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  • …how is day care going to fit in there…? I mean, happy for their return but….

  • Wait – are they open yet?? I’m dying without them.

  • Seems to me like they are just are using the existing space – I don’t remember seeing anything being done to it. Seriously creepy entrance. I would never want to leave my dog there. They need a Tabatha take-over!

  • Since that particular building is scheduled for a complete renovation and the Planet Pet Web site said it would take them 4-6 months to reopen, I am guessing this is a temporary home for them. Probably just retail and no day care on site.

    • My guess (they’ve been {intentionally?} vague about this) is that this is their temporary retail space and pickup/dropoff for the shuttle that they’re running to VA.

  • Doesn’t seem to be any permits posted. They spray painted the windows so you can’t see in. Seems pretty fishy.

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