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  • There was a loud boom (explosion?) Near Mt Pleasant st and then the power went out immediately after. Pepco is on site now.

  • Transformer?

    So even buried lines aren’t safe?

  • DC officials say a feeder is out in the 3000 block of 15th Street. The outage reportedly affects 2600 customers, and the problem has supposedly been isolated. About an hour ago, they said the estimated time of restoration was around 7pm.

    PEPCO has had their hands full the past four or five days with extreme weather, an ice storm, and today’s rapid melt that caused a lot of flooding. Don’t know if any or a combination of the above caused the problem, but PEPCO had a lot of crews in reserve this weekend to deal with all the weather-related problems.

    One thing we are learning about “undergrounding” is that there are far fewer outages, but they can take longer to find the problem and longer to fix than above ground wires.

  • I heard someone say that he had heard the snow melt caused flooding of an underground device.

  • DC officials have been told by PEPCO that a feeder is out in the 3000 block of 15th Street and about 2600 customers are without power.

    Two hours ago, they said they hoped to have power restored by around 7pm, but, if there’s anything we’ve learned lately about “undergrounding,” it is that there may be fewer weather-related outages, but the outages that do occur are harder to pinpoint and take longer to fix because they occur underground in the darkness.

    The good news – which I just got while writing this response – is that the problem has been pinpointed and fixed….and power is being restored area by area – bit by bit – and should be completely restored within the hour.

    And yes, the enormous flow of water into the underground electrical system because of today’s snowmelt after five days or historically low temperatures, has put a huge strain on the system and there have been extra crews working both yesterday and today.

  • back online on lamont st! 🙂

  • Geezzzzz, and on Oscar night. Hope it comes on soon!

  • What about the salt?

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