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  • HAHA This is my regular driver home from Pentagon to Mt Vernon. I love him!

  • always such a treat to be on one of his trains. he should really be in radio!

  • I love this guy’s voice, but sometimes it drives me nuts when he talks the entire time between stops.

    • +1. I really just want to listen to my headphones and shut everything out, especially decompressing on the way home. When there’s lots of announcing I’m not expecting and can’t make out, I assume there’s a problem/delay. Just clearly, politely and cheerfully announce the stations and connection points and we’re cool.

  • Haha I love that guy too.

  • Oh, I love that guy! He makes a lot of people smile. I live on the green/yellow, so I hear him fairly regularly.

  • I know at 8am on my way to work that would irritate the hell out of me.

  • The best is his way of saying L’enfant Plaza.

  • BUT, he beats the robot lady.

  • Cowaii1927

    Yes! I am on his train to Huntington almost every afternoon around 4pm going home. It can get old after a few stops on a long day but I would rather have that than no communication from the driver at all.

  • I live in columbia heights and hear his voice almost every morning. Love love love it. For those of you who don’t like it invest in headphones – haters!

  • Oh I love this guy. But before I listened to the audio I thought it was going to be that woman who talks like, “Foggy Bot-TOM. Next stay-SHON.”

  • there is a guy on the orange line too that sounds very ominous in a fun way, ‘next stop Clarrrrendon’. I always picture the tower of terror. He was infrequently on orange and it’s been a while since I’ve heard him and there are some similarities, so I think it may be this same guy.

    Also, robot lady LOL. At first, I thought it was so typical of WMATA to be testing a really bad automated voice, then realized it was a person. Love her.

  • In the 80s, there was a guy with a brogue. My mom worked down at MacPherson Square and he was great with the rolling rrrrr’s.

  • Every time I think Metro should move to prerecorded announcements like NYC, I get one of the “great announcers.” They make me smile every time. I’ve actually sent in a few Metro comment cards (available from the station manager’s booths) when I get a good announcer like this guy. I don’t know if Metro actually does anything with them, but hopefully the announcers get a pat on the back. They really can make a crappy day less crappy for a lot of people.

  • I like when he talks (not in this video) about how all 18 non-mechanical doors open to the same platform so groups of more than four people don’t all have to exit the same door.

    • Haha, this guy is great. Every time I get him as an announcer, there are so many smiles on the train. This driver has said a lot of amusing things not captured in this video!

  • Anyone remember the blue line train operator from about 15-20 years ago who would change into a falsetto voice after making an announcement? He’d say something in a deep baritone, “Next stop Rosslyn. Thanks for riding metro and have a nice day.” And then in falsetto, “You have a nice day too, Mr. Train Operator!”

  • Seriously ROTFL.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I love this guy, he’s one of my favorites. 🙂

  • Drivers must stick to one line, because I’ve never heard this guy in 10 years!

    It was always a good morning on the red line though, “Red line train to….. Shady GROVE!”

  • HaileUnlikely

    My favorite is one of the Red Line operators who sounds a whole lot like Ice-T.

  • There’s not enough happiness in this world. Anyone who makes folks happy without hurting anyone is okay by me!
    And it’s good to see people taking joy in the work they do.

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