Mintwood Place II (Convivial) Still Coming to Shaw?


Over the summer we learned that the owners and chef from Mintwood Place in Adams Morgan would be opening a second restaurant at 801 O Street, NW in Shaw. A few readers have sent emails asking for an update, noting no visible construction and that their liquor license placard has been turned around. Emails to the owner for an update have not been returned. Hopefully they’re just raising money but it’s not clear if they’re still on track for a Spring opening. Updates when more info is known.


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  • I hope they are still planning on opening, it would do wonders for the foot traffic in that area. They have an active twitter account. In fact 1/6 of their tweets were tweeted in the past 3 days!

    • (sigh of relief.) This post had me worried. I wouldn’t be surprised by any delays, given the various approvals needed and snow messing everything up. I can’t wait for this to open.

    • Also, the Twitter page says, “Projected opening spring/summer 2015.”

  • I’ve walked by when the door was open within the last month or two. It was clear that they were building a bar in the space.

  • I wouldn’t assume anything negative by the fact that the ABRA placard is reversed. Establishments only need to have them visible for a certain number of days to give notice (90 IIRC). They may have just turned it around after they had provided sufficient notice, but kept it up to signal they are still planning to open.

  • It’s pretty odd to me that ever space isn’t filled yet….

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