MPD Releases New Locations for Speed and Stop Sign Cameras


From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department announced today the deployment of new photo enforced locations beginning on or about February 17, 2015. The deployment locations for the Photo Enforcement Units will be sites where speeding and pedestrian safety has been identified to be a problem.

The 30 day educational phase, or “warning period”, will commence on or about February 17, 2015. During this period, violators will receive warning citations. After the 30 day warning period, MPD will begin issuing live moving citations to violators. The new photo enforcement locations are [above].”

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  • does anyone know how to request cameras? Do they have a crowdsourced map like CaBi does?

  • The camera on Reno Rd. is hidden behind a tree.

  • I am pretty sure that Alaska Ave camera should be 30mph.

  • The speed limits at some of these cameras are outrageously low and clearly designed to be speed traps. I got a nasty ticket for going 42 in a 25 mph zone by the National Basilica on a road with no pedestrians, no houses, and no businesses. The speed limit should really have been 35, which would not have resulted in a ticket because it’s within 10 mph of reasonableness. I’m for public safety and ok with speed cameras, but the speed zones shouldn’t be designed unreasonably to trap people.

    • I received a ticket at that exact same spot several years ago, as did a friend of mine who was visiting from out of town the same weekend. That area has a ridiculously low speed limit there!

    • The speed limit in D.C. is 25 mph unless otherwise posted.

  • Let’s be realistic and call these things Fundraiser Cameras. They set these things up at the bottoms of hills and straightaways where it’s easy to go over the speed limit without realizing it. Damn it’s easy to make $120 off of a taxpayer who’s heading to work, going 36 mph in a 25 zone. Let’s get some more cops walkin the beat. Property crime and violent crime is a bigger issue.

    Now if we had some of these on the beltway…

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