Police Involved Shooting near U Street 11:35pm Last Night – “Suspect May Have Turned Gun on Self”



MPD Investigating a Fatal Police Involved Shooting: 1400 block of Swann Street, NW

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating a police involved shooting that occurred in the 1400 block of Swann Street, NW. Preliminary information indicates that at approximately 11:35 pm on Thursday, February 12, 2015, officers from the Third District were in the area of the 1400 block of Swann Street, NW when they interrupted a robbery in progress. While trying to detain the male suspect, he produced a handgun and fled. Officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect, who continued to flee. The suspect was located suffering from a gunshot wound in the 1500 block of Caroline Street, NW. Preliminary information indicates the suspect may have turned the gun on himself.

The suspect’s identity is being withheld until positive identification is made.

No injuries were sustained by the MPD officers. The investigation continues. Anyone who has information regarding this case should call police at 202-727-9099. Additionally, information may be submitted to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”

UPDATE – More details from ANC 2B09 – Commissioner Noah Smith:

One or more armed robberies occurred near 14th St last night after 11pm. Police were chasing a suspect through the neighborhood on foot including on 15th Street and T Street and the surrounding alleys. Gunshots were exchanged in the chase. The suspect eventually died on Caroline St and the circumstances of the death are still under investigation.”

Eyewitness report from the scene last night:

“Craziness on 15th at nw between Swann and T tonight…At least 10 gunshots, I looked out the window because I thought a rock had hit our window. Two bicycle police had dropped their bikes and had drawn their guns facing down the alley on the other side of the street, looking toward 14th St. I assume they were exchanging gunfire with the suspects, although I don’t know who was firing. Crime scene tape now enclosed our street entirely”

Last night @DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“Alert: Shooting at 2400 hrs in the 1400 block of Swann Street, NW. No Lookout”

@tomlewis151 tweeted us the photo above:

“@PoPville lots of shots fired in alley 1400blk of T. My car is now in a crime scene! Hope everyone is safe!”

WJLA reports:

“The circumstances surrounding the shooting death about 11:30 p.m. Thursday in the 1500 block of Caroline Street NW were not immediately clear.”

and this morning @tomlewis151 tweets us the photo below:

“@PoPville morning after the shooting. Still a heavy police presence.”


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  • I saw this on my way to work. Still taped off.

    • the suspect has half a dozen violent felony arrests and two felony convictions. He gets a DC conviction for a violent felony. The next year a DC felony conviction with illegal firearm. Also has at least then misdemeanor arrests.

      Why was he not in prison for much longer after so many arrests including two felonies??????

  • Thank God they got him. One less armed criminal in the street. Props to the cops!

  • Serious props to the cops last night! It was extremely scary and the police responded extremely quick.

  • How can you say “props to the cops” when we don’t even know what happened for sure? Even if the shooting turns out to be justified (and/or the suspect died of self-inflicted wounds), I won’t commend the police for not letting residents know what was going on…It would be nice to at least get a note when your house his taped off for 6+ hours

    • Right, because the police have time to put notes on your door. If you can navigate to Popville, you can jump on twitter and find out everything as it unfolds. There were lots of messages on Twitter coming out from official DC feeds about this. So yeah, “props to the cops”.

      • I know MPD is on Twitter so when I saw a dozen of emergency vehicles in front of my house I did check twitter and there was no information about it (understandable, I don’t expect police to live tweet). Now, when I have to walk across a crime scene to leave my house and go to work I expect to at least know what’s going without having to spend time checking dozens of (unreliable) sources. Oh and sorry I don’t rejoice at people being killed even if they are robbers. And again, we don’t really have enough information about the shooting to make meaningful conclusions at this point.

        • Yeah, Twitter was not a reliable source of information last night. There was a lot of speculation that there was still a second armed suspect at large due to the crazy police presence.

        • While I agree with your assertion that it’s too early to congratulate the police (What, exactly, are we congratulating at this point?), I don’t think the police owe you a detailed, line-by-line explanation of what exactly transpired if you are no longer in danger. Yes, there was a shooting near your house, but this you already knew. No, you are no longer in danger – this was hopefully communicated.

        • Wow. You really do represent the worst of self-entitled DC. In a situation like this there are a million things going on and making sure that you — individually — are informed is something like priority 999,998. Lots of other people managed to figure out what was going on and yet somehow you want to be personally spoon-fed information from people whose time would be better spent doing things like, oh, I dunno… making sure that this guy didn’t leave ammunition or another gun around for a kid to find, or looking for possible accomplices, or trying to document the multiple crime scenes so the streets could reopen in a reasonable amount of time.
          And as for your self-righteous thing about rejoicing, I don’t see anyone rejoicing here. What’s been disclosed so far, however, is that a robbery suspect produced a gun. That the robbery suspect wound up dead shortly thereafter seems like a better conclusion than a police officer or a robbery victim or innocent bystander.

          • You think it’s “self-entitled” to want information when the police are shooting at people ten feet from your front door?

    • I live at 15th and Caroline, and a police officer knocked on our door at 8am to brief us on the situation. They told us what had happened and were nice about answering any questions we had. They were going door-to-door on my block, so yes, props to the cops!

      • I am happy to know they took the time to do that. I left home around 6am and no officer was around so I just ignored the tape. My husband left later and did not receive a briefing either…

        • “so I just ignored the tape” – I think your claim of non-entitlement just went out the window. It’s people like you who ignore warnings and “caution tape” that make the Police’s job difficult. I’d be thankful that they didn’t arrest you for obstructing a crime scene. I hope you’re thanking whoever you thank that the person was not still 10 feet from your house.

          And yes, the Police deserve thanks. No one else was hurt besides the criminal. That seems successful to me.

          • They’re not entering a police cordon, they were already in one. So they’re supposed to…what? Be trapped in their home with no information until the police eventually get around to telling them what to do? The police roped off multiple residential blocks and the people who live there are still expected to show up at work in the morning.

          • I can think of a couple things off the top of my head: call the police yourself (ugh. I know, that’s rough to be proactive) or check to see if the back of your house is cautioned off. And yes, they are entering one since they said their house was taped off (see above). If they weren’t taped off, they wouldn’t have known they were taped off for 6+ hours. Also, it sounds like they had 6+ hours to figure out what to do (ah!) when they had to leave. Just because you don’t have tolerance for an ongoing investigation does not give you the right to do what you want. Try that in a location near the White House when that was taped off, I’d love to see what happened. Again, they should be thankful that the person was not still at large (which I guess they would have known if they were proactive). Sorry, no sympathy – be a responsible adult and figure it out.

          • @Dupont Resident. I really have nothing to add except for the fact that your tone offends me. Only about 1% of the taped off area was an active crime scene. Three blocks of people were cordoned off without any notice of what the police were doing (despite the fact that residents were effectively trapped by over-aggressive cops restricting movement out of the area). Moreover, why would you call the police when there are dozens of cops in your immediate vicinity? If a cop you’re speaking to face to face isn’t helpful, why would calling “the police” (who do you have in mind btw, 911?) be any different?

        • You ignored the tape? Really?? Thanks for being a model citizen.

          • Accountering

            Lets save the vitriol for the guy doing the shooting, not the guy who still has to show up to work.

          • vitriol comes from “Anon”‘s attitude – the Police are already at work trying to do their job. This person would be the first person to through the Police under the bus if the crime scene was contaminated by ignorant people like this.

          • I walked through it too. had to get to work and get off of my block.

      • I live on the east side of 15th right across from Caroline Street….we got nothing. No one tried to contact us last night (even though the shooting happened literally right in front of our house) and no one tried to contact us this morning. I had no idea if I was allowed to leave the house to go to work.

    • FWIW, there were several “DC Alert” messages on this, including alerts about the crime itself and the investigation. The alerts said the investigation would continue through rush hour this morning. You can sign up here and I think they’re really useful: http://hsema.dc.gov/page/alertdc

    • Accountering

      Yup, props to the cops. There was a criminal with a gun, and no police officers or innocent bystanders were hurt. Props to the Cops.

  • Sign me up for a Million Dollar condo!

    • Not sure that will help…the building in this picture is the garage/carriage house featured multiple times on Pop that sold for around a million when it got in an insane bidding war 3 or so years ago…:) it’s DC shootings by million dollar condos happen all the time 🙁

  • Damn difficult and dangerous job. Glad no Officers were injured. Nice work!

  • This thread is hilarious. You literally expect the police to give you a note each time a crime happens and they tape an area? The MPD twitter feed last night was pretty helpful. I think what you fail to realize is that the police themselves didn’t know what happened for some time. When one of the officers interviewed me about 30 minutes after they still didn’t fully know what had happened or at least they weren’t willing to disclose because it was an on-going investigation. I’d much rather them spend their time figuring out what the heck happened and ensuring it doesn’t happen again but that’s just my opinion. It sounds like the only person hurt last night was the alleged criminal….big loss. It’s a miracle with all of those shots nobody else was hurt so hell yeah prop to the cops!

  • Whenever I hear about the three-block-long Swann Street I remember the unsolved murder of Robert Wone.

    • Robert Wone wasn’t invovled in a shootout with the cops, didn’t die on the street, and was speculated to be killed by his “gay friends” after being sexually assaulted. I find his death irrelevant to the events that transpired last week.

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