Hopslam-Nugget Nectar Battle Royale at The Black Squirrel this Friday

2427 18th Street, NW

From an email:

“A Hopslam-Nugget Nectar Battle Royale at The Black Squirrel

Bell’s Hopslam and Troegs Nugget Nectar will vie for hop supremacy on the main floor of the Black Squirrel this Friday (Feb. 13), starting at 5 p.m.

Both highly coveted seasonal beers pack a wallop, with Hopslam reporting at 10 percent ABV and Nugget Nector at 7.5 percent ABV. You be the judge on which highly hopped ale reigns supreme. It’s your call. It’s all your pleasure.

A Hopslam-Nugget Nectar Showdown
Friday, February 13th, 5 p.m. until close
The Black Squirrel”

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  • Hopslam has really gone down in quality the past few years and I don’t think it’s worth the headache of pursuing it like some people do. They should add a local to the mix with OTWOA.

    • I don’t know if it’s the perceived decline in quality or an increase in production, but it’s a lot easier to find around here than it used to be.

      • Though I see that the prices that some places in DC are asking for a six pack are beyond ridiculous. Huge markups compared to what it would cost in Michigan or Ohio.

    • Mug of Glop

      Bells just opened a new brewing facility a couple years ago, so it could be they’re still adjusting to the new quantities. I’ve noticed a bit of a change in the Oberon, but not the Hopslam. (Though, admittedly, that might have to do with the relatively low quantity of Hopslam I can get my hands on every year.)

    • Weird, I got a sixer from Trader Joe’s. It is delicious this year.

      • That’s crazy TJ’s has it. I also noticed you could get it a lot easier last year. Tonic had it last year on draft. I was at Bedrock Billiards and they kicked something and just put on Hopslam after at like 11PM like it was NBD.

    • Wings-of-Pastrami


  • Mug of Glop

    I tried to get some Hopslam at Churchkey yesterday, but they ran out before I could get there. For those interested in the Troegs, though, Churchkey has the traditional Nugget Nectar on drafts, plus four different dry-hopped varieties of the Nugget Nectar in casks.

  • Has anyone found Nugget Nectar in cans yet?

  • Wings-of-Pastrami

    DC Reynolds had Nugget Nectar on draft as of this past Sat…. that’s one great colbeer.

    Hopslam does taste different from year to year IMO… it’s the price point that has kept me purchasing it recently (especially with OTWOA, Nugget Nectar and even Sculpin available fora bit cheaper).

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