If You’ve Had a Bike or Phone Stolen – MPD Releases Photos of Ones They’ve Recovered


From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department’s Evidence Control Division announced that the photo accounts for recovered bicycles and small electronic devices have been updated with current images of recently recovered property.

If you were a victim of a crime in which property was taken or if you lost an item in Washington, DC, please visit the MPD’s Recovered Property webpage for links to the Flickr photo accounts with images as well as for information about how to claim any item of property pictured online. Visit here for more information.”

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  • There really is nothing like having your bicycle stolen OUT of your high dollar Crossfit gym, and the running into the guy riding it on your street. I really want to get my bike back and cant wait to see the guy again, on it- Ive seen him walking around a few times…

  • I was browsing the January page on recovered property, and it looks like there’s at least one CRT TV. Somebody would actually steal at CRT TV?? Seems like there wouldn’t be much of a resale market for those these days.

    • Some criminals are not so smart. There’s a huge Sony portable CD player in one of those photos so old that whoever stole it probably had no idea what it was!

  • thank you for posting! i didn’t know this existed. my two bikes (both stolen with breaking/entering on my property to steal my LOCKED bikes – two years apart) aren’t here but it’s fun to keep hope alive.

  • Unclaimed items will be sold on GovDeals.

    Direct link to DC auctions:

    Questions, let me know. I’m the one they bring in to auction the unclaimed items.

    • Dan, do you know the time frame they’re working with? Are they planning on auctioning 90 days after posting these images — or is there some more leeway to get the word out? Also will these be sold off individually or as lots?

      I just ID’d my old bike through this album last night, so I’m hoping enough folks have a chance to do the same.

      • It’s a “whenever they call me” timeframe. If you see your bike, go get it. I have no desire to sell your stuff, but a city can’t hold onto these things forever.

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