Keep Your Eyes Peeled for a Stolen Bike with No Cash Value

tiny red bike

“Dear PoPville,

My absolutely adorable and beloved bike – which is worth almost no money and is useless to anyone over about 4’10” – was stolen right out of my apartment in Columbia Heights recently. It is a tiny red antique Raleigh one-speed with a bright white seat. It dates from around the early 60s and is very distinctive-looking.

I am heartbroken to lose it – it was truly my most beloved possession, and it’s completely irreplaceable! And it is so frustrating, because the thief almost certainly can’t use it and won’t make significant money from it. It’s also super creepy that someone came into my apartment to grab it.

If you see it anywhere, pretty please contact me at rkukla(at), and ideally slap a lock on it.”

Ed. Note: Be sure to check to see what MPD has recovered as well if you’ve had a bike (or phone/tablet) stolen.

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  • Yikes – I hope you get your bike back – but the idea of someone breaking into your apt. is much more disturbing to most people. Can you tell us how it happened so others can hopefully prevent a similar break-in? What else did they steal? You might be able to look on CL for more valuable items – laptops, jewelry etc. and get to your bike that way.

  • That really stinks! I sure hope you get your bicycle back! If however you don’t and you want to replace it with something that’s similar vintage same color single speed I do have one sitting in my garage that’s pretty neat, that I would be willing to part with for a relatively low price.

    Good luck!

    • Sorryaboutthat: Please contact me by email – I may be interested! It needs to be very small though.

      Victoria: nothing else stolen. They just slipped in and out, I am not sure when. I really don’t know details – It was just gone from my front hall, and it was the nearest movable thing to the front door so I expect they just made a strategic grab.

      • Sorry – but this makes absolutely no sense at all. Was your door unlocked? Kicked in? Old boy/girlfriend with a key? “Slipped in and out?” What??????

  • Does a past boyfriend/girlfriend/former friend have a key? Could be some sort of revenge stealing.

    If you go through a breakup remember to change your locks!

  • Just seems odd they would only steal a bike.

  • Sorry – Nothing about this makes sense.

  • Victoria, Anon, others:

    I am not going to go into more details on a public blog as it could put me at more risk. Details about where I live, how someone could get in, etc. are not appropriate. I am not sure why it is relevant. The bike was taken from my apartment and I would love to find it.

    • That is a really sweet bike. Sorry it got stolen 🙁

    • OK – we don’t need details – but now you sound threatened/in danger – if that’s the case please get help. Sorry I don’t know where to link you – but I’m sure others do!

    • Sounds to me like someone either left the door unlocked when elsewhere in the building, or when gone out, or doesn’t have a deadbolt. Or has a window unlocked or unsecured by bars and easy to walk into or pop the window lock open. If so, hope these are remedied. Else someone has access to the building management/landord’s key and used it inappropriately – scary though, hope that can be remedied as well.

  • I think I just saw it, locked up with a cable lock in front of DCUSA in Columbia Heights. Don’t have a lock on me and am freezing in the gym clothes so can’t stay – but it’s here as of 7:30 PM.

  • HAPPY ENDING! Thank you MrTinDC and thank you PoP! My faith in humanity and the internet is through the roof. Thief apparently dumped it almost instantly, presumably upon discovering he’d stolen something useless. 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

    • Just curious about how you got the thief’s lock off it… did you call the cops? Were they amenable?

      • The thief was using my lock, and it wasn’t really even locked, just sort of looped around and loosely stuck in – I am pretty sure it was abandoned. I had had the lock open and dangling on the bike and presumably set on the combination, so the thief would know the combo, but they didn’t even really use it. I had already filed a police report but didn’t need to bring them out to take it back. It was all very smooth!

  • Uh… Does OP not lock their doors? Surely it wasn’t a home invasion if all that was stolen was a bike?

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