness. I wouldn’t say it’s “routine” but I guess that depends on your definition. But I think most bars will attempt to defuse such a situation at first rather than go straight to confrontation and ejection.

    • The upstairs bartender, Joe, is an awesome, hilarious, gruff, take-no-bullshit kind of guy. I think it’s actually pretty amusing that the first option given to jerks is to take their shenanigans upstairs and see where that gets them. I suspect “shut down right quick” is the answer.

  • Don’t give pigs an option. They mistreat your staff, they should get shown the door. Period. First and only choice is (a) walk out the front door, (b) get walked to a jail cell, or (c) get carried to a hospital. They get to choose.

    • I agree. I know bar staff have to put up with an awful lot of crap from customers, but even the first comment seemed heinously over the line. They should have been out the door that moment. Or, if this kind of thing is just considered a normal weekend night, I have to wonder how much of their clientele is female. I sure as hell wouldn’t go back to a place with that environment.

  • Bartenders have to put up with some real insane s**t. Remember to tip them well.

  • Surprised that so much restraint was shown given the circumstances. I wouldn’t have given them any choices.

  • I absolutely love QV. Damn shame some folks had to come in acting like this. I’m proud that some regulars stepped in to help the bouncers though.

  • Brooklyn Brawler

    If it’s the female bartender I’m thinking she’s super nice and a legend at Queen Vic. She didn’t deserve such treatment from those two a$$holes. Hope she’s okay!

    I am also neighbors with one of the male staffers there. Also pray he wasn’t one if the employees to get punch.

    H Street will be better off without douchebags like those two guys! And who in their right mind would cause such a scene and destroy property of an establishment without thinking there would be consequences? Witnessed destruction of property at RUMORS a few weeks back and I sprung into action to help the staff and stayed until the police came to identify the guys who broke their front windows. Dumb asses!!!!

  • I love this place even more now, knowing how they stand up for their employees!

  • skj84

    Good for management for standing up for their staff. I can think of too many restaurants that would let these dbags behavior go or worse blame the bartender.

  • Love the Vic – my favorite bar on H St. Hearing about incidents like this makes me glad such douchebaggery isn’t tolerated there. Take it somewhere else!

    • Or even better – leave it at home. I love the QV and was thinking of going there this past Friday night. A visit is certainly in order in the near future!

  • I understand the self-restraint on not posting names…but in all seriousness (fully understanding what a litigious society we now have)… Why not post the names of the suspects? Maybe public shaming is not such a bad thing.

    It would sure make life easier for everyone else when people have to take responsibility for acting like bungholes.

  • I was with a bunch of friends in the “fishbowl” area by the front of the bar on Friday night when this all went down. SHIT.WAS.CRAZY. We left immediately after being showered in glass from the guys kicking out the window. Glad to hear they were caught

  • Their pictures AND their faces should be posted. If they have the gall to treat folks the way they did, they should get some shame mixed in too.

    • Should be public record, no? Maybe a popvillager will use their internet-fu and find us some mugshots.

      • I don’t think that MPD releases mug shots… something about innocent until proven guilty and the chance for a miss-identification… there was an article a few years back about it.

        • Bingo-Bango- Chief Lanier(I believe- shes a pretty smart lady, running a rapidly improving force) said it was no-go since people can have their charges dropped, or downgraded via any number of avenues and it can often times be a punishment that does not fit the crime- in this case, I would suspect that the gentlemen charged will pay restitution and get stuck with lowgrade vandalism charges; or have them dropped all together. The city also has bigger fish to fry.

        • DC CapHill

          Really? You don’t think that complainant X had his name listed on said complaint, and a copy made for establishment Y, so that it can be followed-up on? How are you going to misidentify someone ID’ed and confirmed by DCPD?

          Post their names, and their Facebook pages, and they will be dealt with accordingly. So sick and tired of the amateur lawyers in this city, wanting to hide behind rules and statutes, instead of just letting karma and street justice work more expediently.

          To put it bluntly….F*CK THOSE GUYS.

  • justinbc

    I was there, couldn’t believe this shit happened here. It’s such a nice neighborhood bar, but sometimes they are definitely lenient with folks who are way too drunk. Not such a bad thing when it’s me, a calm drunk, but other folks don’t handle it so well. In any case, was amazed to see Ryan be able to hold back and not floor these fools. Poor guy left the night with a real shiner though.

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