Pint Night at The Heights every Wednesday


Thanks to a reader for sending the photo above:

“As I was walking up 14th Street in Columbia Heights, I saw a poster for this promotion and thought I would send a heads up.”

Back in December we learned The Heights had been sold by Eatwell DC but would remain a “neighborhood-centric place”. Anyone visit since the new ownership took over?

3115 14th Street, NW

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  • samanda_bynes

    huh – that’s kinda cool. been there a few months back and it wasn’t bad at all. didn’t blow me away, but they always seem to have some decent clientele in there.

  • So far I do not think there have been any changes. I met the new owner – very professional and his family have a number of restaurants out west so he knows what he is doing. The staff I know all seem to like him. From our conversation I think he intend to take it up a notch but he is listening very carefully to his clientele.

  • I just got home from happy hour at the Heights – my much welcomed neighborhood bar. Nothing much has changed (thankfully – though I still hate the new bar stools!) Same great staff and great food – seriously, I usually eat burgers (the best!) or Ginger Calamari, but had an amazing salad – with mixed greens, apples, pears, toasted pecans & maple balsamic dressing for $4.00. Also, I ran into old neighborhood acquaintances, and talked easily with new people. This is exactly what a neighborhood place should be.

    I have no idea what “taking it up a notch” means – except idiots and doom.

  • I liked the original Heights before the first chef switch, but went recently and it was fine. Some things are a little over priced, but overall its fine. The draft prices have become a little out of hand at 8-9 bucks though

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