Metro launches new Anti-Harassment Campaign Ads



“Metro’s new anti-sexual harassment PSA is now on display across the Metro system. The ads mark the second phase of the campaign, which is designed to raise awareness that harassment of fellow riders is not tolerated on Metro.

“It is important to us that Metro be a safe space for our customers,” said Metro Transit Police Chief, Ronald Pavlik. “People have the right to travel without being harassed or intimidated by anyone, and we want to put would-be perpetrators on notice that we will pursue any allegation that is brought to our attention.”

The ads feature hands representing different races and genders to illustrate that harassment is not exclusive to any one group or sex. The concept was developed in collaboration with advocacy groups Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS) and Stop Street Harassment, who have worked closely with Metro on this issue.

“Harassment and assault on the Metro is never okay,” said Zosia Sztykowski, Co-Executive Director at Collective Action for Safe Spaces. “Raising awareness about it and about the resources available to people who experience it is an important part of creating a Metro system that’s safe and welcoming for everyone.”

Last year, reports of harassment on Metro declined 13 percent, as compared to 2013.

Any customer who is harassed, threatened or assaulted is urged to report it to Transit Police immediately:

CALL 202-962-2121
TEXT MyMTPD (696873)

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  • Ohhh, so THAT’S why the Metro has been an absolute cluster the past couple months. No service = no harassment. GENIUS WMATA!

  • “It is important to us that Metro be a safe space for our customers,” lol bc my commutes the last few weeks have been super safe

  • When you’re packed on the Red Line like sardines, it’s hard to tell who is groping you and who just has no other place to put their hand.

  • When we’re jammed like sardines into trains, it’s a lot easier for an assaulter to grope without being caught. So thanks, Metro, for allowing us to report assaults that you’re creating the perfect environment for!

  • What a let down this campaign is .. first the cluster of posters .. second I witnessed a woman in here mid 20s report a harrasment issue to the metro pd at Bethesda metro station. The metro office walked over, looked at the individuals reported, and walked back and said there was nothing he can do.

    Great in theory – but this procedure really is void of any resolve once implemented.

  • I Dont Get It

    Last year, reports of harassment on Metro declined 13 percent, as compared to 2013.

    Again this is why we should report things through the web form…

    • How much has ridership decreased? Besides that, I’m skeptical of any data coming from Metro. I’m also skeptical that people report these things when they know they face surly and apathetic station managers (see story above your comment from person who witnessed a woman reporting harassment and was told, “sorry, nothing I can do.”).
      Get rid of everyone, from lowest to highest, at WMATA, and bring in Japanese contractors.

  • so does this mean when a bus driver sexually harasses me, I can publicly shame him and not be concerned with him getting angry and throwing me off the bus? ’cause that’d be helpful.

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