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  • I saw a sign in my neighborhood this morning, with a security camera photo and the words “ALERT: This man stole two packages off our porch.”

    I wonder if we’ll see more of those, and if they’ll have any impact at all.

  • It doesn’t say they know who it is. It just says they caught them on camera. Not the same thing. I wasn’t aware of all the poor reading comprehension until stumbling upon Popville.

    • Come on. Ideally, the note would read “To the bold-ass thief who stole my green trash can: I hope you enjoy it more than I did”… but it’s a note about a freaking trash can. I think some colloquial language is to be expected here.

      • justinbc

        If we’re talking about wording, the use of “enjoy” seems odd too. Who enjoys their trash can?

        • I Dont Get It

          To keep my neighbors from grabbing the wrong can (despite both of us having our addresses on them) I put Panda stickers on the side and the underside of the lid, so yeah, I kinda enjoy my trash can.

          • I Dont Get It

            Oh and I forgot, there were lots of extras numbers and letters left over from the pack I bought so the underside of my recyclable lid says GOOD MORNING!

        • There are sublime pleasures to be found in this world that you will never know!

        • We painted hearts and flowers and rainbows all over ours, after several thefts. That was enjoyable. And it didn’t get stolen anymore! It did, however, get flattened by a truck. Sad face.

      • Considering that the city now charges $50 for a replacement and that you have to mail a check to DPW to get the new one, yeah, I’m with the author of that sign.

        Someone stole our recycling bin, which had our address spray painted on it. When I called to get a replacement, they told me it would cost $50 even if I filed a police report.

  • ledroittiger

    Haha – this is where I put my trash cans. I wrote in with a post a few weeks back about ALWAYS getting tickets from DPW for leaving my cans (just like everyone else) in that alleyway. After a few responses from the PoP public, I just spray painted over the numbers on my cans. This is just one more issue I’m glad I no longer have to potentially deal with. Good luck, Camera Guy. (PS – you might want to try looking at a few of the streets south of Fla. About half a year ago, when I still had a can that I cared about, I found it at one of the construction sites on 6th btwn Fla and S and had to lug it back full of concrete and wood while walking my dog.)

    • For what it’s worth… you’re not allowed to leave your cans in the alleyway all week long (even if everyone else is doing it too).

  • What an all around weird sign.

  • I’m not in that area, but I have found our cans at construction sites around our house. We’ve had two houses flipped immediately surrounding us in the past year, and both times they have commandeered our cans. I dumped all their wood and other crap in my can in the middle of their job site (not actually in the house itself) and took it back (and if anyone thinks that is rude, let’s try to remember that they stole from me in the first place).

  • binpetworth

    Are they sure it was stolen? I’ve had cans miraculously “breed” and now have more than my fair share, in part because I think the collectors just forget where they pulled them from and leave them at the wrong house. (We use a trash service, not the city, so the cans aren’t marked with house numbers.)

  • We have a trash can that keeps coming back – it belongs to a house with the same number as ours, but one street over (which is written clearly on the can). It continuously gets dumped on our street for some reason, which usually means someone mistakes it for ours and does something obnoxious like leave it on our sidewalk/blocking our front door. I know it’s annoying when there are trash cans everywhere, but if you are trying to make a point, be sure to do so at the right house.

  • Now’ll they’ll come back to steal your camera. LOL.

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