Pizza Parts & Service: “Friends, we’re closed right now. More info coming ASAP.” UPDATE – For Sale

1320 H Street, NE

UPDATE from a reader it’s for sale:

“RARE Restaurant for Sale in the H St neighborhood!

-1,500 sf
-Fully built out
-22 seats
-Great foot traffic in a HOT neighborhood!
-Can easily be changed to any concept or run as-is!

Rent: $4,000 /month
Lease: 8 years + 2 options
Price: $333,000

Cryptic message from Pizza Parts & Service yesterday:

“Friends, we’re closed right now. More info coming ASAP.”

The last time 1320 H Street, NE had a cryptic message Taylor Charles Steak & Ice turned into Pizza Parts & Service.

Will update when that info is released.

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  • So weird. This place is actually very good but the service is very inconsistent. They are frequently out of items and their delivery times are completely unpredictable. I hope they can get their act together.

  • Place was fantastic when it first opened a year or so ago (when the owners were running the day to day). Quickly went downhill in terms of service, delivery, and quality. Had one great order, second order was late and incorrect (but refunded), third and final order was a travesty.

  • Best slices of pizza on H st! I hope they stay.

  • I live between here and H & Pizza and always found myself going to the latter. I truly think a burger place would make a killing.

  • I’d really like this place to succeed. When they first opened, I much preferred their pizza over We! The Pizza, and it was nice to have another pizza delivery option when there are far too few. Since then, it’s been really inconsistent. Sometimes their pizza it’s great, sometimes it’s meh. The service is inconsistent, and I once got food poisoning from them. Such a shame considering they’ve pretty much got things down with Taylor. Don’t get how this place could be such a mess.

  • NOOOOO!!! I love this place….say it isn’t so!!!

  • brookland_rez

    I enjoyed the Steak and Ice concept. They should have kept that.

  • Well that’s a shame. I prefer H&Pizza, but for delivery, this was the best option in the area. I agree that delivery times could take long and once they sent us the wrong pizza, but made up for it by sending another out free. I’ll be curious to see what happens.

  • I experienced the same inconsistent service – late orders, incorrect orders. But like someone mentioned, they did try to make up for it w/ free food. None the less, you couldn’t count on them to deliver in any reasonable amount of time. I guess the Taylor guys just don’t have the capacity to pay attention to it. It’s a shame, it really was good.

    • It’s been basically two cycles of the same thing. First month of opening, things are great. Then everything absolutely nose-dives after that. It really annoyed me that they tried to fix things with free food., which you’d be lucky to get in any sort of timely manner. Why not just get it right the first time? It was very apparent that both the Steak & Ice and Pizza Parts operations were run by folks who completely did not give an eff about the business.

  • Well that was fast. I’d been planning to try this place the next time I ordered a pizza but it looks like I missed the opportunity.

  • While the food at Parts and Service is great, I must agree with other posters. The delivery times are crazy, but also I have noticed a drop off in quality since the opening rush and the owners are no longer there full time.

    Honestly I had issues lately with all the Taylor Gourmets businesses that I have been a HUGE fan of since they opened up years ago on H. It has gotten to the point where I just do not go anymore.

    In the past 18 months, I gave up on delivery. After multiple times taking more than 2 hours to receive my food ( I live 6 blocks from the H St location) . The owners and or managers on duty could care less. The most disappointing thing at Gourmet is the drop off in quality of the product. Myself and friends would have 30 or 40 dollars worth of food delivered and either our order would be incorrect or the worse yet, the quality and portions have dropped off significantly. Salads are have become a tiny shadow what they once were with no drop in price. I gave up completely when I was ordering one type of salad and it would show up with items are not ever that type of salad. Like the person making did not even care to look at the ingredients list. What if someone had a food allergy???????

    I do not mind paying 12 bucks for a salad, I do it all the time at Sweetgreen. The prices are high, but the quality and service is exceptional. Making the 12 bucks for a salad much more digestible.

    As for Taylor, I reached out to managers at several stores and expressed my issues in a very mild mannered way, just letting them know I am a weekly customer and the quality and service of their establishment was really going downhill. But again I was ignored and they eventually they just stopped acknowledging I had an issue. So I acknowledged their non acknowledgement by spending my money elsewhere.

    Really hoping for a return to the root of their business and quality that they were once known for to me. Would love to be a regular customer again.

    • DITTO on Taylor Gourmet! I do have food allergies and nearly every time we’ve ordered from them, either from home (H St) or work (Penn) my order has been wrong and the stores have been very rude & reluctant about making it right. We used to place $300+ orders monthly from their catering service and it was fantastic until they decided to bring us stale bread, soggy boxes, and wilted salads, 2 hours late and the wrong order from what we placed.

      I must be a glutton for punishment because after a month goes by I try it again and I’m disappointed nearly every time. It’s the only togo/delivery option for gluten-free by my house though (wheat & barley allergies).

    • +1 on Taylor Gourmet. My last time there, they TOTALLY botched my order. The correct sandwich name was on the receipt, but it’s like the person who made the sandwich decided to make whatever she wanted. SMH.

  • justinbc

    Was not a fan. They really handled sanitary conditions poorly when it was both Taylor Steak and Pizza Parts.

  • Unfortunately it was the best cheap late-night food on H St. Sometimes you just want a slice of pizza and not an entire &pizza, Sol burrito or expensive pie. The service was so inconsistent though, and it sounds like even more so with delivery. Here’s to hoping they keep the concept with some better management.

  • I went there once and had one of the worst experiences of my life dealing with the staff. The pizza being good could’ve helped make up for it, but the pizza was god awful. This was when I realized how much pizza mattered in my life, it legitimately ruined my night.

  • I’ve always wondered why Taylor has never expanded into Petworth? I’d kill for a Taylor Gourmet, Pizza or Cheese Steak option. Anything fast casual for families would do very well in the neighborhood.

  • I’ve been buying pizza from these guys since the beginning. Had my pizza handed to me from an owner. I loved their pizza & salads even tho I thought they had the best pizza around. It’s only pizza, but it’s a sad day for pizza lovers.

    I saw all sorts of problems in operations. Staff not showing up. 2hr wait for a pizza. This is essy for me to say but I wish they would fix the operational problems instead of shut down.

  • (soon to be) 3 concepts in 2 years…… I hope this turns into a retailer or something. Think it’s cursed as far as restaurants go and as far as I’m concerned its on the wrong end of H St for it to be sustainable as another restaurant. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Word on the street is it’s turning into a We The Pizza. No worries, pizza fans.

  • I am in the same camp with Taylor over in the Ballston/Virginia Square. Bread was old and they messed up the sandwich on two visits.

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