How Do We Get this Unpermitted Construction Vehicle Removed?


“Dear PoPville,

I have been trying unsuccessfully to get a piece of machinery removed from my street for a few weeks. This is on 100 block of V Street, NW in Bloomingdale, a street that already has half of its parking gobbled up by the water project. The machine is from a contractor that is renovating a house, it’s not part of the water project. I’m not quite sure how this machine is helpful in a home renovation to begin with, but I have seen the contractors move it in the morning so they can park their cars directly in front of the building they’re working on. I don’t think they’ve even been working on the house for the last week or two. There are and never have been “no parking” permits posted.”

Update: DPW tells OP that DCRA handles construction equipment that park without permits because this backhoe has no tag nor a vin number.”

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  • I live on this block. On Sunday they used this thing to clear all the ice and snow from the street, which is great, but our entire house was shuddering and shaking for the 15 minutes while they did so. Between that and the tunnel and the earthquake the house now has some massive and growing cracks in walls and ceilings. Thank god we rent.

    • I think it was one of the City’s machines that cleared the street, not this one. This one still has snow/ice packed around it.

  • This machine is helpful in a renovation because it’s what you use to dig out the basement quickly once you rip the back half of the house off. There’s one sitting behind a house on Holmead & Parkwood that was used that way.

  • Agree that this thing might be helpful in digging out a basement (and it’s definitely NOT a snow mover); but the original post mentioned that the machine is relocated in the morning to make parking spaces for construction workers. This is completely inappropriate (if not unlawful), because it blocks legitimate spaces for local residents in the evening; but you see it happening in other neighborhoods where there might be chain link fences around street areas that are moved to allow parking for construction workers in the day. Someone should call DCRA to let them know, especially if there are no construction permits visible. And you have even more leverage if this neighborhood has zoned parking, and the construction workers have MD or VA plates. Call parking enforcement to have them ticketed.

    • I’m all for tough love, but the workers who make zero decisions about permits or where to park equipment shouldn’t be punished to get back at a shoddy developer.

      • hooville

        That for the workers to sort out with their employer, not the resident whose parking space is being infringed on.

  • If the equipment is blocking the public parking spaces outside of the permitted time, then you should call 9-1-1 and they will have someone from MPD out and take a look. I know it seems counterintuitive since it’s not an emergency, but that’s just the way the system is set up. We have the same problem with a similar piece of equipment on our block.

    • Thanks for the advice, I will try that. The most frustrating thing has been the unhelpful responses from the DC government. DPW punted to DCRA, which just punted to DC DOT via Twitter.

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