More info on Strip/Burlesque Club that Could be Coming to Chinatown

477 H St, NW via Douglas Development info flyer

More info on that possible Strip Club coming to Chinatown from the Washington Post:

“Burlesque shows may arrive in Washington by way of Royal Jelly, a club proposed in Chinatown…

For the Washington location he is eyeing, in the basement of the former offices of a charity for blind veterans at 477 H Street Northwest, Kane said he imagines a “jazz club and speakeasy kind of vibe.”

Think burlesque shows with jazz could work here?

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  • Why trick us into getting a strip club by throwing “Burlesque” in as a possible act? I’m not against them but DC doesn’t need anymore seedy sticky floored basement clubs with over priced drinks and women dancing to the latest Juicy J song…speakeasy vibe or not.

  • Isn’t a burlesque venue planned? That’s significantly different than a strip club. But for that matter, I think that the residents of this city, despite their much-ballyhooed liberal/progressive/Democratic majorities, can be really conservative and prudish. So what if it were a strip club? A thriving nightlife is good for a city, and that includes bars, late-night venues, clubs, and yes, strip joints. And this isn’t really a residential area so I’m not sure the usual arguments about noise or quality of life disruptions would hold any water here. I say go for it.

    • Three very large residential buildings on that block, FWIW: Meridian at 450 Mass, 400 Mass Ave, and the subsidized housing (Judiciary Place?) on H between 4th and 5th.

      • Yup! What great convenience!

      • Don’t forget the Avalon half a block down 5th street. True, this isn’t strictly or even primarily a residential neighborhood, and I’m going to guess most of the couple thousand or so of us who choose to live here have higher thresholds than many for what we find inappropriate/intolerable, but that doesn’t mean we forfeit all rights to care about “noise or quality of life disruptions.”
        That being said, it appears the most prominent opponent of this project is Max Brown, who lives next door and runs Chinatown Coffee there – at least, he seems to be the only one named in articles. I can certainly understand he has particular concerns as his is the one and only building that actually abuts this property, but his “won’t someone think of the children” attitude rings hollow when one considers the kind of crowd and activities common on that corner already. The comments the media have shared from him smack of frustration the neighborhood is not changing at the pace he prefers to fit his evolving lifestyle – that corner isn’t what I would consider particularly kid-friendly now, nor has it been so in the 4.5 years I’ve been walking past it every day. Chinatown Coffee is a very welcome and appreciated presence, but it has always been an outlier on that corner, and to pretend this club would somehow undo some imaginary trend toward the block becoming a haven for young families is disingenuous at best.

  • maxwell smart

    I really, really hope someone writes an op ed piece opposing this just so they can use the headline “I don’t think we’re ready for this Jelly”

  • Wondering if the people behind Louis Rogue are somehow affiliated with this place. I overheard some of the locals talking about it the other night, and they seemed to suggest that they were.

  • How long after this place opens will we hear about stabbings, fights, and shootings? Over/under.

    • “For your information, the Supreme Court has roundly rejected prior restraint! This affects all of us, man! Our basic freedoms!”

  • While I think Royal Jelly is just about the grossest name you could come up with for a place that hosts Burlesque, there is undoubtedly a market for this sort of business in that area, even if most people are uncomfortable admitting it. The place will thrive. Until the inevitable knife- or gun-related incident shuts it down, that is.

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