Patty Boom Boom closing on U Street Feb. 21st

1359 U Street, NW

Big news about one of the early Hilton brothers spots (h/t @barredindc) Patty Boom Boom is closing after 5 years on U Street. Their facebook page says:

“Dear all Patty Boom Boom lovas, February 21, 2015, we will close. Please catch all your favorite DJ’s for their last sets this month. Patty Boom Boom will “pop-up” in the Spring during Memorial Day weekend on Restaurant Marvin’s Deck and Den of Thieves DC!”

Patty Boom Boom opened up in January 2010. They did a nice reno of a beat up building – here’s how it partially looked in 2008:


The Hilton brothers (and other partners) of course still have Marvin, Gibson, Den of Thieves, American Ice Co., the Brixton, El Rey and Satellite Room nearby.

But Patty Boom Boom certainly brought a lot of flavor to U Street. They will be missed. Looking forward to seeing who takes over the space.


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  • 🙁 This is some sad news. I wonder why they are closing; that place was always filled well past capacity when I went.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I just learned they sold the building.

      • The Hilton brothers owned the building and sold it? Or the owner was someone else?
        I think this might be the first spot of theirs that I can think of having closed (unless you count Dragonfly, but I think that was a venture from the original four owners of Eighteenth Street Lounge and didn’t involve Ian Hilton).

        • Prince Of Petworth

          “The Hilton brothers owned the building and sold it?” correct!

        • Eric Hilton and his partners from 18th Street Lounge owned the building. They sold the building and agreed to vacate so the new landlord could get a market rent from the new tenant.

        • That place they built next to Marvin has been the home to two or three failed ventures thus far. I believe they’ve now discovered their limits in the DC market. Pretty much all of their ventures share the same underlying concept, and maybe there’s only room for so much of that.

          • I’m not counting Den of Thieves — formerly Hanoi House (including a Maketto residency), formerly Blackbyrd. It’s changed “concepts” a couple of times, but is still in operation.

          • I wouldn’t say the concepts have changed, I can’t tell the difference between Blackbyrd and Den of Thieves, practically the same exact feel, decor, maybe drink menu is different?

            I like most, if not all Hilton Bro ventures. ESL, Marvin and Patty are my favorites. I used to enjoy Brixton but with the lines of Arlington-ites and screaming to be heard I have not been back since the summer it opened. Pus waiting in line to get into a bar is ridiculous, especially since U Street has a billion bars.

          • It hasn’t remained in operation continuously, though. So yes, it has closed a couple of times.

          • Dave, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on the definition of “closed.”

  • Dang. I had some fun dancing nights there.

  • Sad. This was probably one of the more unique dancing bars in DC.

    Also, surprised to find out Patty Boom Boom, the Brixton, the Gibson, American Ice Company, and El Rey are all the same people–talk about a unique stable of bars.

    • If I am not mistaken Satellite Room and Local 16 are also Hilton Bros spots. And of course 18 Street Lounge (ESL for the old folks).

      • I believe Local 16 is (or at least was) a project from the original four owners of ESL and didn’t involve Ian Hilton.

  • Can we just talk about how El Rey is never open as advertised and the food quality has taken a big dive?

  • WOW. This is a real shame. Looks like dancing, GREAT music, house-party spots are out and overpriced small plate, bridge and tunnel crowds, market-rate rents are in. Too bad money talks and fun times suffer as a result. Now where in the DC are can I hear reggae?

  • Dear Hilton brothers – Any chance that you would be willing to relocate this “concept” to North Capitol, say somewhere across the street from the Firehouse restaurant? I think this area can more than support a proper dance-spot heavily reliant on reggae. The residents of this area need something in-between Showtime and Boundary Stone (both great spots) in terms of vibe/dancing. I think the NoMa area is wildly under-served in this regard. I seem to recall that you were fairly optimistic on this corridor not long ago.

    • I just wish DC would have more places we can dance. Back in the day DC had a wide variety of plaes to dance including clubs and lounge; now I have to search high and low to see if a place even has a DJ, let alone an area to dance. So sick of the ‘shout over loud music but no dancing just people getting belligerently drunk’ places in DC. But I guess it’s just the cycle of DC nightlife. Womp.

      • My sentiments exactly. I think the closing of Patty is a sign of the times. Granted this place has not been open that long but just goes to show you that good music, dancing and consistently packed crowds don’t matter in DC. You have to be expensive, trendy, hand-crafted and cater to the rich frat boys to be sustainable in Shaw, U Street, H Street and Dupont. If I want to go dancing I have a 2’x2′ area in a one-story crowded bar or restaurant or have to go to one of the five clubs left in this city (don’t get me started on those places).

        Speaking of the cycle of DC nightlife when the HELL is Republic Gardens going to be purchased/open? Move Patty there! Or into Tap and Parlour (that place is ALWAYS dead).

  • Bliss Nightclub is the new reggae spot for the DMV on Friday nights. It is a mega club with three rooms and three different DJ’s.

  • Ugh, the DMV? No thanks.

  • Soundclash is a great alternative for Jamaican music lovers. Too bad is only once a month

  • This news really hit me hard. The vibe in this place is so unique. Yes, it was always crowded but that’s kinda how a reggae spot is supposed to be…no frills, good music, good vibes and dancing. With no one caring about what you’re wearing or what you do for a living. VERY sorry to see it go!

    • I liked PBB, but it wasn’t exactly known for favorable guy-to-girl ratios.

      • “Favorable” from whose point of view?

      • Why do people care about the guy to girl ratio? You go to Patty for the dancehall, dark n’ stormys and patties. Who cares about anything else? and if you know anything about reggae clubs getting your whine one is all people care about.

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