Props to the Cops – loaded .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol recovered in Columbia Heights

From MPD:

“On 02/25/2015, at approximately 7:20 pm, members of the 3rd District VICE Unit were patrolling the 1300 block of Columbia Road, NW when they contacted two adult males who were seated within a motor vehicle in the parking lot of said location. Upon contact with them, both subjects were found in possession of narcotics and a loaded .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol. Both adult male subjects were arrested and charged accordingly.”

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  • Not that I don’t appreciate narcotics and semi-automatic weapons and individuals who possess them being taken off the street, but how did this go down? “Upon contact with them” seems extremely vague considering that, by this account, the two individuals were just sitting in the car. Unless the weapons or drugs were in plain sight, this seems strange.

  • Have you walked down that road. I’m sure some idiot probably had it in his waist band in plain view.

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