Psyched for Slim’s Diner? Fill Out this Survey and Let ’em Know What You’d Like to See There this Summer

Georgia and Upshur St, NW

From the folks at Slim’s Diner:

“We’d like to get your help in spreading the word about a survey for our new diner coming to Petworth – Slim’s Diner.

We are soliciting input from neighbors about their ideas and preferences. We’d like to know about favorite diners in other places. We’d also like to collect names for our email list so that folks can follow our progress. (As an incentive to participate, we will draw a name out of the hat for a $50 Gift Certificate for when Slim’s Diner opens.)

Find the Survey here.

Slim’s Diner will open in the Summer at the corner of Georgia Ave. & Upshur St. in the heart of Petworth.”

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  • Anyone out there remember the name of the old hippie diner in Dupont Circle? Years and years ago, very chill, Takoma Park-esque, had open mic/live music, closed years ago….

  • In house made Beef Brisket Hash please!

  • They are really inflating my expectations with a question like “What is your favorite?” It makes me think of the great NJ diner Mastori’s and I don’t know how this place could even come close. I am still very excited for any diner in Petworth!

  • Daily Blue Plate Specials with epic milk shakes and desserts!

  • Blithe

    Sip and Bite in Baltimore. Cafe Edison NYC. Very different places — but both are/were places that comfortably feed/fed and nurtured neighbors as well as tourists. I would want to see chicken noodle/matzoh ball soup on the menu; I’d want to see waffles and tuna melts — even though I’d never order them, and I’d order a good crab cake omelette at least once a week. I guess my ideal would be old fashioned homestyle food — that’s a pain to make at home.

  • Those are some pretty specific questions they are asking. Why am I telling them if they should have a TV? Kind of worrisome….

    • Blithe

      I think that’s a good question to have on the survey — in part because it’s pretty polarizing. There are people like me who, all things being equal-ish, will always choose the restaurant without a tv, because I want to chatter — without having to screen out the noise from the tv. There are other people who would hesitate to go to a restaurant without a tv. I think it’s a great question to have in a survey for a neighborhood restaurant — in part because there’s no other way to get easily this kind of information. I can easily be turned off by tv noise or background music that’s not to my taste — but I’d never tell this to a manager, I’d just assume that I’m not the customer that they want to attract and choose another spot.

  • Greek style family restaurant. They know what they’re doing. good food. Affordable. Drinks. The kind of place that will draw seniors during the day and young people at night.

    • Oh man, Petworth could totally use a greek style restaurant. Driving up to the Big Greek Cafe in Silver Spring is a pain!

  • Would love a good plate of American food in the $10 – $15 price point, especially a delicious handmade burger. Classy, but no small plates. No hipster overblowing of basic ingredients. No pretense. Just a nice place to saunter into on Sat mornings after a big night or to bring out of town guests. I want my grandmas kitchen.

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