Old Buffalo Wing House, Variety Market and Political Murals Demoed from 7th Street

1511 7th Street, NW just north of P Street

Back in November we noted the political murals and in September we heard a demo was coming – we’ll update as construction progresses and more is known about the new development.


Farewell Buffalo Wing House sign – You’re sign always made me smile:

If you look closely you can see a rotary phone in the bottom left corner. Also note different phone numbers

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  • Do we know what this is going to be? And will it include the corner lot that currently has a portable building on it?

    • Yup, residential

    • Valor Development talked about this at an ANC meeting a few months ago, and they own the lots on the 7th St and Marion St sides, but not the middle lot that now has the construction trailers. That is city land. As of a few months ago, Valor was still trying to acquire the land from the city, but was awaiting an RFP process that hadn’t started. Their idea was to build high-density residences with retail on the bottom, seemingly like the Jefferson Marketplace on the other side of 7th. I’m not sure where that RFP process stands now.

      • As much of a fan as I am of mixed use (best bang for your real estate buck in DC), I really hope 7th doesn’t become the new 13th with faceless/nameless large buildings.

        • Well, faceless/nameless wouldn’t really be mixed-use, since mixed-use implies retail on the bottom, unless you’re talking faceless/nameless office buildings. The Jefferson Marketplace has a lovely lobby, and I prefer that over places like the Meridian in Chinatown that’s set off from the street, or some of the other buildings on Mass, but I’d much rather have a smaller entrance and retail or restaurants underneath.

          • I meant a place where people are nameless/faceless….not sure how to describe it….large buildings where people are anonymous. We live on the border of Logan/Shaw and used to live between DuPont/U St and they were always very neighborly. We had a brief stint in an area with large apartment/condo buildings and even though it’s just a couple of blocks, the feeling is VERY different.

        • All of central DC is going to become this (~2-3 miles from the WH). Seems like a good time to ‘historic’ everything…

        • I think this block of 7th street is going to continue to be a bit eclectic even if this building does look like Jefferson Marketplace. Just north of it is Bread For the City, Compass Coffee and Ivy & Coney , each with totally unique fronts. The SE corner of 7th and Q is apparently supposed to get a Sandoval Mexican place at some point and I’m guessing they’ll keep most of the existing, cool-looking store front for that..
          FWIW, Valor Development did seem to be open to a lot of community involvement in planning the building’s design once the zoning rules became more clear. It was a reason they came to the ANC meeting in the first place.

  • Guessing if they need to acquire land from the city and an RFP hasn’t gone out yet, it is going to be a long time before anything happens with this site. The developments on city owned land tend to drag on for years. Hopefully, I am wrong, but I would be shocked if these apartments are actually completed in the next 5 years.

    • I agree it’s going to take a long time, but will say that this has already dragged on for several years, so we may be further along in that timeline than we might think. At the ANC meeting, which I think was in September, the group indicated that they had been sitting on these parcels for several years and indicated that they hoped the city would issue its RFP after the last election. What actually does/did happen is anyone’s guess, though. Unless, of course, someone here has more concrete info on that RFP process.

  • Thanks for the details! Hopefully they’ll be able to piece together the lot sooner rather than later…

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