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  • So, this is more Second Empire than Beaux Arts, right?

    • Yes! Yay! 1 & 2 Logan were built in 1882, give or take a year, in a style that was fast disappearing.

      • …or 1877, in which case this style was in it’s heyday. My date probably reflects the extent of library research on the property. The 1877 date probably/hopefully comes from a tax assessment only available as an oversized volume at the National Archives.

  • mid city guy

    I had the pleasure to do the restoration of this project for PN Hoffman in 1998, nearly 2 years before the P Street Whole Foods opened. The building was essentially a gutted shell. Rats literally ran across our feet as we measured the existing conditions. The roof on one side had collapsed four stories into the basement. Attached are some before and after photographs. Jim Foster, Arcadia Design


    • binpetworth

      What a great job! I lived a block away in the early 90s and always mourned this place when it was falling apart; couldn’t be happier to see it restored, even if there’s no chance in hell I could afford to live nearby again 😉

    • Thanks so much for posting these. You did a terrific job. This house is a real gem in the city. Hope more of these are in the works.

    • I can’t load the link. So was the house originally built as one or two units?

    • Oh my gosh, WOW. It’s hard to believe it ever looked that bad. Thank you for sharing these, and thank you for your work on this. Honestly, the labor that goes into restoring historic properties like this is a public service. I know I’m glad the house was returned to its glory.

    • Wow! Thank you for posting! What is so neat about the restored interior photos is that they are 17 years old and yet don’t look dated at all because the style and architecture is so classic. Just think about that compared to photos from houses built new in 1998 who show their age poorly now. You did a wonderful job.

  • I remember that building when it was abandoned and decrepit, and the park in the circle filled with winos.

    • The circle continued to be filled with winos for a good decade or more after Whole Foods moved in. It was only in the last six or seven years that the number of DINKs with dogs outnumbered the homeless in Logan Circle park. I used to live on the circle not all that long ago and the things we would see….ugh. The change over 15 years is pretty remarkable.

  • I love that building! Beautiful restoration. I remember reading an article about its crazy history in one of the local papers. It was owned by a divorcing couple, who each refused to vacate the residence. For 20 years the property languished while the divorce dragged on. The couple each refused to maintain their side of the home in case the other side won. Finally in the 90s a judge ordered them to sell the property.

    • Their story inspired the Michael Douglas – Kathleen Turner movie The War of the Roses which is about this house.

  • Gorgeous house!

  • what is this house used for now / do people live there?

  • mid city guy

    It was originally constructed as 2 adjoining houses. The 1998 renovation converted it to 8 condominiums, one per floor of each house (3 stories plus basement.) The interior was in severe decay, and both staircases were compromised. We were able to find enough original elements from each to reconstruct a single stair in Logan 2, and the units in Logan 1 are accessed from the now shared single stair and hallways. The result is that the interior of the units in Logan 1 are slightly larger, as they encompass the area of the eliminated stair.

  • I Dont Get It

    Such a gem now! I remember the bad old days when it was ssadly neglected.

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