Planet Pet to be Permanent on 14th Street “redevelopment of the property with the rear addition was no longer in play”

1738 14th Street, NW

A reader reports:

“I stopped by the new Planet Pet space on 14th Street this week and asked what their plan was. According to the woman I spoke with they were there for the long term and were going to occupy the entire building. The first floor will be the day care and retail. They have to do some renovation before the day care is ready. The second floor will be grooming. The top floor will be an apartment for the owner. She said the plan for the redevelopment of the property with the rear addition was no longer in play.”

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  • A pet store on 14th street? Nice! I hope they sell a decent variety of pet food so one doesn’t have to trek to columbia heights or cleveland park!

    • From their web site it seems like they previously carried a pretty good mix of high-quality independent labels plus some of the better stuff that’s available at the big chains. Personally I wouldn’t go lower-end than that – some of the stuff they put in cheap pet food is incredibly nasty.

  • Mr.Kitty & Poes

    I took my sweet little cat named Poes to Planet Pet for a hair trim because her hair was too long. Now I know they had just moved to their new location but the place was completely disorganized and messy. Yet somehow I trusted them enough to leave Poes there. I was told I was going to get a call when they were finished which they didn’t so I went back there a few hours later to find out that she had been ready and sitting in her little cage for a long time. When I got home, I realized that not only did they do a completely shoddy job, but THEY CUT OFF MY CAT’S WHISKERS!!! Seriously. Never again.

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